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  1. I don't understand how anyone can sit here today and say they trust this team to bounce back from this.
  2. 1780 (google battle of St. Louis), 1950, and 2022. The Brits can’t beat The Lou.
  3. The go to line for those who can’t take sarcasm well.
  4. Loyola CHI, ouch Hope they don’t end up another George Mason.
  5. Argentina’s bout to pull of arguably the biggest World Cup choke ever.
  6. Games like this are why I can’t fully trust them to come through.
  7. Oh great. A witty title thread. That works out well….
  8. No kidding, but that’s what makes it great.
  9. Back to back A10 tournament champs four overall, 50 NCAA Tournament appearances, 10 national championships. Dynasty. And they have the #1 recruiting class coming in 2023 in all the land. Future is bright.
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