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  1. MattyMo213

    The Bills over St. J by 13

    KC still in a boot. Dang
  2. MattyMo213

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    Weren’t two of DePaul’s assistant coaches under FBI investigation?
  3. MattyMo213

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    Those were Thatch’s best and most comfortable looking free throws all year
  4. MattyMo213

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    My Goodness Jgood
  5. MattyMo213

    GDT @ La Salle

    KC feeling it tonight
  6. MattyMo213

    GDT: UMASS be shite-ing me .........

    Holloway just sat in the lane for about 5 seconds and nothing called. I haven’t been watching it consistently but he’s probably been doing it all game
  7. MattyMo213

    Recruiting - 2019

    As long as his height doesn’t shrink, I’m not worried about anything else except landing him
  8. MattyMo213

    Recruiting - 2019

    UCF just got a commit from a 6’10 juco players. Here’s to hoping that betters our chances with Jitoboh
  9. Drives from TI are looking good and free every possession
  10. Where the hell has Goodwin's defense been all year?!?
  11. to me the most aggravating part. I'm curious how many points off turnovers they have