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  1. I want a Fred Thatch T-shirt. Billiken blue with his face on the front. Who doesn’t want Thatch gear?
  2. I normally don’t care about them, but I hope ISU a wins the national championship, and the rest of the big 12 start a massive run from here, to become the dominant football conference.
  3. Kramer looks like a Jimerson and Lisch hybrid. Has the best parts of both of their styles. I would love to see those two on the floor together.
  4. I expected this over the last 10 years, and then it did not happen. However, I now wonder why the top 16-20 programs do not form their own conference, with their own rules, so that they can really get a large payout.
  5. It was all about money during the last realignment. It will be the same thing here. Either the rest of the SEC makes more from adding them, or they do not.
  6. I don’t put much stock in him, but maybe it will be improvement from Lorentson, who definitely brings something different. The best I have seen from him was the 5 seconds in the video a month ago. We will see, he looked stiff running the court last year.
  7. This is how Saban is trying to justify all the previous payments made to the player over the years!
  8. That is what it is for. Now, if it turns out that he cannot play well, or if his skills do not translate into the NFL, then at least he has some money for his future.
  9. If you think about it, they may not care. As long as the use is not in a profane manner or a questionable industry (ie. Drugs or the sex trade), then this is just free advertising. I am sure they would care if the advertisements move to national spots, but otherwise, it is likely a small dollar amount.
  10. I would advise him to be selfish now. He has already committed. There will be a lot of people taking shots from him in college, and he will have to take a back seat at times, or risk not getting PT. At BBE, it really doesn’t matter anymore, now that he has committed. Let it rip.
  11. Giannis averaged 4 rebounds in his second year, at 31 minutes per game. Zion averaged 7.
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