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  1. -I would think whoever it is would get their marching orders from the U
  2. -the tennis players could hit some of the give-a-ways as well, until someone gets hurt I would use the other sports teams in getting some of the give-a-ways higher in the stands, let the cheer/dance have some for the first 6 rows -or get that cannon like in the state farm commercial, I still enjoy that commercial, heck get state farm or another entity to sponsor it
  3. -it would be a great policy to have enforced to not allow entry while play is happening, but for most of our fan base if they have to go more than 5 rows they can't get in their seat during a stoppage so I cut the 'tenured' fans a break, but it would be nice if those that were able self-enforced this policy
  4. -I think I would be sick if I hear that on SS
  5. -and isn't their dance team typically, well, sort of, shall we say thick?
  6. -and it is only going to get worse as the big conferences increase the number of conf games they play and will use the excuse we don't have to play school XYZ because we play so many quality opponents in conference, the only bright side is conf games before the new year to break up the teams from the MEAC and SWAC (and their budgets will take a hit as there are fewer buy games they get to play) -this is interesting that the dollars might work the way you describe
  7. -great for JGood to get some much deserved national attention
  8. -yep, would think this drives the coaches crazy
  9. -since this thread has unraveled.....sorry about the format, I couldn't copy out of the PD site
  10. -I watched a bit of VCU @ LaSalle on Saturday and the Explorers were hanging around, handled the pressure, made some 3's, let's get this one
  11. -it might set up to where one team shoots above their season average on ft's which messes with the spread
  12. -just get some doctor, any doctor, from KU, UK, UNC or Duke to sign something and whatever will be granted, a shame I have become that jaded when it comes to the NCAA
  13. -JGood and HAS will be the leaders, as always, but I anticipate in this game JBJr doing great damage on the offensive end to be one of the keys to our victory, like a 15 and 9 kind of night -if I knew how I would post one of those boxes where you could click and have Jethro Tull playing Locomotive Breath
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