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  1. I think he made this change mid-game on Wednesday. He had some bad turnovers early because of the way HP was collapsing. Then after a bit started to penetrate and looked to really kick the ball in and out
  2. You don't agree with our head coach seeing one of the players being a leader in practice? I think something great about this team is the unselfishness and the cohesion - which is led by Goodwin and French - and easy to see on social media On the floor, Goodwin is averaging 16, 7, 3, and 3. This is a weird take
  3. But they aren't billiken blue or white?
  4. Yuri been bad on D and not good enough on O
  5. It’s halftime. Should he check in for the tic tac toe game?
  6. He was the help D on that last shot. Hightower (I think) was guarding the hooter and got caught in the screen
  7. Has anyone seen how hilariously terrible Mason’s schedule has been so far? theyve been taken to OT by Navy and had to come back and win against Loyola - Not Chicago, but Maryland https://gomason.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule/2019-20
  8. Anything to move the center of this conference this direction. For me, the first move the conference would make to get better is clean out the bottom of the league. See you later LaSalle and Fordham. Perennially Patriot League level teams. Philly is already good with St. Joe's and Fordham just doesn't move the needle in NY anyway
  9. Also, the 131 - after two wide open threes, it clearly wasn’t working. Why stick with it?
  10. This has to be the case. No way public money moves this line that much
  11. Gill played 28 mins and scored 0 points, which I didn't know was possible. I'm not sure he'll be too much of a problem on that end, besides maybe rebounding and second chance points
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