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  1. I vote for this, I think that needs to happen. I am drafting my letter to Chris May now and will put it in the mail ASAP.
  2. That is the only place I can remember the name of that I have been to. The President of my firm is one of the owners (the guy who opened Beach Bistro is also in the ownership group), cool place.
  3. If you aren't concerned with cost, I've heard Beach Bistro is great. The last time I was there I tried getting a reservation a few weeks in advance and it was all booked up, so I have never been. Just heard it is really good, but also expensive.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. We have family who recently got a place across the bridge from AMI in Longboat Key, so I will be getting over there more frequently. I have been to a handful of places on AMI, but am usually not in the right mind to remember names of places.
  5. Anyone know anything about that school? We have family in Sarasota, so I looked it up and on Google Map it shows a UPS store. Some of these "schools" are very strange to me. I would note that the address/UPS store is right around the corner from IMG (so their mailbox is in Bradenton as opposed to Sarasota). Has anyone looked at IMG's facilities? Unbelievable and I assume the star football and basketball players there are on scholarship (one of my in-laws mentioned when we drove by it heading to Anna Maria Island that they have a friend who's daughter is there for tennis and I think she said something like the cost being around $70k or something crazy)?
  6. Just a reference to posting projected numbers again, it was a missed joke.
  7. You still planning on doing this again in the future?!?!
  8. That would likely only come from someone who didn't watch Lewis play in high school. It was fairly obvious at Chaminade that Lewis lacked the quickness and ball skills to play as a lead guard, he was an undersized 2.
  9. Good stuff, thanks for posting the link. I love that Pistol's analysis comes with a pic of Councilman Jamm, makes it seem even more credible.
  10. I don't have an actual definition of priority or primary target, but I don't think just because a kid is a top 150 recruit means we have always identified him as such. What I mean is that if you were in the coaching meetings heading into this spring/summer, who would they have in that A group of recruiting targets for the 2020 class that they were going to make sure to have eyes on and keep tabs on throughout the spring and summer? I tend to think we are now looking at guys who were outside of that group and I tend to think Luke was outside of that group as well, but again things develop as guys go off the board or other kids catch your eye, so that A list is constantly evolving. I really like Stone, so I don't care what our interest in him was in April thru July as I am sure he is now in that category (as Luke became I'm sure), but it would seem like we aren't finalists for guys we would have spent our spring and summer pursuing as our top targets. But with our roster and the limited scholarships, this always seemed like it was going to be an interesting class for us assuming the elite local guys weren't interested. I have no idea who else Ford is trying to set up visits. I don't think I fully know how Pistol found our interest in Stone, but I think it likely also proves that this one kind of heated up after being dormant as well. And I am not saying that is a bad thing in any way, just that I think our original top targets for 2020 are likely no longer options for us.
  11. Should we assume we have missed on our primary targets for this class at this point and are kind of moving to secondary targets? This isn't meant as a negative (either for the recruits or the coaching staff), with our roster this class was always going to be a somewhat odd one and the staff being able to be selective with those two open scholarships. I thought the perfect recruit to go all in on (like Goodwin) was Love, but it was fairly obvious early on that wasn't in the cards. It seems like (and this may not be accurate) our most recent recruits we have had a chance to land (Kasubke and now Stone) kind of flamed up after things being dormant with both (I never saw SLU as being all in on Kasubke this summer and hadn't heard of us actively tracking Stone) and them maybe not having the options they expected to have or once had. Man it would be nice to have someone providing recruiting content for SLU basketball.
  12. Billikens.com is allover this one! I seldom know anything about these guys, but I really like the fit on paper. Now get that commitment video made Jayden!
  13. Do we know what their current level of interest is in him? Maybe his options dried up a bit and we caught wind of that, would be a really nice get.
  14. This was the moment when the Billikens.com message board advanced. Well done guys!
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