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  1. Goodwin is also from a town called Centreville. And Hasahn is from Middletown. I think this gives us an advantage over other schools
  2. Agreed - probably the most frustrating Billiken to watch in years. Only because he would have games where he nearly would have a double double, and looked unstoppable. Then next game he would have more turnovers than points.
  3. And that's kind of what I was looking for. i know length won't be an issue so I wanted to make sure he COULD defend inside. I know he'll be a plus on the offense for us but comes with more of a guard/wing skillset. Just curious. Thanks all
  4. Not necessarily anyone specific. I don't think "good" was the right word - more is he able to guard a smaller big? For instance, Richmond plays two decent bigs at once with Cato and Golden. VCU has as well with Mosley and MSS. Where the size isn't as big of a deal as it is with bigger schools, but they're still traditional bigs.
  5. Is Hargrove good enough to guard the 4 in the A10? a 6-7/8 big? I think against most teams, Ford will be able to run out Goodwin, Thatch, Perkins, Hargrove, French
  6. They don't have any rights to it, so why would they show the highlights?
  7. So you’re pissed about one guy on Twitter?
  8. The welders are definitely the worst A10 fan group on twitter
  9. He is still very slender - Tatum might keep him out because of that
  10. I disagree with the touch around the rim thing. Some games he would have a rough go of it. But I always thought he's been a great player (Esp. this last conference season) with his back to the basket and room to work
  11. Very bizarre how it ended the day BEFORE the actual tournament
  12. The practice I attended in January, Ford and Macon essentially ran it together. If I hadn't known any better, it would have been hard to figure out who the HC was. I think Macon would be a huge loss.
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