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  1. I get what you are saying but from the post about what Frank said, he said the "hot rumor", which would line up with what Coach314 said too. He didn't say it is a lock or anything but just another person who does have a lot of local connections hearing the same rumor Coach posted about. When multiple people hear the same thing, it lends more odds to it being true but again it sounds like they are trying to find a way so far from a lock.
  2. Saw somebody wearing it around Chaifetz last year and looked all over for it. I wouldn't think there be trouble with Cardinals because I believe SLUH has the same logo for their baseball hats but maybe I am wrong.
  3. Article on Lorentsson from Stu. I know Stuen's trip to Europe in the season had us speculating but interesting info on it in the article. Apparently wasn't targeting anybody but was just told by Ray Giacoletti that the tournament he was going to is a place to spot for talent. Link
  4. Didn't read through this entire thread but BenFred talks about this in his column today. Makes the argument Tatum had better chance staying at SLU if the rules change. Link
  5. Unless a top local recruit commits to a school and then decommits randomly. In that case you will hear Frank say he think the kid is a SLU lean but was poached by Martin (Waston/Pickett/Tilmon). This is him decommitting because of coaching change so don't think it would apply.
  6. I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Michael Osterholm, the infectious disease expert so I get the seriousness of the disease but is the biggest reason to cancel the tournament liability? NBA players probably have private gyms or have courts at their houses but with SLU and most colleges shutting down in person classes, if these kids go home wouldn't they just go to public gyms to play or workout? Not like there isn't a risk then of getting the coronavirus. And I would say they would be traveling commercial, going out at night and just being out in public more so probably a greater chance of catching it then being sort of isolated with the team preparing for games. Just like with SLU shutting down in person classes, I highly doubt that means all the kids just isolated themselves in rooms. Would bet they are just crowded into more bars.
  7. Yea he was at the end by Thatch in a white t-shirt. Seemed into it during warmups, smiling and happy.
  8. Carter said it was Raboin who got it. Link "Tay enters SLU as the final puzzle piece of the 2019/2020 roster. While there is, or was, another scholarship available for another recruit the Billikens have opted to award that scholarship to (now) former walk-on Jack Raboin"
  9. If it was something like late for practice or something, it could be because Ford is giving him certain things he has to do to be able to play like showing up early. Just a complete guess but that was my thought is just he had to do certain things to be able to play.
  10. Ford was on with Frank, broke down last nights game including talking about TJs shot but he did mention he doesn't know if Jacobs will play Saturday but "he will be back".
  11. https://bracketologists.com/
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