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  1. -I recently spoke with a coach (not SLU) and we were talking about changes in the game and one item they mentioned is it's very difficult now to motivate kids so if true, these attributes will make a kid a higher value recruit
  2. -growing grass below street level will be on my watch list
  3. -I could see a 40 minutes of hell team becoming very popular in NYC, not sure if he is the guy to do it or if it would win, but entertaining to draw eyes and butts
  4. -I hope history doesn't repeat, and this has recently been discussed on the Board in some thread, but it might be wise to remember the first year play of our jucos when having expectations for Perkins, who I hope is a star from day 1
  5. -I agree with this, looking at present day and what I think the future holds (or should hold) 7 out of 24 should not be acceptable at SLU, looking at our past it would be, I'm in the looking to our future camp
  6. -it was mentioned on here that the Ladies need a big, perhaps she fits the need, hope so, Welcome!
  7. -I hadn't noticed until this video that his shot looks like it is from in front of him more than others, I don't care as makes more than others
  8. -good to see our avg attendance increase for this past season, I hope that trend continues
  9. -what's the number that view on-line versus circulation?
  10. -I don't want to get into a pissing match, too many of those on here, but I am interested in the number of on-line readers versus subscribers, I don't expect either number to be very high
  11. -Congrats on the no-hitter, given the time since the last one quite an accomplishment
  12. -I have no idea if Hurley was even interested, but got me thinking, today is the AZ St job better than St John's? I can see where AZ St is better today but given its location, St John's has the potential to be a big time program
  13. -is Lewis currently in school at Nevada? I can't determine
  14. -if CFord thinks Lewis is good enough to play for us, I'm for it -for those thinking getting a waiver from the NCAA is a guarantee you have way more faith in the corrupt and inept organization than I do; also there is the deal about does Duq still have some control or say over where or when he can play, watching this one will be interesting
  15. -I guess the gun is not as smoking as I thought, interesting that he said on tape that he had paid players and he didn't cooperate with his employer (LSU) in a timely fashion yet these were not enough to get him removed by either the NCAA or the school
  16. -I noticed Kalkbrenner's name in the straight A student listing in the Post, so congrats for that as well
  17. -guessing THicks has already corrected Earl's use of was versus is, unless she renounced her SLU affiliation
  18. -not Cheeseman, or perhaps that only deals with coaching changes
  19. -overlooking the filet at Kreis' is to your own detriment, and that cheese dip at the bar is excellent
  20. -that video should get us through the summer - WOW - and yes I understand it was not a real game
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