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  1. I dont care about simularities. I am asking why when the flu kills tens of thousands of people every year there is never a media created hysterical panic like this. Why the panic that is ruining America when we have many health issues that kill more every yeat than the Chinese flu virus?
  2. So you are saying even though far more Americans die each year from the flu there is no reason to create the same hysterical panic that we are currently going through with this chinese flu virus. Ok.
  3. deal with it? we have over 35,000 deaths in america every year rom the flu. that is dealing with it? again, i am not denying there is a chinese flu virus that is causing problems. i just want to know why the hysteria and panic for this virus when we have had and do have very serious problems with other viruses every year and nothing like this current panic has ever occurred before.
  4. We were talking about flu vs this Chinese flu virus
  5. Exactly. The press has never created the hysterical panic like they have the last two months
  6. The last time the media created a hysterical reaction akin to what the media did with this
  7. $8 million vs $2 trillion plus shut down the country. Not even close reaction.
  8. just assumed that was the closest location to send a telegraph.
  9. ive noticed they no longer are quoting the number of cases hospitalized. only confirmed and dead. hmmmmmm.
  10. china has banned all visitors and wont share anything. take them for what they are saying or too bad. but you believe what and who you want. i know i will. so you might as well also.
  11. hydra - another word i havent heard since freshman mythology class. god i hated that class. which begs the questions, "if cliff is using a mythological word like "hydra" is he secretly agreeing that the chinese flu virus seriousness is somewhat of a myth?" hmmmmmm
  12. or how much other nations (namesake china) are lying
  13. i will head over to fort charter right now and send them to gabs
  14. i agree i am done with going to games this season. how do you want me to send them to you?
  15. i've never seen anyone use "abdictate" in a discussion before. that must be worth big points. i've given you my solution. start opening the country gradually based on the statistics. FOR EXAMPLE, new york stays closed, seattle stays closed, the rural areas where there is not a high amount of infections opens, etc. as the closed area's incidents fall open them as well. but to blankly all stay closed indefinitely is jeopardizing america more. it's time to get back to work. you all dont realize how many people live paycheck to paycheck. i see it all the time. america cannot afford this as is. hope this helps you cliff.
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