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  1. JINX https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/26935497/too-soon-ads-celebrating-blues-mistakenly-run
  2. The only way that will change is if they're in the Big East. More exposure on the big FOX network instead of CBS Sports Network.
  3. Sadly, a SLU Final Four would be the talk of the town for a week. It's still a pro-Mizzou town.
  4. Feels like Game 1 of the 2004 world series.
  5. Keith Tkachuk was heckled by a drunken hoosier in Game 3 of the 2004 World Series for wearing Red Sox gear.
  6. I know Mizzou is hated here, but that is one of the times that we should use their SEC membership as a comeback against these numbskulls. SEC Football > National Fraud League
  7. Same for Fox Sports. The NHL is a poorly run league. No surprise that they aren't mainstream.
  8. Where did the Blues touch you ?
  9. The NBA is just as a bad as the NHL. I'll just stick with college basketball and the Bills. And I know that it has been beaten to death, but I wish there was some way to revive the hockey program.
  10. Garbage league. They make A10 refs blush.
  11. I'll say this, this thread will be revisited the next time most of you complain about the local media and fan interest.
  12. You can thank the lockouts for that, and I hear they'll be another one next year or 2021. Bettman is incompetent.
  13. Good ol 05. You can't be one if you torch the city that you came from across the country to live and earn an education in for four years. I have no respect for that individual. AT ALL. You want local support? Then this shouldn't be tolerated, because let's be honest, the fanbase is aging and dying out each year. You need us not the other way around. We've gotten enough of that from the national media and garbage NFL. SLU needs more Doc Chaifetzs and less Taj79s.
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