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  1. with this free for all lunacy transfer nonsense this year, i wouldnt even try to guess standings in any league or predict anyone's 21-22 season. it is crazy. no one has a set roster one great pickup or loss can drastically change any teams outcome.
  2. rich, in all due respect, i am sure the likes of michigan state has comparable bigs to linnsen and bell. maybe not okoro but the others are not likely to necessarily be better than reed. if reed is not sure he can beat those two out not sure we want him. that said, he can beat them out.
  3. no his best option is to remain home and play for the billikens so all his friends and relatives can watch him excel!
  4. 3 star or coach 314 are we even a blip on the screen of reed or is he all bigtime eyed now?
  5. i saw hargrove a lot in high school. you need to help me with this "change".
  6. well i guess mimlitz isnt before my time (fandom begins 1977) but it was in the dark ages prior to bonnertime
  7. before my time. and that's a long time ago.
  8. yes, as a player he was a tool. he was never a billiken player before or after his mi$$ouri mistake. i like to think that bad choice in life did make him a stronger person that has assisted in his coaching success, however never going far in the ncaa might be a result of his mi$$ouri toolness as a player.
  9. give me an example of a mi$$ouri transfer coming to slu and even performing fairly? this scenario is a fairytale.
  10. bottom line anyone that decides to spend time at mi$$ouri is a tool. no other explanation needed. even if they decide it was a mistake and then transferred out, imo they would still be a tool.
  11. good move by Phil. i wish him good luck.
  12. now you are flat out lying. go back and find where i said that i dont like ford. i have said over and over again he is the best recruiter head coach the billikens have ever had. he is a superb motivator. i have said i do not want to replace him as just on his great recruiting alone he will always have us in the conference championship discussion as well as the ncaa tourney talk. however i have never given my mother any credit for the ability to win with his roster (i did give my mother such credit when crews was coach with rickma's well developed roster that was handed to crews) i ha
  13. HP, clock is setting us up with the excuse for when thatch doesnt develop it's not ford's fault.
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