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  1. Eh, Jordan Nesbitt doesn't really do it for me.
  2. I have highlighted my priority recruits. Shane Dezonie gets an honorable mention. Isaiah Barnes is also a solid - albeit nondescript - baller name.
  3. We're 50% of the way there. I gotta hand it to you, your retention bonus idea was a solid one. This is the kind of visionary thinking that will get this program to the mountaintop.
  4. We need to get this video up to 2,000 hits.
  5. I just. I can't handle this. The stars have aligned and cosmic forces have given us an unprecedented THIRD opportunity to get Justyn Mutts. And for TWO years! But it happens in the one freaking year in which we have a fully stacked roster. Oh, cruel fate. If he ends up in the A10, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
  6. Yesterday I watched (twice) 05's video of highlights from the 1986-87 team, which went 25-10 and lost to Southern Miss in the second round of the NIT. Bonner was a freshman that year, and Gray and Douglass were sophomores. It was surprising to see that the next year's team - in the 1987-88 season - went 14-14 with bad losses to Iona, Grambling, Eastern Illinois, and Florida A&M along with close losses to Illinois State and Detroit (in the conference tourney). Win those games, and you're looking at a 20-8 record with a chance to win more in the conference tournament and likely the NIT. I had forgotten that there was a drop-off between the first NIT appearance and our two NIT finals appearances after that. What happened with the 1986-87 team? Too inexperienced? Injuries? Despite losing Hudson, Roder, and Mimlitz from the year before, it seems like they significantly underachieved.
  7. Holy CRAP. This video has everything. Young Rammer Easy Ed HUEY LEWIS
  8. I fully oppose legacy admissions, except in cases in which my children would benefit from them.
  9. I'd feel a little better if Wash U. were doing it.
  10. Per the P-D, SLU will no longer require applicants to submit standardized test scores: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/education/slu-to-drop-admission-requirements-for-act-sat-in-2021/article_5c56930a-b73b-5bf3-a99e-da3b444ab91d.html I suppose this is a good thing? Is there a downside to this?
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