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  1. Right but as always [email protected] those people if I get to watch a grainy Billikens feed for 2 hours. Think about me
  2. I'll take gross generalizations for $1, Bob.
  3. Giant reach that Stu would go out of his way to produce something
  4. It would be a free stream for an exhibition game -- who is judging/dumping on the quality of that (outside of a few MBMs). Especially if it was something made available last minute.
  5. It would be nice if they changed the answer though
  6. Yea also did the exercise for tomorrow's exhibition, hence the total points tie-breaker.
  7. Points for - 89.5 (O) Points against - 64.5 (U) Players used - 10.5 (O) Players receiving >28 minutes - 2.5 (U) Yuri assists - 9.5 (U) Nesbitt points - 10.5 (O) Perkins points - 14.5 (U) Players w/ >9.5 rebounds - 0.5 (U) Team FT% - 78.5% (U) Team 3FG% - 34.5% (O) Total points - 145
  8. I think Ford brings a lot more to the program than his W-L record, which at this point is littered with asterisks. We know he is the best recruiter we've had at SLU, but the Xs & Os are where people sh1t on him after certain losses. That's fair, but he's had us in contention/put out a winning team every season since Crews' stink was erased. Off the court, he is an incredible asset for SLU, and I think May/Dr. Chaifetz recognize that/see it helping our Big East chances. He crushes it with the media and seems genuinely likable. People bring out their pitchforks for him once or twice a season, but IMO are dreaming that someone else can waltz in here and do better -- would be a huge risk for the program.
  9. At $2.4M/year, it seems like Ford has an extremely comfortable gig. Can’t hurt his recruiting
  10. Idk, I am kinda jonesing for another vaccine/driving analogy...
  11. The backlash on this would be similar to when the top Euro soccer owners tried to create their own Champions League. Can’t see it. The casual fans tune into the NCAA tournament to see the Cinderella’s.
  12. At least one future league MVP tweeting about the addition:
  13. Yea updating the Grand Forest apartments seems a little overdue
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