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  1. Littlebill

    Big East

    Great Lakes Valley
  2. Littlebill

    Big East

    Bills have as many tournament wins as Creighton in the last 15 years, and we didn't have a chance for an easy conf auto bid like they did all those years...
  3. Littlebill

    Recruiting - 2019

    05 with the premature towel request, what a surprise
  4. Littlebill

    2018-19 A10 vs P5

    I have a selective memory
  5. Littlebill

    2018-19 A10 vs P5

    I dont remember Texas beating kentucky
  6. Littlebill

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    Tinkle’s 15 is such a mirage. He’s been absolutely non-existent
  7. Littlebill

    Where is Isabell?

  8. Littlebill

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    DJ Foreman terrible
  9. Littlebill

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    SHall just beat Kentucky????????
  10. Yep, agreed. The guy behind me at SIU Arena kept saying how we needed to get French out and put Foreman in????????
  11. I'm not talking about last year? I'm sure we would love to get either player's year last year. We aren't getting either thus far. EDIT - I love JGood and he's undoubtedly the #1 building block of our program for the next 2.5 years, but he isn't without blame here.
  12. Which one of our PGs are you describing....? But Isabell’s the problem right?
  13. Littlebill

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Oh how soon we forget....