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  1. Cowboy

    2018-19 season

    -is this full participation for those 3? EW I admire your desire and fortitude. I hope this is a very temporary setback for DW, jeez
  2. Cowboy

    Recruiting - 2019

    -in the video moves better than I expected to see
  3. Cowboy

    Recruiting - 2019

    -explains the mention of Baltimore on the recruiting stops -perhaps a better shooter?
  4. Cowboy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    -are you saying teams would not foul us as much if we made more ft's?
  5. Cowboy

    Former Billiken in the news

    -you are correct that viewing The Conklin Screen never gets old, not sure one can top that sequence as a Billiken Fan...to date
  6. -HP thanks for your summaries on this stuff, I heard the show last night and your recap was on point -as to this - what is your system -- what is CFord's answer?
  7. Cowboy

    Andre Craig Appreciation Thread

    -academic achievement was recognized at the Richmond game, not LaSalle
  8. Cowboy

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    -6th consecutive and 10th overall ROW for Harbison, she is something very special, keep it going and CStone fill that roster with quality players to get to the Tourney!! -the A10 announcement on the website doesn't indicate 6 and 10 for Ciaja, I think that is a slight and hope our SID is in the ear to someone in Newport News
  9. Cowboy

    Andre Craig Appreciation Thread

    -I guess the counter to this is they are honored for academic excellence because they study as opposed to spending time at a bball game, I agree that the optics are terrible when the students leave at halftime
  10. -my gosh, look at the makeup of that conference, what a change from when we were members
  11. Cowboy

    The Last 5 Games

    -is it good social media strategy for a college team to have their fans wondering what the heck a post means?
  12. Cowboy

    Geedubya from da'Couch .....

    -I agree this has been his MO, I wonder if this is because the talent dropoff past player 8 was very significant?
  13. Cowboy

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    -great work on these stats, thanks, I hope she continues this season and for the next 3 seasons with more talent around her
  14. Cowboy

    One Hour Remaining! Vote Photo 1!

    -congrats on your victory, good to see evolution given your daughter is sporting 'SLU' on a pink sweatshirt, used to be that was a no no
  15. Cowboy

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    -why did JGood leave his man? they got an open 3 and buried it
  16. Cowboy

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    -nice blonde at the table
  17. Cowboy

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    -yep, and further, every kid is different and decides where to go by looking through a different prism
  18. Cowboy

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    -way to go Ladies!! keep on rolling!
  19. -wow, that's impressive, thanks to AB for helping the team and at 50 being able to help the team
  20. Cowboy

    Recruiting - 2019

    -I want the schollies filled with great players that will take us to the Tourney and set us up for a long, long run of Tourney appearances and advances
  21. Cowboy

    Recruiting - 2019

    -jeez kid, you go through all that photo shop work yet leave the logo of a school you are not considering on the scoreboard? -not sure I would take him now
  22. Cowboy

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    -another ROW award for Harbison, 5th consecutive and 9th time, this is amazing, Congrats young lady!!! great that she is not slowing down as the season progresses, I would guess with these awards she is 1st team all conference
  23. Cowboy

    The Bills over GW by 8

    -AB has always been accommodating with his time when I have spoken with him, if at 50 he can go with our guys at practice I am very impressed, will be interesting to see what CFord has to say about this tonight
  24. Cowboy

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    -KenPom lists the top 100 individual 3pt shooters, to qualify need to play a minimum of 40% of minutes and at least 2 attempts per game, #1 makes 54.7% (35/64) and #100 makes 43.6% (34/78), I counted 18 frosh among the top 100 - for us JBess is 35.9% (51/142) -on a team basis, the top team is Lehigh at 44.7%, the team ranking split into fifths for a,b.c,d,f grades has #71 is Western Carolina at 36.7%, #142 is Illinois St at 34.9%, #213 is GA Southern at 33.5%, #284 is The Citadel at 32.0%, #330 is Saint Louis at 29.8% and #353 is Jackson St at 25.8% -on a 100 shot basis the difference in made shots between #71 (bottom of A) and #284 (bottom of D) is 5 -teams of note, at least to me, in the bottom fifth are Duke, Duq, DePaul, Rutgers, West VA, Penn St, TX A&M, Minn, Bonnie, and those below us are Wake, GA Tech, VCU, and #352 Rhodey
  25. Cowboy

    The Bills over St J by 3

    -I wonder if Jacobs is done for the season, just a wonder