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  1. Cowboy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    -Thatch has great jumping ability
  2. Cowboy

    Fordham from da' Couch .......

    -my first journey with ESPN+ last night was fine, if there is a link where Rammer and Earl would synch with the stream, that would be great
  3. Cowboy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    -Dick Enberg used to say "oh my", that doesn't cut it for this play
  4. Cowboy

    GDT @ La Salle

    -you know the rule, pics or gtho
  5. -Ted Valentine is the ref and he was horrible at the end of that game but what a shot that kid made and what poor defense FL St played, if you can call that defense
  6. Cowboy

    The Bills over Ford by 9

    -Wiz, so you are telling us were are making ft's at a rate 5 points lower than the worst team last season? and Manhattan is worse than us by 3 more points? my gosh, this is historic
  7. Cowboy

    2018-2019 #25 Rankings

    -looking at the headline and I am shocked and if you need this in blue font you need help
  8. Cowboy

    The Bills over LaS by 7

    -has Frank talked about the LaSalle game?
  9. Cowboy

    The Bills over LaS by 7

    -on the postgame show after UMass CFord said yesterday would be very light on court practice but more film and mental, today practice and then travel, did not indicate if charter or commercial, after game tomorrow bus to NYC so let's hope for no weather to impact travel
  10. Cowboy

    The Bills over UMass by 13

    -I hope I'm approaching middle age, I'm tired of as a Billiken fan waiting for next season -It Is Very Hard Work Being a Billiken Fan
  11. Cowboy

    Umass from da'Couch ......

    -Taj, I agree with most of what you said but one point of disagreement is the 5th foul on DJF, it was all on him, not TI, well I guess that is only if he has been instructed how to set a legal screen, DJF clearly moved, I can't see how that can be in the coaching but I do agree we as a team have very little clue as to how to use a screen
  12. Cowboy

    OT: Dr. Chaifetz interested in NBA team

    -we are so, so fortunate to have Dr. Chaifetz as a Billiken
  13. Cowboy

    The Bills over UMass by 13

    -no doubt, just let your imagination go for a moment as to what this team would be if we made shots just at an average clip
  14. -the refs were horrible for both sides, we can't make shots but made enough to win a squeaker, HF that was fun to watch, I'll go real positive and say a good team wins a game when their best player has an off night and hope that is us