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  1. -Wiz, any chance your well of information has the stat on if a 3pt shooter is fouled and doesn't make the shot, what is the free throw make % versus the overall ft make %? a bar conversation during conference tournament week has me wondering
  2. -is there any money for the schools playing in this Tourney? I couldn't find any info on this
  3. -good work, Ladies, keep it going! -our first game will be Friday, April 30 at 6pm CT -I hope a problem to have, but with how our team rightly addresses academics, let's have a long stay in North Carolina with no grade impacts - I guess a good thing about a team that is so young is some wouldn't be in their hard core major classes
  4. -he took a verbal swipe at Coach K so he's at least okay in my book
  5. -this is horrible, i hope Ford gets well very soon
  6. -I wish you folks leading this charge on the merchandise expansion all the good fortune necessary to make it happen, I am thinking that after you have some success what is the reaction by anyone at The U in a position of influence? or does it fall like a tree in the forest that no one hears? will you need The U to play along since I guess they control licensing? I realize a lot of boxes have to be checked to get to the point of success, but it would be great if your group gets it done on really any scale -one question, would you sell sweater vests?
  7. -I hate it when the jelly oozes from the sandwich and drops on my keyboard
  8. -that's funny, I wonder if it is a sign of funny business? although all of us know, Coach Wade wouldn't tread in those waters
  9. -thank you, Regis! -keep on winning Ladies! get another title
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