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  1. I'll say this, this thread will be revisited the next time most of you complain about the local media and fan interest.
  2. You can thank the lockouts for that, and I hear they'll be another one next year or 2021. Bettman is incompetent.
  3. Good ol 05. You can't be one if you torch the city that you came from across the country to live and earn an education in for four years. I have no respect for that individual. AT ALL. You want local support? Then this shouldn't be tolerated, because let's be honest, the fanbase is aging and dying out each year. You need us not the other way around. We've gotten enough of that from the national media and garbage NFL. SLU needs more Doc Chaifetzs and less Taj79s.
  4. If some of you had any semblance of civic pride, you'd back me up on this. It's another reason why I can't become a full time fan.
  5. For every Richard Chaifetz there's a Taj79. We need more of the former to drown out the latter.
  6. The city is not responsible for SLU's lack of continuity at the D1 level through the decades. Just stupid. Oh, and Philly lost the Athletics in the 50's. Minnesota lost the Lakers, NY lost the Dodgers and Giants , NJ lost the Nets, Cleveland lost the Rams AND the original Browns. ...and lastly, if you paid attention, we're in the process of getting an MLS franchise. You may have gone to school here, but you'll never be one of us.
  7. It would be awkward for a non alum to go all in.
  8. You haven't been to STL in over 30 years, so you obviously don't know what the f you're talking about. You have to give casual sports fans (myself included) a reason to support the program. That's true in every big city in America. The Cardinals and Blues (and the Rams when they gave a damn) have done that.
  9. Man is this further proof that Jim Crews was terribly awful at his job.
  10. That's great to hear for just a fan like myself. STL has been without the NBA for 50 years and SLU has the entire metro area to itself. They have to take advantage of it.
  11. Maybe its the weed talking, but I hope we get to see the Bills on this stage someday.
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