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  1. -how can a non-subscriber view the article?
  2. -SVU undervalued in the preseason? this is a new development
  3. -I agree on thanks for the article and the coverage, guy sounds like someone easy to cheer for, a lot to like -I do have a question, did I forget the rule changed on grad transfers having to find a new school with an advanced degree option the school they are leaving didn't have? I looked at EKU's website and they have 12 options for masters in education/teaching
  4. -it could be that your dots mean this, but I'll say it, let's hope we have these options the entire season -I do not see THJr as a PF and certainly not a C this season, I guess it is possible he could grow into that so I'll let the future come, he will try whatever CFord and the Staff ask of him, but putting him in that slot is doing him no favors, the best way to use his talents at current is in a fast paced game being ahead of such beef, I can see him at the top of a 1-3-1 and being more disruptive than DJF was and able when getting a deflection or steal taking it to the basket with success
  5. -a lot to like in the Scouting Report, come on, go ahead, Be a Billiken
  6. -had totally missed that, they could have a sell out and no one be able to see those in attendance, that place is weird, I hope we play them at Chaifetz the first season so some of these mysteries can be solved and the place proven to be safe
  7. -they have mastered cloning! she's a good subject for this but I wonder what other incredible things are happening there - it would not surprise me if they had Pig Man
  8. -I guess that is the price of progress -will be interesting to see how this lighting works
  9. -a great read, thanks Pistol, just a couple of thoughts..... -if JGood will have the ball late in games his FT% better be much improved -Yuri at 6.5 apg would be just a tick under what I think is the SLU record of 6.7 by Roder in 86-87, I hope we have players making like Bonner, Gray and Douglas did on that team -I hope Perkins is everything we hope for and more, I want that to happen in a big way, hope he doesn't have a long time to get accustomed to the D1 game, I will need to see it -I think TJH will put up better scoring than 5.5 if we are playing fast, I think he will make it real difficult to keep him off the court in that type of game -if Jimerson is making shots, he will also be on the floor a lot and I think he will
  10. -being ripped and having to be guarded 10 feet from the basket make him a very dangerous player for our opponents
  11. -last night I was talking with a fellow season ticket holder about the upcoming season and one area we agreed would improve is ft shooting, but looking a bit deeper while I hope for great improvement I'm not sure what we will have, last season as a team we shot 59.8% (352 out of 353 per KenPom), but those players not returning shot 67.6% (and had 60% of the attempts) and those players returning shot 47.6% -one returning player shot better than 62% last season, KCH was 6 of 8 -last season JGood 72 of 141, HF 37 of 106, FTJr 33 of 54, -I expect Perkins to get to the line frequently and have a good %, perhaps Jimerson will get there too and I expect a great % from him, we'll see from the other new players and hope for huge improvement from JGood and HF (and time will tell how realistic that hope is) but I hope something happens where we can increase our success from the line
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