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  1. Same here but how will that work I wonder? If you are a local kid and have the chance to play D1 hockey, would you really chose Maryville over some of the other options? Riggs from Barstool played D1 from here and was able to go to Harvard because being on a team helped him get in. I don't know much about Maryville and I live probably 10 minutes away. Based on what Pistol said it will be a big online school so not really much of a college campus? How many kids live on campus? I just can't imagine if I was good enough to play D1 college hockey I would ever pick Maryville. So that means they would probably be getting lowest quality D1 players which means while they may draw originally, I can't see it lasting. I like the ambition but it seems like it is going to be costly to travel due to no D1 teams really that close and won't be a huge hit.
  2. For those who have watched, how is Ream looking? I am a casual follower so am I missing anybody from SLU/St. Louis that is on the team other than Ream?
  3. I was all over spotting @Will Patterson. Although in fairness, he is my favorite "One Post Wonder".
  4. But I doubt his was academic. SLU has eligibility requirements for their full academic scholarship which since he got a 23 on the ACT, he didn't meet but I am guessing in the examples you know of the kids met the requirements. I can't imagine SLU can just offer full academic scholarships to kids that play soccer that don't meet the minimum eligibility to earn it. So SLU probably just offered him a full scholarship another way due to his situation which could be why it took so long to respond to him after Kalish was hired, maybe SLU was checking with the NCAA if he could still play with that scholarship. We don't have all the details so I don't like assuming Kalish did something wrong, especially when Saadiq is on campus with him this summer. Usually what I assume, if there is a decision to be made for a student athlete for the right thing to do for them as a person, the NCAA will do the opposite.
  5. Thanks for sharing. So it sounds like they offered him a full scholarship that just wasn't athletic? Maybe he couldn't have played soccer then because of concern of NCAA trouble if a kid went from having a scholarship to not but still getting a full ride? Just trying to make sense of why he would leave.
  6. I don't know the full details, just what was in the story but lets not also forget that a student athlete is different from a normal student. A teacher could buy a normal student a meal if they just had a parent pass away, a coach cannot. The NCAA has dumb rules that make even doing the right thing come back and hurt the institution because it is wrong to them. Not saying there wouldn't be a way around it or that SLU is off the hook here, just pointing that out.
  7. Well I don't have a subscription but can read the write up on Larry Hughes Jr without it. Can always use a shooter and is really 6'5" now? Link
  8. Since the topic of who the NHL would prefer in the finals was discussed in this thread, game 7 was the highest rated NHL game since 1994. St. Louis was the top rated market through the Stanley cup playoffs. Always a good thing to show what this market can do for TV ratings for sports other than the Cardinals.
  9. Saw the title of this and I all I could think of it
  10. I heard Deweys. Faraci's has been around for a long time as a family run pizza place. I love it. They close for like a month every summer when the family goes on vacation and I always have a craving for it during that month. I didn't realize he only did cheese. I was surprised Imo's got that high when I heard that because their cheese is how he described, not much too it. Also, people not from St. Louis tend to not like Provel cheese. Had friends at SLU from different states that would get the Joe Boccardi's pizza with different cheese when they ordered it.
  11. Well about time we go all Bob Barker on them then:
  12. While I do agree, unfortunately I believe I remember Keith Tkachuk getting flak for wearing a Red Sox hat to the World Series in 04.
  13. Not a great read here but one I enjoy, especially the title: Jayson Tatum Triggers Boston Fans By Celebrating Blues Win On Twitter
  14. Going back to this post with Scott Stevens and everything in between. The reason the Scott Stevens incident happened was because we lost him originally as part of compensation for signing Brendan Shanahan when he was a restricted free agent. The Blues talked to Stevens before free agency started which was the rule they broke but he would’ve been on the Blues already had they not signed Shanahan. So what was everything that happened in between? Well the Blues ended up trading Shanahan for a young defenseman Chris Pronger (who was at last Billikens home game) who led to the Blues to a Presidents trophy but no cup appearance. After the lockout, Bill Laurie wanted to make the team easier to sell so traded bigger contracts which meant Pronger was traded for Eric Brewer, Jeff Woywitka, and Doug Lynch which was a terrible trade. Eric Brewer was traded 6 years later for Brock Beukeboom, who never made the NHL, and a third round pick in the 2011 draft. The third-round pick in 2011 became…Jordan Binnington who has led the Blues to someplace they haven’t been in 49 years. Sometimes things that happen in between may happen for a reason which is why sports are always fun to follow. Could he be the Prince that was promised? Either way this ride is one I will never forget. Come on Torch, join the rest of us idiots and become a "worst fan in hockey". I sure don't follow the Billikens because the A10 refs are so great in an incredibly run NCAA.
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