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  1. Boring game. Zags lay an egg on Easter Monday
  2. Today's games much more exciting than yesterday. Close one for Oral Roberts and Florida!
  3. Shaka likely coaching for his job these last 2 min
  4. Ford may not be the answer but who would be better, right now, given the state of the program?
  5. Certainly can’t use Covid fatigue as an excuse this game, although some posters still might. But you have to question why we have such big scoring droughts, particularly the first few minutes of the game. Happened all too much this season
  6. What a joke. Goodwin should return. Bad finish to a great career
  7. Unreal VCU no contest due to COVID. A10 bad at hiding it like the blue bloods
  8. I think it’s pretty clear now for all to see that the Mountain West conference is a joke. Hope the committee takes note going forward into the future
  9. I agree. It’s all optics when players and staff are tested everyday. Plus half the coaches don’t wear them correctly anyway
  10. I’m not pro mask by any means but I find it funny how NCAA allows Patsner to wear a face shield. Ain’t no virus getting around that! Lol
  11. GT is hot and has all the momentum coming into the tournament. Wouldnt be surprised by a yellow jacket blowout win at all. Still rooting for Loyola though
  12. I agree, hence the name BigMouth. Every conversation/debate needs a devil’s advocate. Otherwise it’s an echo chamber
  13. Who cares if he removed the post or not? I didn’t even know about it until you made reference to it. Now everyone knows about it. By asking for removal you brought more attention to it lol
  14. As a neutral party either talk shiii!t back or use the ignore feature, simple as that. Don’t like the idea of whining to the principal.
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