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  1. That’s a surprising number. Def thought there were more people there than that
  2. Yep. This one should have been a rout even if Daye was playing. I know Fordham isn't as bad as they usually are, but this is still a team outside the top 150
  3. You can have a camp with your own team, but days you can be together playing ball is regulated. I graduated HS in 2011 and we had a full week of camp, plus a couple summer leagues and tournaments, but it was all affiliated with the high school team I have a year of college eligibility left if we are looking for a three point shooter who can't shoot
  4. Jeffco is a fine institution and I will not hear otherwise
  5. Uh not to one up you or anything, but we played at Jefferson College in Hillsboro. I'll let everyone else decide which one is better
  6. Gave me flashbacks of being in Hinkle the last time we played there
  7. I agree with this - what did we cut it down to? 3? 4?
  8. The 7 isn't including the 3+ shots he took inside that didn't have a prayer and got blocked. Those are essentially turnovers
  9. We go as Yuri goes. Yuri doesn’t go, we don’t either
  10. Yikes! I concede I was there as well, just on the opposite side of the floor. The way he went down away from the rim made it look like a brutal foul, but just watched it again for the first time. Great block. All time bad take from Fred but he made up for it so we’re good
  11. This crew would be bad in the MCC
  12. Fred making freshman plays in his eighth year of college
  13. Okoro with maybe the worst 90 seconds a Billiken has ever had
  14. How bad is LaSalle? Wow. anyone else watching this?
  15. No shot they don’t even have 7 by saturday
  16. Agree with this - SIU did a really good job with this when I was there the last time we played there
  17. Have you noticed the 'nuh uh' he's doing after big blocks? it isn't gus comedy hour
  18. Man I've been wearing backwards hats there for years. I didn't know any better and for that I apologize
  19. I know they mention it in their gameday tweets and on facebook
  20. Why are the bonnies near the bubble right now? Computer rankings are a disaster. I know that it is just one Lunardi thing but come on
  21. Yeah, Grace is a good shooter. I'm with you
  22. I think Golden only hit one? If it happens one time in a game, I don't think it is anything to get too worked up about
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