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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to watch some outstanding players for SLU since attending games in 69. For so many reasons, J-Good ranks very high for me. He was treated poorly by the Administration in S2. He could have left. I’m sure dozens of schools were throwing feelers to his family and support group. If he leaves, I’m of the opinion Has leaves. They came to play together. If that happens, does Coach stay? I don’t know, but he would have been demoralized by the departure of those 2 and the others in S2. I believe Coach is perfect for our program. Jordan goes and it may have all
  2. I thought you had to be an All-American and graduate to receive this honor. I’ve been told even though Larry Hughes was an All-American, he didn’t graduate. That’s why his jersey hasn’t been placed in the rafters.
  3. He also hurt his left thumb. He held it ever time there was a break in play. One tough kid.
  4. Or you could argue that the top 7 or 8 players need to work together to make up for all the games and practice they missed. Playing in games is better than practice. There are no seniors on the team. So, the top group is going to get all of the minutes for several years. As you said, Coach Stone doesn’t go deep into a bench.
  5. Just heard that Sam Houston State was getting $55,000 for their buy game vs. LSU. Announcer said normally would be $85-100.
  6. I’ve watched them consistently dating back to pre-Shimmy. Flowers is a serious underachiever. She plays very soft. Every so often, she does something impressive, and makes you think that she’s getting it. Unfortunately, her consistency hasn’t been there. By far, her freshman year was her most successful. I hope she can figures it out, because we are very small without her contributing. It doesn’t appear her issue is effort. I’ll tell you, she misses a boatload of layups. I think, to have a chance to win the A-10, we need Brooke to be a contributor.
  7. Try the Fox Sports app The game is shown as playing there at 7:00.
  8. Horrible Duquesne loss to Arkansas Little Rock. They sure love playin us, because they never play as well against anyone else. Mind blowing!
  9. Sent from wife’s PayPal account today. Thanks for the site!
  10. Peacock has sports, most noticeably the EPL. I have a problem streaming to my Samsung 82”. Other than that, it is fine. Comcast provides it for free in Florida, and I have no problem watching there.
  11. The City is the issue. The AD has submitted several alternatives for the City’s consideration. I wouldn’t count on any fans for awhile.
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