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  1. I applied/was accepted to Pepperdine back in the 90s. I did very little research into the school but was totally blown away by the photos in their marketing materials and some of the very SoCal aspects of the school - e.g., P.E. was required, but you could take surfing, golf, horseback riding, etc. I remember having to write an essay about my religious beliefs, or something along those lines. Definitely dodged a bullet by not going there.
  2. This is exactly what I want. And I want a Billiken Yeti tumbler. It seems like it would be easy to make this happen. It would also seem to me that one easy solution to our gear issues would be to take some of the Nike stuff our athletes wear and make it available to the general public. On social media I've seen student-athletes from various sports wearing stuff I would totally buy if I could.
  3. Very cool. It's interesting to me how few followers the Men's Basketball account has on Facebook - 810 vs. 16k+ for the Billiken Athletics account.
  4. It's cool how they have the word "DIE" on their license plates.
  5. I'm actually kind of glad it was canceled - wasn't crazy about that development. SLU can do better.
  6. Be sure to visit my uncle's brewery in Suncook, about a half an hour north of Nashua: https://www.oddballbrewingnh.com/
  7. I believe the Foundry developers already own it.
  8. Oh man, it's great. Priority recruit. Maybe I should start tracking my all-name guys once they get to college. I bet there is a strong correlation between production and cool names.
  9. I definitely like these. But Mutts needs to be top priority at this point.
  10. I'd only be interested because of the Gus Phillips factor.
  11. None of these names is Justyn Mutts.
  12. And his overall contract runs through 2024. I believe his two NCAA appearances make his buyout much larger, and their athletic department is in the red.
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