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  1. Big Richmond bias in the article imo i dont know if the author leans that way or anything I haven’t done any further research. Just seems like they’re all a little too high
  2. I was trying to remember which weird school this guy was from. For some reason I don’t think there’s much else going on in town so he has to root for our baseball team
  3. Meh, they weren't going to not take Ream to STL and Robinson was hurt over the summer during Gold Cup
  4. Trinity is a disaster. Football factory.
  5. The hair doesn’t count, Fletch
  6. He’s definitely 2in shorter than French in your picture
  7. Saw him in the concourse last year and he’s no taller than I am at 6’5. He could be 6’5 but not 6’7. I remember being surprised because I had read him being taller as well.
  8. Are we really using the NIT as a predictor of what they'll be next year?
  9. Then yes, I'd rather relax watching a rout of Santa Clara than losing to them like we did a few years ago
  10. So because they support a national power means thy're not as good of a fan? It is all relative to expectations. They'll love a national title every bit as much as I'd love a sweet 16 game.
  11. It doesn;t have to be one guy - I doubt it was last year, to be frank. That main core led last year, and the three will lead this year.
  12. Zardes makes Wondolowski look like a fantastic poaching 9
  13. I think a better comparison would be the 08-09 team than the 10-11. Lisch, Liddell, etc. core with the young talent (Kwam, Reed) coming in Want to bet an O/u on 16.5 wins like you're saying? I'll take the over.
  14. I have PS Vue. It doesn't freeze because I have good internet. I was paying $140 for premium service because I needed channels to watch Billiken basketball and international soccer. I'm paying $95 for what I have now, which has the channels I will be using. I am saving $45 a month. It is very simple. I don't know why this is so hard to comprehend, 05
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