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  1. Do you know if it's mandatory to upload exhibition film? My argument would still stand if not, but I don't know. Again, no reason to give more than you need to.
  2. As I said earlier, I think we are limiting the ease of film for our early and important OOC games. Everyone shares film a week or so before games but right now is a really easy time to put a video coordinator or some other staff member on exhibition game scout. Not streaming sucks for us, but I think it benefits SLU. Would much rather a GA or video coordinator start the scout week of rather than 3 weeks in advance.
  3. Unfortunately for us fans, I could easily see this being an effort to not have extra film out there for Memphis and co that we play early in OOC.
  4. I think this is just for tomorrow's game but could be wrong - would be wild if we expect a season average 20+ point margin... I picked U because I doubt Perk plays a ton tomorrow.
  5. Points for - 89.5 (U) Points against - 64.5 (U) Players used - 10.5 (O) Players receiving >28 minutes - 2.5 (U) Yuri assists - 9.5 (U) Nesbitt points - 10.5 (O) Perkins points - 14.5 (U) Players w/ >9.5 rebounds - 0.5 (U) Team FT% - 78.5% (U) Team 3FG% - 34.5% (U) Total Points - 135
  6. exactly, if he continues to shoot at a high %... he'll be elite
  7. I hope Nesbitt is rookie of the year and also on some a-10 lists but I really believe TJ is gonna bring it in all facets of the game
  8. I really think TJ is going to be the x factor fringe A-10 first team player
  9. Nesbitt starts against Memphis and every game after
  10. Can we go to another fruitless conversation but one that is relevant to this thread? Who starts game 1? My pick: YC, Okoro, Perk, TJ, and Gibson
  11. At this point, the athletic department has positioned itself as good as it can to get BE interest... Main thing (and biggest) left to do is win. Starts with men's soccer and praying their momentum carries over into Bball. Go coach Kalish and co - give em hell.
  12. You gotta do these things to get more donors to give... I for one am happy and think this is a pretty big step in the right (Big East) direction.
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