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  1. I caught a bit of the 3rd quarter thru the end of the CBC/De Smet game last night. I think I’ve decided with how CBC defends you can’t overly evaluate their opponents, so I don’t have anything on the De Smet players individually. Although the Taylor kid did make some nice shots. As far as CBC, Robert Martin was seemingly banged up, but man he is quick and his shot looks really good. Kid was hobbling at times, but still making play after play. He is just so small though, but that is a kid I really like and fun to watch at this level. I am really interested in watching him this spring/summer. An
  2. He does have late bloomer attributes and is still just a junior which is why I am still intrigued by him. Otherwise, from what I have seen at this point he would be a pass similar to the rest of that '22 local class beyond Reed. But when you see a kid look so young and undeveloped at that age you have to assume the rest of his physical development is about to catch up with the growth spurt. And given who his dad is, I would have to assume he is going to have the proper training to allow him to add bulk and other elements to his game as he grows into that length. Thames is another kid who has g
  3. Yes, I would take a Gibson Jimerson caliber shooter in every class.
  4. I never said anything about needing be his father or not liking a guy like Jimerson or true shooters in general, so I don't know where you took that from. My commentary was confined to Larry Jr. and having questions about his athleticism to be a high major wing at the next level and to date he does not strike me as a true knock down shooter from 3 like a Jimerson. Again, all of that can change, I just currently am on the fence on the kid like I am with almost that entire local class beyond Reed. I doubt anyone who watched their game with Chaminade a week ago would be confident in his ability t
  5. I was thinking that same thing if he is in a similar place physically a year from now. He is so young looking that maybe we see a completely different player physically next fall.
  6. Have you watched CBC the past few seasons? I will ask some of the coaches at Chaminade, but I don't think he is the guy opponents would be game planning for defensively beyond the typical assignment of guarding a shooter. The younger Hughes from what I have seen isn't attacking off of the dribble much and is more of a true shooter. And with other offensive threats on the court who are more dynamic with the ball in their hands like Martin and Karate that penetration is likely what you are more keyed in on containing. I understand that quote for a dude like Larry who I recall dribbling thru 5 gu
  7. I assume I would be one of the folks this would be directed at, I don't think I ever said he wasn't a good shooter, but I did point out his shooting percentages. Candidly, my biggest concern when I watch him is that he does not strike me as a high major athlete for a wing, but that might not be accurate as I have only seen him in a handful of games where again he tends to be more of a standstill shooter. As it stands now, he does not stand out to me as a high major caliber recruit, but he is so young looking and physically undeveloped, that he could have a lot of room for growth. Sophomor
  8. Do you think he is MM+ athlete in general? I candidly don't watch CBC much beyond when they play Chaminade, but he doesn't stand out athletically to me and truly plays more like a true spot up 3 point shooter than a scorer. Attempted some really bad shots the other night, but again they were all deep 3s. I have only seen games online where he doesn't seem overly active unlike Karate or Martin, so it could just be his role and how he plays as opposed to any specific limitation. Watching him play the other night, the most surprising thing to me was when the play by play folks said he is 6'5. Bec
  9. Would anyone notice if women’s basketball in its entirety were cancelled?
  10. He was one we really needed. Country strong with bounce. Reading the article it certainly sounded like he liked a lot of things about SIU and had some key relationships there. I just recall being around the program that was one we thought we were close to landing and attributed missing him to the major, I should not have said locked up. That article does give credence to us finishing 2nd.
  11. I think Pistol found that he ended up returning and finishing up a history degree, so he didn’t even get the degree that was such a big deal in his recruitment. I just remember their squad at the time having some stud local guys who we largely did not offer and Shaw who we were so close to landing.
  12. Shaw was definitely the one Pistol and I would have been well aware of. Seemed like a lock had it not been for the specific engineering major that SLU did not offer, pretty sure it came down to us and SIU. And we were also there when Falker would have been coming out of Gateway and while I know we recruited him I candidly didn’t recall us offering him. I know we wanted Shaw bad though and had him on campus.
  13. I will be watching Hughes closely this Friday, but to this point he doesn't strike me as a high major player. Maybe part of that is because he is so thin and my opinion would be different if he matured physically. I find myself really liking Martin, but I always question guys who are that small. Looking at the box scores from their first 4 games (no shooting stats from their game last night, so that would certainly improve these stats), Hughes attempted more 3s than 2s and shot 28% overall (17.4% from 3) with 18 of 46 points coming from the free throw line where he shot 75%. Again, that d
  14. Anytime I hear that song I think of a classmate of mine at Chaminade who would play that as soon as he got to his car after school, what a song to be blaring from your yellow Xterra thru the student parking lot.
  15. You are one of my favorite Billiken fans, so I hate to hear what you and your family are going thru. Thoughts and prayers, hopefully we can all reconnect at a game next fall/winter.
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