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  1. Goodwin had a great game in a win over Greensboro. 22 points on 9-12 shooting, 2-3 from 3 and FT, 8 boards, 4 assists, 3 steals and 0 TOs. Multiple highlight plays
  2. Here is a link to a twitter thread I made with some more news clippings
  3. Joe B. Hall passed away today National Champion as a coach and player at UK. Also a great all time Billikens what if. After Buddy Brehmer resigned after a 6-20 season in 68-69 SLU looked to make a big splash hire and steal top assistant and recruiter from Kentucky Joe B. Hall to be the head coah for the Billikens. Hall, all of 40 years old, signed a 4 year deal to be Billikens coach amid a lot of local fanfare. In less than a week UK had convinced to Hall to stay on as top asst and successor to Adolph Rupp. Hall took over UK two seasons later and coached for 13 seasons making 10 NCAA tournaments, 3 Final Fours, 1 NCAA title and NIT title as well. Here are some Post Dispatch articles to give you a sense of the buzz around the program at the time and the outrage at the spurning of SLU by Hall.
  4. Nade knocked off CBC in OT. BJ Ward led with 23.
  5. 10 month old Jameson will be participating. All other babies are playing for 2nd place.
  6. Bol could play U16 if he wanted to. This seems ridiculous. In my day most HS coaches ran AAU programs. Irons had a team, gameface, that was just made up of Vashon players. I don't particularly like the direction BBE has moved in, featuring more out of towners than ever, and not locking down the best STL players. They could also not hire HS coaches to coach their teams. They could just have full time coaches. Their are plenty of guys who would take that gig.
  7. Is this a relatively new rule because Tatum has coached Eagles for awhile, sine before his son was in the program. He's had other CBC players on the team.
  8. This just means the Wright brothers are flying under the radar.
  9. Thatch dunks it at the very least he gets fouled. He slowed down and waited to get blocked. The team as a whole plays to shot blockers. If we initiated contact more often and went strong into chests we would get calls at the rim instead of getting blocked. Thatch needs to dunk with both hands in that situation. He made a weak move and it cost us. No way he gets blocked going up with two hands with several steps on the defender. That play doesn't happen in the league.
  10. If we haven't offered this pair Ford isn't doing his job.
  11. Sometimes our team needs to follow the old adage and Just Dunk It. Thatch takes too many layups for a guy that has a 40 inch vertical.
  12. No flights out of Philly. Terrible snow storm.
  13. I wear my baseball hats backwards. I'm 42. I wear glasses. I'm bald, and shave my head. I'm also pale and burn in the sun. I have to wear hats to stave off skin cancer. I would wear cowboy hats but those are out of place in most social situations and at this moment i don't own a horse. So baseball hats it is. My glasses are large and chunky. Most bills don't fit over my glasses right so i go for the backwards look. Yes it makes me look like a kid. But it keeps the tumors away. Don't judge.
  14. I signed up and have heard nothing. It should be occurring in the next week or so. My child is still only crawling backwards. He needs more training time.
  15. Dating myself but I remember when the WAC had Utah, New Mexico, UNLV, etc. It doesn't seem that long ago, i guess 20 years. How they morphed from the best non power conference to being made up of random newly promoted d-1 teams would be a fascinating read.
  16. It begins and ends with Guy Phillips. We hardly ever talk about him anymore and we should. He ruins a lot of the in game experience. Just the fact that we retain him despite his complete incompetence poisons the rest of the production. Even if we do something well, Guy will miss his timing, flub the intro, make an unfunny/off color joke, or not talk when he is supposed to. Dre has taken some of this away from Guy but it still beyond acceptable how much Guy messes up game to game.
  17. In the past 10 years I have visited all of the A10 venues except Rhode Island, Richmond, George Mason, GW, & UMass. I can't imagine any of those places being anywhere near comparable to us. The only places in the A10 that compete with us are VCU and Dayton. I think we are better than them. I think we get downgraded in the league because we are still the new guys. Any objective list we are at minimum top 2. Certainly there are things they could do better. I don't like the new bar. I don't like the exclusivity. I also feel like they are wasting the Lorenzini space with this new area only catering to Billiken Club members. I've alway said there just isn't a SLU feel in the arena. Too many blank walls where we should have shrines to Easy Ed, AB, Claggs etc.
  18. I believe they announced his contract on the 26th so his 10 day is either over today or tomorrow.
  19. Working and managing in retail most of my life, staying home sick is/was never a thing. I've worked with broken bones, flu, pneumonia, etc. Anything outside of hospitalization is unacceptable. The general public has always turned a blind eye to this. All the bitching about Schnucks being closed for the holiday weekend this past week just indicates how out of touch most people are or how they look on certain types of workers as beneath them and shouldn't have the same standards that other professions do just because it makes it inconvenient.
  20. DeRozan has been out of his mind this season. 2nd straight game he has hit a buzzer beater. Bulls are real title contenders.
  21. Ironically it is 40 years to the day since Wallace Robinson was kicked off the team by Ekker. Ekker would resign a few days later ending the 2nd worst period in Billikens history. The Ekker incident was kind of a big story. UPI wrote about it and the Times and Washington Post have blurbs about SLU/Ekker fiasco at the time. I wish I could access some Post Dispatch archives from that time period. This thread has some good info in it as well. I don't know what happened to Ekker. I don't think he is dead. He has strangely been scrubbed from the internet. No wiki page (which I know he used to have) and no page on NBA.com which he had for years as he was a scout, asst GM!!!, led an NBA development program in China etc etc.
  22. This thread reaffirms my disdain of all government and bureaucracy.
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