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  1. Actually goodwin is the best point guard, best shooting guard and best small forward on the team. Hes also the second best power forward. Unfortunately he cant play all four positions and when french switches to center at this time he is the best option at power forward. Yuri is indeed one of the best 6-7 players on the team but he has to play point guard. He is far too small and scoring deficient to play a wing and guard much bigger and stronger players. So yes goodwin has to defer the point guard spot to make sure we have our best lineup in the game. Keep learning sheltie. I know you are trying hard.
  2. sheltie it said jacobs would have been the backup last year. not this year. you try to push that misreading nonsense a lot for fact
  3. probably because he was a good hitting catcher when the likes of johnny bench and thruman munson, and carlton fisk and even the beginning of gary carter years.were all playing. they could hit and were excellent catchers as well. until yadi came along i felt bench was the best fielding catcher in history (without regard to his hitting which in his prime was top shelf).
  4. i suspect jimmerson will put the ball on the floor as he gets older, stronger wiser and the defense chooses to play up in his face. until then bombs away man.
  5. i believe anything past a 15 point win doesnt help the margin of victory bump. regardless we were up 20+ with less than a minute to play. at least get it down to a shot clock need to shoot.
  6. when you are up 20+ with little time left and the shot clock has lots of time left. we shouldnt be shooting contested 25+ foot shots. imo it is bad sportsmanship.
  7. no never even thought about it today. isabell's drive at the end of the game last year wasnt good either.
  8. speaking of weaver, i am surprised weaver didnt get in trouble for that long contested 3 he took early in the shot clock near the end of the game. had he missed probably would have definitely felt some dagger speak. regardless not a good look.
  9. we really need jacobs and jimmerson (and to an extent collins and goodwin) to continue to hit 3's at a decent rate and then the opponents will have to guard the perimeter and like you say above, french is then being defended alone. which is poison for our opponent. just hope french recognizes the doubles and then sends out to the wings accordingly when the opportunity presents rather than trying to bully 2 or even 3 defenders.
  10. i thought it was a college rule that if you wear a shirt under your jersey that shows, it has to be the same color as the jersey? patrick ewing rule. did that change?
  11. i'd like to point out that both goodwin and french can still greatly improve. both are still shooting iffy's. both are still foul prone. oh my what could they end up as?!?! keep working hard men!
  12. this early in the year, i will take a 69. we just have to take care of business in the conference and if we can win one of the two remaining out of conference road games that would be great. no doubt as far as i am concerned, this team is out performing expectations bigtime. i expected a lot of freshmen "not quite's" this year and had pretty much settled for a mediocre 2019-20 and all my hopes on the french/goodwin senior year as our next big chance. i like the way this is playing out.
  13. this rpi site shows us at 50 http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_atl10_Men.html
  14. the active duty military deserves every penny they get and more. i do not consider them part of the deep state.
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