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  1. 10th minute, Vaughn set piece, corner, headed out to Wilkinson, sent back in for Murana redirection goal. SLU 1 Duquesne 0. 13th minute, Vaughn to Murana, sent forward in box defender misplays header right to Mason Leeth. Finish. 2-0. SLU.
  2. Now it appears Justin Gainey may be going to Tennessee as an assistant. He is linked to top 50 big man (and former Marquette commit) Jonas Aidoo. (Durham, NC) Rick Barnes is a North Carolina native. (Gainey’s connection to Aidoo is North Carolina geography as he is from Greensboro, and he played and coached at NC State.) We’ll see.
  3. I don't know what did or did not happen at UC. A few of the well mentioned things are 3.5 hour practices multiple times where medical staff had to intervene to stop practice, speaking negatively about some players behind their backs to other players. Those types of things. There were some players supportive of thr coach, many left. Brannen was successful elsewhere, and, he hadn't been at UC all that long yet. Others will mention that UC thinks it made a bad hire and this is their way of removing themselves from that. Mick Cronin did well at UC. The thing he didn't do was win a lot
  4. UC, the University of Cincinnati has parted ways with Head Coach John Brannen.
  5. If games were being played on campus, SLU would likely have hosted their first round game. If they had won, they likely would have had to go on the road in an even match up type of 2nd round game. If there was an upset in their bracket they could have hosted a couple of games. Previously SLU went on the road to play two different Power 5 schools in the first round, losing both in close games. Had they won either game either year, they would have had to play at a top 5 type National Team in Round 2. SLU is elevating their NCAA Seeding level, ranking, and power ranking. (27 currently
  6. This is Katie Shields' 8th season at SLU. The last 3 have been Regular Season A-10 Champs, and (hopefully) Conference Tourney Champs all 3 seasons. Prior to that SLU finished 2nd twice with less A-10 Tourney success. The next step is to maintain league regular season and conference tourney dominance, as well as to continue to improve regular season non-conference power opponent results, and to improve NCAA Tourney Results. This would also include finding ways to keep adding competitive non-conference games, and, to mix those games early and later in the season. The league has not been hel
  7. 48th minute. Set piece. Corner. Friedrich perfect cross to Miller, driving header right at the Dayton Keeper deflected off of her hands and in. (needed some hand extension there) It is Friedrich’s FOURTEENTH assist of the season. 51st minute Red Card foul Dayton from behind on Larson in the box. (Legit call didn’t play the ball) Miller wins a ball just past midfield, from a Dayton pass, keeps it in bounds, and sends forward, misplayed by Dayton defender. Groark pokes a pass to Larson who beats her defender wide 1v1. Miller PK finish, top left corner. 3-1 SLU. 77
  8. 14th minute. Larson from Friedrich. Anna Walsh wins a punted ball near midfield, (yes Dayton's keeper still does the same punt routine) up to Friedrich. Perfect through ball to Larson in alone again. It is Friedrich's 13th assist of the season. 6th goal of season from Larson. Dayton launches very high long cross, from the sideline, the wind takes it high off of the crossbar to a Dayton forward on opposite side for the tap in. Halverson late getting back marking, caught ball watching. Cross was just over a leaping Puricelli. Very fortunate play for Dayton but they out hustled SLU in front
  9. Tommy Lloyd's son is a Grand Canyon U, Phoenix, AZ (Bryce Drew) hoops player. (Few and the Drew family are close). An additional Zags assistant, Roger Powell Jr. has been a long time close friend and assistant with Bryce Drew. Lloyd has a written agreement to be Gonzaga's coach in the future when Few retires.
  10. 7pm Home Game vs Dayton ESPN+. Masks and physical distance required. Final two Regular season games, both home, both vs Dayton this weekend.
  11. His uncle Ed (Conroy) was an assistant on Minnesota’s recent staff. They may (not a done deal yet for either one) be a packed deal to Vandy.
  12. It appears Justin Gainey may be headed to Xavier as an assistant. He has a long term connection to Sean Miller, having played at N.C. State for Herb Sendek when Miller was an assistant. And, he was an assistant at Arizona prior to Marquette. Texas is hiring KU assistant Jerrance Howard. Joining Terry, Maligi, Ogden. Moser hired Texas assistant KT Turner last week.
  13. Davion Mitchell averaged 3.7 points per game as a Freshman back up at Auburn. Transferred to Baylor, became an All American, National Champion, on his way to the NBA. Baller at both ends. (They have 3 other transfers too.)
  14. Inside Carolina is reporting that the Carolina Board of trustees meeting to discuss Hubert Davis for its Head Coaching position. C.L. Brown and others confirm its a done deal formality for Hubert Davis.
  15. Porter Moser has hired KT Turner as an assistant. He was previously an assistant at Texas with Shaka Smart. Prior to that, he was an assistant at SMU for 7 years under Larry Brown and Tim Jankovich. (He also played for Jankovich). He was also an assistant under Gregg Marshall at Wichita St. He has coached and played in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and he has lot of juco experience too.
  16. Brianna Arthur added a fifth goal for SLU in the 2nd half. 5-0 Final. SLU played 11 subs.
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