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  1. I only knew this because I think it was when we made the top 10 during last year with the Majerus kids it was mentioned how we have the longest drought since being ranked number 1 with the first time being first year of AP poll. I think it was then or another time shortly after that was mentioned several times.
  2. @TheOne posted on page 2 of this thread that Hasahn "is hopeful and expected to be back and fully ready for Saturday" so would hope that means not real serious.
  3. Since this has been discussed, looks like FSM will have their own package for streaming soon. Looks like wouldn't be this season for SLU but next season. That would be much better than having to switch providers or streaming services every few years. SLU on KMOX deal is also discussed. Link
  4. Well if this game happens, probably would be first game of year for Bonnies.
  5. Per Stu, they may have an A10 game between LSU and Central Arkansas.
  6. Do they have an app? Because I heard the advertisements for their "sync my game" website last year on the radio and went to the website to try it one game and all I found was a website that just lists the instructions for how you should pause the game and sync it up to the app. https://www.learfield.com/sync-my-game/
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Go figure, FSMW normally only broadcasts home games so I never watch since I am at the games but now this year will be one time I don't have the channel and may not be able to go.
  8. Am I the only one that can't see the hat @NextYearBill posted? Because I am curious what the delight is...
  9. This video and/or the pictures of Goodwin they had yesterday should be tweeted at every St. Louis kid that gets an offer.
  10. I would also say and have said the difference in the ones you mention is where they end up, Mizzou. It happened with Watson too. It almost seems like when the kid is committed to another school and decides to switch, Frank is given info that he reports that sounds like SLU is the option and all of them have ended up at Mizzou. Frank is by far the most plugged in source we have. He was saying Nesbitt sounded good to SLU for awhile and it seemed like a lot of national guys heard the same thing later as they had crystal balls and Rivals picks to us.
  11. Frank tweeted that Nesbitt's dad told him he would play video of Penny Hardaway to Jordan as a kid so in this specific case, his NBA career probably did have an impact. The article from basketball recruiting is odd. Nesbitt says Penny isn't like coaches that say "come here and you'll start right away" but kept it real by saying "come here and you can be a one and done". I feel like if a coach says the first thing, that can be true, like when Ford recruited Goodwin and French. I feel saying the second thing is something the coach really can't guarantee to any kid that isn't a top 10 tal
  12. They are in the final four for Skyy Clark who is rumored to maybe reclassify to 2021 but crystal balls are going to Kentucky for him right now.
  13. To go with that, I would think they would also buy into the coach telling them that he can help develop them to make the NBA. Penny is basically saying the kids he told that to a couple years ago that even though they may be putting in the effort and doing everything he asks of them, they just aren't worth the his time anymore on trying to help develop them, he will just bring in kids who are more talented that he doesn't need to really help improve. I find it odd in every article about their recruit that I could find, none mention scholarships available. That is always mentioned in a
  14. And the crazy thing is they aren't done. They are 100% in the crystal ball for Sam Ayomide. I just couldn't imagine playing for a coach that is looking to get rid of that many kids at the end of the season. One article said they may have a 4 or 5 man recruiting class so could go over by 5. I get players transfer but that is not just a normal amount of transfers, that is forcing kids to leave.
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