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  1. I didn't know he did that, mine is more of a general observation. I don't take in much of his content, so maybe my opinion is off.
  2. I know this isn't the point of the thread, but is there a bigger douchebag than Taylor Twellman?
  3. Question, any idea how common it is for programs to oversubscribe on paper? Definitely a weekend I will be an even bigger loser monitoring the Twitter accounts of high school kids.
  4. Oops, I should have put that in the original post. Based on Bunge's 2018 revenue of $45.7 billion which is behind only Centene at $60 billion.
  5. Yeah, it certainly seems like a solid deal for the city. The only thing I didn't like was when they had that public meeting with the board of aldermen it seemed like any of the aldermen actually trying to ask questions were kind of shot down. And then you had media members acting as cheerleaders for the ownership group (not sure if they were receiving $ to do so). I am by no means a supporter of the board of aldermen, but with what happened with the Rams (and the crap deals across the country) I found it odd to be so critical of folks who in theory should be asking those sorts of questions to fully understand the deal and negotiate on behalf of the city. And this was after the first ownership group with the guy from Boston and them having that media session where Taylor Twellman and others took a very odd approach (not sure how they could have come across much worse, tone deaf) when in theory they were tasked with selling the deal to the citizens of St. Louis. I was happy to see the Taylor family step up and kind of take over with Kavanaugh.
  6. I live out in Chesterfield and frequently drive past their North American headquarters, recently built a really nice building off of 40 and Timberlake. Will the Global Headquarters be on this same campus? More than the number of folks being moved to the region would be the caliber of jobs that are moving. I saw that this will make Bunge the second-biggest public company based in the St. Louis area behind Centene.
  7. Might be too early to know how we are looking long term (should have a better sense of that come the turn of the calendar), but it does look like the 2020-21 season should be one where we can make some noise with a senior class of Goodwin, French, and Perkins.
  8. Yeah, if we are keeping it to the recent past and the past 15 years I have to imagine Chaminade has produced the best talent with Lee, Beal, Tatum, Cook, Lewis, and Hellems. We would need a Vashon grad to fill in their alums who have played in college, but not many who really had big careers in college that I am finding (again, the past 15 years). Doing some quick research (not all of these guys played at these schools for four seasons) I am finding the following guys: Jimmy McKinney (Mizzou), Lorenzo Gordon (Illinois State), Dwayne Polk (SLU), Johnny Hill (SEMO), Bobby Hill (Illinois State), James Washington (Middle Tennessee), Leon Powell (SEMO), Levi Stockard (Kansas State), Daniel Ferris (Central Missouri), Joe Reece (Old Dominion), Mario McKinney (Mizzou), and now Cam'Ron Fletcher (committed to Kentucky).
  9. SLU offered Cam'Ron Fletcher in September 2017 which would have been among his initial offers (behind Missouri State and Kansas State just a few days prior). We offered both Fletcher and Kobe Clark prior to their sophomore season. The coaching staff has done a nice job of being among the first offers for local kids (not sure it is much of a benefit, but could be perceived as a negative if we aren't).
  10. Sorry if already posted, but my sources are telling me that Michael Peake committed to Georgia and is reclassifying to 2019.
  11. Sadly this seems so true. Yet schools outside of the area can come in at any time and none of the same concerns apply.
  12. I know, that hurts. It reminds me of the Majerus quote, I always tell people, recruiting to UCLA (Kentucky or Duke now) would be like recruiting an alcoholic to a New Year's Eve party.
  13. I certainly agree with the second part of that. With regards to the first part, that certainly could be the answer the coaches would (maybe did) get if they followed up with the Fletcher or Love camps and there is nothing you can do in those situations. The Love recruitment seemed to be that way from the start (and from all accounts his list is a top 5 as Mizzou isn't in consideration), but Fletcher seemed to be more in play although once Kentucky got involved that was a different story as well. I just think there is always benefits to knowing why you aren't the choice or even considered (and I think with Love we knew early on what his goal was).
  14. I would probably go counter to this and like to think that Tate or Ford has at least reached out to those around Love and Fletcher to find out why they had no interest in SLU. I have no concerns with losing a recruit to Kentucky or another one to Kansas/UNC/Louisville, but it would be good to know why two elite local recruits didn't even consider us as an option. Similar with Liddell a year ago who apparently had some initial interest in SLU, but that interest faded as his recruitment started to play out and we didn't make his short list (and I am not saying there is any benefit from the physical appearance of being on a recruit's list of finalists). Obviously every recruit is different, but to the extent there are some relationships that could be improved at Vashon or Belleville West (I assume the relationships are good with BBE and CBC) it would be good to be aware of that and work on those. I am a big fan of the local kids that we have on our roster, so I am certainly not implying local recruiting is a problem, but I do think there is benefit to knowing why these three didn't consider SLU more seriously. So moving on to the next tier of local recruits (Kalkbrenner, Bradford, and Kasubke), does anyone know what level of interest we have and they have in SLU?
  15. Does anyone have a picture of the new Billiken? I have a furry fetish so my opinion once I have evaluated a picture of the mascot will be the final decision. Overall, I find myself becoming an old timer and almost across the board preferring vintage logos. And like someone said above with them often being more detailed and difficult to mass produce, I fully understand going to the cleaner new Billiken logo. I don't own anything with the new Billiken logo, but I certainly don't hate it. If memory serves, I am not a fan of the new physical mascot, but again I need a pic to further evaluate.
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