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  1. Wait, could we go to the MVC in Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Well, in 1972, yes. As a final note, I will stop posting on this subject. I like and respect ND, but I wanted to vent after their slow start. They seem to have little sense of urgency, or competition, to maintain their fan base. I think that limits their success.
  3. And to bring this ridiculousness full circle. My interest in SLU Football is blue font. I don’t think it would or should happen. That said, I want something other than ND for Catholic football, and don’t tell me Boston College, I am not that Catholic. My imaginary school would be in a place where football matters and a program that actually puts winning first.
  4. No Southern Catholic school on that list. When Catholics cross the Mason-Dixon Line, do they lose the ability to charter schools? There has to be some Catholic U’s in Florida, Louisiana, or Texas, right? Why doesn’t at least one of them commit to football, join D1, and build a program. They should have a niche in the South, tons of talent and no Catholic school to even play D1 for within 900 miles.
  5. Lindenwood’s football jump will be interesting to watch. I wonder what the odds are that they will be in D1 in football in 5 years? Is it a sure thing, or more like 10%? Also, it is easy to compare their previous success at lower levels and just assume they will find the same thing in D1. That is short sighted. This is just a much more competitive level. So, we will see.
  6. I have never wanted a SLU football team till this year. I don’t think I can stand to watch Notre Dame anymore. If I have to watch a team fail through incompetence, then let it be SLU. So, let’s ‘wake up the echoes.’
  7. Everyone would all of a sudden have a story about how they were always a SLU fan. Die hard Mizzou fans would go on and on about how it is Mizzou’s turn next year… .for the next decade.
  8. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Does anyone else feel that way? Baseball, football, and basketball starting up all at the same time. I guess it is no comparison to summer time , but it is always pretty amazing nonetheless.
  9. Interesting. Well, you can find him in the wood shed.
  10. That right, we could support 3 baseball teams, 2 soccer teams, or 2 hockey teams. But 0 football, pro basketball, lacrosse, rugby, or other teams. We need to stay in our lane.
  11. I don’t know that I have lived anywhere that despises the NBA more than St. Louis. I don’t think you can even survive in most jobs if you bring up the NBA regularly in this town. I just can’t imagine it succeeding here.
  12. This is a very impressive video. I will just leave it at that.
  13. The whole point of the NCAA was stated as a means to keep young men from wasting time in a minor league and the intellectual cost to the country. No one really considered a situation where the money from sports would be good enough to eclipse an education for a young man in the immediate term. I don’t see why your proposal would be bad for the NCAA or the country. It would fit with the mission and intent of the NCAA. I honestly think that the current rules were intended to scare kids away from going to minor leagues, which also might have been to help the NCAA build a monopoly. Pretty anticompetitive.
  14. So, you are saying that viewership will be slightly down when the Bills win the championship for the third straight time? Bummer.
  15. “Another division I offer from SLU.” Coach Ford is offering players two times, it’s a Double Offer. This is the sort of innovative recruiting that sets T. Ford apart from the crowd. Five years from now, he will introduce The Triple Offer.
  16. A few years ago, I looked at rankings, and particularly where SLU used to fit. One consistent them is the number of Top 100-150 East coast, West coast, or Texas schools which I had previously never heard of. It felt like another example of how the economy changed and shifted jobs to the coasts. SLU will have to be dynamic to stay relevant. I think Pestello was a move in the right direction, and hopefully SLU keeps it up.
  17. Lindenwood’s football team was given all of a few months to prepare for the transition from D2 football to D1? Ouch. Hard to imagine this is going to be fun for them.
  18. Your numbers do not add to 30. Proved wrong.
  19. At the rate things are going, The Valley is moving to us.
  20. Oh, sweet 8 lb, 6 ounce newborn infant Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, I’m positive I couldn’t.
  21. This will not happen, but if Cisse can shoot 3s above 35%, you could technically play him and Okoro at the same time. We have at least one clip of Cisse making good passes. Let’s just visit Billiken dreamland on this one until November.
  22. The nice thing about this year is that we have a team with Ray Giacolleti’s offensive finger print, and now we have a guy who helped us have that Dog defense of 2018. If those two things can mix, it could be pretty special.
  23. This whole kerfuffle is one of the weirdest things I have seen on the board. It also involves the misuse of the word Troll throughout, maybe we need a whole thread defining the word, and we can really ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ the crap out of it.
  24. It would really be something to be the first team from the state of Missouri to make a final four. Well, since we won the NIT and national championship.
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