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  1. I took my young family and mother to Hawaii for the tournament. Our son is sitting on the bench with the team. still think we got hosed by the refs. We had a great time, and Grawer and the team were terrific to our kids.
  2. Does UNI get in as an at-large?
  3. Amazingly small crowd, even with the arena situation. Huge game, Senior Night on a Friday.
  4. Weathers and Hughes are different players against SLU.
  5. Bad start for the Spiders. Down 11-4
  6. Just accept their statements, they don't know and are running tests. The fact he wasn't at Birmingham should tell everyone it is not a little issue, in my opinion. Maybe he was kept in St. Louis for finals, but I doubt it.
  7. I just hope we don't lose Katie Shields, she's done a terrific job, and bigger schools are going to consider her.
  8. For junkies like myself, it is a steal. Best $5 a month I spend. Rewatched our FGCU game at 3:30 this morning using their search option. Picture quality is good.
  9. Totally agree with this. This will help, as if they need any assistance, big time schools. The Kansas' of the world, who are already arranging benefits for their players, will go to their alumni, supporters and vendors and "encourage" them to find ways to support their players. It' s really no different than giving an athlete a summer job, that doesn't require any work, and paying them some crazy amount of money. Once one school starts it, the others will follow suit. In the tapes catching Self at KU, he told his shoe company that he had to pay a certain player to keep up with the Kentucky, Dukes and Arizona's of the world. This will be the same.
  10. Not that I know anything, but he does plan on playing full court for 40 minutes. Could change, but that’s the plan. Heard SLU pressed 40 minutes against Loyola and wore them out. I’m guessing we’ll drop back after pressing and play a zone a fair amount. It will help protect Has. We don’t have to always press full court. He obviously likes the half court trap. A question, do I remember Correctly that the rule changed regarding the 10 second count not restarting when the ball goes out or a timeout is called? If so, more teams will press.
  11. I think the shooting will be better than Saturday showed. They practiced 3 hours Friday late afternoon. And, they are at the end of a long month. Unlike Majerus, Ford will cut back to restore their legs. By the way, they practiced again Saturday afternoon, after the women played Illinois in their closed scrimmage.
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