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  1. Wait, he didn’t get into a fight on the broadcast about COVID? Isn’t that an integral part of the 2021-22 season, which is why we won’t stop talking about it here.
  2. The more I think about it, I could see the starting lineup as: YC, JN, JP, TH, and FO Main subs: FT, GJ, ML (little bit of RW and AL) Once we get to conference play, that is what I think will be the primary group.
  3. I look forward to the future comic where Batman runs around shooting vaccines into the antivax community.
  4. So, I am not a fan of Roll Bills. There is no need to copy Alabama here. So, let’s starting talking about alternatives. Here is mine: #DollaDolla-Bills
  5. So, this is a great example of the problem many people have had during COVID. It is not fair to parents if there is no vaccine mandate. There are a lot of people complaining about their personal rights, but parents don’t have that liberty. The Delta variant is particularly harder on the young population. Any parent could go to a game, that is there right, but who could live with themselves if their child has to fight for their lives in two weeks because of that choice. It’s just not worth it. Once the kids can get vaccinated, then I think this can change, but for now, I think vaccine mandates are fair.
  6. Our safety conference is a non-football Big 12 membership.
  7. Just as a recap, this post got the whole BE gravy train rolling. It has been interesting to watch this mushroom into the mess it has been.
  8. This is just begging for an inappropriate answer. Not gonna do it. I bet he costs $5,000 to 10,000 for this type of work. It is small distribution, so that has to limit costs.
  9. Looking at it a different way than most of the above, the conference affects me by providing an exciting or not exciting match up. Even if we are bad, I can get fired up to head to midtown to watch SLU play DePaul over Fordham. There are baked in rivals already, so it is a good fit in my most important category. I am a fan of SLU in the A10 or a smaller pond in general, but this would be pretty sweet.
  10. At some point in the exhibitions, the Swede and Hargrove will play the 4 and 5, and Thatch will pound home a dunk, without any other blue jersey in the lane.
  11. Question for anyone who has seen them in person. Does Lorentsson look like he can man the Center position for any stretch? 5 minutes?
  12. I like Linssen as a scorer, but this team will need rebounds. I think whichever of the 3 centers proves they can hit the boards the best will get the most minutes as the year progresses. That is also why I think Thatch will probably end up getting minutes in place of Hargrove/Williams/Jimerson, especially with Nesbitt shooting well. Yuri, Thatch, Nesbitt, Perkins, and Okoro could be a pretty good defensive group. They could put up a lot of points also.
  13. Ford knows how to relate to 14-18 year olds. If this is what he thinks is necessary, more power to him. No one, outside of college coaches, knows how hard it is to have your job (livelihood) depend on the personal whims of people ages 14-22. Maybe he thinks that teens won’t care about the story of the Billiken, or might find it lame. Ok. Sure. As they age, they will appreciate how unique it is. I am sure it is easier for anyone to imagine joining Team Blue, as compared to Team Billiken. Simplifying messaging works.
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