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  1. I'm not a moser fan. Don't see that as an upgrade.
  2. Geez the ovc and horizon worse than the mvc even. Considering our options I'd stay in the A10. We really just need a new league commissioner that has some vision. We truly have the worst conference commissioner in college basketball. She has done absolutely nothing to make the conference better
  3. Or maybe somebody actually coached and developed his shot. Off season player development.....what a novel concept
  4. Goodwin's sitting the last few games makes zero sense. It's no wonder the wizards suck
  5. Let's hope they both lose. All power conf losses are good. Of course that happens and the NCAA will change the rules to get in even more
  6. Not to the degree that this past season was an underachievement. 22-23 was supposed to be the year. Pre-season rated. All the parts covered no apparent question marks. No season in billiken history fell so short of expectations.
  7. ive been saying for about 5 years we should play havoc defense. the refs these days let way too much go and it is exciting to watch. i believe we had the athletes and the depth (even though ford let the depth whither on the vine) to play fast on both ends. instead we might play for 5 spectacular minutes a half then we would go into walking it up the court, the three handoff shuffle a couple of laps by yuri and then yuri driving the lane to get his shot blocked. once out of 5 tries he would get to shoot free throws. just like that we got ten losses.
  8. we have our players to man the point guard position. medley will be fine and young hughes made great strides learning the position. let's fill other roles.
  9. well so far i have missed every single game finished. obviously one needs to keep emotions and feelings out of these pool things.
  10. giocolleti was always known as a floor coach. NOT a recruiter. it was the reason he failed at utah replacing rickma. if they didnt hire him as a game assistant, then he was a terrible hire.
  11. imo it doesnt matter if it was his knee or his ankle, it was pretty obvious all season long perkins wasnt even half the player he was prior to the knee injury and i believe except for his shot, his abilities for all other aspects of basketball were not what was expected or even close to before. he couldnt guard, he couldnt drive or cut, and he couldnt jump. i feel for the young man because prior to the knee injury, imo perkins was headed to the nba. it would be nice if he truly got back to where he used to be, but even then how apprehensive will pro scouts on any level approach him hereforward. he needs to find a very very good agent that can weed through that b.s. for him.
  12. 100% agree he constantly preached "top 50" but very little of his actions were in any sort of hurry to make that claim happen. sure there instances of moving in that direction, my gosh Chaifetz arena is gorgeous imo, hiring rickma was unbelievable. but imo that might have been moves that kept pace with where we were not enough to advance us to the top 50. the real miss was not doing whatever it took to get to the big east. instead we languish in the A10 who now is stuck with maybe the worst conference commissioner in all of college sports. she has really let the sports world beat the living life out of the A-10. what was once arguably the 6th best conference in sports is now somewhere out of the top 10 and in the days where we fear that all but the top 5 conferences will be eliminated from D1 sports, moving in the opposite direction of getting to the top 5 is not good. heck i dont even know the lady's name. its, bernadette, or betty or bashiba, some sort of "B" name. that tells you alot she is so ineffective we dont even know her name.
  13. The Billiken's hired giocolleti a few years back supposedly for that reason. Ford apparently ignored any input because there was no noticeable change.
  14. or use a pick. the yuri circle around wide enough we could drive a pickup between the defender and yuri makes the screen pretty useless. in fact i think more times than not an unsuccessful screen is the fault of the man with the ball.
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