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  1. What’s insane is that if Hughes jr was coming under any other billiken HC in the last 20 years, he’d probably be the top recruit and this board would be going insane about him. He deserves a ton of hype (probably more than we’re giving) but Travis is also doing an unprecedented job bringing in talent. I can’t believe this kid is a “walk-on”.
  2. probably just Godar.. He's a big billiken fan that writes for a10talk. He's really the only one that champions our program on that site and does a good job. Tyler Coleman... naw, don't need to know him.
  3. didn't know that... yes, you're very right. All these dudes that are sadly in Yuri's ear don't have 1) a clue or 2) his interests in mind..
  4. Just tweets from the likes of Jack Godar and Tyler Coleman saying that the Billikens should go after him. It just got me excited since Coleman was seemingly in with Ramey in HS, but yeah, seems unlikely.
  5. It doesn't seem like we want him back... I am all in on these Courtney Ramey tweets now... He would be a net neutral if not positive imo.
  6. Tax benefits... if someone donates, that can be written off from their taxes. For a guy like Rich, donating to a building can save some major coinage going to the government. Also, these folks are smart and care about their money, business, and public image. They won't want to be involved in behind closed doors, potentially future IRS/SEC involved dealings, or fake 501c3s. All of which could come into play down the road for those involved in shoveling 200k at Yuri Collins. I sure hope he has a tax advisor, at the very least.
  7. He said “the universities involved in these rumors would get in a lot of trouble [tampering] and that NIL conversations are escalating rapidly at SLU [and have been ongoing].” Little rant: our donors, for the most part, are self-made and have a great sense of what’s best for their interests (slu) AND their pockets. Dr. C probably wouldn’t just pony up 200k (even just a drop in the bucket) without tax incentives, guarantees, contracts, etc. The fact of the matter is Tennessee and many big schools have old money and dudes that don’t know what went into their grandpa’s fortune from oil, railroads, timber, etc. and are cool with just throwing stuff around. Also, given there are no contracts and guarantees, will Yuri actually see all 200k (probably not if he somehow struggles in the SEC)? The rumors out of UNC are their returning starters we’re given $100k each to stay at the school. No way Yuri’s market value is twice that of a starter on a National runner up, so not getting into that pissing war was smart financially.
  8. I was in the camp that you and those saying this were just being hysterical, "sky is falling", etc... But I must admit, I was wrong. While I hope this won't be the reality, it is heading in that direction.
  9. Schasz was right... I am so sad. Praying we get a Oduro type, hail mary, return from the portal move.
  10. so what's it about? Cardinals, maybe (since it's now his job)?
  11. I want Kepnang from Oregon. He seems to have the same exact splits and usage as Okoro in Eugene. Could come to the Lou and dominate immediately.
  12. All I know is whatever transfers we get, they better be more impactful than a mckissic type player. He was the love child of this board last year and was the definition of mediocre at Florida.
  13. We should start a thread saying “Yuri is a once in a lifetime PG” or something remotely factual other than this BS.
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