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  1. Long overdue. Hopefully Yadi doesn't have to wait that long.
  2. Why anyone listens to BRoy is beyond me. His crap didn’t fly on The Lounge and shouldn’t here.
  3. The Flyers are the only game in town. The Bills have to compete against the Blues (even moreso now they have the Cup) , had to compete against the NFL and even the old Hawks when they were a perennial fixture in the NBA Finals for decades.
  4. You know this is a beaten down fanbase when you can’t even enjoy the annual Mizzou choke job.
  5. Mizzou didn’t beat anyone with a pulse when they went 5-1, yet received more print than SLU does. The excuses aren’t valid.
  6. With the Bills being 7-1, one would think they would be one of the two biggest talks of the town right ? No. It’s all Blues (understandable) and the Columbia Tigers.
  7. And ? No excuse not to promote the hometown school with a pretty decent program in one of the big revenue sports.
  8. Quite a shame the town's own D1 program isn't in their inventory: https://www.stlauthentics.com/
  9. Absolutely. Saturday is the new Sunday for me. The college game is so much better and I wish I had gotten more into it years ago.
  10. Now that's what I'm talking about.
  11. JGood and French are buzzkills.
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