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  1. i am hoping it actually will assist the billikens in their pursuit of nesbitt and kern and the desmet bigs as they will obviously get less national exposure now this summer and maybe some of the blue bloods will pay them no attention. fingers crossed as a recruiting class of the above would no doubt be a homerun imo. imo the most exciting thing about team blue is the fact that ford is no doubt setting up a roster that will have a very good chance of continuous excellence. rickma had put together that excellent group of four, evans, jett, loe, and mccall, but there was no doubt that after that team graduated, the cupboard was approaching bare. the same could be said about lisch and liddell, claggett, higmark and waldman, bonner, douglas, gray teams. the future is extremely bright and exciting imo.
  2. at one time, hargrove was a leading contender for valedictorian of his high school class. i do not know how he finished or maybe he was valedictorian, but my point is hargrove has always been labeled a good student.
  3. same thing i thought last season with hargrove.
  4. Personally i really like crutcher's game. i think he is nba worthy. imo he was the best point guard in the league last year.
  5. he's tarnished. mi$$ouri germs
  6. said jordan stayed in the dorms at the nike camps. and then when the kids went to bed, all the counselors would play basketball till wee hours of the night. Jordan was treating these pickup games like they were the nba championship games. what passion.
  7. at one time, our record of slu basketball players getting their degrees was outstanding. i have kind of lost track of that since rickma came to town. if there are any Athletic Department guys reading that would be a good stat to release assuming it is still pretty good.
  8. while i like your thinking it is also nice to have that kind of cheerleader for the billikens out and about in the aau and high school ranks nudging kids to us.
  9. jeffers went to westark junior college in ft smith arkansas. i am 99.9% certain jeffers got a slu degree.
  10. ford should offer bonner's son now.
  11. throughout the years there have been plenty of potential recruits that slu has talked to and had interest and were not being reported by recruiting services and such. i have always assumed it was a matter of disrespect by the service/media source on slu. no reason that isnt the case here as well.
  12. so how does anyone know that everything is clear and safe until November 26th and the next day forward is dangerous? more of the same b.s. not lashing out at you 05. just the content.
  13. i could live with this. just remember, perkins was on the floor when ford put the ball in goodwin's hands. ford could have selected perkins to take that last shot.
  14. i also worry that saint louis university is going to announce some jacked up fall semester opening b.s. that will send the two of them searching for the next leg of their life journey. hopefully slu doesnt give them a reason to move on.
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