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  1. Kid was on fire. The game winner was so clutch. Really fun ending.
  2. I guess this gives me a good reason to wear my THE NADE hoodie today (not often a near 40 year old man can comfortably wear a high school hoodie)! A big week for Coach Bennett and the crew with wins over De Smet and CBC. The MCC is going to get real interesting. I still need to get out to see Kramer play at SLUH.
  3. Yeah, the offense was rather stagnant tonight. I felt like we were seeing some positive signs with a lot of player and ball movement, but the past two games we’ve seen too much of the opposite. I guess at least we pulled off one of those two.
  4. Kind of wild the one year we made the tournament with Ford as our coach we needed a miracle run in the conference tournament. But, I suppose it’s good to see how his family spins it.
  5. Right, great news for Billiken fans. I do think timing wise with the injury he is in a tough spot with regards to beginning his professional career in the fall. With NIL, maybe there is some $ available to him to help close any financial gap, but depending on the opportunities coming off of a torn ACL suffered in late October that may not be a whole lot to begin with. Candidly I thought he was foolish for coming back this season, but the injury puts him in an odd spot come this spring and unfortunately for him I'm not so sure returning isn't his best option.
  6. Never in doubt! Great call although it was definitely interesting.
  7. You are spot on with regards to offense struggling to score, trailing 35-29 at the half. Andrew Jones is out for Texas which is certainly a key piece. Still pretty wild Kansas State finds themselves leading this one most of the way in the opening half. Good reminder for me to never bet!
  8. Oh wow, that certainly seems like easy $. I’ll be tracking it to see how it plays out. And if Kansas State covers I’ll edit this post and call you a moron for being wrong. I was looking at their roster earlier in the season, I had forgotten how many big time transfers Texas added, could be an interesting team to track the rest of the way as guys settle into roles.
  9. Add to the list defending the pick and roll as to not give up dunks consistently in crunch time.
  10. I am sure that is a primary factor. I was surprised to see how low the attendance was figuring season ticket holders would put attendance above what we are seeing, but I also don't know what sort of hit that may have taken. I also have not looked at any other college basketball programs beyond knowing Mizzou's attendance has to be down haha. I looked into the Blues and they fluctuate between either around 16,500 and a complete sellout (18,096) for an average of 17,268 (95.4% of capacity) which is down slightly from recent seasons. I assume the difference being weekend vs midweek games. Different fan base and they do have a vaccine mandate, so probably just information for know and tell.
  11. I mostly remember spouting off and then the team scored on back to back plays off of the weave. If I recall correctly, it was being run with three guys who were fairly explosive, they were running it until they got the matchup they wanted (so not like a truly predictable number of handoffs), and they were getting a bit of an angle on the defender and just flat out beating him without a screen. So defended really poorly, but being run with three guys who could go off of the bounce. One of the few times I had seen it work and it happened to be back to back plays not long after I was mouthing about it. SLUs is certainly more what I was mouthing off about, seemingly a way to burn clock.
  12. 4,521 was the attendance last night?!?! You would certainly hope the BC game being on a Saturday evening against a name opponent will result in a solid crowd. If not, it is apparent the rest of the area doesn't carry nearly our same level of interest in the Billikens. Update: I am seeing that we had 5,743 for this past Saturday's game against UAB (and 4,723 for the Mercer game on a Saturday two weeks prior), so that is not encouraging to see. Just because I bothered to look it up: -Central Arkansas - 4,805 / Harris-Stowe - 3,574 / Eastern Illinois (Friday) - 5,433 / Mercer (Saturday) - 4,723 / UAB (Saturday) 5,743 / Belmont 4,521 This seems pretty bad, anyone know how this compares historically for SLU?
  13. I forgot what team and game I was watching, but that had become one of my hot takes. I had watched a number of teams run that weave and always thought it was the easiest thing to defend and just wasted clock. Well, as I am ranting the team running the weave ends up getting two blow by dunks. I felt like a real idiot, but still would never run that if I were a coach.
  14. With a trolley along Laclede from Humphrey’s to Chaifetz Arena! That’ll do just fine!
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