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  1. If we hit on freshman snipers in back to back seasons I will be beside myself but fingers crossed
  2. I’d imagine Ford has been communicating with his old OSU connects. Would be a surprise if they’re not one of our opponents.
  3. Thanks Stu, take the rest of the weekend off
  4. Right. He was on a HOF trajectory before he wrecked his knee in his 5th season. Was never remotely the same
  5. Ghosts might help explain the FT shooting
  6. Thank you for passing along, I prefer to go into Thurs with as low of expectations as possible. With Memphis only offering on Aug. 3 this has Penny all over it
  7. I don’t want to be uber-rich if I’m still tweeting at teenagers that aren’t 100% LOCKS
  8. People do love semantics.. perhaps it should have been phrased, "I believe this is the first time that Coach Ford has gone on the record that the plan is for Perkins to start this season."
  9. Think this is the first hint that the plan is to start Perkins this season? I'd then assume we're going with YC, JG, JP, HF, JB?
  10. Two years ago, Saint Louis was picked to win the Atlantic 10 in a preseason poll. The Billikens were coming off a 17-16 season and a .500 finish in the conference. Travis Ford told anyone who would listen the prediction made no sense. His team backed him up by being mediocre for most of the 2018-19 campaign, though it did rally to win the A-10 tournament. Flash forward to present day, when Saint Louis most likely will be picked first or second by conference prognosticators. Don’t expect to hear any objections from Ford this time around. “I get it this year,” the Billikens’ fift
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