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  1. -wouldn't this be a good place to use the points accumulated for attending games as to who gets to go to SJ?
  2. -there is a lot of "think"ing and "believ"ing and "appear"ing in this post - Old guy is honest in that he doesn't know and neither do I - what I do know is that S2 is not far in the rear view mirror, S2 was botched by the Admin and CFord was infuriated, those things I know, what that means today I don't "know", I don't discount S2 and its impact when thinking about CFord and his longevity here, I hope what Old guy "thinks" and "believes" and what "appears" to him is truth
  3. -Doc continues to impress, we so fortunate to have him leading our side - THANK YOU Dr. Chaifetz!!!
  4. -why can't they? couldn't they pay almost whatever to whomever including a buyout to Shaka?
  5. -hope they get someone to increase the level of the program, good for the league
  6. -not much of a store with this missing, but where's the link as I could use a jacket with The Billiken
  7. -the confetti angel is a very neat picture
  8. -given that Manhattan isn't in and they are the ONLY team with a lower make %, yes -BTW, UCF is the next lowest make % team at 64.5% ranked 333 - we are 59.8% and 352 -while here, we are 285 (47.1%) in 2pt% and 327 (30.8%) in 3pt%
  9. -both must have played fantastic, while not looking past anything I am looking forward to seeing them in the fall wearing The Billiken! -thanks for the summary Pistol
  10. -I would like for every game and pre and post game stuff to be available for listening, I wonder if any bball program does that? I'm not a tech person but in the age of streaming, podcasts and all else I wouldn't think it would be too difficult but I couldn't set it up
  11. -I would be real tempted to throw on a press after our third opportunity (made basket/FT) which of course might not be for a while, leave it on a couple of opportunities and see what happens, if success play KCH and DJ, not DJF, a few minutes per half, if FTJr and DJ in the game at same time have to press even off misses -Let's Go Bills!!!
  12. -thanks Pistol and thank goodness for the Jaspers
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