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  1. Yeah I never heard of Mark Kelly. Must not be much
  2. i assume you got good seats for the big game tomorrow at the dome. at least that's about 3 hours you will leave us alone.
  3. im wondering why you are here talking about mi$$ouri. if you love the tiger$ so much go to their messageboard. we have enough heartburn without having to deal with your worthlessness truman.
  4. i keep going back to fordham last year. no one expected that.
  5. wgstl you have to give us names when you tell us stuff like this.
  6. imo the basically unknown and unproven roster is more of a turnoff than this schedule. we havent had a world beater schedule in forever. plenty of the big boys play powderpuff non conference schedules. i would bet that we tried, but no takers. last years just win results for the no one understands NET proved our good schedule meant nothing if we didnt win. again, you all want to toss arrows, toss them whomever put us in this position with this roster imo. im just hoping there are some surprises on the roster. there has to be some reason we basically did nothing over the summer to fix it.
  7. with only one returning starter why would you want to play many if any high D1 teams in the non conference schedule? what would those very likely losses prove? last seems to me that fordham did very well with their extremely weak schedule last year. wins are what are more important.
  8. everything has a price. ask the big 12 to throw them a price and accept regardless. whatever it is, if indeed only the 4 big football conferences survive and become the one real D1 conference, it would be worth it.
  9. whatever happened to slusignguy? guy gets a few degrees and now it's all formal.
  10. I still think the end play by the big football conferences will be to ditch the ncaa and form their own big group. they want all the money. they dont want to share anything.
  11. never thought of that. but it makes sense. the big east is arrogant enough they would turn their head. big 12 would take the money in a second.. plus the big 12 is in the reshuffle no matter what. the big east without football? maybe not.
  12. jimerson being rated that low going into the season is a joke. imo that makes this list useless for player evaluation. nice reference for names. not rankings.
  13. the st louis campus doesnt have 20 murders a week. i like my odds a lot better at Chaifetz.
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