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  1. or the Blues from last year. They too were firing on all cylinders before COVID.
  2. The cons far, far outweigh the pros.
  3. needs to get on the phone and call for an invite to the AAC ASAP. Think of the rivalries we would have with Cincinnati, Memphis, and Wichita State.
  4. Why did billikenfan05 stop creating GDTs ? The team thrived when he did.
  5. VCU is losing to George Mason. The A10 is hell on earth.
  6. I really thought this was a tournament team.
  7. Added revenue. That's what matters most in the end.
  8. The truth sucks, I guess. This is the show me state. They need to show us that they can get out of their own way for a change.
  9. SLU admin has a track record of f-ups, so they won’t receive the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
  10. The program may be D1 material, but the higher ups sure as hell aren't. It's so frustrating.
  11. And Game 2 of the NLCS against the Mets. Garrett Stephenson going on the DL late in the season didn’t help the rotation.
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