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  1. He is not a moron. Check. Neither was Carteare. The problem isn’t one of academic intelligence.
  2. Not to upset this riveting debate, but I am starting to become bullish on Collins for next year. I have never seen him play, and all I have are snippets, but I think he might have a decent 3 pt shot. If that pans out, then I would not be surprised if our 1-3 positions ends up being a guard trio: Collins, Lewis, Goodwin. It would be a short group, but all that matters is outscoring your opponent.
  3. I get everyone being mad about Danyrs. It is a stupid twist. But, I think I am more bothered by the quickness of the whole White-walker story line. I mean, the books and show started with them killing a guy. They hung over the entire series as this major apocalypse. Then they attack, and apparently they can’t even take Winterfell? Theon Greyjoy took Winterfell, with like 30 men. It just seems like poor story telling.
  4. Cue Stu Durando in a montage scene sitting in front of his typewriter driving Bills fanaticism to new heights.
  5. I know it is unpopular to say pro-Mizzou things, but C. Martin has shown a surprising ability to grow flowers on top of manure. So, maybe we should wait until after next season to talk trash about the in-state golden generic-cat.
  6. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. He is a great coach for a total program reboot.
  7. There is a part in the books, not sure where, that talked about what happened the last time the white walkers attacked. Humanity was pushed to one last castle and one last stand. I think this was fairly straightforward foreshadowing. I don’t think the end will be that complicated. Good will win, but there will be a pretty high price for all of the failings and misdeeds of the characters of the story, as well as the greater society.
  8. John Snow. He is the mixing of Targarían, fire, and Stark, ice. To me, that is the song of fire and ice, a legend or prophesy of the mixing of these blood lines. There will be one last castle which people will flee to at the end. That group will make a last stand. Not sure who will be there. I think Tyrion will make it. Snow may be there, or may be somewhere else trying to stop the apocolypse. I think he will die in the act, and so will Daneirys, along with all of the dragons. Either there will be a small group that live, couple hundred, or it could be that everyone dies, the apocopyse stops, and Westeros is left uninhabited.
  9. Check the numbers on MU’s tournament appearances. I think it is 4.
  10. Yeah, and he only took a current A10 team to the final four. What a loser.
  11. “Book Cory Tate on a plane to Serbia. Just give him a Fromens. We’ll be reaping dividends by next weekend!” Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t that easy?
  12. Shame on you. Ingvi came to this country because he thought that he would learn how to weave baskets capable of holding balls. Perhaps a dream to a young Icelandic herder. Can you imagine the horror he felt at that first practice?!?
  13. Ford has shown one consistent theme with new players. They won’t play unless they can defend. Jacobs athleticism should allow him to develop on defense next year, and so I think he will get PT.
  14. I went out at half time and got a radio. Problem solved. Good to hear the comeback. Better than watching and hearing the announcers on the national broadcast.
  15. Is it available over the radio waves, and not streaming?
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