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  1. I didn't want to start a new thread but article in the Athletic today about Ford building a hometown roster starting with getting Goodwin. Nothing ground breaking in it but that is three stories in two days from three different writers. Like to see it! Link
  2. Carter Chapley wrote on article on Tay Weaver. I don't know if it was announced for sure but he mentions the last scholarship was given to Raboin. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/tay-weaver-leader-by-example/
  3. Carter Chapley had a story about it. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/late-magic-leads-the-billikens-to-bronze-boot-glory/
  4. Article in the Athletic about former Billiken, Dan Flynn retiring as CEO of U.S. soccer and possibly going to become the president of the St. Louis MLS team.
  5. They are appealing to the U.S. Supreme court so the next step because the Missouri Supreme court didn't rule in their favor.
  6. So Stan and the NFL are appealing this to the Supreme court. Somebody who knows law more than I do, any chance the Supreme court would actually hear this case?
  7. While I don't think we are going to get him anymore either, wasn't he just on campus over the summer? I just don't consider "official" visits from local kids a big deal since they usually have visited several times anyways so that is more how I take the unsure if he will take an official here.
  8. Between Rivals and 247, 5 analysts have made predictions and all are Kansas State.
  9. So can somebody who is much more knowledgeable in soccer than me and watched last years team give any feedback yet on this year vs last? Followed the game on twitter and sounded like the crowd was good.
  10. As I always say, always good news when a record amount of winners are migrating here.
  11. Why? I would prefer Spirits over Stars but would be fine with either. I like the idea of a bit of a throw back and Spirits has the connection to St. Louis other than just the previous team name. I heard people mention Saint Louis Metro as possibility.
  12. I believe you were thinking SLU was more of a fallback school for him so you think that puts us up there with Kstate or still behind?
  13. Yea guessing brothers since the dad tagged both of them in the tweet. Both were here for the visit so don't know if SLU has interest in Trey or just Tamar. I think that is just Tamar that is in the picture with Ford. Looks like both were at the Larry Hughes camp this weekend as well.
  14. Guessing he is the dad of Tamar bates, 2021 recruit that we have offered from Pistols list. Unless he has another son named after him that you are talking about? Edit: Looks like the son goes by "Trey" for short. Went to the dads twitter page.
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