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  1. Nick Saban has a similar ‘rat poison’ theory. I mean, some people call him successful coach.
  2. I don’t blame the ref, that said, I think Traore should do this after every dunk, and Coach Ford should work with the refs and opposing team to make every one aware this is not done in a derogatory manner. What a calling card move. I can see the future Ackerman commercial already.
  3. I did not expect an answer because it was just a random thought, but here is an example: If GJ goes to the line 1 out of every 4 two pt attempts, and he shoots 90% from the line, then his true two point percentage jumps up to 55% ((90-43) / 4 = ~12; so 43 + 12). It is still smarter for him to shoot threes, but a closer decision. On another note, the Variation in shooting percentage for each team is probably calculated by someone. That would tell how likely a team is to have a horrible shooting game. Wouldn’t that also dictate how smart it is to shoot threes. No answer necessary, I am just thinking out the issue.
  4. Do we ever add in the ratio of drawing a foul, with the resulting shooting percentage? That is kind of a relevant factor when taking a shot, because fouls on three point shots are a lot less common. Right now, at 80%, it might skew things significantly.
  5. He should let it fly. He shot 42% last year. He started off hot and then cooled down, and he will heat up at the end. One of the exciting things about this year is that we had a lot of good shooters who were not lighting it up earlier in the season. That means we are going to hit our shots later in the season. This is a buying opportunity.
  6. Let’s just make up a better quote: “it is a good school. It is strange, but the Billiken visits me in my dreams. I don’t know what it means.”
  7. Maybe I want to see the video because it looked funny…
  8. If someone has a video of Traore’s technical foul, post a link. At the time it looked really strange. Then all of a sudden, foul called. I meant to go back and look, but forgot.
  9. Honestly, Thatch and TJ both have been horrible about TO’s this year. I love Thatch’s defense and inside offense. TJ has a great shot and energy. I think Thatch is a good match up for this game. I hope both learn to improve on the TO front.
  10. Ok, so looking a more ‘true winning road percentage’, giving losses to the preceding coach where appropriate and wins where appropriate, Ford is probably #2 or 3, with Majerus at #1. Spoonhour, Grawer, and Romar were not in the A10, so it is not really fair to add them.
  11. So, what is Ford’s road percentage the last 3 years?
  12. Here is another thought on this issue. What other names on that list inherited the project that Crews left Ford? Was the program ever that far down?
  13. Good for them. I liked D. Ford when he showed up. Seems like a good coach. Hopefully they keep going.
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