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  1. actually crews did use the usual inbounds backcourt play. coffee just blocked the inbounds pass.
  2. I agree, however it is to interview pesty, so who cares. i'd actually like to ask frank why he's wasting his time with pesty.
  3. i dont know what the fuss is about. watching that video, goodwin looks like a pretty good player to me.
  4. ive been saying it for a number of years, the only player at any level that rebounds like goodwin is rodman. he is the most tenacious rebounder i have ever seen.
  5. Personally, i dont like bully ball. But i hate refs that arent consistent and if that means dont call anything, id rather have that then the stupidity of the Richmond gave Thursday. St bonnie had less fouls called on them till with about 4 min left they realized they were no where close to 1 and 1 so they then went into foul mode. So not sure what the hell they are talking about. Crybabies
  6. First off anthony is reputed to have been a fabulous teamate and perfect practice player. But you missed the point. I am saying pretty much no matter who, we need at least 2 of the 3 remaining scholarships to go to graduate transfers. No need to trash an alumni that performed his roll as asked.
  7. Id take 2 rashad anthony's. But i agree w taj. Dont want graduate transfers to be every year, we need yo get off that. But with no 2020 seniors seems needed to balance clases going forward
  8. Nothing but good when talking st bonnie fans prior to the game all week. But once the game started they were asses. Cheering over our cheerleaders. Booing when the billikens came on the floor and when introduced. Etc. No friends of mine anymore
  9. The refs today were definitely the best of the tourney. I think i only used the word idiot one time
  10. Oh geez hes gonna try to make us stand for no reason. (Note above should be halfway blue font)
  11. We're gonna win. Destiny. Bess playing like conference add the new isabell. We're gonna win.
  12. My understanding is hargrove had a putback slam off a missed free throw to send to overtime. This kid has so exceeded my expectations. I knew he was good but he is rrrreeeeeaaaaallllll good
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