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  1. This thread should be locked. It’s disappointing seeing all these folks lose their marbles
  2. All of you political “tough guys” arguing on an online basketball forum are two sides of the same coin.
  3. Despite thinking that having games without fans is a gross overreaction I can see as to why people would be in favor of it. However cancelling the tournament altogether is one of the dumbest things I''ve ever heard. Play the games in an empty stadium! Why cancel the whole thing?! What a joke.
  4. What a game. A complete annihilation from start to finish.
  5. Big game of the year! Wish it was nationally televised
  6. Looks like the game will be on Fox Sports Midwest. On the ESPN app it will usually say if the game will be broadcast on ESPN+, however it currently does not show that. Would be a bummer considering this is an important game!
  7. Great win on the road. The one Dayton win and we’d be in tourney for sure
  8. Against any other team I say dribble the ball and let clock expire. Against VCU I say slam it down!
  9. I’ve never seen a Slu team look so athletic
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