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  1. I am not sure how college coaching works, but every level I have heard of requires a showing of competence before you are allowed to shoot 3s by the coach. I mean, anyone can shoot them, but without permission it is a great way to become acquainted with a chair.
  2. If he had to set up a loop to show 4 3 pointers in a row, I would be worried. Also, 4 in a row is good. It is not enough to get a green light from 3 range. Does anyone know what T. Ford’s criteria is to get the green light to shoot 3’s?
  3. Winston Garland was a JUCO player, right? (For old SMSU)
  4. I thought that I read the number of transfers last year was 1,200. So, 1,600 would be high. Not crazy, but high.
  5. Nice to see the fear showing up from the Trolls. Big city. I wonder who Ackerman would pick as a representative for their dealership? Which team and players really represent this city?
  6. You have completely missed the most important point: He’s from West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days...
  7. I think that he and Collins can play together. Truthfully, I think he has the ability to take minutes from Collins as the point, unless Collins scoring improves. It would have an equal effect on Thatch and Jimerson, each giving a few minutes to Cook. Think of it this way: AC: 30 min; YC: 25 min; FT: 20 min; GJ: 20 min. (With 20 of FT and GJ minutes coming from playing the 3). JP plays 30 (10 min as a PF).
  8. I want a retro style, 1940’s / 1950’s era SLU cardigan. I would like one of those, but new. Is there someone out there who can make one of those? Baby blue, wear it to games. A real throwback style outfit.
  9. So, Goodwin doubled as a Juco player?
  10. We would have the number #1 recruiting class year-in and year-out, if you could just remember to fill them with money.
  11. What was Dwayne Evans? Stretch 4, or just generally a bad mother...? He was 6’5”, and not really heavy. Hargrove is easily a better athlete. Also, Hargrove is light years ahead as a shooter. Hargrove just needs to channel the teachings of Corey Tate, a 6’4” big 12 PF. He needs to focus on getting boards, playing smart in the offensive plan, and making high energy plays. If he does that, he will be hard to take out of the game.
  12. Bonner played with Ewing, right?
  13. Now we are at “pinwheel” level, FYI. Maybe even getting to the term “swirl”.
  14. He is a hometown kid, so I will not comment on this decision.
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