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  1. they will not stop perkins if they go after goodwin. and yuri will get to the lane. i have come to believe yuri is the best open court dribbler since marque perry to wear a billiken uniform
  2. i was actually of the belief that lasalle is better than what all thought and richmond's lack of depth was exposed. while i know lasalle is likely not an ncaa tourney quality team, they also arent a tier 4 team either. and richmond not having a quality bench shows they arent the top team in the conference everyone out side of area code 314 expected.
  3. hoosier pal, i agree you describe the best answer, however, we all know coach ford's want to keep his rotation short. we just have to hold our breath and hope for the best over the next 36 hours. but yes, use that athletic bench if at least for short spurts to keep our best strong particularly for the end of the game. you just know this comes down to that last 4 minutes where crutcher typically is his best. i dont want him to have a chance.
  4. lets not forget the committee will be try their hardest to include normal automatic picks like duke and kansas and kentucky that are having mediocre years. we will here more about the strength of the big 5 conferences this year than ever before as they justify letting all of the big ten, big 8, acc, big east and sec in the tourney. this was the perfect year to truly let everyone in the tourney imo.
  5. I hope wiz is correct on his prediction, but i am not as confident after the team being off for a month. there is bound to be issues from physical conditioning to lack of repetitions in practice that will give points back to dayton. not saying we cant win, but 10 points on an annual conference top tier team is a lot at any time beyond after a long layoff.
  6. It is so disappointing though that flowers hasnt really done anything to improve her strength and shooting. At 6'5" she is blessed with a natural head start and if she had worked hard offseasons on strength, conditioning and shooting she could have really been something imo. Maybe a game like this finally puts focus in her potential
  7. I haven't watched Lasalle this season until today but they sure looked decent in this Richmond upset
  8. Watching geo mason and st joes. Some of the worst fundamental defense ive seen at the college level. Of course their offenses are no better. These 2 "coaches" should be arrested for stealing paychecks.
  9. for years i have gotten mad at the way recruiting analysis down plays or flat out ignores slu on a recruit. we werent even mentioned with kevin lisch for the longest time when i know we were the one school giving him the most attention and always in first place. same with hughes sr. the world thought for sure he was going to syracuse. you'd think with the advancements slu has made since ford came to town, that nonsense would stop. still the same.
  10. sometimes stats dont tell the whole story. i remember spoon telling me that larry senior was going to be a better player at every level because he wouldnt garner as much focus as he did at previous levels. you watch junior shoot, that is a pure shot. he is a shooter. i dont care what the stats are saying. and as 3 star says, maybe it is just a matter of shot selection, but that might be because he feels the need to be the man and like 3 star says, take tougher shots. i see big things for this kid. i dont care what the stats say
  11. Pretty sweet step back. Particularly since some here like to tell us he's not that good of a shooter.
  12. i'm hoping that the fact the team has had time to heal from bumps, bruises, aches and pains for the nearly one month sit out helps offset some of the rust. trying to be positive.
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