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  1. what non football schools are in the SEC? i am too lazy too look, i assume none. i.e. we would never get in the SEC. and since we are not a public university, we would get destroyed in the non revenue sports where we dont have the unlimited budget of those big public schools
  2. it would surprise me. at least not his first choice for a player. i would hope ford has his sights set a little higher for players. not that justin wouldnt serve a purpose and be productive, i just think ford can do better.
  3. i love watching daly play. he obviously is limited, but man does he get the most out of what he has.
  4. imo the one thing that will get noticed by scouts first about goodwin is his heart and desire. the kid plays hard. arguably the hardest working billiken i've ever seen. he also has the right physical dimensions for a guard. good height, right weight for that frame. no denying the rebounding. i've been saying since i first saw him in high school he might be the best rebounder i've ever seen including the likes of rodman. he is relentless. last he is a good athlete. he's not a david thompson freak, but i think with the dunks we saw Sunday, we can all agree he has god given athleticism. but when it is all said and done, the shooting will keep him out. he needs to become at least an average shooter from the field and the three line and make free throws. if he cannot, even with all the pluses he wont stick. his mechanics at his age are hard to change. he's been the shooter he is for over half his life. hard habits to change.
  5. floyd was denied opportunity to be the slu coach long long time ago. wouldnt surprise me a bit still keeps the door closed.
  6. context. i said earlier, that if he wants to go away and prove he is fixed like isabell did, fine. but you seem to have a history of taking things out of context. par for the course.
  7. the 3 year period in the early 2000's and before that we were constantly subjected to a barrage of tiger fans telling us we were not worthy and how inferior we were. they show up at our games wearing their black and gold. the absolute worst overbearing ahole fans in the world. nope want nothing to do with them. at this point we have surpassed their program and they need to come to us. and like i said, if their castoffs cant make it there, they surely arent good enough for a billiken scholarship. if someone wants to walk on here and their character questions are appropriately answered, then fine. but otherwise nope.
  8. he's tainted. once a tiger no getting around it. let someone else deal with the problem. or at least like isabell, let him go elsewhere first to get fixed.
  9. He isnt good enough to be a billiken if he couldn't hack it at mi$$ouri.
  10. and getting the zebras to call it both ways.
  11. imo george washington has some real talent. like us though, it is very young talent and they really dont have a french or a goodwin to contain the youth. i am betting in a couple of years they will be contending.
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