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  1. let's not forget jimmy bell played on one of the best high school teams in the nation and was a backup then and didnt see the floor much. this guy is as raw as a college player can be. add his amazing body transformation that is still in progress, i think we have no idea what he might turn into, but i sure like the potential. plus anyone that has the discipline to lose the weight that he has lost in the last 2 years we know has quite the fortitude. i say lay off jimmy and watch him grow into a monster. enjoy the ride.
  2. while ford is playing 10+ a game now, i believe before the season is over he will slim that rotation down. most teams only play 7-8 players for the most part. much easier to manage plus there is normally a significant break in effectiveness with most teams that makes it sensible to limit the number of primary players.
  3. well i cannot make that undefeated claim. however i will say my coaching history is a summer of select 4th grade girls and i did will half of the games.
  4. keep goodwin from 3 putback offense rebounds and 3 drives to the basket for layups = a 12 point handicap. you can almost bank on goodwin doing at least that every game. i believe as we get deeper in the schedule we will see teams key on goodwin to stop exactly that make him pull up and shoot. keep him from getting rebounds. with french, i would just fight to keep his back to the basket and more than three feet way. french would undoubtedly resort to that jump hook that he rarely makes. if the opponent has the physical guy to push back on the man amongst boys french, he can be stopped. that said, the fact is, both french and goodwin are showing they are the heart and soul of this team and notch above the rest of the billikens. teams indeed will key on both.
  5. so unless the player on the other team is a potential first team all american the coach needed focus on any particular player?
  6. pretty confusing reply. GBL defends/points out coach ford complimenting goodwin, you counter with "if it wasnt for gibson and goodwin".......... how does goodwin "rally your guys"? explain how the real leader should have did this "rally"? i am learning so much about leadership here that i am sure i can personally apply. thanks so much.
  7. really? considering he is a triple double threat every game, i would think teams would focus on him. that kind of across the board production is what wins games imo. just what is an example of a "focus" player?
  8. goodwin has been double digit scoring in 4 out of 5 games. that's pretty consistent imo.
  9. here's the solution. everyone needs to quit watching/attending nfl football. hit them in their personal pocketbook and then maybe they do right by their real bosses, the fans. quit watching.
  10. i disagree that our defense problem is "gambling" for steals and such. the problem is taking time off on defense or not showing the awareness of the current situation to rotate and cover accordingly. if a player needs a rest, they need to come out and get such and coach ford would be happy to comply and then get back in the game. that's what depth is for.
  11. bonner is a big french fan. he told me in New York at the conf tourney how good he thinks french is and can be. just loves him
  12. you only talked about one person to replace, javon. why do you not think goodwin is the team leader?
  13. need to go listen to ford's postgame last night. it started out with a long compliment to the leadership both on the floor and off goodwin is showing and exhibited last night.
  14. since kaepernick b.s. i havent and will not buy anything nike.
  15. Dont give the freebe till the game is over.
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