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  1. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    dont forget at least 22 conferences that have no business being involved in a national championship tourney with 68 entrants will be awarded bids for winning their conference tourney. 22 + 40 = only 6 more bubble spots.
  2. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    i say 40
  3. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    any conference regular season winner that doesnt get an ncaa bid due to losing in their respective tourney gets an automatic bid to the nit tourney. as far as i know that is the only autobids for the nit. there are 32 teams in the nit. so using say 45 in the NET rankings as a cutoff, and assuming some really bad NET ranked teams from the lesser conferences get these auto bids, probably looking at 60's NET rank as the expected "givens" for an invite. anything above say 70 is going to depend on how many of those autobids to lesser teams get doled out. so i would say right now if the season was to end today with the billikens having a 67 NET they arent exactly even looking at a number one seed in the NIT at this point.
  4. billiken_roy

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    why are we still obsessing about gordon? he's gone (and probably for the best). couldnt care less about him at this point. until we meet depaul in a game he will be playing i wont give him much thought and we all should do the same imo.
  5. billiken_roy

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    but the depaul jacobs is not at depaul yet.
  6. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    congrats! now your life really changes
  7. billiken_roy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    warmups, the billiken madness night, heck, just running to the scorers table. all say jacobs is a superb athlete. but something happens for those two steps from when he reports in till he crosses the sideline into a game. a different jacobs begins. that jacobs has to have some sort of exorcism.
  8. billiken_roy

    The Bills over St. J by 13

    jacobs or yuri. one is likely to step in.
  9. billiken_roy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    actually i am thinking jacobs is "rewarded' simply on his athletic potential. as you documented he hasnt filled up the boxscore. he plays scared it appears to me. i dont know why or what changes that. might be something as simple as a big steal with grand big time dunk to finish. or it might be a gradual process that doesnt happen till next year when he's a year older and more experienced. if he isnt a trouble maker and does his part in practice, im willing to wait based on that athleticism.
  10. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    i'd be interested in knowing how they qualify efficiency.
  11. billiken_roy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    ive seen hargrove a lot in the last 3+ years and i agree he is a nice player. that said, i keep bouncing back to the fact he was a down the bench guy for the beagles this past summer. seems like he deserved a little more play time and featuring. i understand the beagles were a good team, but come on.
  12. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    so you think a 10 point win vs a 3 point win would have made a substantial difference? i dont.
  13. billiken_roy

    NET, et al.

    so we win on the road and our NET continues to drop. thus as i have been saying for weeks. the strength of our A10 brethern will make it near impossible to get into a at large or even a bubble position even if we win the regular season title of the A10
  14. billiken_roy

    Fordham from da' Couch .......

    i just wanted someone to make a shot last night. after the first 8 minutes that didnt happen much.
  15. billiken_roy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    if any former billikens had more leaping ability i might measure jett. but hargrove is extraordinary.