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Recruiting - 2022


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On 6/24/2019 at 2:27 PM, RUBillsFan said:

From her bio (http://www.slubillikens.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211685477&DB_OEM_ID=27200&Q_SEASON=2019) Larry's daugther (Lauryn) started her freshman year (2017-18) as a walk-on and was given a scholarship during the spring semester.  I'm not 100%, but I think that she was back to being a walk on during her Soph. year (2018-19).  I count 13 other players who I think were on scholarship.   11 played during the year - Haribson, Rice, McMahan, Jefferies, Frantz, Lindfors, Clark, Wilken, Flowers, Dusharm, Zars plus Smith Traore who sat as a transfer from Marquette plus Jaidah Stewart who come 2nd semester and sat as transfer from Houston equals 13.  If Lauryn was on scholarship, I don't think they would have been able to add Stewart.

I don't think this is relevant to Larry Jr having an offer or not.  I do think it speaks to how highly Larry thinks of SLU that his daughter attends even as a walk-on.  Presumably she could get a scholarship and earn playing time at a D-II school.

The NCAA allows 15 scholarships for WCBB, not 13  like for the men.


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9 minutes ago, courtside said:

Cardinal Ritter’s Luther Burden had 11 catches, 3 TD’s in a 32-21 road football win at defending Illinois class 7 state champion (and pre-season number one) Nazareth.

Court, is this Luther Burden related to the Burden that played here in the mid-80s?

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2 hours ago, tarheelbilliken said:

Court, is this Luther Burden related to the Burden that played here in the mid-80s?

Yes it is his son. 

Burden plays both basketball and football. He was already a highly recruited football Sophomore with well over 20 offers and counting including top 10 programs. His performance yesterday will draw even more attention and more offers. In basketball he has played up on Bradley Beal Elite teams before. He played the 16’s this summer. 

The photo is a summer partial football offer list, USC others have offered since.


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New 2022 offers:

Devin Ree - SF, 6-7, 170 - Terry, MS (Terry) - AAU: We All Can Go (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @Devin46997636
Offers: Saint Louis, Western Kentucky, Tennessee State.

Interest: Tulsa, UAB.

Latest News: Ree received offers from SLU, WKU, and Tennessee State. (9/16/19)

Scouting Report: Ree is a long, lean wing forward with a lot of skill and athleticism. He has good handles for his size and can lead transition and get to the rim, where he uses his bounce to finish strong. He has a solid outside shot and a ton of range. He has a great feel for the game. He has major upside.


Kok Yat - SF, 6-7, 170 - (Norcross, GA) - AAU: Boo Williams (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @2yat4
Offers: Saint Louis, Miami, Boston College, Arizona State, New Mexico, Cal State-Bakersfield.

Interest: George Washington, Vanderbilt, Toledo, UC-Irvine, UC-Riverside.

Latest News: Yat received an offer from SLU. (9/16/19)

Scouting Report: Yat is a long, athletic forward who scores on all three levels. He's got a smooth, confident offensive game that looks surprisingly crisp for his length and age. He can handle it, break down defenders off the dribble, shoot from anywhere, and get to the rim. He's a disruptive defender who creates steals and blocks shots. He transferred from Huntington Prep in West Virginia to Norcross in Georgia. He appears to have been based in Phoenix prior to HS and Anchorage before that.

-These guys will both be very high-level recruits very soon. Huge upside on both.

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32 minutes ago, Pistol said:

One of our interests became an offer: 

He was the leading scorer for the Brad Beal Elite 15U squad and led them on a nice run. He's from the Nashville area. Potential 5-star recruit once more 2022 rankings come out.

I think he's a 5 Star in ESPN... He's really good. Was easily the best player on their team.

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On 8/16/2018 at 3:17 PM, willie said:

Why do people on this board think that kids of our former players will want to play for their fathers school. Seems to me most good players don't end up at their parents school. I would be interested in seeing a lot of examples of where this is wrong. 

'cause we be stupid?

nothing else to do. Seems kind of normal to me.  a kin to "does she have a sister?"

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15 minutes ago, cheeseman said:

Given how Larry was touting SLU to Tatum it would be a bit weird if his son did not attend but i guess the kid may/should have his own ideas.

Tatum + Crews << Larry Hughes + Ford.  It just adds up that way.

The Legend has been prepping his son to play at SLU, and as long as Ford and/or the commitment to program persists, I doubt anything else will be more appealing.  Justin Tatum seemed more open to other options for Jayson, and the mismanagement by Crews sealed SLU's fate.  Had the stars aligned differently, Jayson would have been a Billiken.

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