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  1. i think the inaction says he is for now satisfied he has enough point guard skill on the roster to back up yuri sufficiently. if the european trip shows that isnt true, he might react. of course that is probably too late. rolling the dice i guess. i also think he might be saving the last one for that "happens every year" december transfer that might pop up. i have no information on either statement, just trying to read tea leaves basically.
  2. I think wizards and pelicans play next week so I will get to watch two of my favorite area high school stars go head to head, Goodwin vs Liddell
  3. i actually like okoro for the best chance to have a journeyman's nba career. tell me he doesnt have a little kevon looney feel when watching the warriors.
  4. MBA in finance! not just a pass through. legit.
  5. all i can tell you as a fan since college days in the late 70's when it was me and 5 of my good fellow student fans/friends, i dont have a lot of hope that the student fan support will all at once sell out the arena. the fact that 40+ years later we are still bribing the students with food and clothing speaks volumes. dont get me wrong we have come a long way. but again not sure how much more the school can do and whether the students that arent showing already will care where they are sitting.
  6. since my kids are out of school i dont follow the isha and their rules as much any longer so i dont know for sure but i would assume they are not the biggest class in football in illinois any longer.
  7. no it was just a comment about wgsl's claim east st louis is a big school. just talking size. nothing about talent.
  8. east st louis is a fast shrinking student population. they arent even in the largest class in Illinois any longer. they compete down one level these days.
  9. applause applause. insteady of trying to entice our non paying (albeit necessary fans - the students) why not concentrate on enticing our paying fans, finding more corporate sponsors (preferably attending ones).
  10. 3 star i keep hearing parker is the real deal and the equal of perkins. of course havent seen for myself, but let's not be so quick to pin our hopes just on perkins yet.
  11. at least those corporate no shows generate program income.
  12. we have to bribe the students every game with gifts and food now to get decent turnouts. plus selfishly, i have been a loyal fan for years and paid thousands of dollars to sit in my seats and now i would just give those seats up and sit in lesser location so students can have my seat and then not show up half the time? nah
  13. then why didnt he take nesbit out whenever he did it? i think he was told to stay in the corner out of collins and jimmerson's way. if they got trapped he was to come to the ball and bail them out.
  14. but it was debunked. so how was it an unhinged attitude if it might not have happened?
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