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  1. Is that you on can hear on the TV? If so it’s one of the highlights so far
  2. Good news. This led me to checking the NBA shop website here https://store.nba.com/new-orleans-pelicans/mens-new-orleans-pelicans-nike-red-custom-swingman-jersey-statement-edition/t-92693052+p-256689134950+z-8-1538077702 and from the drop down list of players we can choose Javon as one! Now just waiting until I can buy a cheap jersey of his from China
  3. Only played about 5 mins. Missed his only shot (a three) but had a +9 rating
  4. Does anyone know how the contracts of undrafted free agents compare to the two-way and g-league contracts?
  5. Just watched a highlight video of him. He’s got some slick handles for a big man
  6. Does this warrant some pitbull?!?
  7. Ticking time bomb until the FBI cracks down on them too
  8. Brandon Mahan, who was a top JUCO player last year and we talked about him a lot, is transferring after 1 year at Texas A&M
  9. He didn’t really address that (sounds like good news he’ll get a waiver) but I assume he’d sit out all year next year and play in 2020-2021
  10. My take from it was that by traditional rules he would have to sit out 2019-20 but he has a strong feeling and would be happiest if he essentially acted like a grad transfer and was able to play immediately and have one year left
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