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  1. Thanks for posting, that is interesting. Just thinking about it and doing no research I do feel like we have performed quite well at home the past handful of seasons. Out of curiosity, were there any other Atlantic 10 programs ranked highly in that metrics?
  2. So true! Reading that part of the article I can only imagine how thrilled Jayson’s mom was to hear Justin speaking for him like that. If anything, Justin having played at SLU was a hindrance to landing Jayson as I doubt mom wanted to hear stories of him following in his dad’s footsteps when the article paints a picture of a single mother working her tail off and struggling to provide for her son.
  3. Thanks for passing that along especially the amount referenced by Franklin. That gives us a good idea what top tier BCS football programs are aiming for.
  4. Right which is the response from the vast majority of college sports fans. The difference from pre-NIL and how things evolved this year is that basketball and football programs now have payroll funded by boosters. So if you are already a booster this is another place for you to funnel your contributions to the program. Technically it is not the same, but in reality it is. Sure you will see some social media ads with players, but that isn't the primary function for them to get paid. Most of this is boosters cutting checks with no action required beyond playing basketball for the team they are a fan of. Most of us are not at the level financially to be contacted about any of this.
  5. Copy and paste this for future use. While I could see the model changing in the future (and it probably should), this is the current result of NIL. Few of these folks are looking at ROI, it just made it legal for boosters to pay recruits/players. "Payroll" has become an additional need for boosters to fund. If the team is interested in an easy $100 each, I would cherish the opportunity to stand outside of Grand Forest one day this summer and have the team walk by while I greet them individually with $100 handshakes. If I am to participate, I want it to be as awkward as possible.
  6. I hated it at the time, but Majerus came in and decided he was going to build his program from day #1 with little concern for maximizing the roster he inherited (which included some Billiken greats in Lisch and Liddell). A few years in with his guys playing beautiful ball together I realized the guy was a damn genius. Unfortunately he didn’t get to fully enjoy what he had built and play out the string with his guys and because of that his winning % at SLU is not indicative of what he built here. Ford has proven to be a quality hire, but I don’t see much need to compare him to the best coach we have ever had and one of the best to do it period. Hopefully this winter Ford has that season where it finally all clicks and we are talking about a team that accomplishes what those Majerus’ (and then Crews) teams did. Whether the program is somehow on a different level probably has less to do with Ford vs. Majerus and more to do with the facility improvements and commitment the administration and boosters have made to the program. But with the $ the power conferences are brining in that might be more keeping up with the Joneses than elevating our perceived standing in the college basketball landscape. And fortunately Ford is still young enough to make us not have to worry about his successor anytime soon.
  7. I know about Thatch’s pursuit of a doctorate and Jimerson being an academic all American (1st since Conklin and Lisch before him), but what else are you basing that on?
  8. I saw he had hip surgery after the season ended. Definitely an intriguing name though, I liked him quite a bit out of high school. Looking at his stats, Coach K boned him his freshman year (played in just 4 games, but all at the end of the season so unable to get a redshirt I assume).
  9. That is an interesting point. The core of the roster is built, so you are likely best off just rolling with that and adding a quality backup big to replace Linssen and a backup point guard. Adding a legit stretch four might create some issues since most of our wings are more traditional 3s and you need to spread them across those 3 positions to get minutes as you demonstrated. Definitely an interesting roster with a lot of guys who kind of play the same position yet possess different attributes.
  10. Burlington, Vermont is great as is nearby Stowe. As a fan looking for fun destinations, count me in on Vermont!
  11. This is my primary question, but that would go to folks who were paying players even before the rule change and folks doing it at even earlier/lower levels. Folks have to have some significant holes in their personalities or just have so much money they are looking for ways to give it away, right? What happens if you commit to and pay a kid who ends up sucking, you keep throwing that money out in the future? I was hoping it would look much more like some sort of revenue share and then guys doing the little stuff trying to advertise products and such. I am just curious of the sales pitch. Like for me I don’t overly care if our point guard next year is Yuri vs. Rob Martin as in I’m still attending the same number of games and have the same interest level.
  12. Conceptually it is very interesting though. I certainly supported players getting paid when you saw the increases in tv contracts, pay for coaches, and spending on facilities, I just think it would have been better had the conferences come together to figure out an approach or framework on the front end (I know they could have and didn’t, so I realize they failed to do so). Now it really is a Wild West situation with everyone chasing, but I am sure it will normalize at some point for reasons folks are pointing out. I will certainly continue to pay for season tickets, but no chance I’d be willing to kick $ (of significance) to players. There are a lot better outlets for my $ that I’ll be getting no monetary return on (travel, charity, adding to my collection of ancient sex toys, etc.) than paying a college athlete/any athlete. It just seems like a really strange way for one to spend money, but I have thought that prior to the past 6+ months seeing some of the big donors across the country. I’d be fine if some of my season ticket cost whether it be the ticket cost or the donation went to players (I feel similarly about other revenue streams funneling to players), but that’s the extent of it for me and that’s not significant $. And I have some fairly significant holes in my personality. Someone would really need to sell me on why I’d ever pay the salary of a college athlete or any athlete for that matter again beyond a % of whatever I spend as a fan finding its way to players. I guess if you have a billion dollars you truly don’t care? I also don’t give a rip if Yuri makes more $ than me this year, I’d love that for him and I’ll give him my wife’s business card to help him manage that money wisely. I just don’t understand who would be willing to pay him that. Like how do you justify that decision to yourself or your spouse? Sorry babe, lil’ Austin will have to go to public school, I just threw $20k to a kid I have no relation to who plays for the basketball team we are fans of.
  13. I think this is all right, but it looks like DeAndre Jones played a season at Link Year Prep after graduating from high school in Boise, played 4 seasons at Central Arkansas (only 10 games during the COVID year which didn't count anyways assuming I have that COVID season right), and one season here. This is all I can think of:
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