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  1. -good that The U is updating the building, hard for me to believe this will be our 12th season in the building
  2. -well, the ADirector is in charge of athletics, so doesn't it follow that Chris May made this decision? I have been on this board for a while and I don't believe that the consensus is Coach Majerus recommended Crews to be interim or take over as head coach -and where was Whitesell in all of this? if anyone was recommended it was him and when he didn't get it he left
  3. -this line has me wondering, not sure what year you are referencing, so I put together the guys that averaged over 10 mpg for 2014-15, 2015-16 and last season, listed in order of ppg, let's compare 14-15-Milik, Ash, Crawford, McBroom, Roby, Bartley, Reynolds, Agbeko, Gillmann, Manning, Jolly 15-16-Ash, Crawford, Bishop, Reynolds, Milik, Agbeko, Roby, Hines, Bartley, Gillmann 18-19-Bess, Tramaine, Goodwin, French, Gordon, Foreman, Wiley, Thatch -granted our depth last season was very shallow and some of these older guys might get some clock, but last year's team was less talented? I don't think so, less depth sure
  4. -come on, don't throw reality into the mix
  5. -at 58 seconds Jimerson doesn't have the ball in his hands for a count and it is in the net, I get it is a highlight package, but wow -I too wonder why at Harris Stowe, perhaps the U did buy it and here come the new facilities for the other sports and a garage with covered access and a moving sidewalk like at airports taking the masses to Chaifetz Arena
  6. -then in some markets you get to pro baseball and other markets you get to college baseball, point is there is always competition, if doing for academics I am all in favor -the contract with CBS/Turner to televise the tourney goes until 2032, don't get too excited too soon for any change
  7. -thanks for the update, they didn't spend 30 minutes talking about scheduling?? I guess Frank only reads the Board occasionally. -given how many times we have heard this or similar and not seen it, I'll believe it when I see it
  8. -there goes the theory that a new coach will bring a player, bummer, don't overlook a family connection
  9. -what is the attraction to playing Loyola-Chi? if repaying Porter for his time with us or congratulating them for a Final Four run, so be it, but are they going to help our RPI or whatever? are they going to sell tickets? I'm dubious on both counts but will say there are worse teams we could play, we do a home and home with Methdale, not to sound elitist but do we want another HandH with a Valley team? -fwiw last season's schedule was released on Aug 24, prior season was Aug 9 and prior to that Sept 6 -I wish Frank would have CFord on for at least 30 minutes to talk nothing but scheduling and make it required listening before posting about scheduling, it is not easy or simple even with being the #1 tenant in our own arena
  10. -where would an indoor tennis facility be constructed? Harris Stowe's land would be great but I doubt the state is selling that, I imagine if tennis got an indoor facility we would need new baseball and softball coaches unless any such building had those sports in the mix as well -perhaps The U could build a garage on the Weber Lot and the upper level could be such a facility...........if someone donates the cash
  11. -kid looks excited to have our offer
  12. -I hope we don't have a home game that day, impressive lineup
  13. -hope a bunch of them are hoops fans -were entrance requirements upheld?
  14. -how many times will Gus call Perkins Javon Bess? -I thought it was Team Blue?
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