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  1. i agree, however i believe the power schools are two arrogant and greedy to agree. they truly believe most of america would rather watch kentucky play duke for the 3rd time. i think that we are headed for a split of D1 and in basketball it will be D1 and D1a with everyone outside the 4 power conferences. hope i am wrong. i still believe the best thing that could happen is expand the tourney to let everyone in. so you know i am not a fan of the what appears to be on the horizon.
  2. ive long believed that the long term "secret" plan is for the big boys to have all their preferred programs divided into four 16 team conferences and then boot the rest of us out of D1. no more sharing of money with us underlings.
  3. unless it is a difference maker or unless it is a senior willing to be an enthusiastic practice player with a great attitude, i couldnt care less if we fill the spots this year. Ford wont play them. save them. particularly with the new transfer rules. when a player of substance becomes available, we want the ability to grab them and promise them time.
  4. sounds like a success to me. this is what college athletics is really about.
  5. but sekeue was fast. just fell a lot. now there is a great "where is he now?"
  6. when torch said "second best pg" i assumed he meant oscar or magic would be #1. my question is how the other isnt #2? personally i am preferential to Oscar as #1. imo Oscar is #2 greatest player of all time deferring to jordan for #1. he was mr triple double before that was even a thing.
  7. exactly and honestly players like that are difference makers doing all the little things that go unnoticed.
  8. this goes a long way towards winning me over on Thames. i was pretty much indifferent. but i like your thoughts here pistol. thanks
  9. 61% all i ever see him do on espn highlights is dunk. shouldnt his % be higher?
  10. yeah that's nothing to brag about any more. getting worse all the time.
  11. Seattle? that's still an American city?
  12. this is fantastic new! a lot of us oldtimers remember our days at humphreys very fondly. to hear this just brings those memories all back. love love love this!
  13. totally agree HoosierPal. i would love to see the billikens employ a posse like rotation whereby we sub in and out complete teams, and then run and press like crazy using our athletic advantage to wear teams down and run them out of the arena. however when we didnt take advantage of that athleticism last year, that sealed it for me. aint never going to change. that's ford's style. deal with it.
  14. i will be shocked if that happens. Ford has always been a short rotation guy. plus there is a division of talent. i.e. he will want to have the best players playing the most minutes. i am not saying i agree either way. but typically the big rotation really is only beneficial if the talent is very very even across the board. we have quality depth, however the top players are better basketball players from most angle looking at the total roster.
  15. dont forget everyone in D1 got a free year last year due to the chinese flu virus.
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