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  1. And Clifton Moore averaged 13 & 6 with 3 blocks last year
  2. I don’t know if there’s ever been a player in the league looked at more favorably on Twitter than Goodwin. (Yes I know it can’t possibly be true. I’m exaggerating for effect) Twitter search his name - it’s like when the cardinals have a productive scrappy white middle infielder. It’s legitimately 100% positive.
  3. Tough one yesterday for you! Tennessee putting out a team of overrated frauds? Who knew. scum of the earth program with a scum of the earth fanbase. Imagine knowing even a fraction of the facts and continuing to “root” for both teams. What a fraud. Doesn’t matter where you went to school
  4. My nine month old has a higher basketball IQ than Okoro does
  5. The other PG was taunting the bench after the three. I’m sure that’s what Ford was pissed about. Embarrassing from ford tho tbh. Clownish behavior
  6. Yep - my wife and I had our rehearsal dinner there last year. Great space
  7. And Memphis went 6-9/6-9 in the front court Maryland, looks like they get smaller when they sub. See https://kenpom.com/team.php?team=Maryland Even if Hart can't shoot, Thatch, Pickett, and Hargrove will have to keep his boards low. Donta Scott might be able to shoot it a little. Only 29% last year but 44% in 2021 and 4-10 so far this year. Plays some 5 and Okoro hasn't done well historically against good shooting big men. Works both ways though, Niagara's C had 12&5. W Car's had 12 & 7. Binghamton's only had 5&2 but only played 15 mins. Seems like an opportunity for Okoro but that's after only a couple mins of looking.
  8. O+O Burger, the best in STL. I will scream it from the rooftops
  9. I wasn't worried, didn't really view it as an issue. Maybe I misread GBG's post
  10. And that's exactly how it was at Cincinnati for US-Mexico
  11. Well yeah, that’s obvious. Let’s play the song for Memphis’s big brother school. Like I said… It was a terrible idea if you knew what happened in the off-season. Any SLU fan with half a brain wants Tennessee to lose every game they play now. hate tiers 1. Dayton, Mizzou, Tennessee 2. Bonnies, VCU 3. SIU, Davidson, Mason, Memphis
  12. I’m on the opposite end. What a shiiiitttyyy idea after the events of the offseason
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