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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to begin a new tradition in the Wiz’s posts. I will be providing my own analysis and prognostication for the game. However, my analysis will drawn exclusively from Astrology…
  2. I disagree. We missed free throws and Okoro played poorly. Those were the things that lost the game. Okoro missed at least 3 simple buckets. Maybe he was being fouled low and hard and had to adjust, but it looked like he was just rushing himself. He needs to play better. Also, is Ford our winningest coach yet? When will he get that, this year? I am amazed at what people expect. You would think that there would be more appreciation for year-in, year-out winning. No horrible rebuilding year. Local recruits also, which is a fun plus. It is too bad that some people cannot mentally process that a dance ticket is literally 1-4 spots away from where Ford has placed this team since 2017. No other Billiken coach has even come close to this consistency. Majerus could have, but he didn’t.
  3. Never thought I would say this this year, but here is the best lineup today: Yuri, Thatch, Hargrove, Parker, and Forrester.
  4. That is a good point. However, I do think this tough non-conference will really help us this year for conference play. We won’t be surprised an increase in tough games. I also just think we will get better and better as Perkins and Parker develop. Not to mention that, at some point, Ford will realize he needs to play Thatch more. I would not write us out of an at large bid until mid conference.
  5. Nothing better than MBM speculation. Here is mine, he is back in China, training with the men’s national team. American high school is too easy!
  6. The first half made me miss Thatch. It just confirmed my feelings that we need Thatch in the game for 30 minutes. He is a rare player, like a mini-D. Green.
  7. His limp looked almost gone over the weekend. I didn’t really notice it. It was there the first and second game. With the way he played, and physicality, I don’t think this is a limp. I think it will just take him time to get used to a different feeling in his knee.
  8. I had one and literally played through it. No days off. My knee is/was fine, no pain or complications afterward.
  9. Old Guy really knows how to put a positive spin on a loss! Talk about perspective.
  10. Maybe we should go back to comical thread titles. For example: Billicanence is greater than Providence?
  11. Every year has a bad loss. Hopefully it isn’t something that happens a lot.
  12. Was there a reason Thatch only played 11 minutes? Seems like the person who can play D and help right the ship. Is he injured?
  13. What? Because I am mad that the A10 is starting off slower than they should. You think George Mason will be bad come conference time? You want to face a bunch of Quad 4 teams with Quad 1-2 talent? Really good for the NCAA resume. I am not the only person who feels this way, I have read several tweets on the underwhelming start in the A10. I assume they have actually punched numbers on the issue. And anyway, I guess my safety fun watch is the Valley, definitely not SEC. I kind of jump around to our future opponents generally.
  14. George Mason losing to BC by 15? Obnoxious.
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