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  1. If he can do that when he is the guy that defenses are game planning for, then I'll give him his due. For now, count me as someone who is waiting and seeing. Not saying he can't, but I need to see it first
  2. I think it has to be Okoro. Linssen physically cannot guard the freshman big at Memphis. FO needs as much time as possible to get acclimated
  3. Although I don’t know which side the rest of 115 would be on
  4. Coming in white hot for your second post. Chill out my man. Maybe be a nicer person
  5. can someone teach this guy how to share a twitter link??
  6. I haven't been able to do it with my US Soccer tickets for November either. I don't think its just an us (billikens fans) thing
  7. You don't need apple wallet. You can use it through the site
  8. We literally have a game in two days and this board is feeling like it is January all over again
  9. Whoa, just logged in here like Honestly whatever side you are on about the vaccine, I think this is by far the most controversial statement in the thread
  10. I am of the understanding that your example is perfectly allowable
  11. I don't think it is possible with 8/9/10k people there
  12. That's the way it was last year at games. They were pretty strict about the mask going back on quickly. At the open practice they were not strict at all about it
  13. essentially that there are a few programs in the league where admins just don't really give a sh!t about athletics and it shows - and how ours does
  14. LOVE the shot Travis just took at the league
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