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  1. The only reason i wouldn't rule it out is he was still in deep weight loss last year. My understanding is that focus now at slu has turned into strength training vs just dropping weight. I tend to expect the same as you and more times we will play with 4 wings and French, but who knows.
  2. the permanent job imo was never a question imo. i say the question is how did crews even get to slu out of retirement to become an assistant coach and how did crews become interim head coach when rickma became ill. I say in both of those instances it was all rickma. in the case of the permanent head coach title, rickma had already passed by then, so of course he didnt make that decision.
  3. i have been trying to forget since he set foot on slu's campus.
  4. i dont think over crews career he would be considered a "nice guy" necessarily.
  5. i disagree with cassity and crawford. both were more than "ole" defenders.
  6. while i am not ready to declare him an allen iverson quick player, watching jimerson's video's he seems to be able to drive to the basket fairly adeptly. that doesnt happen with at least reasonable athleticism/speed. ive seen hargrove a lot in high school. and while he indeed overwhelmed lesser high school opponents on both ends of the floor, when faced with worthy college level talents (for example ej liddell) he didnt exactly shut those players down with his defense. i dont expect hargrove to be a defensive liability, but he isnt javon bess yet.
  7. i'd rather see the making of our own paul pierce / rick barry with jimerson. jimerson's reputed talent gets me the most excited of all our incoming.
  8. not arguing with any of this booster. all i am saying is the problem is above may. our BoT has very little interest in upgrading our athletic dept if it requires an investment. until the BoT has the vision to spend the needed funds to upgrade athletics across the board, we are what we are and there is not much Chris May can do about it.
  9. somehow Billy Ken believes it verifies Chris May is evil and the root of everything wrong at SLU
  10. the new hospital is being funded by SSM not Saint Louis University.
  11. talk about starting youngsters out on the wrong foot....... i wonder if he's used the out of bounds play with this team where they throw the ball in the opponents face yet?
  12. i suggest you get in touch with all your friends on the BoT for Saint Louis University and discuss. they are the problem and have very little interest in our athletic department
  13. Welmer was a way better shooter, rebounder and rim protector. I guess you could call hankton a poor man's welmer.
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