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  1. I think Big East should grow to 16... Add us, Dayton, VCU, Wichita, and one other - maybe Gonzaga
  2. I think that the Pac 12 will pick up Baylor, Tech, TCU, and Oklahoma st to make a 16 team conference with two divisions. North/West - Oregon, Oregon St, Washington, Washington St, Stanford, Cal, USC, UCLA | South/East - Arizona, ASU, Utah, Colorado, Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma St... I think this would actually be a helluva conference for both basketball and football
  3. I think it's all going to be chaos. There are going to be 4 16-team ish conferences... I see Big 12 going to Pac-12, Big 10, and ACC (outside of Texas and OU). I also think that there will be some shakeup in the basketball schools.......
  4. Probably right but nowadays it seems like an annual tradition of TCU beating UT in football I think this whole thing is just OU and UT getting ahead of the chaos that's going to ensue over the next 3 years. In 2024 the college athletics landscape/conferences are going to be completely different, and I am honestly excited about it.
  5. gonna be chaos... OU and UT are just getting ahead on their plans for 2024. Pretty crazy that if they joined today and there was a 16 team SEC, UT would be 1st in revenue and OU 5th... UT swings a big stick.
  6. He has a lot of Goodwin grit in him and maybe more athleticism... Kid's got bounce. I would love a southern assault pipeline to go with BBE... That would bring us top tier talent every single year.
  7. As I said earlier, Forte gonna get us a Texas player. I can't wait.
  8. I expect Forte to snag a kid from the DFW area for this class too... I would welcome it. Those dudes know how to play physical basketball.
  9. Now time for a big... Great get by Travis. I really like the roster he's building. Go team blue!
  10. if that jumper stresses you out, idk how you've watched the bills post ellis/loe
  11. it's either that or they don't think Williams is a legit PG back up - more of a shooter imo. We need someone to take some pressure of Yuri.
  12. I bet we get that central ark kid.. Then I think we need a big and I am happy about the roster and depth going into the year.
  13. I anticipate prep school too
  14. We get Thames - that's what Travis does. He gets his dudes.
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