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  1. Odd that a couple in a row have mentioned Stuen in their SLU tweet. I don’t recall ever seeing another asst. shouted out like that. Feels like someone is trying to justify his promotion ha
  2. Unexpected dick kicks for $1000, Alex
  3. I'm not sure, but based on the Fred VanVleet video that is going around , it seems you may have more options when signing as an UDFA vs. being a 2nd round pick (he basically says he would have been forced to play in the G-League):
  4. Anybody else tempted to take the Blues +275 series price? Or am I just feeling extra frisky after jumping on the Warriors -130 series line following Game 1? Seems like a big number with STL -120 for Game 4. HMMMMMM
  5. oh yea, would love to be in STL tomorrow. going to be a mardi gras-esque shitt show
  6. I read this as a Boston fan and it fit perfectly what a year
  7. High-quality post, thanks for the screengrabs. Also Bills06 the comparison to SLU and the NCAA has me in tears 10/10 Bruins-Blues smells like a 7-game series (I know nothing about hockey)
  8. I agree with this, and with brianstl on the episodes being thrilling TV from a standalone sense. The cinematography, sound, CGI, acting, etc., have been out of this world. The writing... well... This is my biggest problem. Dany's previous violent acts were not demonstrating how "temperamental" she was. Varys was not "slowing her roll", he wanted her on the Thone up until last week. Then, all of the sudden he starts looking into the camera with crazy foresight like, "you guys know what they say about Targaryens and coins.........." Wait, what? He then attempts to poison her before she's done anything remotely "mad". They spent 7 season building her into a heroic figure. We were supposed to cheer her burning the slave masters, killing the Dothraki leaders, watching her brother die, etc. Those scenes were never intended for us to be like, "Oh yikes, she's kind of losing it a bit here." Now the writers are pointing back at those scenes and cloaking them in "foreshadowing". Even burning the Tarlys, who were given the choice to kneel or be killed, is completely justified in the context of the show, and is nothing Jon, Ned, or Robb haven't done themselves in prior seasons. There has been zero character development which would lead her to burn thousands of women and children. None. She goes from a 1 on the villain scale to a 10 in one scene -- after she's won the war and everyone has surrendered. "She looks at the Red Keep and snaps" is piss-poor writing, because they wanted to wrap-up the series as quickly as possible. GRRM told them this Mad Queen arc was coming in the books, but they chose to ignore it before cramming the ENTIRE THING into the penultimate episode. It's lazy. Not to mention, it makes both Jon and Tyrion look like dopes as well. Why didn't they see this coming? It was so "obvious" to the audience. Nope, must've missed those signs as well. Now you're responsible for all those deaths. Good work, team. Let's just execute her and end the series Cleganebowl was epic. The dragon flying past them on the steps was perhaps the best shot of the entire series. Let's give a hand to Drogon, as well. Must've been low-key operating at 10% before last week. Scorpions? What scorpions? Qyburn's death was perfect. The scene between Jaime and Tyrion in the tent was a nice conclusion for the two. I think Jaime's arc would have a made more sense if Brienne was killed in the Battle of Winterfell, but whatever. Not everyone gets a complete turnaround. The fight scene with Euron was awful. "I'm the man who killed Jaime Lannister" has to be one of the worst lines of the show. I think Sansa, Bran, and co. have to roll south for the finale. To put Dany on trial or something. Let's keep getting weird. Bring Yara, Bronn, the whole gang. Howland Reed will show up to prove Jon = Aegon once and for all. Would have loved the "Bran sent the horse" angle. Show the horse's eyes glossed over, or cut from Bran, something. (Please, please, do something with Bran).
  9. Thank goodness for "Sandor", a true shining light
  10. I've read through A Song of Ice and Fire, but not all of the anthology works he's put out. I just have never heard of an author being bound to follow the TV adaptation of his novels, were he to write more novels. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and if this were part of his contract I'm assuming would have leaked by now. (Or used as an excuse for why the next book is taking so long...) The last two books really dive into the Iron Born and Dorne, among other characters not on the show. Would be extremely hard for him to just follow the HBO scripts.
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