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  1. imo umass never fit the most common thread of the A10, private schools. i am sure not crying about them being gone.
  2. totally agree. unless the replacement program is of the caliber it can win the A10 immediately, the A10 needs to constrict and let the lesser teams find a different league.
  3. well the deadline might go a couple of weeks later as we have to wait for indiana state's season to be over as well. im all for ford being out 5 minutes after the last billiken game, but we got to wait for the new coach to formally be available after that.
  4. Meadows is worse. Maybe he was playing injured but Meadows was a fail especially since he was a one year stop gap. Meadows was supposed to be eased into the position but ended up being the primary. But no doubt they were both bad and the primary floor reason for the season wasted imo.
  5. not sure what the point of your post was in rebuttal to mine. i said that he and meadows are the worst point guard combo in my fandom (i go back to 1977) so what are you trying to say to rebut my post?
  6. i was really rooting for medley and dlarry might be right, but there is no defending his inconsistency and some of his turnovers. and honestly i think he is better than meadows. the two together imo are the worst point guard combo we've had in my fandom. can medley get better? sure. but he sure isnt really contributing this year. thames is a tremendous athlete. unfortunately, as i have said before, this isnt the decathlon. it's basketball and he makes an awful lot of fundamental and boneheaded mistakes. i am pretty sure he leads the team in unforced stepping out of bounds. and some of his fouls are atrocious. as a second year player, one would think a lot of the fundamental and unforced mistakes he still makes would be over. granted he sat out the majority of last year, but he sure didnt learn much sitting and observing. still he could end up being a tremendous player. shame no one is coaching him up.
  7. well that would be the end of my fanship. i thought when that day came i would be more upset. strangely i am pretty indifferent.
  8. You obviously did not read previous replies. Or else you apparently have reading comprehension issues.
  9. If you go back to previous exchanges about the contract I said there should be blame for all. I have only said that the BoT would have had final say and by rubber stamping the contract they share in the problem. Never have I said he is exempt of all blame
  10. You are taking my comment out of context. Go back and read desmet's comment where he insinuates that the board comes to the meeting with no insight on topics to be decisioned. This is why I am saying that the board should have had that information in hand before the meeting. You are something.
  11. A good organization would have the necessary information to the BoT that allows them to be prepared before the meeting happens.
  12. ive never been with an organization where a board of directors ONLY concerns themselves with showing up 4x a year to address concerns, ideas, and progress. an effective BOD will be actively involved quite frequently and be instrumental in the development and well being of that particular organization. so i guess i am going to throw that back at you, How do you think "a board of directors works?" maybe you are thinking of giant corporations and organizations where i am thinking a billion dollar or less asset sized organization.
  13. that's hard for me to believe as i have become so disapointed on our point guards on this team. turnovers has been the achilles heel for this season and one has to believe if he approaches his older brother's ability to be a point guard he would fix that problem or at least decrease it. so to say he would be 6th man means he couldnt oust either one of our point guards? i admit i havent seen him play, so i cant comment beyond the above, but i have more confidence in your player takes than anyone on this board.
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