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  1. Bad TO by Miller and he doesn’t get back on D leading to an uncontested pop. Rip BBE
  2. Turnbull on the bench is killing BBE on the defensive end
  3. I didn't understand the early Jones get at the time, and I get it much less after seeing him play. This is a Kim Anderson type get that leaves you confused. Cuonzo about to get roasted these next couple years
  4. Miller and Smith are awesome. Christian Jones is a disaster
  5. Both of our guys love getting in the greasy areas - offensive boards, loose balls, etc
  6. I saw Giacoletti was there, but I think he was the only one of our guys
  7. Do dunks earn less points now? Are we mad about 61%?
  8. Yeah, this is probably something we should have noticed. Are we losing our fastball?
  9. Fears is going to be a big-time(ish) recuit at U of I and they'll be back going 16-14 every year again
  10. Tix about to go on sale for the wcq in Nashville in September
  11. So did he choose the HBCU over “better” options, or was that his best option?
  12. I know he's a defensive center, but that jumper stresses me out
  13. Yeah, it is easy to tell he's the best player on the floor. Turnbull was impressive too imo
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