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  1. I have the same feeling today as I did during the game. With Jimmy Bell improving, we create such difficult matchups that we can slam a top 15 team against the ropes, even when we are not hitting our layups. Yuri Collins looks like he fully arrived last night. TJ Hargrove made some good plays. I think that if we rebound and beat Davidson, we could rip off an undefeated streak till we head to Dayton. A strong inside game with good defense is the most consistent way to win in basketball. If we can use that to power thru the rest of A10 play, we can still make the tournament.
  2. Anyone who blames Ford for this game is ridiculous. Just remember that many of the same people would question Majerus as well. Every single comment on the board sounds great in a vacuum, but if you really focus on the decisions made in the game, Ford made good and logical calls.
  3. Really proud of the team. It is always tough to bounce back from a loss. These guys are having to establish themselves in the conference. I think they will go up from here. Impressed that Ford could hold them together through this game. Impressed he has the guts/intelligence to limit 3 point shooting, to force the team to win on its strengths. I hope they will get their shooting stride, as they move forward, in conference.
  4. For example, the PF from Seton Hall(can’t remember his name) is injured girl the next 2 months. That will, in turn, hit our SOS a bit.
  5. I do not know about the physics of the different shots. However, I have always felt that free throws were made harder by the similarity to a standard jump shot. Every player has so much muscle memory built into the jump shot, that it is hard to distinguish the amount of force that should be placed on the ball when shooting FT’s. From that standpoint, it makes perfect sense to use different form, whether it is an underhand toss, or some other form of overhand toss. I think the key would be to reduce the amount of motion by the player as much as possible. That way, there would be less opportunity to mess it up. Maybe shoot it underhand, one-handed, like shooting washers?
  6. I will second all of the above. I would make one extra statement, I would respect Hasahn French even more if he would take it upon himself to shoot free throws underhand. He should not consult the coaches or tell them at all. Just do it for the team. If he hits free throws, even at a slightly respectable rate, he is literally unstoppable.
  7. No one is talking about Hankton’s 3 minutes. I assume he is injured. He is a good defending PF. That affects us. That big Georgian was really effective against Perkins. Hankton is a good defender. I think he would have been more effective at slowing down the 17 points that guy poured in. Hopefully he can get back into the rotation soon.
  8. Hargrove seems like someone who, maybe, sees the bigger picture. Just from what is written about him. So, it does not seem like something to worry about. This board should focus on asking when Mario Mckinney is transferring...
  9. After watching the exhibition, my prediction for OOC: 5-8
  10. Since this thread has failed to yield results, let’s try asking a different way. Is there a mole, or maybe a plant, that could provide information on the scrimmage? Squirrels are basically useless, except in the playoffs.
  11. I think Goodwin will be the point guard all year long, and that Yuri or Jacobs will be backup point guards. Goodwin was our best point guard last year, and was basically the only one by January. Goodwin’s point guard skills are highly undervalued on this board. He sets up offense and other players. Has shown a strong ability with setting up our forwards down low, etc.
  12. I have seen a lot of hate on the board for “Archers”, and I was wondering why people do not like it. I liked it because the Arch is a major part of what people think of with Stl, and I like the option of a double entendre: Archenemy or literally archers in archery. Would you like it more if it was the Archers and you knew that the Chicago team would be the archenemy? What if it was Arch Defenders, like the pro bono law firm?
  13. One of the most impressive things from Coach Ford’s radio discussion, was how they track players and the results from the practice scrimmages. He noted that GJ was on the winning team around 80%of the time in the scrimmages. No matter the combination. This is really an aggregated +\- system, and it points to the idea that GJ is the thing that turns the dial. Other teams can’t stop him, and he is not a major liability. We definitely did not hear anything like this about any freshmen in the Ford era. It seems like GJ will be a big part of the future of the Bills, this year and beyond.
  14. This is great news. It is a franchise that will fit perfectly in this city.
  15. The audio is impressive. I have never heard him this genuinely excited about a team. He didn’t sound this impressed last year. As far as the Klay Thompson reference, just remember that Jalen Johnson was a ‘baby Tayshaun Prince’.
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