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  1. Isn’t it age discrimination? I can’t see the logic on their side. Let’s say that you worked for 25 years and retire as a CEO, and your second career will be as a coach. Well, just be prepared to have less opportunities, as set forth by the governing body of the sport. I am sure the logic is to avoid getting free labor from older people. But almost every career requires an internship.
  2. Is it the only post-grad degree that you cannot get unless you are 7 years from undergrad? If so, it is stupid. Lots of people go back to school. Why set arbitrary rules to limit people bettering themselves.
  3. You’re kidding. That is an idiotic rule.
  4. Conklin would definitely be a good teacher for Okoro, Thatch, Hargrove, and the unnamed big we will bring in. It is arguable that no Billiken player has done more with less (athleticism). [Not that he was a bad athlete.]
  5. Really have to feel for Hasahn Ward on this one. Hard to see how he gets on the court.
  6. Did anyone see Yaya Keita play at Mizzou? Did he look the same as HS?
  7. It would be great to see him crying with every graduating class.
  8. This comes up a lot. Dwight Evan’s was 6’5” (;)). He was probably our best power forward since I don’t know when. Ellis was good, but only because Evans could do the internal rebounding and playing inside. Height is overrated at PF in the A10.
  9. I don’t know… After Hargrove and Collins both decided to stay (after May1st), I kind of feel like we should commit to them. Meaning that we don’t really need a PF, just a C. I would love a young PG, but we kind of have that in Thames. I hope we get a backup C, and after that, I wouldn’t be bothered if we wait until late in summer to fill out the rest of the team. The C is necessary just for survival, so the sooner the better.
  10. Are they allowed to gain passive income from stocks? If so, then just pay them while they are at home, or pay them into their home country. Then they can claim it as passive income. Passive income from royalties for using their NIL on advertising in their home country.
  11. The real question is whether he can actually shoot threes, or if this is just a token 3 pt reference. Ford has shown that if a player cannot really shoot threes, then they will not have a green light during games. That seemed to be the case with Lassina Traore. There were reports he could shoot, but he probably never passed the Ford shooting threshold. Ford is a little old school in that way.
  12. Thames is 6’5” and could be the back up PG. Thatch was kind of a backup PG at the end of the year. I think Mongolian Mike should fear matching up with Thatch.
  13. Honestly, we may have dodged a bullet. If he isn’t good enough to play at Butler next year, then he probably would have dragged us down next year. Time will tell. In some ways, it is nice that we can watch some of these players at other schools and be the place people can transfer home to, if they show that they can play, but are not ‘the man’ at that school.
  14. I will believe it when I see it. Here is what would happen: Threaten booster, then sue booster, then lose to the booster. Then the NCAA gets disbanded.
  15. I would think it is the opposite. If he comes here, he wants to play PF, and be a backup center. At 253 lbs, and a good shot, he can do both. I think he would play 35 minutes. We really would just have to balance ball handlers on the court as well. But I think it would be a good fit. Haase May also be a good fit for the A10. SLU May be a good fit for him. He was already at SC, and found that all have 4-5 PF/C, and playing time may be limited for anyone. He was able to see Yuri (and our team) play firsthand, so he knows he will be able to get the ball distributed well in the offense. But who knows.
  16. Even though the 3 pt shot numbers are bad, he is only 17, and he was playing against grown men. This is not comparable to HS kids that shoot great against guys that are unable to guard them. I bet his numbers go up when he gets to SLU. That said, his numbers would tank if he went anywhere else.
  17. There’s always money in the Pickle Market.
  18. To drop the historical bottom 5 teams from the A10, and bring in Gonzaga, Witchita State, Belmont, Saint Mary’s, Murray state, and SF.
  19. Say what you will about NIL, but I just bought some pickles. Partly because the brand looks cool, and partly because of the story around Fred Thatch. Maybe the first time I have bought pickles in a decade. There is something to be said about hometown marketing through a hometown team. It cuts through an otherwise endless sea of bleh.
  20. I am not really sure where you were going with this. I think you do a good job displaying and describing a problem. I do take issue with the reference to the punk kid making $200k. The problem with saying that is that this punk kid may never make more than $30k per year the rest of his life. That was always the problem with this system. The big football linebacker that doesn’t make the show, and never learned to read, but somehow got through 4 years of college. In an ideal world, education would have been placed first and the kids would all pile into the Stanfords of the world, but for some reason, that does not happen. The simple reason is greed, and selfishness. Well, at least this new system will at least align a more accurate form of payment to the players.
  21. They are selling a heck of a lot of pickles.
  22. Would someone please let Andrew Carr know:
  23. A Mizzou assistant is probably just trying to badmouth SLU to him. Mizzou has never known anything other than a zero sum game. Rise above them.
  24. It would be a good fit. It would be last year redux, but with Perkins, especially if Crespin signs. Almost exactly the same. Weird.
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