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  1. -I agree and guess that with the Billiken Club New Year having been yesterday the letter/email asking for donations will include something about increasing the amount given
  2. -great point, I was hoping signing a waiver would keep The U off the docket for lawyers who file what some call frivolous suits just looking for a settlement as the other side avoids the cost of a legal fight, guess that is why your firm has its policy but would like to hear from the lawyers on the Board
  3. -if I have to sign a waiver to get in the building I will sign the waiver, or what does the fine print on the back of the ticket have on it? perhaps it is addressed there or I don't care put a notice on the front of every ticket with the legalese to keep The U out of trouble, whatever it takes to get to attend games in person - for the sake or benefit of the players, the coaches, The U, myself and the ADept -I wish I knew more about the ticketing process as I don't understand why it would have to be a scramble but history tells me it would be scramble of the highest order
  4. -cool, I just ordered 4 in Billiken green
  5. -I agree, conferences may weigh in but I think most of this will be decided at the school level
  6. -if you don't mind, what was the event and just confirming we had someone attend? -not to hijack, but saw this on CBSSports about teams not getting results from highly ranked recruiting classes and look who is top of their list....- https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-recruiting-five-programs-struggling-to-capitalize-on-talented-recruits/ Texas 2019: 17 2018: 8 2017: 6 2016: 6 2015: 18 AVERAGE: 11 Shaka Smart managed to land the nation's No. 18 class immediately upon taking the job for the 2015-16 season. His recruiting has only picked up since with a run of three straight top-10 classes between 2016 and 2018. But success has not followed. The Longhorns have only finished with a winning record in Big 12 play once in Smart's five seasons, and that was in his first year. The 2019-20 team salvaged a bad start by winning five of its last six games to re-enter the NCAA Tournament conversation. But the fact remains that Texas has underperformed significantly relative to its talent level over the last five seasons. Getting basically everyone back from that team and landing five-star prospect Greg Brown in the Class of 2020 will give Smart another great opportunity — and potentially his last chance — to get results on the court that match the program's results in recruiting.
  7. -it used to be released shortly after Labor Day, last year it was before Labor Day as I think all the pieces were in line, with the current status of the world I wouldn't bet on any specific time other than after today
  8. -I can't believe Title IX has a money spent men versus ladies aspect to it as football is so, so, so much bigger than anything else, I thought it was equal number of schollies and some other items
  9. -just looking at conference websites the AAC offers 17 sports and the BEast has 10, don't know how many of the 17 UConn does
  10. -horrible news, rest in peace and condolences to the family
  11. -do we need an assistant of color?
  12. -I was told by our ADept that what goes on the video boards is up to us
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