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  1. Bracketologists.com has been my site of choice right now
  2. Generic has been winning. The last couple were not plain. Just lame
  3. Are you more positive sober or drunk? We need good vibes
  4. is this the thread for all your bad takes?
  5. not anywhere near the level of who they'd replace, but you know that
  6. And then he board would complain about scoring droughts
  7. so a Q1 and a Q2 loss, independent of the post covid L's, killed our resume? come on
  8. Does Valpo really "take BB seriously"? This is Drake's first decent year in how long... and I'm not sure they'd even be a double bye-level team in the a10
  9. Imagine talking after the way that game ended.... lol
  10. Refs just decided this game. Great D by Yuri
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