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  1. Not sure if this was stated in this thread yet. I caught 5 minutes of the KSU v Colorado game. Davion Bradford was in and was the best KSU player. He looks awesome. I thought KSU would win. Instead, they lost by 20. I looked at the box score and Bradford played 8 minutes. if KSU players Weber out of Manhattan, I would love Bradford as a transfer.
  2. I just want to point out that they outplayed your point spread by 15 points, by halftime.
  3. Right. I agree. When I watch Goodwin now, I am in awe. He really doesn’t do anything that seems impressive and, yet, every time, there is a double double. He takes anyone guarding him to the basket. Just a statistical freak. He is a black hole that everyone has to account for. Similar to French, who is also a freak. Collins is a freak. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how good this team is, and how far they can go, if they stay true to who they are.
  4. Ford is surprisingly honest. I would be a little concerned he won’t be there. That said... .has anyone considered that Perkins and Gibson might be the best two player shooting combo in the country? Both are really just kind of magical. Right? Like they live in a shooting flow. Couple that to whatever Goodwin is. The rest of the team isn’t exactly chopped liver. I am not really worried, this team is going to be difficult for anyone.
  5. To an 18-22 year old kid, Bandana’s seems like heaven. Hard to imagine that age is the time of your life?
  6. My finely tuned prediction engine says we are going 36-0.
  7. Only a troll would pick the 2017 GState Warriors over this Bills team!
  8. I meant Hulu Live. Whatever that is called. So, this game probably won’t be a channel on live and we will need to have ESPN+ downloaded. Ok.
  9. Does anyone know if this will show up on Hulu Plus?
  10. And just like that, the age old question is answered. Scientists and philosophers sigh in relief or anguish. Surprising that they never considered having radio in the woods.
  11. I hate to say it, but it sounds kind of fun. Kind of a throwback to the early days of basketball, maybe we will have to play a game with some peach baskets in a barn?
  12. Sweet Art has delicious cupcakes. You are a grown man, if you want a cupcake, get a cupcake.
  13. Maybe Pfizer will just let the team get a trial of the vaccine, just have them pop by the manufacturing facility in town.
  14. If Bobby Knight could come back, then why not.
  15. I have a crazy idea just 2 weeks prior to the start of the season, let’s talk about free throw form. I have a new approach to shooting free throws that I think would be beneficial for Hashan French. It is a simple approach, but I have never seen it described or used. I would suggest that a player should set their feet in a normal shooting stance, and potentially have one foot slightly forward for balance. Preferably, the foot on the same side as the shooting arm should be slightly forward. The player should stand with legs and upper body completely straight and fixed. The shooting arm sho
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