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  1. Nonsense. It's what's needed around here. I hope recruits don't read this site, because I wouldn't blame them if they decide not to play for a self loathing fanbase.
  2. The NCAA can't afford to go through another year without March Madness. They're going to play it.
  3. As Marshall Faulk used to say, don’t be afraid of greatness. The team and coaching staff aren’t, we shouldn’t be either.
  4. https://www.radio.com/kmox/local-sports/local/slu-billikens-basketball-is-back-on-kmox
  5. Yeah, I don't like that at all. Those f's played a huge role in stripping the NFL out of town.
  6. Well they need to tell the programs not named VCU, Richmond, and Davidson to either step the hell up or put the Patriot League on speed dial. The league should be better than what they've been for a few years now.
  7. Maybe they live up to the hype or not, but the blatant disrespect from the conference is too much to take sometimes.
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaab/polls/coaches-poll/2020-2021/2020-11-12
  9. Which means they have a great chance of signing him.
  10. Wouldn't that be something. A matchup against either our old CUSA foe or current one.
  11. Was this the big news he was talking about ?
  12. I’ve never been impressed by Chapley.
  13. Yeah, it’s fraidy cat talk. Arkansas doesn’t seem to mind playing Arky state. KY against Louisville, Kentucky State, etc. Only one party involved has a stick up it’s ass.
  14. I would not be on a sports oriented message board if I didn’t like sports. Just saying.
  15. Again, this team is good enough to run the table. Schedule be damned.
  16. Jay Randolph, Jr a buzzkill. What a surprise.
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