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  1. And I believe that the roof panels will be translucent to help ensure that the grass receives sufficient sunlight.
  2. The whole trend of naming American teams FC/United/etc. bugs me.
  3. Question for those of you who follow the MLS, EPL, etc.: This design looks pretty good, right? Like to me it looks good, but I figured soccer fans might say something like, "It doesn't hold a candle to Rottenegg Stadium in Dingleberry-on-Trent" or whatever the most iconic soccer stadium is.
  4. Rockwell just added extra seating, which is great, because it's been slammed every time I've visited. I heard that the warehouse buildings on either side of Rockwell have been purchased, but I don't know what's planned for them. It would be great to see another brewery open along Vandeventer.
  5. He transferred after the first semester, so he's already sat out half a year.
  6. I need to watch that Motley Crue movie on Netflix.
  7. Sounds like they're going to build a classroom building where Pruellage and O'Brien were, with "green space" slated for the Laclede properties.
  8. SLU is currently tearing down: Laclede's Diablito's Pruellage Hall O'Brien Hall
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