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  1. Rob Loe Elliott Welmer Jalen Johnson Yarbrough shot 36% from three his last year here. Was he 6'6 or 6'7?
  2. Crazy that they were able to hold their whole trfr recruiting process in under a week!
  3. Oh and the real question that was asked - I’m rooting for whoever is playing Tennessee
  4. I rooted for Mizzou over Tennessee and was happy for a Mizzou win for probably the first time in my life
  5. Odd ive been here ten years I’m not some new guy. just because it’s been happening for a while doesn’t make it normal
  6. Damn! Another L tonight!! 4-6 in last 10 going into the tournament. Yikes!!!!
  7. This is what happens when our drubbings vs Iona, Dayton, Maryland, etc are now just simple losses instead of losing by a million. When win margin doesnt matter.
  8. Kwamain too imo. I think Yuri has the resume for the most part. Just no NCAAs - you can't put a modern guy with no NCAAs on a banner. Bonner is all-time leading scorer so he gets a pass
  9. The "all-americans" they give to conference POYs. Jordair was HM All-American. Hughes was HMAA as well, but don't think he won CPOY
  10. https://www.prodigygame.com/main-en/blog/improve-reading-comprehension/
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