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  1. If you’re combining this team with those players I’m rolling with: Yuri Kwamain Perkins Evans Loe Bench Jett Jimerson McCall Okoro Ellis
  2. https://www.a10talk.com/a10-schedule-release-winners-losers/
  3. In the ESPN oral history they mention the early days were mostly about filling time slots with anything they could get the rights to. Nothing live for a bit/was also a decent amount of dead air. One of their bigger breaks was getting the rights to televise the early rounds of the NCAA tournament. Believe CBS was only airing the ~Elite 8/Final 4 initially if that
  4. Ever since you doxxed yourself a week or two ago I can’t decide if I am disappointed or impressed (?) to find out this is not an act Thank you for the quick explainer on business store displays— surprised another poster did not beat you to it
  5. Imagine coming to this board in early September just to share your pessimism. What a loser
  6. I’ll take a return trip to Columbus (goosebumps), followed by an easy drive for the home fans (KC/Louisville) or an excellent flight destination (NY/Vegas) for our first S16 appearance
  7. “100%” After our first loss you will be in the GDT calling for Ford’s job
  8. I know it can get tense when we comment on preseason highlight videos but I feel comfortable saying Parker looks sick. Demarius Jacobs vibes?
  9. I took the comparison as another local kid, similar size, tough defender, etc., who might actually stick around and pan out. Seems fine.
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