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  1. I've never felt compelled to use this image for non-game threads before today, but here we are.
  2. They should've won 26 games, that's the problem.
  3. My Redhawks lost a tough battle last night (*Sad Kaw* ). They shot FTs like the French-era Billikens.
  4. SEMO or bust, baby! Also, I'm rooting for Northwestern because of my wife, Indiana because of a couple of friends who went there (all other B1G teams can make an early exit as far as I'm concerned), and I guess Drake because why not.
  5. I love everyone and everything. I DO NOT WANNA DIE.
  6. Is everybody ready to get angry for the next two hours?!?!?
  7. Stats for Jordan Nesbitt, in case anyone's curious: 15.1 ppg/3.4 apg/6.5 rpg/1.3 spg
  8. We lost in the finals three times in that era. If we could've just won one of them, it would've been incredible.
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