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  1. Finally dive into the post-game GDT and it’s [email protected] posts that he knew we stunk the whole time. I think I will check back tomorrow. p.s. the refs were indeed atrocious
  2. start with beer and adjust accordingly from there
  3. You can take anything coming out of Richmond with a grain of salt
  4. Hargrove’s attitude and the way he carries himself on the bench is pretty remarkable when you look at some of these other college crybabies. He was a top recruit and struggles to get more than 5 minutes a game through 2 seasons, to the point it feels like he’s in some weird Ford doghouse. Credit to him.
  5. I would say keep trying during a 15-0 run
  6. How does Ford not call as many TOs as required to rectify this
  7. Crutcher to the locker room, Billikens down 8-0
  8. We started out like 6-0 ATS before losing to Minnesota
  9. It’s time for Saint Louis to make a statement If the Billikens are going to be what they’re capable of becoming — the best non power conference team in college basketball — they need to go on a run over the next few games. Saint Louis (11-3) has won four straight following back-to-back losses on the heels of a 30-day pause due to COVID-19, but the weight class for its opponents will be raised over the next few games. Travis Ford’s squad will play at Dayton tonight on Senior Night and then travel to VCU next week; the Rams are currently in sole possession of first place in the Atlantic 10.
  10. Teams have been trying to effectively quarantine all season
  11. Also, if Covid is the reasoning for moving everything up, what happens if a team is affected during the lull between the semis and the final? They're SOL/no game?
  12. Assuming this also cancels or reschedules our March 2 game vs. George Mason. 2 weeks between the A10s and NCAAs. At least we'll be able to practice during this layoff?
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