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  1. It is McKendree University now, and us alums are thriving thank you very much
  2. Searched on twitter and apparently they have two PGs coming in? One being the Fernandes kid from Wich St. Umass twitter just saying East was the “odd man out” so I don’t know if he got pushed out or saw the writing on the wall. thats what they’re saying at least
  3. Hard to blame him. Have to think Fatts is right behind him. If not, he may have to average 40 for them to be decent
  4. Is he the most-hated guy in this league? I was never really sure if it was a league-wide opinion, but I remember Bona's podcast talked about it in their episode leading up to the beatdown we gave them
  5. Sir, I'd like to remind you of the 14-15 billikens 35 kenpom in 2014 to 289 in 2015 Fwiw, I remembered it was bad. Forgot quite how bad. 289?!
  6. Y’all. Lorentsson just put this on Instagram . It’s a story so you’ll have to look at it in the next 20 or so hours or someone needs to record it. But this is something else. I think our Swede is going to fit right in https://instagram.com/stories/andrelorentsson/2268431335252346300?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=nt09ms8eclxm
  7. It is a pretty widely used meme at the moment. Millennials, am i right?
  8. This is like arguing with a five year old WG and I said we were more impressed with Powell than Toppin. Toppin is unquestionably a better pro prospect. These aren't mutually exclusive
  9. You're comparing a guard to Toppin using shooting percentage?
  10. (I was a lot more impressed with Powell than I was Toppin)
  11. Disclaimer: didn’t watch the game, but Chaminade beat Mehlville 60-51 Tarris Reed goes for 15 & 6, and holds Davion Bradford to 5 & 7. I need this Reed kid. Bradford will be another mediocre Stl kid for KState, more Stockard than Sneed
  12. Buzz on Twitter is UConn fans talking a reunion with Hurley
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