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  1. But then would a portion of our fan base refer to them as the 40s?
  2. It might be a smart strategy to have some of our Chaminade alums drop off the bag of cash for this recruit. @slufanskip and I are busy anyway. Guys, just remember to paint a large dollar sign on the bag before you fill it with cash. That part is key. We also usually cinch the top with a rope, but that's not a requirement - it just adds a little extra flair.
  3. Yes, as I understand it the number of high school/college-aged kids has been on the decline since the millennial generation finished school. So, it's great to SLU to record record enrollment despite there being fewer kids in the world.
  4. I just did a quick Google search, and our rate actually compares pretty favorably to that of our peer schools.
  5. I don't particularly enjoy the roller coaster, but I've largely come to terms with the fact that it is what it is. I would just appreciate more frequent peaks and less frequent valleys.
  6. I'm keeping an open mind. May go check out a game or two. I like that they'll have a spring season so they won't be competing with college and the NFL. I'm a little curious as to why the XFL didn't choose more non-NFL cities, but perhaps the now-defunct AAF beat them to the punch.
  7. I've seen several tweets suggesting Provel FC, which is pretty hilarious (despite my dislike of "FC" names).
  8. I admit to liking the name Steamers, but that may be more of a sentimental thing, as I grew up going to Steamers games as a kid. Still, they had a cool logo and color scheme. On the downside, it conjures up the term "Cleveland steamer."
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