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  1. Hargrove should be a lot more aggressive going forward this season. He’s great
  2. Might be a humbling half for Nesbitt 0-7 yeesh
  3. I don’t think we have casual fans let alone casual fan favorites
  4. Pat on the back to me for not encouraging my SLU friends to tune in tonight. Also is there a worse message board thing than posting “ball game” regardless of circumstance. Really grinds my gears
  5. Are you kidding me with these travels
  6. SLU over 65.5 points for the more conservatively inclined
  7. Can someone name the last time SLU played a game in Chicago? Glad we won’t have to whine about that for a minute
  8. https://247sports.com/college/memphis/board/59481/Contents/memphis-vs-saint-louis-previewing-the-tigers-upcoming-matchup-175429323/?page=1 https://csnbbs.com/thread-935508.html Could be worse
  9. Dan and Scott just riffing about NBA dunkers for 5 minutes while watching Strickland
  10. You won’t find me asking if Nesbitt is as good as Goodwin. No sir. Won’t do it
  11. This gonna be Nesbitt’s team in a hurry. Him/Yuri/Linssen easily the best 3 to start
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