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  1. We're 3-1 in my last four, including our best win of the year @ Richmond so I think we're good
  2. Bills are -3 Based on recent results, I have taken a hiatus from betting billiken basketball
  3. I think the ushers are currently just concierge as they are now
  4. So, kind of an old man type of complaint here - but has anyone else been frustrated with the amount of people that walk to their seats during play? I sit in 115 and it is amazing how many times during a game we have to look around people going down the stairs at mid-court or sit there waiting for people to get to their seats as the whole row stands up in front of them, so we miss the action. I always have considered it stadium etiquette to wait until a stop in play until I go to my seats. Am I alone with this?
  5. What in the world does this mean? Ford literally already let him go
  6. Because what we need is another guy who can't shoot (31% from 3 against much worse comp and in a much worse team) and can't defend (unless he's improved dramatically)
  7. Goodwin is also at 988 points for his career. Unfortunately, it seems like he won't hit 1,000 at home. (Or he better not at least)
  8. It’s not that serious man i think I talked too much like a young person there for you to think I’m serious
  9. Why do you hate this guy so much? did he steal your girl? He has literally no effect on the outcome of the game
  10. assuming there's 14 games left this season - one win in a10 tournament - and 33 games next year - he's currently 1,001 short of Bonner. That's 21.3 ppg. He needs to average 16.4 to hop into the top five all time French should hit 1,000 by the end of this season as well
  11. HowlEr from the referees but holy hell we were not good
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