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  1. Horrible Duquesne loss to Arkansas Little Rock. They sure love playin us, because they never play as well against anyone else. Mind blowing!
  2. Sent from wife’s PayPal account today. Thanks for the site!
  3. Peacock has sports, most noticeably the EPL. I have a problem streaming to my Samsung 82”. Other than that, it is fine. Comcast provides it for free in Florida, and I have no problem watching there.
  4. The City is the issue. The AD has submitted several alternatives for the City’s consideration. I wouldn’t count on any fans for awhile.
  5. I think a bit over 5,000 seats go to season ticket holders. The hard part will be how many go to students?
  6. Given that Florida is only allowing 30% capacity for the Dolphins and Miami U, I’m guessing that’s the % of capacity I expect until a vaccine is available and distributed.
  7. Harry Rogers Jimmy Irving Larry Hughes Anthony Bonner David Burns Luther Burden Roland Gray Jordan Goodwin Kwamain Mitchell
  8. I’d be interested in any era. Thanks for doing this.
  9. I took my young family and mother to Hawaii for the tournament. Our son is sitting on the bench with the team. still think we got hosed by the refs. We had a great time, and Grawer and the team were terrific to our kids.
  10. Does UNI get in as an at-large?
  11. Amazingly small crowd, even with the arena situation. Huge game, Senior Night on a Friday.
  12. Weathers and Hughes are different players against SLU.
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