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  1. chill To only move the dooks one spot after losing their best player is banana land.
  2. What category of burger would you put theirs in - like a Carl's/Stoplight type burger, or more of an O+O/Village type?
  3. Just from watching him dribble and move in the video, you can tell he’s already 10x the player Gillman was
  4. Wiz, your model skews in favor of bigs. There’s probably less than 10 guards in the whole country that shoot 50% from the field
  5. Ahead of michigan state? Izzo? One of the biggest programs in college sports. You can buy that? yikes
  6. So less than 8,000 brackets had a correct final four, and our group had one? Well done @BJK!!
  7. I think the guy down at MSU has a few transfers coming in. My friends who are alumni don't think he'll be at MSU long
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