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  1. This city has that POS league by the balls right now. Somewhere, Al Davis is laughing his ass off.
  2. I see a certain someone downvoted me, but it's the truth. Start winning consistently and it'll change.
  3. It's a pro sports town and the Bills are at the bottom of the totem pole.
  4. Another reminder that I'm a geezer
  5. Jerrah is pure scum. No surprise that he had a hand in the bogus relocation process.
  6. STFU His son, Michael, is a SLU grad.
  7. I hate that I allowed myself to get suckered by them.
  8. Why do St. Louis teams love to do things the hard way ?
  9. oops. ..and does 1982 ring a bell to you ?
  10. Why are we back to this again ?
  11. Silver lining is that the Bills no longer have to compete with an NFL team. The Greatest Show on Turf years along with the perennial playoff Blues left SLU in the dust. And chill. Ford isn't going anywhere.
  12. Following that logic, Travis Ford shouldn't be here either.
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