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  1. I cannot emphasize enough how enjoyable it is to see our players hitting 3s
  2. Someone jinxed us pointing out we were 10-16 from the line at one point
  3. Not sure I can do another 20 games like this. No lead will ever be safe oooof
  4. This announcer is nuts if he's not sure this ball changed directions
  5. In before someone else says it-- and with our FT issues we will have a chance to lose just about every game. But this is fun
  6. I know everyone is referred as a “wing” these days, but from what I’ve seen I think Hargrove projects best as an “old school” small forward... a 3. You don’t need great guard skills to be a forward. He may not have the greatest jumpshot, but his game seems to be more in the mold of a Corey Maggette; driving to the bucket, using his athleticism, getting to the line, etc. He shouldn’t have trouble scoring in the A-10 as his career progresses.
  7. Legendary stat line from French, and hit his FTs in the clutch to boot. Quality W!
  8. Complaining about a freshman "only" going 3-6 from 3, vs. this team, or any team, is insane. The old Cassity/Barnett/Crawford trio would have gone 1-12. Jimerson is a stud
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