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  1. Couldn’t have asked for a worst start to the half
  2. Offense non existent. I’ve never seen a program struggle so much with free throws
  3. I appreciate the gesture but it’s okay. I’ll continue with the radio broadcast. Thanks again!
  4. @Go_BillsAny other free streams? The link doesn’t seem to have a feed.
  5. fwiw I have comcast xfinity. Is it a block or something you think?
  6. this one works on my wifi on my phone. Good enough for me! Thanks for the help really appreciate it! not sure what the difference is with this link but it seems to work
  7. must be something with my home connection as it appears to work on my lte data. Thanks!
  8. no luck, doesnt work on my phone either. Interesting as last year it didnt seem to give me any trouble.
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