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  1. Love: Billikens, Blues, Cards, Mizzou Football (ducks) Hate: Dayton, VCU, Bonnies, Arkansas, Tennessee (Nebraska South), Cubs, and Blackhawks. Vegas and Arizona aren't that far behind.
  2. SLU would have to compete with the Blues, Cards, Mizzou, Illinois, and probably the Chiefs instate.
  3. Even Travis Ford from way back when ?
  4. After this season, I will no longer buy into the hype.. I'm NOW convinced that the program is cursed.
  5. Forget being the Zags of the Midwest. I want SLU to do what they've failed to do twice on this stage.
  6. Yeah. If it’s not that then it’ll be something else. The Billikens live for drama.
  7. I'm thrilled, but I've seen this movie before. I hope they live up to the hype.
  8. Yes. They not only passed over him, but Mussleman, Tinkle, and Kelvin Sampson for Cuonzo.
  9. A Billiken fan would never say this.
  10. Then what’s the point in following the program if they decide to aim low ? SLU is a different mid major. In that they sit in fertile territory of serious talent and have the facilities and resources to get one or two high recruits. If they were a pre 1999 Gonzaga, Duquesne, or a Davidson, then I would agree. Recruiting is the only thing Travis Ford is good at IMO. If he loses that, then it’s time to part ways.
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