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  1. Andre really began to impress me in mop up time late in last season, but just in the sense that he was not getting pushed around as much. If he solved that problem, then he has bright future as a gunner.
  2. It’s time for Humphrey’s penny pitchers.
  3. This is going to be a very good player for SLU. Hard to complain. Could easily pair on the court with Cisse. I’m just shocked at the talent level Ford can recruit.
  4. It doesn’t make sense except for Covid: 1. Highest year on year winning percentage in program history. 2. Best local recruits and players in the last 20 year's. 3. Outstanding arena, best arena in the program’s history. Covid just changed people’s behavior, and we probably have had a lot of fans aging out of attendance, ie. fan turnover. Just pass the word that there is a major buying opportunity for fans at Chaiffetz. It should resolve itself.
  5. I don’t know what he was listed at, but I would be shocked if he was taller than 6’1”. I thought he was shorter than Jett.
  6. Mike McCall is the most underrated SLU player ever.
  7. This isn’t the hill you would die on? Have you experienced the off-season before? We need drama, excitement. We need to fight over the finite details of Billikenism. Unless there is a shiny object, like an open practice or a commitment, I say Let’s Go Team Blue (#LGTB)!
  8. Billiken state? Billikens Technical? You have a lawn here?
  9. Wow. It is always such a gut punch for recruits when they report to campus and realize there is more than one Manhattan.
  10. There’s something funny there, I’ve been trying to find it, but it gets too complicated. I’m just going to accept defeat on this one.
  11. Is it open now? They must be working on something special. My guess: life size animatronic Billiken statues.
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