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  1. Never seen a team miss so much from right below the rim
  2. Close but not enough: the Travis Ford Story
  3. Slu and scoring droughts, name a better duo. Complete and total collapse. Slu is Daytons little brother. And people actually think we deserve an invite to the big east over Dayton? Lol
  4. Okoro has absolutely zero hands
  5. They should rent out a venue in Florida and play the rest of their home games there. I’m sure the sunshine state would welcome them with open arms.
  6. That is assuming the average person has enough critical thinking skills, which unfortunately is not the case
  7. Maybe you and many people are listening to the wrong predictions. If you listen to fear mongers expect to be peddled fear. Listen to everyday folks across the country and most don’t even think about Covid anymore
  8. Small time school making small time decisions. What an absolute travesty that only harms the student-athletes. If it’s one person isolate them and play on. Such an overreaction. But not surprising since Freddy P is at the helm
  9. Missed free throws were killer. Blowing a big lead = inexcusable. Mentally weak
  10. Still don’t think it’s infuriating? You like blowing leads at home?
  11. Team stinks. No putting it nicely. Two sh#tty losses at home. Two blown leads.
  12. Bills -2 at +100 was too good to be true. Losing to the fn puff magic dragons at home. Unreal
  13. Make no mistake, story of half is the 8-17 free throw shooting from Bosie
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