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  1. Are you not literally doing the opposite here? Like I know he left and was intense but he still gave us 8 & 4 as a freshman. If he were still on this tea, people would be saying he may start. the 9th or 10th statement is one of the crazier things that have been said on this site
  2. Mexico has been doing this same thing every time they play for as long as I can remember.
  3. That’s what I’m saying. I think Lewis and CStockard were just good players in our league. You could almost forget Levi played for VCU. He was a bench piece on a non-tournament team. He made like 3-4 wide open jumpers in KC. Other posters above hit it right on the head
  4. Who else beside Mike Lewis did that? Even then I think he was just a good player. Same with Courtney Stockard. Levi just wasn't very good, except for literally that one game in KC when he was at K State
  5. Please do not speak for all of us. (I’m kind of joking) most annoying fan base on a10 twitter imo. Big time BFIB energy. Love beating them and love seeing sad capn beer I will not be answering questions at this time.
  6. Ben Howland has coached in final fours. He’s not going to be an assistant at a HMM
  7. Who on the roster were Giacoletti guys? I know he had intl ties. Was Linssen his? Other than that, no real Ws. My point isn’t meant to be negative on Giacoletti - more this: the coach we bring in doesn’t have to be a recruiter. Just one that makes the staff better. I like Ankiel’s point and I think WPBs share a similar sentiment on Twitter. Someone who can make the guys who are here better. Someone who can scheme O.
  8. Marcus. And I think he’s a Evansville alum, former player. michael was our former dobo
  9. Are you being sarcastic or? Like they're for sale to the general public but on the secondary market they're definitely more than $1k I looked the insta stories up after I read your post expecting to see nosebleeds LOL
  10. If Ford is the coach he is absolutely 100% a billiken
  11. Sunrise has housing. He'll go bigger than Wichita. Wichita post Marshall is essentially just UMass anyway
  12. You could make a real argument that Giroud is the best in the world at target man responsibilities - creating hold up play/winning aerial duels/etc. Maybe I'm biased as someone who watches City every week, but you don't need a classic #9 anymore. We have enough talent that you can replace that with chance creating midfielders - something we also lack in our most talented players. I think you give Haji Wright a little more runout and see how that goes. You don't need one that scores goals in bunches imo - just one that helps retain possession and wins those aerial duels to win possession.
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