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  1. Is Jimerson the worst passer in Slu history?
  2. Best highlights have to be the four games in four days in Brooklyn and actually seeing the team play to their potential, and on a personal note, me making two half-court shots for free McDonald’s. Not sure Ford had much to do on the second one though
  3. Just turned it on. Holy cow where has this been all year
  4. Offensive rebounding this year might be the worst I’ve ever seen. Never anyone under the basket
  5. Bruce is a beast. Gibson can’t do anything but spot up
  6. 12 points for Goodwin tonight. 3rd most on the team
  7. Never mind he’s heating up offensively
  8. Ace looking a lot more mortal today. And he’s getting called for way more reaches than yesterday
  9. When does ford announce he’s taking the Kentucky job?
  10. Can’t believe vcu is gonna post a season high against us. A team with a bad offense dropping 90+
  11. Quadruple nickel for yuri. Glad ford kept playing him!
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