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  1. -this 'report' only mentions the one game, where does this talk of another game with KSt originate? say it enough on here and it's taken as true?
  2. -we don't know if CAG and Santos were kicked out or left on their own -given what this thread has devolved into, can we join the Valley?
  3. -Jackson Wheeler and the bow tie
  4. -I'll listen to the podcast, I LOVE Earl, but sometimes the sound quality of his interviews is not at a 2020 level
  5. -thank you, I need that multi-color keep learning thingey
  6. -Iona is in New Rochelle, hotbed of virus, one that's lately been the news and the ones Rick brought
  7. -by using year of high school graduation you are guessing that all made a natural progression to that point, didn't anyone spend 3 years in the 6th grade?
  8. -with this thread going can we also have a 'joining the Valley' conversation?
  9. -and now you have Perry and hopefully soon, more bourbon
  10. -good riddance to those 'shorts', but let's not go too far the other way
  11. -there are no political undertones or personal attacks in these posts, what are you two doing to this thread? -Thank You for whatever it is!!!
  12. -not very adept with social media, I don't see a story when I click but wonder if he is bring the blonde in the third picture
  13. -rg, glad you were able to get relief, I hope your recovery goes smooth and you are as good as new in no time
  14. -not sure I can get to 5, but one I remember is walking into the brand new Chaifetz Arena for the ribbon cutting ceremony and thinking wow, what a great building we have and to this day it is a great venue - Thank You Doc and the other major benefactors that built it, Cheryl Levick for her input on the design and and FrB for getting it done
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