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  1. -has Strickland returned? does he have to Q after traveling? this game should be an all hands on deck approach, even JGood might not get 30 minutes and I hate that
  2. -I guess the FireChrisMooney site will be active again
  3. -thanks Wiz, hope we play well and crush them but I am not touching this game
  4. -yeah, I heard this too, interesting for CMay, who holds everything close to the vest, to say this about a couple of players
  5. -do you have any idea of Martin's interest in SLU?
  6. -sure, but ESPN + is not as good as being on a cable station
  7. -24/7 has 18 schools in the mix, including us, all with cool interest, if 6'6 and a 180 shooter I would think there would be more 'heat' on the kid
  8. -but we would welcome him to SLU in two years after he figures out that our program is better
  9. -I'm not a fan of this continued use of "80% of the roster" tested positive, what is the harm in telling us the actual number of positives of players, coaches and staff? not asking for names, just the number -if we have players that can't get through 15 minutes of individual work followed by 15 minutes of stationary bike and others getting dizzy that concerns me going into a game
  10. -LSU hosts Alabama tonight at 8pm CT on ESPN2, would be nice for us if LSU holds serve here, half a point spread at the moment, Alabama has 7 consecutive victories entering this game including Tenn, Florida and Arkansas, Geaux Tigers
  11. -okay, according to CFord on Sunday we are not at that point -how about a listen? CFord talks about these here - https://www.radio.com/kmox/podcasts/sports-on-a-sunday-morning-307/january-17-2021-10-11-kobe-brown-travis-ford-354811491 -after watching teams come out of Q I am on board with waiting until the team gets additional practice time, I would rather play later into March than rush into January games
  12. -I applaud our Ladies for continuing to play after 3 shutdowns, hope I get to attend this season to cheer for them
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