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  1. now this is an internet theory:
  2. proud MBM moment discovering this was just a 6 page thread on STL eats. good job, you guys
  3. Refs are doing their best to muddle it up sheesh
  4. Unreasonable expectations for incoming freshmen? Couldn’t be this board
  5. Iowa attempting to salvage the second round. Don’t hate it
  6. My biggest gripe had to be with throwing in KC in the first half. Looked like a real fish out of water, and just reeked of panic. Ford should’ve had an idea we’d go down early as it happened in basically every A-10 game. Oh well. Glad JG and HF got some tournament experience. Not sure if we’ll be back next season, but in two years we absolutely should be. Fun run. Keep the pics coming.
  7. UC-Irvine pulls off the upset, as a 13-seed, vs. a Power 5 school, out in San Jose. HMMMMMMMMMM
  8. I just hate letting the clock run in that spot. If you miss you give yourself no time to foul and get another shot at it
  9. might have to fire up another SHOULD WE JOIN THE VALLEY thread after the Braves pull off the unthinkable
  10. Love the zero stress until tomorrow night. Jacked up and wanna share our super sick SEEDING chart from our Nov wedding. All props to the wife on the design, though I will take credit for the last name Go Bills let's get ittttttttt
  11. Minor scare to see this thread HOT at 8 AM, but well done all. Agree the tournament appearance will definitely impact the Billiken buzz in STL come November
  12. Also watched some of it, pretty hilarious. The students yelling “NOT HERE” after every name had me weak That is awesome. Congrats to him Video:
  13. Ask and you shall receive. Didn't realize we had a new merch store also: https://slubillikensgear.merchorders.com/ In true SLU fashion, the email includes a picture of Zion:
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