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  1. about a month ago i called direct tv to try to get the bally southeast channel added and willing to pay. the direct tv rep indicated i would get all the bally stations if i upgraded to the sports pack. i was thrilled thinking i would finally be able to view all the braves games without having to pay the overpriced MLB price tag for games i couldnt care less about. i was also told i would then get all kinds of college basketball come this winter. so i pulled the plug. 3 hours later direct TV told he they could not give me the specific channel i wanted due to blackout rules and i was refunded the cost of the sports pack. not saying that would be the case for anything not major league baseball but just saying adding sports pack to direct tv didnt work for me to get any out of market bally stations.
  2. Actually Lindenwood Belleville was successful, but Lindenwood decided they only could have one campus and chose their long standing facility to keep running. It was more about where they had the room for non classroom needs and since the original campus had it all already they felt to spend the money to add that needed space in Belleville was too big of an additional investment.
  3. i agree with hoosier. that is what the world is thinking as well, so why be an over the top homer, build up false hopes? id much rather play it conservative and then shock the world. besides is second place so bad? i've met Stu and had a number of good conversations with him over the years. Imo he is an honest hard worker. he enjoys college basketball and reports as he sees it. (how nice would it be if the rest of our "news" was more reporting and less opinion.) in our program history who was RECENTLY better? im good with Stu
  4. hope you are right. i have followed jgood since he was a freshman in high school and except kevin Lisch, he is the hardest working player i have ever personally watched. pound for pound and inch by inch, i think only rodman rivals him reboundingwise and i have always felt rebounding and defense is about 90% effort. he deserves his chance at the glory for all those years of hard work and effort to go along with his very talented skills. i am amazed he is not getting that chance. i am not saying he is starter worthy. but GD he is surely a great practice player to prepare his starter teammates preparing to go to battle and i cant think of a better off the bench guy to try to wear down an opponent with his tenacity. come on wizards give this man his chance.
  5. i get the impression the wizards dont hold jgood in a high regard. it always seems they come up with someone they push ahead of him. his agent needs to find new digs if you ask me.
  6. the "sister act" movies are good entertainment.
  7. and if you like that public school you could still use your voucher to attend such. the whole point to the vouchers is you get to choose who gets your tax dollars and adds a little bit of competition to the schools to have to provide a quality education not just a "have to" choice because of where the parents reside.
  8. i think there was a sommerville the billikens chased in the 90's. not certain. i am thinking his name was maybe marcus or marcello . thinking he ended up going juco then after that he went on to a different D1 school i wonder if related?
  9. which one doesnt belong in this conversation? mi$$ouri is not an elite high level team.
  10. instead of focusing on ppg, why not count the number of times we walk the ball down the floor run the shot clock down to 5 seconds and yuri has to throw up a prayer when we have a 10 minutes to go double digit lead. anything more than once is too much. now after the under 4 minute time out, you want to play dribble around in a circle when we still have that double digit lead, i can tolerate that.
  11. as long as it is against the conference teams and the non buy non conference game i would feel a lot better. that would indicate playing fast. no weight to the buy games.
  12. if this billiken roster doesnt blow up the traditional 5-4-3-2-1 lineup i dont know what does. basically we have okoro and i guess forrester (havent seen him play) then likely not to see much time cisse and no one else is a big. even forrester might be a wing. while we can sit and argue about sf and sg's and who fits what, i believe they will all play on the wing and be interchangeable. so we have two bigs, one point guard and everyone else is arguably a wing. if that does scream let's run and defend full court, i dont know what does. (this is the annual we need to play fast rant.)
  13. other than watching curry play, i have absolutely no interest in anything nba at this time. the attitudes and typical style of play in the nba is nothing that resembles the basketball i enjoy. i follow goodwin's progress in the minor league more than anything else in the nba.
  14. my b!tch with slu remains a proud placement program. like i said, i got no help in 82, when my daughter, who came with spectacular credentials, interviewed with the head of engineering and asked about typical placement statistics, the head of engineering states, "most of our grads go on to grad school." didnt even try to answer the question. that was a difference maker.
  15. explain again please what an exhibit 10 contract is and guarantees and restricts Jordan by signing. thanks Torch.
  16. i dont thinkk Rose is considered a Tech degree. https://www.rose-hulman.edu/news/2022/the-survey-says-rose-hulman-number-one-in-us-news-engineering-rankings-for-24th-straight-year.html
  17. my daughter's school, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology all but guaranteed us she'd have a job by graduation. their placement numbers were phenomenal and continue to be such. it was their number one carrot the had out for us when my daughter was looking for her college her senior year of college and i have never asked her, but for me it was the number one reason i turned my back on my alma mater to begin to endorse Rose whenever we discussed. for the record, SLU did absolutely nothing to help me find a job in 1982. i admit i didnt have anything beyond an average transcript for slu to help me, but still one would think..........i have no idea what the slu placement numbers are now, but i will tell you when we visited the slu engineering school and met with the head of the department and knowing what the Rose placement numbers were for like the last 15 years prior to that meeting, when i asked him about placement numbers upon graduation or before, he said, "oh most of my grads dont go to the job market with their undergrad degree. Most go to grad school." He refused to give me an answer. we were done with SLU at that point for my daughter's undergrad path. and she has done very well for herself with her Rose degree in hand. so no second thoughts or what if's imo.
  18. Add nicole to the hate list. brenda must have a great set of pictures on the AD's of the Atlantic 10
  19. i've always believed the "Top 25" is b.s. far too many over ranked over hyped BCS schools that the truth is they live off the conference they are in and reap the benefits of the true great teams in their conference to get their undeserved kudos. when we see ranked teams getting upset in the tourney, in most cases i believe it isnt an upset as much as it is the above.
  20. 2 years ago i would have disagreed. mainly because i think playing time is a major influence and if we pass on this young man now in hopes he develops more with more minutes in jucoland he comes in with more confidence and a place on the roster with minutes immediately. but now with the NIL b.s. who knows what might happen. maybe he just tears juco to pieces and now all at once D1 thirsty for upperclassmen players that are no doubt playing ready, we might not have a chance to sign. taking him now at least gets him in the program and then whatever happens happens. if he wants to come to prove himself or just to get on the the slu roster, take him now.
  21. lot of talent with 10 cent brains and character.
  22. Yes he is real. I've met him. Just leave him alone imo. He isn't hurting anyone.
  23. old guy we can agree to disagree. the slu boosters that regularly give 5 figures or more are very plentiful. the difference is slu will now what to adjust who gets what percentage of the pie now that the basketball players are getting paid. i am not smart enough to figure out who gets what. that's why the AD gets paid to figure that out. my guess is the obscene amount of money the head coaches get will be reduced to "find the money" to pay the players. of course those schools that have a lesser pipeline wont be able to pay as much or at all and thus the inevitable day of reckoning is coming that not everyone can be a D1 school anymore because they cannot compete. i expect a somewhat rough estimate of the big BCS schools forming their own D1 and the rest of us become D1B. which will only make it worse as the D! remaining will get all the TV and Tourney money and the big boosters will all want their selves associated with these schools so the divide will become even larger.
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