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  1. That sure feels like the case so often. I actually feel better about this team today than I did a week ago. While we did make plays in the Providence game, I thought that was one we kind of stole. So I found myself not as high after that win as I assume others were. Although that was a day after an ass kicking, so maybe nobody was overly high after that win. After the loss today, I felt like we were the better team throughout (I struggle to see Auburn being a top #15 team at this point in the season), but just didn't make plays in the final 5 minutes and had a historically bad effort from the free throw line from a team that has shot it really well from the line. Leaves me shaking my head as far as how did we lose that one, but overall I feel better about the team than I did a week ago. I feel like Yuri kind of stole us the Providence game and didn't have the magic today (in the final few minutes he missed a contested pull up, had his shot blocked leading to a runout dunk, and missed a quick pull up 3 in the game determining possessions). I would say on paper we are likely where I expected us to be, but as far as play on the court we are not as good as I was hoping. Our current Pomeroy ranking of #45 feels right. The hope for me is that Perkins continues to recover and we have that added threat come the conference season. As a fan, this really has to be the season.
  2. While I feel you, this line at least made me chuckle so thank you for that: They smothered us with their D.
  3. Has anyone heard an update on Thatch?
  4. I suppose I don’t overly care, but not a fan of the jerseys nor was I fan of the crest or colors when they presented those with the team name. With the jersey it seems like too much going on and I can’t get behind the pink and don’t think the multiple colors really play very well together. The stadium looks great and I care far more about that than the colors, crest, or the jerseys, so I’m not a hater just would have gone a different direction. And Taylor Twellman is insufferable, so having him wearing the jersey certainly doesn’t help my opinion.
  5. I don’t see that comp. Nesbitt is more like a Jimmy McKinney type in my mind (although Nesbitt is taller than Jimmy), a lot of physical ability, but not quite sure what position he is. Can be dynamic, but you never know what you are going to get game to game. Pickett is much more of a glue guy and Ford knows what he is going to get from him game in and game out as far consistent play (maybe not the stats, but going to know the scout and be sound defensively). Nesbitt was certainly a local recruit I was really curious to see how he turned out because I just didn’t know (Mario McKinney being another), but candidly one like Gordon I wanted to watch from afar.
  6. Looks like a much better day today than yesterday to enjoy an afternoon of soccer and celebrate a championship! Boo hiss Dayton!
  7. It’s 11.5 on DraftKings if you are considering a trip across the river.
  8. I did a quick search and the first link I clicked on has us favored by 12.5. I find myself not as excited for the season as I had expected to be despite my expectations being thru the roof, but I am sure that will change once I get to my seat on Monday night.
  9. Looks like another dominating performance from the ladies! Keep it rolling Billikens!
  10. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/after-slow-start-slu-billikens-mens-soccer-playing-for-a-10-title-saturday-night/article_72bae9bc-06f2-5c00-a79c-d79afbc8fa6a.html
  11. I really like the stuff, but candidly only could talk myself into a t-shirt. I really like the gym bag and replica game shorts, but as a 40 year old not playing ball anymore or getting many sleepover invites I had to pass. Really like seeing the additional options over the past year though regardless of whether it is something I purchase or not. I would note the stuff from Homefield I got was kind of sh!tty, variance in sizes and quality of the shirts (also variance in the size of the graphics on the shirt which was odd), so I’m hoping this t-shirt is a bit better. Also, thanks to our podcast stars for getting us discounts!
  12. Knees Over Toes Guy is a good follow and likely must watch for anyone playing any sport that puts a lot of stress on your knees.
  13. I like to think they are just poking ‘05 at this point!
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