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  1. Counter-strike: Let’s get rid of Travis Ford and if you can’t see how bad he is you are an idiot, because any coach can have a .600 average at SLU, and SLU would make any coach look good. Even though Ford is the first coach in like 60 years to average a .600 winning percentage, and even though SLU’s best recent coaches (Spoonhour and Majerus) had their greatest successes at other schools, we should assume that SLU will achieve greater heights with a different coach and winning here is easy. If you can’t see that, then you are inevitably drawn to mediocrity and are a loser. The last two games are the only lens with which to view a coaching career, and the rest of the season doesn’t matter.
  2. This is really smart. It also is probably the most logical analysis against Ford that I have seen. That said, if you take out the first year for every coach, a different story emerges. Ford ends up at an average of ~92. Which is not bad on the list above. Only behind Spoon and Romar. Crews tanks, which is nice to see.
  3. I don’t blame anyone for being angry. It obviously stinks. But the medical staff does its best, and that is that. Either it is taking longer, or it won’t ever get better. OG wouldn’t shut up last year about how these things are sometimes permanent. If I were his coach, I would do everything to get him back into playing form. That said, no one pays me to win basketball games.
  4. I would start Fred for Perk. Perk will Perk when he Perks. Starting or off the bench. I think Ford just really really respects Perk, which is fair. That said, I am just not sure if that is enough. Hard to explain why our defense completely disappears sometimes.
  5. Someone - board ops - this is the thread title. Make it so!
  6. We have to go back to comical thread titles. No amount of superstition should limit humor. If anything, we are being hurt by the basketball gods for being lame.
  7. Or the equivalent to a free throw shooting competition instead of double-overtime.
  8. I hate to take this thread off topic, but am I the only person who hates penalty kicks to end a game? Might as well end the game with a battle of rochambeau, or a three legged race.
  9. Louisville was convinced by that logic, get rid of a successful coach to chase a historically great coach. How is that working out for them?
  10. That is a ridiculous comparison. Travis Ford is more like comparing Dwayne Evans to Larry Hughes. Both good, or great. The difference is that LH was off the charts. I am going to simple call it. We will beat Boise State.
  11. I looked this up. The answer is [drum roll] New Mexico!!!! Amazing. One team. That’s it. Just as a memory for everyone, Duke beat us by 40. We beat a ranked Xavier. Congrats. We got like 10 bites at that apple during the Majerus-Crews years. It is a little different in conference and not fair to compare.
  12. Can someone please provide some context to our history? In non-conference, what ranked teams did Majerus beat?
  13. Weird, I was expecting an analogy based on your history of treating abuse victims. Strange. Couldn’t squeeze one in here?
  14. Someone needs to create a machine learning approach to reff’ing basketball. At the very least, an imaging approach could be used to show inconsistent reff’ing. I would really love to see the results, because I feel like I see inconsistent calls often. I also feel like people tell themselves that they are not seeing it to meet a confirmation bias . I would just really love to see a more objective take on it. Hmm. It actually can’t be that hard to achieve…
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