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  1. They don’t need to get to a 25 NET in order to get in.
  2. How Does the NCAA Net system work. here is a link.
  3. If SLU just stacks up wins and maybe drops a conf game or two they will get in. Look at Loyola Chicago last year who just stacked up wins and ended up at a NET I think 25ish? I also think there’s some point differential or defense metric that can help too.
  4. Which is why this win was oh so important!
  5. They play in MAAC. They get some extra cred bc of their coach alone. They’re a great team and whoever plays them in March will hate it and could lose depending on the team.
  6. Which is exactly what they wanted him to be!
  7. Remember when that wasn’t the case though? Was it only two years ago they were flirting with dead last in free throws?
  8. HOLY SMOKES! I think that Iona guy got mugged too but he’ll yeah! BILLS!!!
  9. Anyone see Hargrove just grab that rebound over that Iona guy? God these refs
  10. That’s really interesting how you can’t find transportation in this day in age and with athletic budgets that big. In all honesty a lucky break for SLU. I’d take a win over Iona over a win against St Joe’s come tourney time.
  11. Guys — can we just talk basketball and Billikens here? There are a million and 1 different outlets to cover your COVID thoughts out there.
  12. Yeah it will be. Kudos to those two for getting the game together. You hear these programs say oh we’ll play anyone anywhere and it looks like these two teams said let’s do it in a Community College gym. interesting choice on location.
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