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  1. Agreed. The Bills have a T. Boone Pickens. Kroenke is too busy screwing people over in California to care about Mizzou.
  2. It's official. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/other/longtime-st-louis-sports-journalist-miklasz-out-at-101-1-fm/article_f2a58aaf-8af9-56bf-962e-9344c8b21ee3.html
  3. Dare I say it: SLU is finally locking down St. Louis.
  4. The Billikens only have the Blues to compete against since both are winter sports. MLS ? Yeah no.
  5. I have to believe SLU will be fine. They're in a major metro area with great facilities and basketball talent. It's the Saint Bonaventures and Daytons that will suffer.
  6. The upcoming entertainment and food complex on Forest Park Highway will make it up for the loss.
  7. The party of personal responsibility, ladies and gentlemen.
  8. Lunardi has us playing Seton Hall in the first four for the right to play UNC in the Midwest bracket.
  9. I’m sure the 2000 CUSA title game is out there somewhere.
  10. Maher is two-faced. Last year around this time, he hoped for a recession to get Trump out of the WH.
  11. I also would like to see the 2018 Seton Hall game again. That's when I knew something was brewing with that team.
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