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  1. -do you know what has been the reaction to this 1.5 share offer in Ames, Lawrence, Lubbock, etc? are they just supposed to feel lucky to be in a league with OU and Tex? -Does SLU and the A10 have the right leadership to navigate this change? - I sure hope so
  2. -is that how Butler got in, more resources per student? or was it massive success in hoops?
  3. -he said arc but whatever, did our coaches tell him that adjustment was needed?
  4. -so there is a ton of smoke about another round of conference realignment, SLU either dropped the ball, didn't realize there was a ball or was told not to play ball the last time, who at SLU should be leading the charge to make sure the BEast is aware we would join? Dr P? Dr Chaifetz? seems too heavy a lift for our ADept
  5. -so is JGood's improvement in his shooting simply launching more shots or is he now getting better instruction on how to shoot? if it is the latter, why was that coaching not available for him and all players during time with SLU?
  6. -Margo will truly be missed in her role with the BClub, she was great, all the time and every time -good luck to whoever is in that role, I will try what I can to make it easy for you but as has been said, difficult shoes to fill
  7. -everything is about $$$$, I get it, but I hope some how, some way, if the 4 Conferences do split for football that every other school not in the 4C's does not play them in football, let them beat up on themselves and see how long they like that, my gosh Wake Forest can only play so many homecoming games in a season -I realize won't happen, can't happen as those other schools need the paydays, but it would be neat to see
  8. -I get most of this conference jumping is about football but isn't the basketball tournament contract between CBS/Turner and the NCAA? I wonder if the lawyers at CBS were smart enough to put an escape in the contract that if something like 64 teams break from the NCAA the deal is void? it appears the current contract goes through the 2032 tourney, if it matters -would those 64 football schools strike a deal with another provider, or even CBS, to have their own tourney? that would certainly have marketability but that leaves out the BEast and of course a lot of others -of course, with Notre Dame there are currently 65 teams combined in the ACC, Big 10, SEC, Big 12 and Pac 12 -will be interesting to see how this develops
  9. -this is wonderful, my gosh how often do we go flying for a shot fake? wish our guys used it more
  10. -I didn't know AAU uses a shot clock
  11. -thanks, I have been wondering about that, they have some time to make the decision but on-site is soooo much better
  12. -good luck Jimmy, sorry to see you go, you have a ton of potential, turn that into something -interesting he is not going to a JC closer to his home
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