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  1. i would doubt slu gives out a lot of $56,000+ grants in need though as well. most would be supplements. remember, it has to be consistent with whatever a non athletic student might get. if he is the only one getting $56,000 in grants, probably not going to be looked good upon by the ncaa.
  2. if you are talking grants or some sort of justifiable in need assistance, i agree. but i know for a fact that the ncaa will not allow an "academic" scholarship if the student athlete in question does not have the academic and citizenship attributes of any other saint louis university student that is getting financial assistance for academic purposes. basically it cannot be some sort of disguised athletic scholarship. and for any of you that has had a child try to get slu academic assistance that isnt need based you know slu doesnt give out scholarships in plenty. i personally have been through iy with my kids. so as an example, if my daughter, who was an illinois state scholar, valedictorian of her high school class, all honors coursed never anything below an A in grades and a 33 on her ACT cant get a full academic scholarship, i have to believe that most basketball players arent going to get an academic slu scholarship either. now there may be private scholarship's out there from corporations or foundations that a student may qualify for, however most of those are set up for much smaller amounts as assistance more than full scholarships. and again, normally those that do give larger or even full amounts, have justifiable academic requirements and minimums that will be vetted by the ncaa accordingly. the ncaa has to do this. if not the likes of calipari would be stashing kids on "academic" scholarships all the time. they would have rosters twice the size of most schools. i cant even imagine the issues with football teams with the numbers concerned. everything that slu basketball does to get a student in the school for the sports programs, beyond the normal ncaa mandated limited rosters all comes down to the student athlete in question being able to justify the money if they were not an athlete. if slu can, it's fine. if not, no dice.
  3. now that's a great reason to get him as a billiken walkon!!
  4. i didnt bring his name up and then i only responded to another poster. i suggest you quit reading my posts. obviously you have a hardon for me because i quit reading your posts that reference initials.
  5. less than half the game unless one of the two brothers were in foul trouble. his stats started to improve down the stretch because he started going to the basket instead of passing out.
  6. he looked at mi$$ouri because his father told him too as dad and martin were childhood friends. he had no interest and mom finally interceded on his behalf to take that pressure off. by the time the mi$$ouri part of liddell came up, gordon was already signed and we were indeed out of the picture by then. imo, after gordon became a billiken and dad's push for his childhood friend was over, it was all ohio state. it pained me to watch ohio state under use him last year knowing how good he would have been in billiken blue and heir apparent to french. but all under the bridge now and i am sure okoro will more than fill the bill.
  7. not true. maybe it never got reported, but i can assure you he was all about slu until gordon verballed and committed.
  8. saw on Twitter that tarris Reed got an ohio state offer. grrrrrrr. getting tired of ohio state taking my favorite players. hope ford keeps reed home.
  9. whoa! 20 lbs is a lot for one offseason!
  10. it's hard to say who benefitted more from the presense of the other with crutcher and toppin. they were quite a pair together. i thought toppin was marvelous but honestly i think crutcher made them go and missing him last year would have been devastating. it will be interesting to see how he does without soon to be lottery pick toppin on the floor with him though.
  11. in the mid 90's with marcus camby, lou roe, edgar padilla, donte bright, dana dingle, and carmelo travieso was an awesome team. of course they were coached by scum calipari and ended up having to forfeit their final four season for cheating. big surprise. too bad they didnt have some hotshot lexington ky money behind them to get past that.
  12. to me "care" infers concern or a positive feeling for the subject matter. gordon did the billikens wrong leaving like he did. strike one. let's not forget his high school track record for running when things dont go his way. yet the billikens gave him the benefit of the doubt. strike two. then he runs off on depaul and the florida juco as well. strike three. no reason to care about the kid after that career track record. if he proves me wrong and now truly has his head on and acts like a responsible adult going forward instead of a spoiled child used to being coddled, great for him. i doubt that will happen.
  13. i think in today's world, the student athletes all think they are professional worthy and do not want to be sitting on the bench for anyone. they would rather play for abc university destined for a 500 record than sit on the bench at today's John Wooden UCLA
  14. So who sits so hargrove plays more?
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