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  1. Does anyone know if they'll keep these designs or go through waves of new ones? Thinking of getting some Xmas gifts down the line
  2. Does this warrant Pitbull?
  3. Gonzaga needed to learn from SLU how to rebound. 14-1 offensive rebounding is absurd
  4. Looking at the dude's profile, it looks like it was a Dayton fan/student who's PFP is the meme of the SLU student after they beat us last year
  5. Frank definitely teasing by leading off talking about Goodwin too
  6. Pitbull is locked and loaded...
  7. Hopefully my slu bias doesn’t end up costing me in the end!
  8. Of course the one molinar FT miss some unnamed reason the ball wasn’t live
  9. Gotta see some Perkins buckets and Jgood rebounds and we’ll be good
  10. I also wish they would do more looking at UCLA and Louisville instead of viewing them as for sure locks like most analysts do
  11. Someone said yesterday it’s unlikely they put both WSU and Michigan state (both 70s NET) which would be nice. Although who knows what the committee will do. One would hope LSU and Bonnies wins today would at least propel us above them if we’re not already
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