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  1. -nice write up Pistol, it won't be long until we are seeing what we and others have as a bball team
  2. -the Women play at Notre Dame tonight, ACC network launches today, I was thinking how cool that SLU would be on the new network on its first day, stupid thought, 4 hours on Duke men's basketball instead of live programming, just a guess but these programs will air 20 times each before Duke tips their season
  3. -The Tugs and build the stadium in Sauget or on Washington Ave
  4. -fwiw, CBSsports has a top 25 with VCU at #18 and David at #23
  5. -wow, Kalkbrenner has moved ahead of Bradford, at least by some margin, in this ranking, kid had a very profitable summer
  6. -good for SLU athletics overall to have someone putting out content, especially someone that seems to have a real passion for SLU and The Billikens -I do have a question about the first paragraph of his first article, what role did soccer play in the 1904 Olympics? I wasn't aware soccer was an event in those games
  7. -yep, very interesting and all over not only in geography but level of play, or at least my perception of their level
  8. -St Louis Toasteds and sell inexpensive alcohol so the fans can match the moniker - a red color scheme to match another team -Steamers was a great name, I had heard a bank owned the name but that was years ago, and could have a blue color scheme to match two of their neighbors - or the Tugs and there could be some interesting off field entertainment options -I am not big into soccer but I don't understand why an American team would copy, other than on field success, names from Europe, be American -Frank had Dr Rische on his program this week and is a worthwhile listen around money for the upcoming team - https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/
  9. -looking at the preseason votes from the A10 coaches, the SLU Women play on the road against #2 VCU and #3 Mason and get #4 St Joe at home, if they win the regular season they will have earned it
  10. -I was not aware, so it is basically the area bounded by Market, the Pear Tree, Pine and 20th? or would it go to Olive?
  11. -not to hijack a thread, but I wish SLU would have done this at Chaifetz, I had a conversation with Cheryl Levick about this which obviously went no where
  12. -thanks for the link, I listened and recommend a listen, I realize it is all coach-speak, but it heightened my anticipation for the season -stay healthy and out of trouble
  13. -the roster seems to indicate we have the pieces to do this, we've been told this many times, let's see it
  14. -the women's soccer game at Notre Dame next week is listed as being on ACC Network Extra so I guess this is an on-line option
  15. -looking at KenPom, this past season FGCU finished ranked #213, were 14-18 overall, had 3 seniors in the rotation and one other senior that played in only 10 games, with the seniors and transfers they have 4 players from 2018-19 roster remaining for this season, their coach is Michael Fly, they had a player go 10-23 at line for 43.5% and another 7-26 for 26.9% but one of the seniors was 71-148 from 3 which was 8th best in NCAA and as a team were 56th in 3pt% at 36.9% -they had a soph, Troy Baxter, declare for the draft, did not get drafted and is a transfer currently without a school -in 2013, in their first NCAA tourney, they were a #15 seed and beat Georgetown and #7 San Diego State and their coached bolted for USC, that will be 7 tourneys ago come March
  16. -it will be within the next five weeks, is that soon enough?
  17. -interesting analysis -of the top 25, there are 9 schools (duke, UK, KU, AZ. Mich ST, Nova, Syr, Wisc, X) that kept their Worst ranking below 100 and of those ranked 26-50 only one (OK St) had this, something to be said for consistency and not falling off the cliff like we did -Utah and St Mary's are the only schools ranked higher (better) than us with a lower (bad) Worst mark -Memphis at 22 was also a surprise to me
  18. -that's quite a deal
  19. -thanks for the link, great story
  20. -do all the Vashon players live in the district now or are some still commuting from Alton or other places?
  21. -let's just pummel them and be done with it
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