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  1. -do you know Kern's current height and weight? not meant to sound creepy just wondering if he grew taller and bulked up over the summer, he wears a t-shirt under his jersey but pretty sure he had room to fill out
  2. -if so, and he goes with it, another good move by TFord & Company -has the 'sack o' cash' been delivered to Kern?
  3. -I hope we are always trying to get the best student/athletes to Be Billikens
  4. -this is bizarre, an article on ESPN written by an ESPN Staff Writer about ESPN bball events and it is claiming "sources" are telling them, it's your house for goodness sake
  5. -thanks and that is a good memory to resurrect!
  6. -that $75 to $100k is more than I thought or his # is not correct, I thought it was more in the $50k area but I guess mine could be dated info -yes, the schools that rely on the buy games to fund their ADept have to be wondering what to do to survive, not good for them
  7. -have to pay the bills/Bills somehow
  8. -we have NEVER been in a position to have this question asked and thought about in a serious manner, incredible what CFord and Staff have done and are doing
  9. -just curious since in the region, who is predicted to win the Valley?
  10. -what was the highest ranking in this SLU has had? I thought 75 or so, I don't like to see the other schools passing us, especially other Catholic and Jesuit institutions -BAB, what is going on at Santa Clara? they get a boatload of tech money?
  11. -wrong, if we don't get him we blame Box and skip
  12. -so the U and the ADept are most likely losing money this academic year, are you seeing the idea of the cost of playing at Dome or Enterprise as a way to increase funds over the long run? or what is your idea on paying for it? the Dome is not a good basketball venue and I wonder if it still has a court -one positive of playing in the Dome could be our guys shooting in such a building as preparation for Final Four in Indy
  13. -I'm guessing also subject to any restrictions in place by the City of StL
  14. -I read the article on STLToday to see who they list as his other offers, the writer hates SLU but lists us first along with the Iowa schools and WVU, what a dweeb
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