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  1. Yeah, f-ing A, Whitey. Also, who allowed a Dayton fan to get courtside seats? WTF is that nonsense?
  2. He saw the Bills play in front of more fans than he ever saw at Mizzou Arena.
  3. That just seems unfathomable to me. But I'm certainly glad Ford and his staff are making their presence felt locally.
  4. Ford is going to be in the studio for two segments on Bernie's show on 101 this morning.
  5. From our college days, there were Jamal Johnson and Evan Pedersen. Of course, that's barely more recent than the '80s.
  6. I'll have a bloody mary and a steak sandwich and...a steak sandwich.
  7. Smart move. Ford should've enlisted him to talk some sense into the local kids who signed up to play at that sh-tball mascot-loving backwater.
  8. Looks like he had two particularly bad games - 0-8 vs. Detroit and 0-6 vs. South Alabama. Oof. He's shooting 35% in all other games. He's also shooting 82% from the line and averaging 14.3 points and 6.6 boards per game.
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