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  1. I thought the 74-45 L @ Butler was the worst road game I’ve attended, but I have to move the Maryland game to the top spot based on expectations. Can assure you I did not stick around for the entire second half. It was torture
  2. He shot 2 threes during a game in which we had no semblance of a functioning offense. Miles Reynolds couldn’t shoot a lick
  3. Lol. You titled this thread “perspective”. Good teams get blown out every week. If we win by double-digits tomorrow it will be a wash with today’s result for many voters.
  4. Everywhere except Nick’s Pub ha New Year’s Day 2017
  5. Off the top of my head, Gonzaga lost by 20 this week
  6. Awesome, thank you for the conjecture sounds solid. Not sure why would should show up tomorrow if that’s the case
  7. Huh? All week we said let’s win 2/3 this week and that would be great. Now one awful half, which every team in the nation will have, and it’s “so much for being ranked this season”? Ok.
  8. This season man these threads are insufferable during a loss
  9. I have no idea how you can say we are better than Maryland after that half. What? Here comes the Tennessee poster, yikes
  10. I’m seeing it’ll be on ESPN News
  11. I wouldn't say light years - TJ has more than held his own on offense. He obviously can't create like Parker, but his 3-point shot has been pretty consistent for a couple seasons now, and we all know he's an asset in transition. These two guys are asked to play different roles on the court, I'm not really sure why they're being compared. TJ comes in to replace Pickett/when the bigs are in foul trouble, and Parker was able to get a couple buckets while both Jimerson and Perkins were on the bench. I really wanted that transition 3 from Yuri to Parker to fall late.. we were feeling it then. I've been really impressed with Parker and could easily see him average 15 ppg before his time is done at SLU.
  12. Yea it’s nice to be the team that can rip off 8 points in 60 seconds. Thatch, Hargrove, and Parker have all been bucket getters off the bench
  13. https://www.fubo.tv/stream/sports/?title=Watch CBSSN Online&utm_source=Search&utm_medium=Adwords&utm_term=Network&utm_campaign=USA_Sports_Search_EN_GGL_Network_CBSSN&ftv_campaign=USA-SEM-Sports-Network-CBSSN&gbraid=0AAAAADO4lLya3ReO2o5vLhLBp-CWUU_ex&gclid=CjwKCAiAjs2bBhACEiwALTBWZZh7s84liSqbM1vnJZGSfXvT5i1xPFK6KMd157sViXhgk5YFZR0woRoCQDsQAvD_BwE
  14. He can lose his redshirt year whenever/if he enters a game. He still suits up.
  15. PSA: DraftKings has a Yuri Collins assists prop set at 7.5 (over/under both -115)
  16. Hughes Jr. relieving Yuri with 12 mins left in the first half
  17. Yuri easily averaging double digit assists per game
  18. NET rankings taking into account margin of victory could be a factor here, if Ford didn't want to see the lead dip into single digits.
  19. Pickett quickly reminded me of O’Fallon/Butler legend Roosevelt Jones. Great all-around pick-up game
  20. This tiny blurb on Yuri is great after you spent the entire Wiz Preseason thread dumping on him/asking for Ramey. 14 assists, 0 turnovers. As well as expected
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