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  1. It'll be quite the challenge for Rammer if they get an automatic bid to the FCS playoffs after their transition period ends. And Bauman, he'll be doing PBP on ESPN+. Nice snark. You sound like a Mizzou fan when they talk about SLU.
  2. will call Lindenwood football games in the fall. https://lindenwoodlions.com/news/2022/9/8/football-ramsey-returns-home-to-lead-broadcast-team.aspx
  3. SLU won 2-0 BTW and slu72, first BB program to be ranked #1 in the AP Poll too.
  4. If Ford was a good on the floor tactician, then I would concur.
  5. Yeah how dare anyone thinks differently.
  6. Long live 3star_recruit. Always striving for less.
  7. That was the first time in as many years when I thought Grawer had lost his way and needed to be replaced. Getting to the NCAAs in ‘87 and holding on to Upchurch would’ve cemented his legacy.
  8. They didn’t just lose, they were dominated, but go ahead and tell yourself that everything is fine,
  9. The men better get it together soon otherwise the season will be over before the final day of summer.
  10. Sell. We do this to ourselves every year before the season begins only to be disappointed before Thanksgiving.
  11. I’m sorry to hear that. Condolences for his family.
  12. It’s more than a pet project. They were among the more successful programs at the ACHA level with multiple championships and another this past March. Football and hockey are their bread and butter.
  13. Mizzou will finally play a St. Louis area team for the first time in 10 years in November
  14. You’ve been following sports long enough to know that anything is possible.
  15. I know a loss to Lindenwood would hurt the A10, but whatever. I want chaos.
  16. Do the “fans” in the lower level still tell others to sit down at any crucial point in a game? That also doesn’t help matters. You don’t want to get involved ? Then go to Buffalo Wild Wings, Piccadilly’s, or wherever and watch it on TV( I would also say they can watch it on their phones, but let’s be real here).
  17. Well, they can become Lindenwood fans then. SLU originated in the city and belongs there.
  18. Not to mention you can stream it on an app. Something that didn’t exist in 2008.
  19. The Yankees are in town and the Cards are in a heated playoff race. Kinda tough to compete against that.
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