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  1. That's an...interesting choice of quote.
  2. Hey, I was Team Leon back then too, buddy. Both Leon Rice and my old neighbor, Leon. Rice would've been a pretty nice hire.
  3. This program treats us like Wallace.
  4. He's not entirely wrong about that.
  5. All of this. Also, he blocked me.
  6. I don't think he's a good source.
  7. I'm glad he's communicating with you. He blocked me.
  8. That sounds like a pretty awful radio show.
  9. I don't think anything is clear at this point.
  10. I guess some people just like sports and hope both teams have fun out there.
  11. Given that coaching searches rarely work out the way anyone ever thinks they will and SLU's proclivity to botch anything and everything, I'm kind of at this point now:
  12. I initially thought you were joking with this.
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