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  1. Looks like Lok Wur has narrowed his choices to Creighton, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas A&M, and Virginia Tech. Disappointing for us, but best of luck to him! Sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere.
  2. There's really nothing else to say at this point.
  3. New posters are always welcome. Quality's post was benign. And I appreciated it. No one has a problem with people sharing Billiken news. Sharing it in the proper thread, however, makes topics much easier to follow.
  4. Interesting. Also, that's a great school. Both of my kiddos went there.
  5. Attractive, intelligent, funny, heiress to a billionaire's fortune. She might be the perfect woman.
  6. It's about time we got someone with umlauts.
  7. Hold up. DePaul has TWO message boards?
  8. That wouldn't make any difference to me.
  9. Shocking, if true.
  10. Ha, I deleted my post after seeing that you're the one actually delivering the baby.
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