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  1. I'm told the Kirkwood transfer is their best player. (Hard to believe as good as Harbison has become) Look for her to replace Frantz's numbers. The program is definitely on the uptick. Two good recruiting classes back to back. This November is a very important signing period for them. They still struggle with athletic teams, and need help at forward.
  2. Love how engaged his mother was at the game.
  3. On the weekends, it’s to aid traveling. During the week, they are generally to accommodate away games that have elementary school students attending. I believe they’ve had 4 of them this year, plus the game they housed for grade schoolers. There were close to 8,000 st SLU.
  4. The Post, in Maplewood will host a watch party tomorrow at 2:00. Game time is at 3:00. They did this several years ago, and the crowds were very large. Hopefully, it will be a good time for everyone.
  5. You picked the wrong guy to compare your donation. I think most people know who I am. I’m prettty sure I pay my fair share.
  6. No, my reading comprehension is as good as yours. I just wish people would be more committed to helping our program than saving a few bucks.
  7. there are plenty of available seats downstairs.
  8. there are plenty of seats for sale, by the ticket office, downstairs. Just seems to me that, with all of the lamenting about the AD on here, the answer is more money. So, the better benefit would be to buy tickets at the box office. That's just my opinion.
  9. Not to be a jerk, but why is this the case? Wouldn't supporting the AD help all of our student athletes?
  10. Not that I know of, but there’s no way Ford won’t take one.
  11. If he goes to NC, he won't need to worry about the school work!!
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