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  1. -how big is Perkins? how big are A10 4's (if using the 1 through 5 system)? can he be expected to guard these players? I wonder
  2. -I'm guessing he was hurt, any idea what the injury was? or if not injured why didn't play?
  3. -with Belien formerly of Michigan going to the NBA, there is an open job, a lot of speculation on Billy Donovan leaving OKC to return to college game, we'll see what happens
  4. -welcome to The Billikens, hope you have a very successful experience at SLU both on and off the court, stay healthy and hungry
  5. -if the Rules Committee wants more freedom of movement then instruct the officials to call the game as fouls are written in the Rule Book and get rid of hand checking
  6. -thanks for the post, some new stuff in here for me relating to scholarships
  7. -from other thread....thank you Pistol Madani Diarra - C, 6-10, 245 - Bamako, Mali (St. Benedict's, NJ) - Twitter: @Madani1059982 Offers: SLU, Detroit, Mississippi Valley State. Interest: Syracuse, UConn. Latest News: Diarra will visit SLU this weekend (5/9-5/11). (5/7/19) Scouting Report: Diarra is a big post player who spent much of his HS career injured. Wearing a full-leg brace, he played the second half of his senior year at St. Benedict's. He's an imposing defensive presence, disrupting a ton of shots. He's a strong rebounder at both ends and gets good position. He's raw offensively but moves well off the ball to get open and picks up a lot of second-chance points from offensive rebounds.
  8. -nor would I -thanks Coach Macon, good luck to you
  9. -don't know if it happens with this event, but where I have been involved sometimes a donor will put a minimum bid on the item
  10. -Congratulations, this is a big deal
  11. -is this ranking strictly on what a player did at SLU or does it include other bball exploits?
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