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  1. I've already said i'm getting the booster and have absolutely no issue with vaccines. It's the stupid face napkins I have issues with. I shouldn't even be asked to comply. Nothing else to add. You liberals want to feel guilty, have at it. The rest of us would rather make our own choices.
  2. why did i get the vaccines if i still have to behave the same as those that selfishly decided not to? i shouldnt have to wear a napkin on my face because those that chose not to. let them bear the brunt of the discomfort and responsibility. sure i have a less than 5% chance of still getting the chinese flu virus, but even then the chances of it being serious is almost nothing. if i choose to roll the dice so i can have a little bit of "the way it used to be", that should be my choice. if one still wants to live their lives in fear and wear the napkin that really doesnt protect anything to make themselves feel better fine. i dont belittle them at all but i sure get mad when i have to continue with the politcal postering of our government. oh i will comply to be able to watch my billikens, but it isnt right imo. and i can voice my displeasure with the discomfort and inconvienence if i want. you mention i might carry the virus to these children. i understand. and if it was somewhere where they cant help but to be like a hospital, school, even a grocery store with their parents, ok i understand that. but the billiken game is a luxury. the parents should be the ones to make the adult decision and stay home if that is a concern. if that is selfish on my part, so be it. i am tired of playing into the control game of the politicians.
  3. "Caring for" means thinking for and deciding for? Personally I don't want anybody thinking and deciding for me. That's not even what made America great.
  4. i havent looked but my guess legalized scalping, vivid, stubhub, etc would yield better results than going through the school. might cost you but someone always has a conflict that has better seat locations and is willing to sell what they cant use. just a matter of what you want to pay.
  5. first off, i have had both of the first two shots and once allowed will have the booster. i have always been a believer of the vaccines and shots and i get em all, shingles, flu, chinese flu virus, etc. i believe if someone doesnt get it they are wrong and only endangering themselves, however, i also believe that in America, it should be the individual's own decision. Mandates and laws to "protect me from myself" really p!ss me off. If i choose to be reckless and endanger my own life my decision. A number of you are going to say unvaccinated people are endangering others. Well barely if the others all have their shots. and those that dont have their shots made that choice. respect their decision to live on the edge even if it is for totally fairy tale reasons. it's their life. second point, how much are the walgreens paper masks and the masks your mother made out of old sheets and elastic really helping. probably not much if anything. this is what is really making me mad more than the vaccine demands. the masks are pretty much worthless and imo are being used for political purposes. now if we were all wearing the N95 masks and sitting 6 feet apart, maybe that reduces risk, but very few people will be at the game wearing such and there has been nothing said about social distancing. this whole thing is on the politicians. either go all out insisting on the above paragraph or else knock off the fear factoring and controlling attempt. I'm sick of the whole thing. i am tired of being expected to live in fear and not being able to enjoy life. if i have to live the rest of my days living in my basement not working etc. i might as well be dead. Look i have now almost died twice in the last 7 years and I refuse to continue this nonsense much longer. we dont know when the day is coming and it seems to me by all i have read, the main thing is the vaccines. i have mine and will continue to update accordingly. that should put me in the best possible situation. sure i might still be in danger, but probably no more than being killed by a drunk driver, or falling off a ladder putting up christmas lights, or eating poison mushrooms at that upcoming family thanksgiving. so dont make me live my life wearing a napkin on my face when we all know it is nothing more than a political ploy. again i dont blame SLU. this is on St Louis and this looney new mayor.
  6. well this thread went south pretty quickly. shut it down
  7. any word on goodwin's whereabouts since the wizards cut him? thought we would have heard something since. i tried to google him and nothing recent shows.
  8. i think the p5 schools underestimate the value of the rest of D1. as most people realize, the david goliath matchups early in the tourney make a lot of excitement particularly when the upsets happen. or when a david goes past the second round. it creates excitement. but we all know the greed and arrogance of the p5 schools. enough said.
  9. good point. my man cave bar has seasons of my season tickets framed hanging on the wall. guess that decorative item is never again. i am not a fan of the digital tickets. i dont live and die on my phone like the more recent generations so my knowledge and expertise is imo somewhat limited. it made me nervous last year to get my tickets for the games in this manner. initially i struggled making it work and understanding the process. i eventually was fine, but i never felt comfortable and kept thinking i'd rather have the hard tickets. i am guessing though the AD saved a lot of money going to this. just a sign of the times and i'm sure we will all get used to it eventually. i guess we have to eventually.
  10. the list of donors at slubillikens.com in the article about the facility is a nice touch as well. https://slubillikens.com/news/2021/10/19/billiken-athletics-billikens-introduce-o-loughlin-family-champions-center.aspx personally i would like to thank these boosters for doing their part to enrich our billiken athletes.
  11. My wife and I are planning to attend the A10 tourney in Washington DC in March
  12. btw, nice memory that was a LONG time ago.
  13. mike as nice as you are, i bet you were a great pediatrician!
  14. i have approached Larry at games and made comments or asked questions and he is always downright charming and cordial. just seems to be wonderful imo. and truthfully a very attractive family. every one of the family is very attractive and wonderfully nice it seems to me. i sit about 7 seats across and down the same aisle as the hughes family.
  15. jesus, i almost threw up. i was so off balance and dizzy i ran into the timeout huddle. i could never be an astronaut.
  16. hahahahahaha sorry my spelling isnt to your level of acceptance. i said joe not john. i would think most people would be smart enough to understand. i spelled his last name wrong and i meant the guy who is the only living person to win a world series for the cubs and is now managing the angels. not the crazy guy that used to coach football. but at least you apparently are a good speller. i am happy you got that going for you.
  17. no no i am saying that list imo there is no one there that WILL ever win a w.s. i want madden
  18. the above list is a fail. no world series winner there.
  19. i specialize in repurposing old telephone books. business has been slow lately, i blame that though on outhouses being on the decline.
  20. i have a big differing view. i think he was a horrible manager and except for september, pretty much has underachieved forever imo. i think he totally missused reyes and i pray he hasnt ankieled him with that last appearance. i do know that madden got into it with the angels front office and likely could be had. the cardinals will be miles ahead if that happens.
  21. another that if you prefer to not believe, just dont read my posts going forward instead of assuming i dont have a good source.
  22. that is incorrect my sources are not "messageboard rumors". the only nonsense is your demeaning take. did i say anything about getting a share of past ncaa units? and you definitely do not know the financial details that were discussed previously. trust me it would not have been a HUGE financial positive. if you choose to demean me, i would prefer you just dont read my posts in the future. thanks
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