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  1. Ford gives everyone a green light. Just most of the team can shoot
  2. Doesn't literally everyone except the bigs have a green light?
  3. This is a top 50 program in a top 30 market. To not acknowledge that is ludicrous
  4. SLU already hired a firm months ago. Duqs hired one guy. Guess you only need one when half your team transfers out every season
  5. What did that say? Tweet was deleted
  6. Bonaventure is in the top tier by themselves, by a lot. Then you can start a discussion about second.
  7. But its two sides of the same coin - SLU gets "punished" for Goodwin and French leaving but don't get "credit" for having two (former) top 75 recruits to replace them. (I know it isn't that simple but my point stands)
  8. I'll never understand how these guys are still rating VCU. They lost the CPOY who took 1/3 of their shots....
  9. He’s good enough to score 25 a game in the horizon
  10. Underrated case of temporary tool status: Travis Ford. He has definitely recruited his way out of tool status
  11. If they end up at SLU and lead us to the NCAAs.... no longer a tool
  12. In terms of golf stuff, all there really is is Nike’s cheapest stuff. Also no titleist/taylormade hat stuff fwiw
  13. Anthony Jr was a pretty good player at SIU too
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