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  1. Right isabell was 1 2. Goodwin 1.4. Sheltie says he's poor.
  2. Sheltie, goodwin had the best assist to turnover ratio on the team. If he's as horrible with the ball as you claim, the whole team must really suck.
  3. foreman pretty much stayed out of the way if he was in the game at the same time as french. staying on the weak side down low and then crashing the boards if a shot went up. if a guard got in trouble he would come out to help to get a pass, but i wouldnt say offensively foreman was an equal partner in the post offensively. and we all know that defensively if we werent in a man to man, foreman was on top of the one three one.
  4. Chimezee sounds like french. Sign him up! Rivera is intriguing. 6'4" but only 160 lbs? Thats skinny!
  5. as a senior in high school hankton shot 31% from the three point line. and 58% free throws. better than goodwin last year, but not exactly jimmmerson territory and i wouldnt classify him as a shooter. moytoy, we will have to agree to disagree, i dont particularly see hankton having a better form. just more willing to let it fly.
  6. most of the mbm experts here are saying about 11 ppg for goodwin this coming season (he averaged 10.5 last year). so give him another 3, another free throw and another putback and your got him at 17 ppg. i only predict he will be a 15 ppg scorer my point is we are talking small differences. also for those of you still enamored with hankton, you do know he only shot 3's at a 28% clip? goodwin was at 26%. yet somehow hankton is being looked at as some sort of sniper and one mbm doesnt want goodwin to ever shoot a three again. this is a very frustrating debate imo.
  7. i wouldnt want goodwin shooting more 3's. do you want him 25 feet from the basket and depending on others to rebound like he does? if he makes a couple of 3's a game (he averaged 1 three per game last year) and another put back or two and hits 65% of his free throws (that's only 1 more made free throw a game over last year), you are looking at increasing his ppg to 15.
  8. however with goodwin we are talking about the best offensive rebounder i have ever seen. his put backs alone will give him a head start to that 15 ppg. i also expect an improvement in his shooting percentages. (if you look he did improve his sophomore year over his freshman year. and obviously there is a lot of room for more improvement). while i admit i am goodwin biased, there seems to be a lot of hope that goodwin fails so collins gets his chance. i have been watching jordan goodwin since 8th grade. this kid will rise to the occasion and will be THE billiken go to guy
  9. you guys are all stuck under 70 on the points per game math. my take is someone will be an over 15 ppg scorer. most likely goodwin. there is the bump to put us over the 70 ppg.
  10. i think jimmmerson will not be a starter out of the chute. it will take him having a "game" to show us his worth. but he has that big game where he owns the 3 point line and then ford will have to figure out how not to play him.
  11. not knowing where to throw this thought, at the billiken theme night at the cardinal game last night, i was surprised how thin goodwin is. has to be in the best shape of his life. french also has slimmed down, tightened his body. both look fantastic.
  12. A 50% 3 shooter is significant. how big is this guy? is mom originally from Illinois? seems like i remember an Amy Albers that went to either Mater Dei or Breese Central that was quite the athlete. but that was awhile back so i might be mistaken.
  13. I am thrilled we have jimmerson (just for you bau) he is going to bring an aspect to billiken basketball we have rarely seen. A pure shooter. That said I believe Luke would have been jimmerson+. Luke is closer to a complete player AND a shooter. However now nothing more than a tool. Does he know he has to wear purple? What a tool
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