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  1. Fellas, we have officially gotten to the "cries of take plagiarism" stage of the offseason. This month is going to crawl by.
  2. Anyone have any homefield stuff already? How's the sizing?
  3. Not to dump on three star or anything, but guys who do windmills in game are explosive athletes. This guy is an explosive athlete.
  4. I don't think that is the narrative - it is more the environments involved. Just as it is in college sports Well said in the above post @BilliesBy40. This team is behind the 8 ball. GGG couldn't coach his way out of a cracker jack box. Makes zero attempt to solve problems during matches. It is a disaster to watch
  5. I think uninspired and ugly are two different things. Ugly yes, but I don’t think you’ll ever see uninspired play from this group of young guys. The issue here was there wasn’t exactly an attempt to solve the defense. Just jam it forward and jam it forward. It’s been a GGG problem since the beginning, but I had begun to give him the benefit of the doubt because they won everything this summer. It’s going to be a problem going forward in my mind, as ES is probably the least talented team in the oct... but hell I thought we weren’t going to sniff the GC or Nations League so what do I know?
  6. Tactically GGG gave El Salvador entirely too much credit. Never really went after three points until the very end. Love the effort these guys gave, but they were behind the eight ball tactically the entire game. Wide open midfield with not enough creatives to solve it
  7. They are both on the original roster Canada released last week. interesting, maybe. But as always (or as it always should be) ... it’s the US, then Mexico, then a space, then everyone else. the US during the gold cup showed it is far and away the best team in the region when their C team won a competition where everyone else (sans Canada) brought their A team
  8. Three games each window (in one week!) is new and a difference maker. Fatigue has to be managed. Pulisic hasn't played in a hot minute due to having covid. Roster/load management is going to be key this cycle. And I think you're giving ES too much credit imo
  9. Not sure GGG would even use Pulisic in the least difficult of the three matches
  10. My fingers are crossed for the US-Mexico lottery. Gonna make it a long weekend and end up in Memphis for the bills game the following tuesday
  11. They use Nesbitt as "former Memphis benchwarmer", not "top 50 recruit"
  12. They were swept by my mckendree bearcats last year. Rockhurst has been historically pretty bad in the loaded GLVC, but Diener has them better than they usually are the last couple years
  13. "Let’s get some itchy mid-majors not only anxious to prove their mettle against the big boys, but are good enough. There are no three better in the country than Loyola Chicago, VCU and Dayton."
  14. But certainly not in the exhausting way it is happening currently
  15. And it is hilarious... all the small minded a10 schools with excited reactions in the quote tweets. There's only like five teams/fanbases in this league who really give a damn the top third of this league has no business being in the same league as Lasalle and co
  16. No, give me all of it. Flex every good play. Carry yourself with some swagger
  17. acosta (or a 10 if you're thinking that way) for weah and literally anyone else for zardes. He worked for this gold cup roster that had little to no creatives and needed energy to create opportunities, but we'll need a better finisher, or at least one with a semblance of technical ability and mainly hold up play, when we're full of talented creators like we will be at WCQs Also, would be pretty surprised if a healthy Steffen doesn't start imo
  18. I keep seeing these lineups on this site without mention of Thatch or Jimerson. If neither one of those guys start, I'll eat my hat
  19. Eryk Williamson was arguably the best player on the field tonight until he was subbed out later. Have to have him in WCQs
  20. I’m just glad someone finally found him
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