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  1. I think we are just looking at it differently (and maybe would be arguing semantics) because I completely agree with your evaluations. So I think we just disagree with how we would actually game plan to do those things. I would note that I am undefeated* as a coach, so with no losses my opinion is strong to quite strong. *no wins either
  2. I think Goodwin is certainly a consistent contributor at this point and one of the better players in the league, but I am not sure he is a guy a defense would necessarily need to key in on. Certainly scout him individually and figure out who you want matched up on him, but I don't think you are game planning him beyond that. With our starting group, I think the guy you likely key in on would be French.
  3. I took a break from the Kool Aid this week, but a win Saturday will have me chugging again and I’ll be flying high when we go to Boston and smash BC!
  4. I don't remember which game, but I could have sworn I saw a Vashon group behind the bench and thought one of the kids was Russell and I also thought one of the kids looked like Cam Fletcher. I sit across the court, so too far to say with any certainty. I meant to ask the question on here.
  5. Well, he isn't a gym rat nor the son of a coach..... If there is a fan yelling dumb crap, chances are it is me. I remember being at a Cardinals game years ago when Scott Seabol came into pinch hit. I yelled something like, might as well just concede the out and not waste our time seconds before Seabol proceeded to hit a 2-run home run. I received a hell of a lot of hate from the BFIBs after that, but in my defense that was Scott Seabol's only home run in MLB.
  6. Coaches behavior towards officials in all sports is something that always amuses me. I just don't understand how there is not some sort of expectation for how coaches interact with officials that would be beyond that of a hyperactive child having his video games taken away.
  7. Weren't there quotes last summer (so over a year ago) about French looking good shooting 3s?
  8. I was curious how many games had sold out, do you know what games those were? I was talking to some folks on Saturday and we knew games had sold out, but had no clue how many and what games they would have been (obviously had some educated guesses on which games would have been or were damn close).
  9. I mean they blew us out pretty much the entire game outside of garbage time (they were up 29 at the under 8 timeout). I’m all for moving on since we are a young team still coming together that ran into a juggernaut, but we weren’t competitive yesterday. Hopefully guys gained some valuable experience from it. We will again see how we measure up when we play teams like Belmont, Boston College, Auburn, and Kansas State. I love our team and yesterday doesn’t change that, just a measuring stick that told us we aren’t a Final 4 caliber type team at this point (I assume we all knew that though). To whoever does the schedule, great job scheduling that series, both games were really good tests early in the season.
  10. I’ve seen some posters post the expected outcome if two teams played, anyone know what site they use to do that? I was curious what it looks like for the upcoming Belmont, Auburn, and Kansas State games.
  11. Yeah, I think all of us had this as a loss. Sure I wanted a better performance, but it didn’t happen. Seton Hall is loaded. Hopefully some of the younger guys learn from it, definitely good experience early in their careers. I feel better about this team thru 4 games than I did in July, so while today was bad, it is what it is. Someone mentioned the Kansas State game, I’m really interested in that one and Auburn.
  12. Thanks for the info. I’m seeing 1-0 Notre Dame in the 2nd half, 59:45. SLU has 8 shots (3 SOG) compared to 7 for ND (2 SOG).
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