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  1. I've never gotten a free anything from SLU. More proof of you lack of knowledge.
  2. It's pretty simple 92, why dont you write the needed check?
  3. i am not impressed with Pesty and as far as i am concerned, you or I would be a suitable replacement for the likes of him. not a big deal if the BoT isnt looking for an upgrade. he is easily replaced for his performance imo.
  4. That's an insult to the BoT to insinuate they don't pay attention or do any due diligence for a high level hire and just rubber stamp whatever is put in front of them
  5. So you think Chris May alone has complete authority to hire the highest paid employee at all Saint Louis University and probably one of the highest paid employees in the state of Missouri? Right. Again, there is no point discussing anything with you.
  6. i have no problem with the weave setting up a play. but ford never once did anything off the weave beyond run clock and give the ball to the team hero. every team knew it. so it was nothing more than a time waster and a chance for the opponent to get addional rest. just stupid.
  7. First sensible thing you've said since I've known you
  8. Ha I'm a retired middle management banker. He has to sell some of the greatest business minds in America. Hard no nonsense guys. Big difference
  9. If he was that good of a salesman/administrator, he'd likely be working for nNovelly, Chaifetz, rex, etc. But just to play along, let's say the lights will cost $250,000 to install and to offset the first year increase in utilities. The department gives them that or the can't sign the lines of Avila because Kentucky is offering $200,000 final offer below our bid. Pick one. You seem to think this job is a walk in the park. Who you gonna please. The 125 average fans at the baseball game or the 6,000+ fans at the basketball game?
  10. Imo, Recommendation definitely. final decision not likely.
  11. chosen, i too am disappointed. however, to direct the disappointment towards just chris may without knowing for sure he is the one that witheld the needed funds for improvements like lights, seating, pressbox, etc is what is wrong. there are plenty of directions the finger pointing can go. unfortunately that blame cant be assessed with the information that is made public. my assertion is that if may alone is to blame, then why is it continued to be allowed to go on? my guess is it is out of his control.
  12. well you have more than proved over the many many months you have tried to get Chris May that you dont have a clue. so i am just trying to help. if you dont want help and would rather continue to make a fool of yourself. i'll just cease trying to help you. that part is obvious. so good day.
  13. torpedoing is not a likely answer. no one said they BoT didnt want to help. but they as a managing board have more than a few balls they are juggling at a time. each sport has varying level of needed attention and funds and they have to prioritize the best they can. the same with Chris May. i am sure Chris and the BoT would love to give each sport an unlimited budget. but private schools are more limited to what is available. often to exceed what you want applied it requires funds outside the bounds of the income from the tuition the students pay and that might come with direction on how the funds are to be used. if a donor specifically wants the baseball team to get x amounts of their donation, it would be done. if they do not direct such, then indeed it is up to the BoT and then Chris May to use as such. i hate pointing out the obvious, but obviously you need this level of instruction.
  14. how do you know he didnt try? do you know the cost of the installation? once again, if you dont know the line items then you have no idea what he's up against.
  15. You guys act as though Chris May can spend whatever he wants when he wants. Unless you have access to the complete BoT approved athletic budget and know the line items sport by sport, I'd venture to say you are clueless. I'd suggest you find that, digest it and then you might have the needed proof SLU is indeed cheating the non revenue sports out of their needs. If you do not have that you probably should again be addressing your concerns with the BoT. That would be Chris May's boss. Good luck.
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