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  1. Thanks for the recap! Why can't the players use bikes if they had it? I had it in November and felt bad for a couple days but still worked out everyday. If the symptoms weren't serious I guess I don't get why they couldn't work out. Just a health concern thing?
  2. To me, it sounds like they got it now but could be wrong. It is a long article but a few excerpts from it.
  3. Really curious if French got it again or the players who didn't had it before mainly for that reason.
  4. They are on break right now until the end of January I think. But probably would always go with those who give money to the program first. I do agree though that they can really make the game day atmosphere.
  5. Chris May sent an email saying a limited number of season ticket holders can go to games now based on priority points.
  6. I didn't see this posted but Chris Hrabe had Garry Parrish on. Lot of positive SLU talk. Link
  7. With Jimerson, Carter Chapley tweeted out how he told him before the NC state game that it has been a tough adjustment without fans for depth perception. Not to find excuses but for shots like the one he missed bad at the end of the game last night, I can easily see how that can impact a shot like that.
  8. We are now 29 in Kenpom. We were 28 before this game? Only dropped one spot?
  9. Original post was wrong thread. No crash here.
  10. Shame they didn't include Goodwin's response. I imagine it went like this. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/e8c41a95-d900-40d7-b9a1-58f714798df2
  11. If Has were to get in foul trouble, Tilmon would have already been in foul trouble. He definitely has struggled with that and tonight was a good example where he didn't do anything because they called everything. I agree though, I wasn't overly impressed with either team. Illinois seemed to go as Ayo goes. Mizzou is better than people thought but then again it is filled with a bunch of 3 and 4 star recruits and finally will make the tournament after they played together for 4 years. They only have 1 underclassmen that played any minutes tonight. I thought Watson was going to be a
  12. They said they are going to offer a stand alone streaming service starting next year so probably won't be back to a lot of carriers.
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