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  1. -CFord has taken timeouts and yanked players from games because they are doing this gambling which leads me to think it is something being practiced and then not brought to the game
  2. -okay, thanks, hotel talk leads to me wonder where opposing teams stay when here to play The Billikens
  3. -are there new hotels to the area?
  4. -I haven't read the entire ESPN article, but what about the Rams move was illegal? I get it broke NFL rules, but isn't the NFL a private enterprise that can set its own rules?
  5. -thank you for the long time support -the atmosphere at those X games was special, even with them getting us way too many times
  6. -guessing you mean on Saturday against Belmont, Congratulations!
  7. -yep, looking at images on line Kern has been to the last two home games, thank you
  8. -again last night there were kids in the section where recruits normally sit, I did not recognize them but a couple of them were there on Sunday too, they were not tall so not the Desmet bigs, any help on who these kids are is appreciated
  9. -keep cranking out those Cheez Its, the extra toasted version is excellent!
  10. -just one point, at home I didn't have soft serve with Apple Jacks
  11. -the stats I posted were taken from the men's website, history and records section
  12. -I had a problem with his theatrics on most if not every call, reminded me of Ted Valentine -I wish CFord wouldn't go so nuts after the refs and use so much of some TO time in discussions with the stripes instead of in the huddle
  13. -and apparently GJ has a low ceiling on how good a defender he can be, I'm not buying that, either
  14. -going into yesterday....where the attendance was 9,611 Single-Game Attendance Records 1. 10,639 vs. VCU 2/15/14 2. 10,623 vs. George Washington 2/22/14 3. 10,612 vs. Butler 1/31/13 4. 10,603 vs. Dayton 2/21/09 5. 10,441 vs. Xavier 2/28/12 6. 10,414 vs. Dayton 2/4/12 7. 10,395 vs. Dayton 3/5/14 8. 10,272 vs. La Salle 3/9/13 9. 10,245 vs. Duquesne 2/27/14 10. 10,052 vs. Charlotte 2/16/13 11. 10,027 vs. VCU 2/19/13 12. 10,015 vs. Southern Illinois 11/15/14 13. 10,012 vs. Saint Joseph’s 2/27/13 14. 10,008 vs. Xavier 2/24/10 15. 9,746 vs. La Salle 3/7/09 16. 9,690 vs. George Washington 1/17/09 17. 9,643 vs. VCU 1/23/15 18. 9,572 vs. Butler 12/1/18 19. 9,548 vs. Dayton 2/2/13 20. 9,483 vs. Southern Illinois 12/5/09
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