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  1. Hope you’re right. I can’t stand them and can barely tolerate OU.
  2. If the SEC thinks Texas won't do to them what they did to the SWC and Big 8, then they have another thing coming.
  3. Thankfully, Doc and Ross don’t see it that way. You can have both.
  4. I hope the reports on Chaifetz being interested in buying an NBA team are true.
  5. Tell that to San Antonio, Portland, Sacramento, etc. This line of thinking is a testament to how powerful the NFL propaganda machine is.
  6. Sad part about all of this is that Bidwill was on our side till the end. The guy didn’t want to leave, but the city and county couldn’t (and still can’t) get out of their own way.
  7. Read Randy Karraker’s timeline thoroughly. It’s an eye opener.
  8. Drink is where Ford was in 2016-17. Odom was Jim Crews on the gridiron. Now, if his teams consistently lose to Kentucky, SC, and heaven forbid Vanderbilt, then you bet your ass I will be calling for his job too.
  9. Three troll likes ? Sensitive bunch. Hey, it’s true.
  10. That’s beginning to change under Drinkwitz. He has a chance to put up consecutive top 20 classes.
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