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  1. We're too deep on the wing to consistently play 2 bigs + Yuri. Good luck to Jimmy.
  2. I would wager this is the chief issue. Our fans are few and they don’t travel. How many would we expect in Cancun, or the Vegas game? We brought a couple hundred to MSG tops a few years back.
  3. I’ve been debating buying a cycling shirt because that’s how bad our options are. Looks like shorts from 19nine are going to be an auto buy.
  4. Ha yea, I’ve been avoiding confirming my suspicions for awhile. Lost my go-to years ago and was super lazy replacing it. Big mistake. Always disappointed when I search for something new. Can’t even buy a SLU baseball hat huh?
  5. Did New Era stop making fitted SLU hats?
  6. Perkins x a Conklin Summer would be an All-American
  7. I feel like the back line has been our biggest weakness for at least a decade. We’ve had players like Donovan/Dempsey/Bradley up front/in the middle. I like Adams to play CDM and fill some holes from that position in the future.
  8. Keys to getting every set piece header: 1. Be the most athletic guy on the pitch 2. Practice reps with Ronaldo 3. Play a short Mexican team In STL news, is it just me or does Sargent always seems to underwhelm up top. The Pulisic-McKennie-Reyna-Dest core is nasty. They’ll be 27, 27, 25, 23 during the 2026 World Cup. Also thought it was odd Musah didn’t get in during a game we used 5 subs, which would have cap tied him.
  9. Someone please post the next time they are taking orders ha
  10. Can watch the service here: Good stuff from Ford and Tate. Great line from Phil Forte, too: “Ford and I would talk every day.. life.. work.. basketball.. how Jordan Goodwin and Hashan French can't hit a free throw..” #TeamBlue
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