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  1. TheChosenOne

    Why Do Players Just Vanish From This Team?

    Yeah, I have really noticed this the past few seasons in college football and basketball. It seems like every injury is game to game. It is really bad in college football and with the $ folks bet on those games I am surprised there isn’t something requiring some sort of legitimate injury reports.
  2. TheChosenOne

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    Likely a really dumb question, are a lot of the women's games being played during the day or have there just been a couple of one off situations (they played yesterday morning and I think they played Dayton during the day as well)? Just curious.
  3. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    I think it started off that way, but The Clover and the Bee got so popular it expanded to include dinner service. I have only been once for breakfast (really good) and I think at that time it was only open for breakfast and lunch.
  4. TheChosenOne

    Radford? Rutgers? Bowling Green?

    No doubt this season has been a dud to this point. We are currently #142 in Pomeroy (#265 in adjusted offensive efficiency and #52 in adjusted defensive efficiency) compared to #148 (#225 in adjusted offensive efficiency and #80 in adjusted defensive efficiency) last season. I don't think many folks anticipated this team being so comparable to the team last season, but I suppose when you lose Santos, Gordon, another one of the freshmen, and suffer a few injuries all bets are kind of off. Certainly a significant improvement from where we were the final seasons of Crews (#226 in 2016 and #289 in 2015) though, so I guess some perspective is helpful.
  5. TheChosenOne

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    Welp, that was ugly. Ran into a hot team, but we were once again fighting for 60 despite St. Joe's playing a really soft zone. While they shot 55.9% (and 42.9% from 3) on the night, we really struggled making 37.3% of our shots (23.1% from 3 and 55% from the line). Early in the game it seemed like they were really bombing 3s and couldn't miss, but in the 2nd half it seemed like they were also having considerable success getting shots at the rim. St. Joe's obviously made the decision to take French away and let us bomb away from deep. I guess at this point I should just come to the realization that we aren't an overly good team, but the Dayton game had me fooled into hoping we could see a turnaround, but there is no Jordan Binnington entering the lineup. Does anyone know whether Goodwin is fighting injuries? Maybe my memory of him at Althoff is flawed, but man he seems to be lacking explosiveness.
  6. TheChosenOne

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Something interesting I found on Goodwin, his true shooting percentage is 9th on the team at 45.2% which is really poor (he is only above Hankton and Jacobs). That is actually an improvement on last season though, last season his TS% was 44.8% which was 8th on the team and only ahead of Hines. The kid impacts the game so much with his rebounding and defense, but it is interesting to see just how poorly he shoots the basketball. Last season he led the team in player efficiency rating which is down this season from last season (from 18.7 a season ago to 16.1) and behind Bess and Carte'Are. Such an interesting player.
  7. TheChosenOne

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    Must be nice to be able to step into a kid's recruitment after schools have made him a priority for years and instantly jump to the top of the list by just showing up once. Didn't Majerus have a line like it is like recruiting an alcoholic to a New Year's Eve party. I am not sure what I think of McKinney as a college player, but that kid is a freak athlete.
  8. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    I heard @billikenfan05 has some odd fetishes, so he may be into this.
  9. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Absolutely, how much more fun was it walking out of that game last night? Really nice to see the team bring it from the opening tip and not let up much (even when French and Bess were on the bench). It seemed like anytime Dayton made a run we always had the answer, but just overall Dayton couldn't handle us either on the glass or our defense (it just seemed like they had a really tough time getting good looks). Beating Dayton always just leaves me in a good mood, but how we played last night made it even more so.
  10. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Thatch has limitations no doubt, but he brings so much effort/energy and toughness for a freshman that it is hard not to want to see him more. Such a disruptive player, there are times when he turns the ball over where it looks like there is nothing that will stop him from getting the ball back.
  11. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    What's the phrase, if my aunt had a penis she'd be my uncle? I think at this point we should count on missing a number of remotely contested shots in the paint (Goodwin is just really struggling to finish) and expecting much higher than 62.5% from the line is foolish. Last night Isabell was 5-5, Thatch was 4-4, Bess 3-3, and Goodwin 2-3 for a total of 14-15 or 93.3%, so the guards shot it well and did so in the 2nd half when it seemed like Dayton was making a bit of a run and we were getting a little stalled on offense. I mean how many more points would you expect to get from the line? The misses were from Foreman (4-11) who shoots 52.9% from the line and French (2-6) who shoots 33.8% from the line. 70% would have added 2 points and I guess those would have had to come from Foreman based on percentages.
  12. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Dayton doesn't appear to have much depth and is also a 7 man rotation at this point. Having not watched Dayton at all this year, it was hard for me to see what they typically do well to put them at the top of the league (which has to be a credit to what we did to them last night). We really bullied them and they could not handle us on the glass or defend us at the rim. Looking at their stats really quickly, I think some of these are things we should feel really good about. Dayton in conference play is the leading defensive rebounding team and 2nd in total rebounds and leads the conference in 2 point field goal percentage and points (2nd in points per game), so heck of a rebounding and defensive effort from the guys. One stat that does line up is that Dayton gives up the highest 2 point shooting % as well. Again, having never watched them, I thought they looked good when they were able to penetrate and were setting up action to make that happen, but we did an overall nice job of preventing them from doing that consistently beyond fairly brief stretches in each half. Overall, we just really took it to them and played an overall really nice game with contributions from everyone. Good win leaving me with nothing to complain about (I guess if we are in the trust tree I should acknowledge that I felt like an old man complaining about the student turnout).
  13. TheChosenOne

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Man did we need that, well done. Down to 7 guys with our star fighting thru an injury we really took the fight to Dayton and they for whatever reason just didn't look ready for that. Different guys stepped up throughout the game, but hats off to DJ Foreman for putting together a career game going up against a really solid front line. It was great to see a guy who has struggled a lot of this season go out and dominate at times last night and for the fans to acknowledge his effort throughout.
  14. TheChosenOne

    Recruiting - 2019

    I am going to go ahead and say that Welmer will not be our stretch 4 next season at least we better not be expecting him to be a contributor. If he still wants to be at SLU and the coaching staff is fine having him tie up a scholarship for next season as opposed to medically retiring (and we will have no seniors, so I wouldn't be completely opposed to it on the surface if there is a chance of him being able to play) I would certainly hope we view anything we get from him as an added bonus as opposed to something we are counting on. At this point we can't expect anything from Welmer unfortunately.
  15. TheChosenOne

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    I was looking at Pomeroy and was curious how we compared to last season, kind of interesting (didn't realize just how slow we played last season): 2017-18: #148 in Pomeroy (#225 in adjusted offensive efficiency/#80 in adjusted defensive efficiency), #337 in adjusted tempo, and #113 in strength of schedule rating 2018-19 (thru Wednesday, January 30th): #122 in Pomeroy (#269 in adjusted offensive efficiency/#29 in adjusted defensive efficiency), #199 in adjusted tempo, and #201 in strength of schedule rating