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  1. slu72 fan

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    CBS sports VCU up 8 with 14:33 to go
  2. slu72 fan

    Hope for 2019

    Not that I know of, but there’s no way Ford won’t take one.
  3. slu72 fan

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    If he goes to NC, he won't need to worry about the school work!!
  4. slu72 fan

    Hope for 2019

    One BIG advantage next year's team will have is that they are able to take a summer trip out of the country. I imagine Ford will view this as an opportunity to develop his team. Where Crews viewed it as an outreach opportunity, and basketball was second. If I'm not mistaken, they can practice 15 times before they travel. I'm not sure if there is a limit on length of the practices. Add to it, the weight training and film work, that puts a team nearly a month ahead of teams unable to take a trip. It comes at a great time for Team Blue. Teams that take advantage of the opportunity are much further along than teams that do not.
  5. slu72 fan

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    It’s easier to travel after the game.
  6. slu72 fan

    Recruiting - 2019

    I’m sure they never stop doing this.
  7. slu72 fan

    SLU Records Review

  8. slu72 fan

    SLU Records Review

    The Arena
  9. slu72 fan

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    I found it interesting how focused Yuri was on the game. I sit right across from the bench and it's easy to take a look every now and then. He never was on his phone, totally focused on the game.
  10. Henriquez, Bishop, Welmer, or a healthy Wiley. Any of the four would help a lot.
  11. Actually, his last full game was Seton Hall and he was the difference in the game with his threes.
  12. slu72 fan

    Fla St over the Bills by 6

    He was using crutches yesterday.
  13. slu72 fan

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    I was told that Love attended the Butler game.
  14. slu72 fan

    GDT vs Buttler

    I was told thigh problem
  15. slu72 fan

    But over The Bills by 8

    I’ve heard about 8,000