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  1. So, Jacobs and Jimerson do not take a single shot? What? It definitely will take the win. Glad to see Thatch breaking out of the cocoon.
  2. So, back to the original topic. Last year, the Bills hit their stride at 26 games. This year’s team only has 16 current games in. But they are a year older. So, maybe we will hit our stride after 18 games? Run the tournament?
  3. If SLU leaves the A10, and it isn’t the Big East, I agree that it would need to be a new conference. For example, if the top of the A10+Loyola+other top mid majors, then that makes sense. I doubt that will happen. Probably a lot of risk and unseen costs involved.
  4. Stop being idiots. Everyone on this boards needs to just admit that the A10 is better than they thought it was. We have been caught up comparing ourselves to Dayton last year, and truthfully, they wouldn’t go undefeated this year.
  5. I didn’t get to watch the game. But I did get to see that last call against Yuri. It was complete junk. There is no way that is a foul in any A10 game. Maybe at Davidson’s home court, in a super touch call game. That was just a call for the home team.
  6. So, Michigan looks like they are part of the group separating from the rest of the field.
  7. This was a tough game, but look at what is happening to TN right now vs KY. It is just not that outlandish to lay an egg like this in the road against a rival, even when that team is as bad as Dayton or KY.
  8. I agree with the old guy, there is time to heal, and then move on. We can’t shoot that bad every time. Also, I hate to complain, but the refs really made it hard for us to shoot the ball at all by swallowing their whistles in the first half.
  9. True. Am I disappointed, yes. That said, it is basketball, there are wins and losses.
  10. What is this thread about? That we are giving them a 4star butt whipping tomorrow?
  11. Well, my thinking, without relying on any analytics, is that our defense has taken off, while our offense hasn’t dropped off too much from its high point. I think we are as good right now as we have been this year. I even think that Yuri should come off the bench for 2 games when he comes back. Just to slowly transition back into the starting role. We could lose on Friday and my opinion would change, but right now, I am impressed with Goodwin’s low turnovers, and I am impressed with the teams focus on D. Also note, Defense travels in the tournament.
  12. I respect the Wiz’s thought on this matter, but they are wrong. Bills by 11.
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