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  1. I was going to post the same thing. I can see us being the current ranking with a healthy Parker, but without him we are not a good team. Without Parker we don't have the offensive fire power to make up for the poor defense/rebounding.
  2. To be fair, we are also without a really key player now in Parker. Probably the only guy on our roster who can go get a bucket. Without him we are really limited offensively in addition to the previous hole in the middle and obviously not a B team. I think with Parker it becomes more reasonable to consider us a B team.
  3. I think even the biggest Ford supporters had to walk away from calling it all rumors once Frank did that segment addressing “speculation” that some boosters were trying to force a coaching move. The hole in Frank’s opinion is that boosters who want a coach fired aren’t just going to redirect that buyout $ to give to the coach (the one they want fired) to use for recruiting. It seems clear Troy and the BVF have run into similar issues which seems rather obvious. While Ford was not fired, they may have effectively ended Ford’s time here this past spring.
  4. I would love to hear that sort of score update on ESPN!
  5. That’s really interesting/surprising. I’m not on X anymore, so I would have assumed he limited his posts to the wins. Maybe he was caught up in the De Smet football season? Part of me also wonders with what may have transpired in the spring whether Ford has essentially checked out. His closest tie on the coaching staff jumped to North Texas, Bailey who was his first assistant coaching hire at SLU jumped to Loyola, he brought in an assistant with ties to the previous SLU coaching staff, and now his media buddy isn’t even weighing in.
  6. I assume Frank was also connecting Ford to job openings that helped him get that new contract hahaha. My most cringe Frank moment was when that hack from the PD, Jesus I think was his name, questioned Ford about the number of players early in his tenure that had been kicked out of school. While he was a hack, it was certainly a fair question. Frank interrupts the guy and answers for Ford along the lines of, of course he recruits guys who have the character traits to be successful at SLU yada yada yada. It was so bizarre to see a media member essentially take a challenging question for a coach. I hope Frank gets some kick back for carrying the water for Ford and the program. Maybe just a new toupee or autographed photo of Patricia Heaton?
  7. And I think Frank knows the group pretty damn well.
  8. I think getting into details would only hurt the program at this point, lets just leave it be. I think one could post commentary from Frank C. and other statements from those connected to the program last spring in addition to staff movement and NIL struggles that make it clear there was some unrest to put it mildly. Going deeper than that likely does not need to be on this board.
  9. This is so true. He knew how to evaluate talent and what attributes he wanted on his roster. He wasn't worried about how many stars a kid had. And then once he got that talent on campus he was very intentional with development and teaching his system.
  10. Very true, it needs to be an emphasis within the program and athletic department. It is so frustrating to me that it has seemingly not been since day #1.
  11. I think that is a concern many folks have and probably emphasizes to the money folks that they now have a part in this. In no way am I excusing Ford and his staff for putting together this roster (fans were told in the spring that it was a successful season and we were well positioned to attack the portal, but then when they failed to deliver it was implied we weren’t), but when the decision is made to move on from Ford, the money folks will need to also ensure that our NIL is competitive to make the program enticing for the next head coach. Glad we avoided disaster last night, but the next 10 days is likely big for determining how much time I spend following this team this winter.
  12. At least only 4,500 folks saw it in person and I doubt many casual fans sought it out with the college football games on last night.
  13. I tend to agree with Scoop. Obviously I don’t know the extent of the injury or whether he wants to be in college two more years (anyone know how old he is?). But, the kid can really score the ball, so you’d like him to have two full seasons healthy to be the guy.
  14. And if I remember correctly, that is owned by a significant SLU hoops booster. I thought it was odd that didn’t become more of a story. It was also rumored to have impacted the Mizzou hoops program as well.
  15. Right. It should have to be reviewed in the moment if you are going to allow the play to be reviewed. So the officials would have immediately gone to the monitor, overturned the call, and since SLU gained possession after the block it should have been SLU ball out of bounds with however many seconds on the shot clock. You shouldn’t be able to review something like that after the fact since the play was impacted by the call. Really strange to see that. I have no interest in discussing the game, I’m too beat up after watching Mizzou and then SLU. Good thing I’m currently staying on the beach as long as I don’t decide to drown myself in the ocean tomorrow.
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