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  1. Interesting recap on how the coaches prepare for the next game at the end.
  2. Looks like Martin is getting a case of Yurimania as well. Link
  3. Danny Mac is bringing it back this season having Ford on each week. If you have the time to download and listen, sure it helps him with sponsorship so he can keep doing it and with that, being on the call and having Carter Chapley write for his site, he is doing what he can to provide SLU content. Talks about how making the tournament may help them reach their goal quicker but they still aren't there where SLU is a top team in league and in tournament each year. Update on Javon Bess. Danny Mac was at the exhibition game so discuss that game for a bit and how they plan on pressing. Our depth needs to get better which getting them more time from the press can help. Danny Mac was very impressed with Yuri Collins (paging @slu72) and Ford talks about how he underestimated how tough he is when he was recruiting him. Yuri will come into games quickly even if he doesn't start and he will be in at crucial times because of his toughness and defense. Ford mentions how TJ had 5 high school coaches in 4 years so Ford is his 6th coach in 5 years. Because of that, he is a bit behind learning but he has a great attitude and is working hard. Link
  4. Ford was on the 2 Fox last night with Martin. Talked about Yuri, leadership of Goodwin/French/Thatch, the non-conference schedule, how the Mizzou/KU game hurts chance of SLU/Mizzou, the NCAA decision that players can make money off their likeness (he would prefer it to be spread out over all D1). Ended up talking about Jimmy Bell and how Ford is still undefeated at HORSE so he is the best shooter on the team and "definitely the best free throw shooter". Link
  5. Somebody mentioned to me they heard about SLU Title IX on the radio yesterday so I looked up the story. Couldn't help but notice our friend Kratky quoted saying "I would be very worried if our numbers were zero, right, because we know these things are happening. And if they are happening, we need to know about it so we can help our students" Does this not sound like presumption of guilt to anybody else? She knows it is happening so when it gets reported, sounds like she already goes into it knowing the person is guilty because she knows it is happening. Don't know the full procedure but just can't believe there are charges of "rape" that aren't being investigated by the police, just investigated by SLU. Link Edit: Apologize for posting this OT here but remembered reading about Kratky recently in this thread. Plus, when somebody mentioned SLU and Title IX to me today I almost had a heart attack so figured there is the link if it helps save somebody else from a scare.
  6. Jordan Barnett got one there too. So since Martin has been there since 2017, 4 of his players have gotten DWI's. He really needs to increase the punishment or something because it is truly unsafe for them. And you can say don't throw stones but Watson got 1 week and is already back before games even start. We don't know what Santos did and he was suspended indefinitely which led to him withdrawing from school. For situation 2, which led to no arrests (which a DWI should be an arrest), we had 3 players kicked out of school and 1 suspended a semester. I'm sorry but drinking while driving is dangerous to the kids and to other people on the road, especially with Uber so easy to use and available. But I am sure Watson missing a few practices will show the rest of them not to do it.
  7. I remember reading on here a few years ago that Carrawell mentioned that he and Loren would've went to SLU if Jahidi did or transferred back. Went to find the post to make sure I wasn't imagining that.
  8. I like the reply by Tyler Cook because I remember that. It seems like this is becoming more common with Mizzou where all of a sudden a rumor of a kid from the area transferring back starts and the tweets at and about the kids go crazy. Liddell is from Illinois and over 2 hours away from Columbia yet for some reason he is going to Mizzou because he wants to come "home". Wait until at least the kid says something before bothering them with tweets.
  9. This is from January when the announcement was made about the Blues moving to 101.
  10. Yea I saw that, he is a K State guy and got one other K State pick right so not sure if he actually has inside info or just wants that to be the pick.
  11. Looks like Robert Martin from CBC got an offer. Two CBC offers to 2022 kids two days in a row. Can tell he is a big fan of Saint Louis University University
  12. I find this really hard to believe for the Cardinals. Do you have any info that states this just for the Cardinals or are the studies done by grouping cities together? I would believe that New York gains almost no economic impact from their teams because it is the center of business for the United States so doesn't need sports to get visitors. Same with LA, already an enormous city that doesn't need a sports team to get people to visit. Does a party city next to the beach like Miami gain a bunch from having about 800k people go to their games? I highly doubt it and think that was a terrible deal for the tax payers there. When looking at St. Louis, they almost always break over 3 million attendance for the season which means 3 million people that go downtown to attend these games. That puts the Cardinals in the top 2 or 3 of attendance every year, right by New York and LA which we are nowhere close to population size. So a city of 300k people gets about 10x the amount of people downtown for games. Is there any other city that comes close to that? New York is a city of 8 million so getting 4 to 5 million for their combined teams wouldn't have the impact for them as it does here. I have also read that they estimate 40% of the 3 million are visitors from out of town which means businesses for hotels. A Kohls department store downtown would bring in 1.2 million people each summer? I just find it hard to believe. Plus with St. Louis being an independent city which Baltimore would be the only MLB team that is similar, how much of the disposable income that the studies say would be spent anyways would stay in the county without the Cardinals that goes to the City because of the Cardinals? You can say bars closed because of ballpark village but can you say they would have even been there before BPV without the Cardinals? I just don't see that many people from the county going downtown for dinner without them. I am not saying St. Louis City should increase sales taxes and property taxes on the 300k residents to pay 100% for a stadium because that would clearly hurt a lot of people that are struggling already. But I do think you are underselling the impact of the Cardinals on St. Louis. Or maybe you can expound upon Cardinals killing all downtown activity because I just don't see it. I lived downtown for about 5 years after graduating from SLU and it was night and day difference when I went to bars and restaurants with the amount of people during game days.
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