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  1. We must be watching different games
  2. I get your perspective, but group A has 3 teams that are near equals. The Netherlands are beatable, as are Senegal and Ecuador. Don’t sleep on an unexpected result in Netherlands vs Qatar either. That group isn’t over.
  3. Gregg is an absolute clown, but he managed this game well. He went for the win by inserting Aaronson and Reyna, even if they should’ve started or come on earlier. Otherwise, getting the draw is valuable, and much more so than a loss. Win against Iran and we have a very winnable game to make the final 8.
  4. Let’s win the damn game today. The Queen is dead - anything can happen!
  5. Yeah, and England’s bench is loaded which helps
  6. We are through if we tie today and beat Iran. A tie would be a very good result. Lose today and there is uncertainty on Tuesday, especially if we lose by multiple goals and England doesn’t need a result against Wales.
  7. Yes, great play, but anyone in that spot would’ve done the same thing. The fact that happened at all shows how out of control the end of the game was. Still amazed we did give Reyna a few minutes to try to win it.
  8. Billikens.com is really a collection of carefully selected sports savants. We are living in a simulation, and this group was specifically chosen to correct all wrongs in the sports world.
  9. 1. Gio Reyna is arguably our best player. It is egregious not to include him in the starting XI. 2. It is a borderline fireable offense to leave him on the bench with how the game unfolded. 3. Gregg’s failure in this regard could domino to his demise, as we face an uphill battle to get out of the group and he should be gone if we don’t.
  10. *while running across the court like a maniac, only to be stopped by one of his players getting between him and the ref
  11. Hard to excuse that when he only used one timeout while we got ran out of the building
  12. Ford is an embarrassment. Wtf was that
  13. I believe this is correct. ESPN+ alone does not grant you access to the ESPN channels, but you can access them through the app if logged through your TV provider.
  14. Agree with all of this. The only thing missing at Perennial is better TV placement.
  15. Olive + Oak. Sorry, for a minute I forgot about O+O Pizza!
  16. O+O is the most overrated restaurant in the city, but the burger slaps
  17. Agreed. Parker will be a star by next season. I expect a similar trajectory to what we saw from Perkins with maybe a slightly lower ceiling. Parker is a born scorer and will do so in bulk once he is acclimated to the D1 game.
  18. It was a travel. TJ does that exact movement more frequently than it is called.
  19. He just needs game time to get back in the groove. It will come, but it is hard to get there with this current stretch of games. Tonight I felt like we could’ve done more early to get him involved in offense, but that is nitpicking.
  20. This is a real problem when Okoro is in because he never sees the open man on the perimeter
  21. First game against Wales will set the tone. Failure to get a point could lead to a total collapse.
  22. The leaked roster that had Sargent and Ream also had Steffen. It will be interesting to see which of the reports is accurate.
  23. We also have two of our most important games of the season within the first four games. It is critical to ensure our starters and rotational guys are firing on all cylinders very soon.
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