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  1. I am personally neutral toward Bryan Adams. I just love that line from South Park.
  2. Not really how I wanted to start my day, but thanks for pulling the Band-Aid off.
  3. If he can just get maybe like 18 more chances to redeem himself, I think he's gonna be okay.
  4. It's clear to me now that the name needs to be Laser Snakes.
  5. “SEND MORE DMS.” — Illini Fan
  6. And if these yahoos are that vocal with kids who haven't even committed yet, imagine how they respond when players on their team miss a crucial free throw at the end of a game or blow a defensive assignment. I'm sure those DMs are a real blast to receive. As my favorite Muppet once said:
  7. What a buncha flippin' weirdos they are.
  8. Lame. I hope they didn't pay some marketing consultancy to come up with that.
  9. For obvious reasons, I am disappointed that we did not land Manhattan grad transfer Pauly Paulicap. However, the fact that he is headed to DePaul is pretty incredible and something I will cherish.
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