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  1. He played here for 13 seasons - five in Milwaukee, three in Atlanta. He made the All-Star game six times here and won the Silver Slugger once. I don't see why he wouldn't go in as a Cardinal. He usually makes an appearance or two in STL every year. His post-playing career in the Pirates' front office and later as a scout has likely kept him from being more involved with the Cards.
  2. Yep: https://alumni.slu.edu/s/1264/17/interior.aspx?sid=1264&gid=1&pgid=6637&cid=10556&ecid=10556&crid=0&calpgid=413&calcid=8723
  3. If the KU game in KC a few years ago is any indication, it will not be a tough ticket. Hopefully this time @TheA_Bomb will fight a bus driver.
  4. They really are fortunate in that they've had sustained success since the 1950s. Aside from a seven-year stretch in the '90s, they've never gone very long without an NCAA or NIT appearance. Basically the one bad coaching hire they made was the coach they had before Purnell. We dog Gregory all the time, but even he led them to two NCAAs and three NITs in eight seasons during a stretch in which Brad was ineffective and Majerus was rebuilding. And in two of the three seasons in which his teams didn't play in the postseason, they still won 19 and 18 games.
  5. I check Tigerboard maybe once or twice a year. It makes me so grateful for this board, in terms of both layout and content.
  6. Paste and Bay, baby! And Bobson Dugnutt.
  7. Martin's 2015-16 Cal team had FOUR future NBA players. They lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament.
  8. Sounds like a name from a 1980s Japanese baseball video game.
  9. Maybe we can all meet up and huddle around a radio somewhere.
  10. My wife is on board with this trip. We might have to take the kids to Disney while we're down there, but that's just the price you gotta pay with something like this.
  11. Wasn't Jacobs initially a Carbondale commit?
  12. The game day thread titles have been strong thus far this season.
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