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  1. I forgot about the bunnies. More for Ford to correct.
  2. I’ve accepted we’re historically bad at free throws and that’s why I’m not complaining. You are. Ford is down 2 of his best 4 wings for the season (presumably, incl. a pretty good perimeter defender). Sorry his coaching allowed Dayton to go on a run from deep. They’re pretty good. Did his coaching not put us in front to begin with? It’s tiring.
  3. You can’t just write-off, “oh yea we’re the worst FT shooting team in the county. It is what it is.” If we were the 300th best team in the NCAA vs. 360th or whatever dead last is, no one is talking about Ford’s coaching. That’s why it’s pathetic. Dayton guy hit an incredible shot. It sucks. Perkins has 25 and now it’s Ford’s job to get him 30? Alright.
  4. Complaining about Ford the second we lose is pathetic
  5. Speaking of Conklin, remember when he used to miss a million bunnies? That is happening now
  6. Talking ACC bracketology during a Dayton-SLU game is fing disgusting
  7. Well it’s official, Ford loves Hightower
  8. Goodwin and French early is a very good sign
  9. We are a lot better than we were at this point last season
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