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  1. I wish him good luck, and he may end up being a fine player in Europe. But I have no doubt in my mind that he will never touch an NBA floor. Maybe I’ll be wrong
  2. Hey, that’s TFord’s wheelhouse!
  3. What a stupid post. Please bring back the troll button. I would gladly spam it with my new NCAA tourney bracket bonus of of daily reactions
  4. And got smoked by Iona, Maryland, and VCU x3, lost to Boise St. Boise State, Providence, Drake, Memphis didn’t even make it to the round of 32. What’s your point?
  5. Lol I hope this is facetious. SLU couldn’t even beat SIUE
  6. Objectively Gonzaga does more WINNING than SLU. Especially late in March
  7. Not sure SLU has the luxury to be shooing away fans.
  8. ND finalizing deal with Shrewsberry of Penn State
  9. Well said. Hell if I thought Ford or the players read this site I would have been more critical of them! They are paid professionals now after all!
  10. This message board provides more entertainment than most of our games this past season. I love it!
  11. There's no fun in that in my opinion! But I guess ignorance is bliss to some. Not sure why some people get so worked up and take things personal enough they need to block people.
  12. I forgot May and Pestello made that hire… I guess we did get one NCAA tourney appearance with Rickma
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