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  1. and here I am just hoping to make the NCAAs in 2 outta 3 years (next season!) without another nauseating off-the-court incident. but yea sure, let's be the next gonzaga
  2. Decent resume here (I know nothing about this guy, though appreciate The Office distinction job title):
  3. Lol. Sounds great to me! I can't remember that last recruited (or transfer) "shooter" that didn't disappoint tbh, outside of Cody Ellis
  4. Better than Lisch? And re: the above A-10 tournament chatter.. that was a hard carry by Isabell and Bess throughout, up until the final where Isabell was off (and Goodwin might've had his best game). Totally on Team Taj there. Would be great if Jimerson could replace some of that instant offense we're always desperate for.
  5. Sounded like they said he made one during a replay. Coach also said we’re going to get up and down and press more this season because we have the bodies to do so. Sounds great but I feel like we hear this from every coach every preseason
  6. Wife is going to murder me if she hears one more airhorn
  7. Way too many replays during that scrimmage lol
  8. Not an immediate fan of the piping/siding on the new uni's, but could look better in person like ya said. Shorts have a women's running vibe
  9. nothing like refreshing a HS kid's instagram to get the work week rolling
  10. Who, ‘05?? People forget that a majority of sports team names are like.. just animals and war references. There’s maybe a dozen clever nicknames in all of sports (Steelers, 49ers, Astros, Avalanche). The double, or apparently triple entendre (arch-enemies) of Archers could definitely be worse.
  11. Odd that a couple in a row have mentioned Stuen in their SLU tweet. I don’t recall ever seeing another asst. shouted out like that. Feels like someone is trying to justify his promotion ha
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