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  1. For those who have been following it, when will a decision be made about allowing immediate eligibility for all transfers?
  2. Aaron Cook is transferring from SIU-C and is a grad transfer. 6'2 guard from Westminster Christian Academy. For those who see a need to replace Weaver, this could possibly be that from a position stand point, but some different skill sets.
  3. Right, it would be really surprising if we don't experience some turnover. And timing wise, you would expect that to happen fairly soon.
  4. Wasn't he coming off of a significant injury and a known developmental guy (a recruit we took a flyer on)? Definitely harsh to say he is dead in the water after his freshman season when many thought he might be a redshirt guy when he signed. The coaching staff would obviously have a much better idea whether he made strides throughout the year and is progressing, but not all 13 guys on scholarship are going to get minutes and be world beaters. With the roster we had this year and have for next year, having a developmental underclassman on the bench isn't going to hurt us. I know nothing about Diarra, so this isn't so much a commentary on him specifically as I have no idea whether he will be a player in the future. Our roster also sets up really nicely for a traditional transfer who profiles like a Bess/Henriquez/Santos type as in sit a year and then be a starter caliber player. The thing that is odd to me concerning Diarra is why he didn't redshirt, seems like a wasted year of eligibility for him (got into 4 games and played a total of 10 minutes).
  5. This. I will never be able to unsee that video he posted as it continues to haunt me to this day.
  6. That second part is what I was wondering and the stats point to that being the case. It certainly makes, I had no idea he was such a stud on the football field.
  7. Wow, I didn’t realize just how highly regarded he was. The fact he is a top 25 type football recruit likely eliminates any chance of him pursuing basketball beyond high school. Out of curiosity, how good is he as a basketball player? Just based on numbers, he averaged 11.1 points, 2.9 rebounds, 3.81 assists, and 2.03 steals as a sophomore.
  8. Playing the comp game is kind of fun, who has some NBA comps for Goodwin?
  9. Thanks, I have no links to Kansas State, so I appreciate at least one fans thoughts on the season. I see that they have a solid recruiting class lined up and return some decent production, so a rebuild certainly looks to be underway on paper. @GBL_Bills I was not implying that he could be fired this spring or that should be considered, but was curious if he enters this coming season on the hot seat a bit.
  10. Good play. I think Harrell has a crazy wing-span, but is listed at 6'7 and that relentless effort level which we see from French. Quick search of Harrell bring Ike Diogu, Kenneth Faried, JJ Hickson, and Bo Outlaw as other comps.
  11. I know Weber's recent run got him off of the hot seat and an extension, but I wonder if he is right back on it after their last place finish in the Big 12 (11-21 record on the season, 3-13 in conference).
  12. Names like Thomas Robinson, Patrick Patterson, and Derrick Williams come to mind as relatively recent comps. It is difficult to think of too many comps of late because a lot of guys who have similar strengths and limitations who have made it in the NBA are probably more in the 6'9-6'11 range as opposed to 6'6-6'7. Hard to imagine him getting a look without developing some sort of perimeter game (a few of those comps have far different offensive capabilities as do the Morris twins who are another comp that came to mind, but those guys can really stretch the floor). Grant Williams is another name that comes to my mind because of the lack of desirable length for the position yet still getting drafted in the 1st round after three years in college, but someone else would have to weigh in on how comparable their games are as I didn't watch a lot of Williams in college. I have no doubt French will make a living playing the game, but with his current offensive limitations and being undersized for what he is (at least for the NBA) I think it is going to be tough for that to be in the NBA. None of this is meant as a shot at the kid, I absolutely love the guy. I thought similar about Jordair Jett when Frank was talking about him being a NBA player and Jett is one of my favorite Billikens of all time.
  13. For some reason that was one of my initial thoughts as well. Having been around it, senioritis was a real thing when you and I were around with guys just ready to move on. I am not sure I can think of many who would have wanted another year, just off of the top of my head maybe Sloan could be one. If this was thought to bring a lot of guys back, I can't imagine this would get much play due to some of the derivative issues this could cause. Like someone mentioned before, recruits pay a lot of attention to the roster they will be joining when making a decision and this could significantly change what they were seeing as their opportunity when they signed up.
  14. Our priorities in hoops seem to be to win and doing what it takes to win. And that is where I want them to be. If you want to walk the walk so to say in all other sports and maybe sacrifice some wins to do so, I’m fine with that. But with hoops, just win baby and I think that is in line with our current program. Hopefully we see Jacobs in Brooklyn as we make another run!
  15. My only hope is that the system changes enough so we can just stop even pretending this. I stop listening once anyone says student athlete in these discussions of major college basketball and football.
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