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  1. No. Bol is like Smith in Sudan. Very common name. Manute does have a son Bol Bol who played at Oregon and is now in the NBA.
  2. Future Billiken and Future #1 NBA Draft Pick.
  3. I love the book, but its essentially an extended short story, not really a novel. I think this is a rare case where the movie is better than the book. The movie when it came out, had a huge negative PR campaign against it. It was only mildly successful at the box office and didn't take off until the DVD was released. It should have won multiple awards in retrospect. Ebert panned it completely and Rosie O'Donnell did a whole show on how horrible it was and then gave away the twist ending before it even came out. Looking back it was very strange how it was perceived leading up to its release. None of the criticism was about the performances or the story. The media just didn't like the themes presented in the movie, not exactly what criticism should be based on.
  4. Agreed. SLU's is the weakest of the bunch. I really like Daytons's, Rhode Island, St. Joes, and Bona.
  5. Hockey attendance at UMass is close to doubling up basketball currently.
  6. For UCA he was their lead guard and had the ball by far the most on their team. He got out of control easily but was in a position where he had to make all the plays. He's a mature player who will adapt and tone down his playing style to fit in here
  7. Star studded Ramey Fall league featuring our 2 recruits, Thames & Kramer along with John Bol, our '24 recruit who will be the first No 1 overall NBA draft pick from SLU in 2025. Starts in a couple weeks. Great event that I attend every year.
  8. Bryant can shoot but they love Gafford. He's the only rim protector and defensive presence they have. Plus he'll be cheap for 2-3 more years.
  9. Echineque had a strong summer league and earned an exhibit 10 contract. Gafford's contract is non guaranteed due to a NBA union loophole. He will get guaranteed in January. He makes 1.7 million and is a projected starter.
  10. The NBA is reeling back a bit on drafting all the 19 year olds. If we see more crash and burn kids this season there will be even more older players drafted.
  11. Ford needs to get the whole Wayans family court side seats next the Doc.
  12. Someone more enterprising than me should be making shirts featuring the players and brokering a deal with them like St. Bona has.
  13. Todd signed a 4 year deal earlier this month. He will not be on a 2 way deal.
  14. They've been a .500 program for 10 years One 20 win season in the last 10. They play in at best a mid major conference. Springfield and SW MO has been able to produce a steady diet of mid major players, but anything higher than that goes elsewhere. If Springfield was developing higher level talent MO St wouldn't be a player for it. `MO St gets a lot of their students from the St. Louis metro area. You would think they would have a footprint in St. Louis recruiting. Their St. Louis recruits are usually not even top 10 in the area in their class. They pull a lot of borderline guys who went JUCO or MO St is their best offer.
  15. I hope the roster is not set but we only have a couple more weeks at best to get another player. We need another big for depth. I'm assuming all worries about the other transfers getting waivers are over. The PG from UCA is not here yet but the guy from Oakland has been with the team. I was not a Jimmy Bell fan. Kudos to him for losing weight in HS but he never got in shape here. He was 30 LBs bigger than anybody he faced on the court but he played like he was 50 LBs lighter. SOFT. Good footwork and moves but too much mass to pull them off. He gets down to 240 and can dunk with ease, maybe you have something. His skills just seem like a real mismatch for his body.
  16. I guess we had offers out to Kickapoo kids but I don't know how many we actually wanted in the end. While we view Southwest Mo St as a glorified community college it has a decent pull in Springfield. Most D-1 players out of the area end up there.
  17. I haven't seen anything reported that says Homesly has a training camp invite. He was released from his previous contract with the team but brought back for summer league. The Wizards are set on their 15 roster spots. Goodwin, Walker, Winston, & Huff have Exhibit 10 contracts, so they need to add 1 more player.
  18. How did I not know this? This has put them at a huge disadvantage with the advent of the grad transfer rule.
  19. Does Corey post here? I thought he did.
  20. We are rooting for the 10 year career but all I really want for him is a pension.
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