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  1. Bummer. Doesn’t happen often, but we’re getting out-dueled in net. Need to test him this last 20.
  2. Shooot - i would say Shildt take notes too. The only local coach with larger success than Shields is Berube with his stanley cup run. Everyone take notes on what Coach Shields is doing.
  3. This team... this team can do some special things - and they're better next year... Wow! Go Coach Shields... Travis, Kevin, everyone - take notes
  4. Tramaine Isabell - not directly Mizzery to SLU but spent time in Columbia. That is who, i assume, little bill is referring to. He is, in fact, not a tool but a stud.
  5. Madsen has a beautiful shot - i want him.
  6. I already love this guy... Can't wait to see him draining threes and alleviating pressure from our professional bucket getter JP.
  7. I think if this year taught us anything, it's that Kenpom and co doesn't matter and they pick "hot teams" when on the bubble. There is no doubt in my mind - not using "revisionist history" - that we were as hot as any billiken team I have ever seen and as any team at the end of last season... 5 games in a row with 10+ winning margins against VCU, Rhode Island, and Bonaventure (and two bottom feeders).
  8. All i want in 2022 is Larry Hughes, Jr.
  9. Yesssir! The year of the Billiken - we sure have the physicality and hopefully the skill to be a terrorizing team like Baylor.
  10. Been a while since I’ve seen a physical domination like that in a title game...
  11. The all-within-3-hours-of-STL team
  12. Baylor beating these guys like a drum. Pretty insane the physicality mixed with the skill. That +4.5 and +165 was a STEAL.
  13. I can't wait til we play someone and throw the all-STL lineup(s) at them - any combination of Fred, Yuri, TJ, Okoro, Nesbitt, and JP... Would be sweet and I can definitely see some sportscenter top plays coming from any of them
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