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  1. I am being lazy and don’t want to scroll thru the thread since it looks like it has gotten a bit aggressive, for those of us who are interested in soccer but did not follow it this season, could someone with knowledge provide a breakdown how this season went for the boys and how things look moving forward? I see the record and the results, so more just overall thoughts for those of us who didn’t follow it.
  2. Excluding the Maryville game, the per game averages become rather similar with just a really big flip in his shooting %s (improved considerably from 3 (by 13.85%), but dropped considerably from 2 (by 13%)).
  3. I wasn't being critical of Hargrove and I am a big fan of the kid, I just think saying he is excelling with his fairly limited production is a step too far. I didn't realize he actually played fewer minutes this season than his freshman season. It is actually kind of odd comparing the two as the numbers kind of show him having a better freshman season outside of that 3 point %. Doesn't matter, we seemingly all agree Hargrove is a guy we are excited to see the next two seasons.
  4. This is in line with my thoughts as well. I love Hargrove, but the term excelling seemed a bit aggressive.
  5. That is kind of the thing, I don't think he is very talented nor do I think he was deserving of a 4 star recruiting ranking. Maybe you meant to respond to a different post? What he was in high school just did not translate to the high major level and many had those questions on the front end despite the recruiting ranking. He was able to dominate bullying his way to the rim in Missouri Class 3 ball. He just isn't strong enough or athletic enough to do that in college and that isn't even touching on the fact that his ball skills are definitely low major caliber. So he rightfully tried to become
  6. Relegated makes it sound like that was a coaching staff decision, his complete lack of ball skills is why he was relegated to being a stand still shooter. I know folks who watched him in high school had some concerns with how his game would translate to the high major level (apparently scored a lot of his points at the rim playing as more of a 6'4 bully at the Class 3 level) and those concerns played out. He is so inept with the ball that his only role at the high major level was to become a lights out 3 point shooter. He just can't be a volume scorer at that level.
  7. Haha, that's great. Basically wanting to be able to dress like the Dayton fans we crapped on for all of those years. Life comes at you fast.
  8. I’m not cool in the least, this is what I would like offered for the Billikens as a 38 year old white male season ticket holder living in suburbia. https://www.petermillar.com/c/c/atlantic-10-schools/university-of-dayton-apparel.html
  9. I will use this opportunity to let folks in on a mistake that I made that will hopefully prevent anyone else from making the same mistake. The last time someone posted something amusing from Grandy I searched for him on Instagram, went on his account, and sent my friends what I viewed as one of the more amusing photos. I am a no judgment type of guy, but unless you want the occasional photo of essentially nude black dudes in your Instagram search section, do not do that. The Instagram algorithm is hard at work on my account between attractive women hitting golf shots and black dudes hanging ar
  10. I actually meant to put that in my last post, he does have a lot of similarities to Isabell. It would definitely be a roster fit.
  11. I want to go on the record as saying I no longer endorse the above statement. After some folks disagreed I looked into the game logs for Arizona State to find I really caught some of his off nights. It looks like Verge is kind of a hot or cold player, but there is no doubt he can score it. I apologize for the unnecessary negativity, I will learn from this and be better in the future.
  12. Sounds like we will know on McKissic soon: Jacob Polacheck UMKC transfer Brandon McKissic confirms he will be making his college decision sometime within the next week. Finalists: Kansas, Oregon State, Florida, Saint Louis, Missouri and Kansas State.
  13. Overall I am good with Frank cheerleading for the program. With him being considered more legitimate media, I would prefer that he not talk about players on other teams rosters in connection with us though. Wait until they become recruitable players. I assume someone has told him SLU would have interest in Cook, but not a great look to be talking about that when Cook is about to play in a Sweet 16 game. Am I the only one who would not have much interest in Verge? And is he in the portal? Again, just hold off until dudes are in the transfer portal.
  14. It really is something else, seemingly every few hours there is a name that pops up that is intriguing to me. For the record, I did not want SLU to pursue McKinney, but was interested to see where he would end up as a local hoops junkie.
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