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  1. I bet 80% of the HC firings/hirings in this thread do not affect SLU/Ford, but you are taking umbrage with UI asst. coaching news on Page 25 which actually —does— affect us. Good job.
  2. Yea I appreciate all the Isabell comps, but Williams is clearly J.R. Smith (Dion Waiters?) in a smaller frame.
  3. My folks live outside of Portsmouth, NH, and my wife and I may also be relocating at some point. I'll send over a DM to remind me to reach out should that happen. Would love to catch a game in Amhurst. Fair primer from @slu72
  4. Oh hell yea. For the record, we should hang up the now annual "most talented SLU team ever??" quote until a team lives up to said hype and outproduces our ACTUAL most talented team ever -- the 2012-13 squad. We would have made our first S16 if we didn't get shafted by being sent out West to play an under-seeded Oregon home game in Round 2 (their 73% 3-point percentrage is seared into my brain). Also, of course, if our head coach hadn't f'ing died mid-season. This team was the sh1t. Beating Brad Stevens 3 times in one season is also a favorite stat of mine. We won 15 of 16 games heading in
  5. In Yuri We Trust. He'll certainly have his work cut out for him, with a puncher's chance to lead the country in assists
  6. Just remembered we play Memphis next season
  7. Everyone loves Coach during the off-season
  8. Give Hargrove a chance to start
  9. Freshman year someone hulked one off the wall in Gries. Also a bad night to be a ceiling tile from what I heard
  10. I'm confused. This team didn't make the tournament and (I'm assuming) is losing 30+ Goodwin minutes at guard. We can't find PT for Nesbitt? Wouldn't he immediately be 1B to Perkins?
  11. Our number of available scholarships appears to be a bit hazy, per sources:
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