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  1. I doubt NIL is eliminating under-the-table payments completely
  2. Ingvi, from Iceland. I didn’t count Linssen since he transferred/had some college experience.
  3. Are we even sure that Crespin would get minutes this season? I guess out of necessity as the roster stands now, but we’ll definitely be bringing in another big. Ford’s last two Euros never saw the court, so my bar for him is extremely low Edit: Saw in the other thread he is visiting Saint Mary’s/Oregon State also. Might actually be good
  4. A lot of out of touch posters struggling with this concept. The players are being paid their (perceived) worth, and yes, rich boosters have been paying the good ones for decades. Doing ROI exercises tells me you are making this a little too complicated. They are paying a player to wear their jersey and hopefully win a lot of games. These guys have also watched sports before, and are aware that outcomes are not guaranteed. I think they’ll be fine. Would be great if there was a dedicated NIL thread for those who still need to complain or work through their feelings on the subject ad nauseam.
  5. You guys are wild. We just ponied up to keep Yuri -- which seems like a good thing for our program in terms of NIL? If you want to worry about 2 years from now, today, when no one has any idea how NIL will play-out long-term, if the immediate transfer rule will still be around, how the team will perform the next 2 season, how our recruits will develop, etc., etc., that tells me you are just looking for reasons to bum yourself out. Sounds terrible.
  6. Sounds like good news to me. I can report that he has NOT liked any tweets from Wake players, while he DID like tweets from SLU players. And Twitter is worth a lot
  7. Biggest break for SLU hoops in a decade, but you wouldn’t know it from half the posts. Yuri got paid. This is a good thing. We’re going to wreck
  8. We averaged 76.2 ppg (48th in D1, 1st in A-10) in 2021-22. 8 teams averaged more than 80 ppg, with Gonzaga leading the nation at 87.2 ppg. Getting into the top 10 with ~4 more ppg isn't super outlandish.
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