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  1. To counter myself, I will give Rickma credit, he drew up masterful out of bounds plays. It seemed we always ran the same play but he had tiny little iterations of it to leave 3 point shooters open on the perimeter or a cutting big inside. I feel like there was a handful of times he drew up that wheel play and it resulted in a 3 pt bucket and someone running through a screen, so we would then get the ball back. It was poetry in motion.
  2. Majerus was a wizard in setting up his defense, but we had some atrocious offensive showings. Every coach loses games. I remember clearly in Rick's third season with us we were playing a good Xavier team at half time. Then they set up a 3-2 zone, we couldnt adjust offensively, and we lost by 2 after being up 6 at half. There were other instances but saying Majerus never lost games coaching and Ford does is not true.
  3. Some people forget how terrible our offense looked at times under RM, especially when the opposing team put out a zone against us. Also, I believe we scored 20 in a game...
  4. Sad I was right on this one. I predict he will transfer to a lower caliber school, continue to develop, have a couple monster years, and we will see his name pop up in the grad transfer portal going to a major school one day. I wish him the best, and I am grateful for his contributions to team blue in 19-20.
  5. my faith in humanity has been restored
  6. Regardless, I love the roster we have and team blue is going to be fun for some years to come.
  7. That is a good perspective. All i can say is i have spent some time in Normal, and I was always happy to drive back to STL.
  8. A fool would pick Illinois State over Saint Louis University. I have faith in people not being foolish, but I am proven otherwise all the time.
  9. Say Okoro commits, does that mean Diarra is out? I caught a lot of flack saying I think he was dead in the water and might be on his way out. I agree dead in the water was harsh, though.
  10. All i know is this roster is 8-9 people deep of players good enough to start during an average Billiken season. I cant wait.
  11. Haarms might want more PT. He averaged mid to low 20 mpg at Purdue. I am not sure if he will get much more than that here as Jimmy continues to develop.
  12. I honestly see this as a major plus. I think that French and JGood will receive some great feedback from scouts which they will use to better themselves over the off season.
  13. Gok is a career 30% FT shooter. He fits like a glove.
  14. Dead in the water is definitely too harsh. I hope he stays around because his body is absurd, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he left to get more reps elsewhere. I see us in win-now mode, and a grad transfer big would provide our best win-now chances imo. At the end of the day, Diarra seems like a great teammate so wish him the best on Team Blue.
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