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  1. i actually look at it the opposite. we all know yuri is a good ball handler and passer. but if he is starting by year end, that to me means that goodwin and/or thatch are still mediocre at best shooters and jimerson isnt the player we thought he could be.
  2. well i guess i shouldnt post pictures sunday night me wearing my Braves jersey at the game.
  3. i believe they do have to be registered and in class. sometimes a freshmen or a transfer might not be starting classes till the fall semester starts. if that would be the case i dont think they could go.
  4. skip you give me trouble for watching sports center but then come back admitting you listen to bernie? bernie, one of the all time billiken belitter's.
  5. liddell was playing near the end with the navy t shirt with the yellow nike swoosh on it. did i see jacobs in the game? who was the guard with blue shorts on the team opposite of yuri? he was the dominate player.
  6. because at 5 am my choices of tv are pretty limited sportswise. i want to see highlights and find out what happened the day before. sportscenter is the best available at my healthclub.
  7. at this point i believe the above is what is happening. i find it hard to believe coach ford hasnt identified a new asst coach yet. but if it is a coach not currently on staff that coach is free to see whatever kid he wants at any time until he is under contract. i would not be surprised if this goes on till school starts. it isnt against the rules and other programs do it. why not us.
  8. as i admitted last week, i am just a casual hockey fan that is sucked into the blues run this year. that said, i religiously watch sportscenter every morning from 5 am to at least 6am and i see hockey highlights and inclusion of the top 10 for nhl stuff all the time as well as barry melrose commentary on what they are showing. it just seems to me that yestereday, the western conference finals would have been worthy of some sportscenter time. especially since they spent about 10 minutes on some sort of strong man feature, (i turned the sound onto the next tv to watch national news until that nonsense was over). i say this is more of a slap at the midwest by espn than a slap at nhl hockey. even the announcers for the game yesterday were so biased for the sharks. how many times did they play that first rush by the sharks hitting the right pipe and the announcers pining "how different the game might have been if only......" of course they failed to mention the blues did the same just a few minutes later. the left and right coast media strongly desire the boston vs san francisco (san jose) matchup. pisses me off and i hope it is pissing the blues off as well.
  9. up early for the daily exercise and while jogging on a treadmill watching sportscenter. i was expecting tarasenko's penalty shot on the "top ten". nope. i was expecting a big analyse of the game from barry melrose nope. not a word mentioned for the entire show. no doubt the coasts dont want to talk about the blues.
  10. as much as i am excited about hargrove, he is not liddell. liddell would immediately be our best player imo. he is a french that can jump higher and quicker and shoot a little from the outside.
  11. only for sures assuming no injuries or S's (after two straight years, we are all thinking it) is goodwin and french. after that they got about 6 weeks to make the impression. i say assuming jimerson is the shooter we all think and dream about is in the lineup. perkins and hargrove together gives us more size to compete defensively under the basket. so i will take those five and lewis, thatch and collins are off the bench. those will be the only double digit minute guys imo. (this all assumes no more solid players to the roster this year. p.s. i am against the phrase, "starting is for high school". anyone that believes that never played high school or college sports. they all would almost die to be one of the starters. it is a major motivational and/or discipline tool. a coach can try to play that its not important, but he/she is likely just ducking tough media questions or lying to his players because he doesnt want to explain his/her tough decision.
  12. i cant wait for your player by player comparison of the billikens vs umass. you must really follow recruiting to know the umass recruits so well.
  13. at best i could be labeled a "casual" blues fan. i know enough to probably hold a 2 minute conversation. during the playoffs, i watch when i can for only the blues once they are out, i dont follow a bit. i was switching back and forth last night between the blues, the braves (cardinals) and the bucks/raptors. most of my time was probably on the blues. to end the game like it did really made me feel cheated and p!ssed off i even watched. definitely wished i would have watched more of the greek freak in hindsight.
  14. which reminds me, i heard you on sirius 94 the other morning on the way to work.
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