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  1. Is it true that the top players don’t play for state championship in club if they are on ECNL teams?
  2. Works on my Fox Sports Go app. Good luck
  3. Anyone surprised that no SLU players have declared yet?
  4. Will he influence the game, with LSU being such a perimeter team?
  5. Does anyone live in NYC any longer? I thought everyone had moved to Florida. How about trying to get a Florida school? ( blue font )
  6. If I’m not mistaken, May is a committee member of the NCAA’s most powerful committee.
  7. Hope you’re right. Great chance to advance to the final.
  8. I hate that I spoke about a young woman like that, but her play was intolerable.
  9. Martinez played the worst and stupidest game I’ve ever seen.
  10. I’ve been lucky enough to watch some outstanding players for SLU since attending games in 69. For so many reasons, J-Good ranks very high for me. He was treated poorly by the Administration in S2. He could have left. I’m sure dozens of schools were throwing feelers to his family and support group. If he leaves, I’m of the opinion Has leaves. They came to play together. If that happens, does Coach stay? I don’t know, but he would have been demoralized by the departure of those 2 and the others in S2. I believe Coach is perfect for our program. Jordan goes and it may have all crumbled. Jordan is Team Blue personified. For that, I support hanging his Jersey. (Not retiring it)
  11. I thought you had to be an All-American and graduate to receive this honor. I’ve been told even though Larry Hughes was an All-American, he didn’t graduate. That’s why his jersey hasn’t been placed in the rafters.
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