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  1. Any thread that turns into a dick wagging contest with an obvious troll is a good thread in my book.
  2. Is Tatum made out to be without flaws off the court like a Tebow?
  3. Please never lose this video, I had forgotten just how great it is.
  4. Must have gone to a good high school. Bradley Beal to me is about as good as it gets when it comes to a NBA player who seems like a genuinely good dude (I do struggle with Tatum in the sense that I think some of it is manufactured, but I suppose who cares if it is doing good things).
  5. Scorching hot take! I am a huge Tatum fan, but you missed the one thing I would have been onboard with, a terrible beard.
  6. If I am being honest, I wouldn't want it any other way. I can think of no better recruitment than going head to head with Illinois and getting to witness their delusional fan base as the Billikens beat them out for one of their targets. No right thinking individual could ever chose SLU over the Illini, pound sand. And I hope after the announcement Nesbitt fires back at Illinois fans like Goodwin did (at least that is my recollection, but someone can correct me if that is wrong).
  7. Right, with the number of crystal ball picks for SLU we certainly appear to be in the driver’s seat. I won’t start to worry until we see some picks for another program or the SLU predictions being changed. It would certainly be nice for Nesbitt to just go ahead and commit to the good guys though!
  8. It was towards the end of the segment where they asked Frank 5 questions (I just found it online, 5 for Frank which is Segment 6 around the 15 minute mark). It wasn't even one of the questions. After the 5th question someone said something about games being played with no or a small percentage of fans and one of the guys joked how it won't feel much different for Mizzou and that was when Frank chimed in with what he was hearing on Keita (said the host family he lives with texted him that it was looking good for Mizzou, but Frank's comments on him committing to Mizzou seemed stronger than that). And he transitioned from that to texting Tate the coffee's for closers meme. Stream of consciousness type stuff thinking back on it.
  9. Right, such an odd time for recruiting. Within the article he acknowledged the possibility of that not being possible which could make things more fluid. I just listened to Frank's show from today and he said that he expects him to commit to Mizzou in the near future, so who knows. Frank also said he was texting with Corey Tate asking him when he is going to close Jordan Nesbitt and sent him a coffee's for closers meme. Said Tate responded that he is trying to get that locked up. I doubt many local media folks are texting coaches things of that nature, so for now on I am going to take anything Frank says as essentially coming directly from the coaching staff. Good to have one guy on our side!
  10. Yeah, I just read the article and this is the primary takeaway as well. Since it was written by PowerMizzou and not one of the Rivals national folks, it is Mizzou centric. Pleased with his current offers (Keita said he still hears regularly from every school that has offered him a scholarship — Iowa, Iowa State, Tulsa, Saint Louis and West Virginia among them), but likely not looking to commit until he can take some visits (He doesn’t plan to commit anytime soon. In fact, he said he’d prefer to wait until the NCAA allows him to visit the campus of each of his suitors before finalizing a commitment).
  11. The college football playoff and bowl games are independently operated which means the NCAA doesn’t get any of the revenue. Kind of crazy.
  12. I really shouldn’t, but man do I feel a sense of satisfaction when I read about the cost overruns of the now completed project, the continued progression of the lawsuit in STL, and the thought of that stadium opening with no fans. As Vince McMahon once said, Stan Kroenke should be arrested haha.
  13. Haha, I know. I blame my parents! Being a fan of the Blues (until last spring/summer) and Mizzou is great punishment, take it easy on me!
  14. After the situations with Michael and Jontay Porter it truly feels like the basketball program is doomed to irrelevance forever at this point. Oh well, at least SLU is trending in the opposite direction. I just wanted to chime in that Mizzou fans overall were not happy with their lack of recruitment of Nesbitt (ship has sailed at this point, so his name hasn’t come up much of late), still haven’t seen any sort of perceived reason why that is the case, but little Cuonzo and his staff does makes sense.
  15. As a PowerMizzou member I can tell you that Cuonzo seemingly not recruiting and not offering Nesbitt has not gone over well. I think the overall confusion of what Cuonzo is doing in recruiting is now drawing more attention than Nesbitt specifically at this point though. There was a period of time where folks steaming over Nesbitt not having an offer was a weekly occurrence and Bossi raving about him wasn’t helping haha. I’m one of those Mizzou and SLU fans, but my interest in the two programs has never been this divergent (when I was younger there were times where my interest was the opposite).
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