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  1. YC and TJ biggest jumps. Hope GJ makes plenty of improvement, too (especially on defensive side).
  2. 100%.. I also am a firm believer that Yuri and TJ are going to take two to three steps forward on the offensive side of the ball. I can't wait - need November now.
  3. He looks huge... I am a fan. Time for the international flags to start coming up by the band with Sweden, Ivory Coast, Germany, and Nigeria.
  4. I mean he's got a sick coaching staff for pictures, no denying that.. He'll continue to waste talent though.
  5. He didn't but his whole team was playing hero ball - not his strong suit.
  6. Kudos to JGood for giving it a helluva go.. I think he makes a G League team and will play in the NBA at some point in his career. I am excited to follow his journey!
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a kid in the next two weeks out of nowhere... We just finished up summer practices and I believe there is a little down time right now. Down time for the players, but this is the time for Ford to do what he does best.
  8. when has he led us astray in the offseason?
  9. Instances COVID is a relevant topic: 1) A10 announces a stance like NFL where missed games are forfeited 2) SLU has active covid cases in basketball program 3) See 1 and 2 Otherwise, let's keep it to basketball until this impacts basketball.
  10. wow catching up on what i missed. This turned into a dumpster fire... To get us back on topic... Javonte Perkins is going to be an all american. Nesbitt a freshman all american. And we're gonna shock the world making the elite eight or further. I can think these things for the next three months, so don't try to stop me.
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if we end up looking for a replacement for the cancun tournament... Gonna be tough going to mexico if there's another wave around that time and it's a small tournament so i bet they cut losses rather than trying to find a new location... could be a blessing in disguise and have the second annual billiken tournament with some bigger names.
  12. I am sure I can dig up some old posts, but as I've said - TJ is gonna be the x-factor this year. I am so excited to see him out there. Also, dont be surprised if Yuri comes in as an elite PG. He's been very good with some up and down performances, but year 3 is going to be special imo.
  13. I think Big East should grow to 16... Add us, Dayton, VCU, Wichita, and one other - maybe Gonzaga
  14. I think that the Pac 12 will pick up Baylor, Tech, TCU, and Oklahoma st to make a 16 team conference with two divisions. North/West - Oregon, Oregon St, Washington, Washington St, Stanford, Cal, USC, UCLA | South/East - Arizona, ASU, Utah, Colorado, Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma St... I think this would actually be a helluva conference for both basketball and football
  15. I think it's all going to be chaos. There are going to be 4 16-team ish conferences... I see Big 12 going to Pac-12, Big 10, and ACC (outside of Texas and OU). I also think that there will be some shakeup in the basketball schools.......
  16. Probably right but nowadays it seems like an annual tradition of TCU beating UT in football I think this whole thing is just OU and UT getting ahead of the chaos that's going to ensue over the next 3 years. In 2024 the college athletics landscape/conferences are going to be completely different, and I am honestly excited about it.
  17. gonna be chaos... OU and UT are just getting ahead on their plans for 2024. Pretty crazy that if they joined today and there was a 16 team SEC, UT would be 1st in revenue and OU 5th... UT swings a big stick.
  18. He has a lot of Goodwin grit in him and maybe more athleticism... Kid's got bounce. I would love a southern assault pipeline to go with BBE... That would bring us top tier talent every single year.
  19. As I said earlier, Forte gonna get us a Texas player. I can't wait.
  20. I expect Forte to snag a kid from the DFW area for this class too... I would welcome it. Those dudes know how to play physical basketball.
  21. Now time for a big... Great get by Travis. I really like the roster he's building. Go team blue!
  22. if that jumper stresses you out, idk how you've watched the bills post ellis/loe
  23. it's either that or they don't think Williams is a legit PG back up - more of a shooter imo. We need someone to take some pressure of Yuri.
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