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  1. Not fretting. They have a lot to polish up on.
  2. This could be an ominous sign for non football schools https://watchstadium.com/will-there-be-college-football-in-2020-athletic-directors-weigh-in-03-30-2020/
  3. Which would be stupid on their part. We generate revenue with a good program and a P5 like venue.
  4. No problem. The Grawer teams are what got me hooked to SLU.
  5. If there is a next year...
  6. It’s a time honored tradition within the fanbase.
  7. Oh I don't know, maybe he's incensed that the team was on a roll and had more to give in the season ? It's like some of you want to find reasons to be chicken littles.
  8. Look at Lindenwood for your local college hockey fix. They’re D1 and decent.
  9. Either one would be better than Fordham.
  10. Kick Fordham out and put NYU in their place. The NYU Violets used to be Division 1 (SLU beat them for the national title in 48 at MSG III) but backed out decades ago due to financial troubles. They have prime location, prime name value, and would instantly attract amazing coaches and recruits. They don't have a traditional campus, which could be a negative, but other schools have pulled this off. NYU seems better positioned to put out a successful basketball program every year. Hell, now that the Islanders are going back to Long Island for good, NY can play at Barclay's with the Nets.
  11. Look on the bright side, SLU will remain the tournament champs and hopefully will be better next year.
  12. By being an idiot and endangering his teammates. He needs to be kicked out of the NBA.
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