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  1. Grant had a great game plan. But if you put any coach in a situation where two pre season starters are our from a major road game, it’d be a tall order.
  2. Nesbitt needs to work on his left hand. Once that’s tuned he’s elite.
  3. That no call is such bull****. And just par for the course.
  4. They’ve won the same amount of tourney games at their respective schools (tongue and cheek but my favorite thing to tell Dayton fans). Also, ford’s made one more tourney (again, see above).
  5. Yeah I kinda forgot we have Linssen sitting. He changes things offensively. Need him back asap.
  6. He’s doing everything well, and I hate it.
  7. I’d let him free once he stops taking 19 footers with time on the shot clock… I love everything else he does but that piece drives me nuts.
  8. With the way fouls are being called you have to play that lineup. Yuri can’t play 40 mins with this crew at Dayton. Probably can’t even play 30.
  9. Well… I wish we played Bona over the weekend just to feel good. If they L at La Salle I may feel a little better tonight. Imagine our 12-13 team not making the tournament - that is what Schmidt’s cooking up.
  10. You’re more than welcome to stop watching.
  11. I fear the officiating is trying to dictate this game.
  12. 6-2 fouls and the game has been just as physical on both ends…
  13. These touch fouls on us are insane
  14. Couldn’t have been worse lol. Here’s to better!
  15. Agree here... He's going to keep working and keep getting better. He's rounded out his game, and, naturally, lost a little bit of his 3-point lethalness... I think, and hope, he's going to bring the 3-pt shooting % back up and then he'll average 18-20 per game in his latter years. I love watching Gibson. It's fun having a guy that can score from any level. Whenever he gets a shot off, I consider it a quality possession.
  16. Agreed -> keep the away train rolling from Boise. I still think about how remarkable that game was, especially with the early Yuri and TJ foul trouble.
  17. We haven't proved ourselves on the road over the past few years... Really looking forward to tomorrow, and I hope that narrative changes.
  18. So long as you ignore free throws
  19. Yes the key is out there. Foul, foul, foul, and if it doesn’t get called you’re doing well.
  20. Pretty hilarious this is the last a10 talk post….
  21. Well they evened it out lol… what a gutsy win
  22. Wow. How do the refs eat the whistle there
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