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  1. No, he played 3 seasons at BU, so that leaves him one final season of eligibility. Him graduating in 3 years just allows him to go the grad transfer route which essentially guarantees immediate eligibility (do they even pretend that it has to be for a grad program not offered at the school they are transferring from anymore?). This kid looks like a good fit to me; fundamentally sound, high motor, high basketball IQ, gritty, sneaky athletic, and just a gym rat who plays the game the right way.
  2. Really solid numbers all three seasons at BU where he was listed as a forward on their roster (6'7, 215). Probably more of a 3/4 type, would fill a need for a season. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/tyler-scanlon-1.html
  3. I think that is a dude from Columbia who played at a small college and is a pro at this point, Jordan Stevens. I need someone to verify that for me though. Regardless, that guy was killing it.
  4. I was in Texas this weekend and went to the Cardinals/Rangers game on Saturday evening. After the game an aggressive Ranger fan was getting into it with some Cardinal fans and his go to line was St. Louis not having a NFL team.
  5. Gotcha, thanks for the info. I tend to lose track of guys, so I’m glad someone is tracking the Billikens in the pros.
  6. I’m confused, a year ago Roby was graduating from SLU, did he join a team midseason then?
  7. I assume folks are speculating about some sort of injury due to the brace on his right knee. He looked really good despite the knee brace likely indicating he is not at full strength/speed. But yeah, #22 is clearly the baller on the squad.
  8. I know Reed from Chaminade is playing with MoKan. I haven’t watched enough of him to say what level of prospect he is, but certainly a young big with some promise. Looks like Martin and Hughes Jr. are playing with the BBE 15s and I assume Burden is with BBE as well.
  9. That's great, congrats Steve!
  10. That’s right. Someone messaged him “Transfer to DePaul” and Jacobs responded with the “I’m good” and the picture of Chaifetz with the A-10 Champions banner.
  11. That is something I have wondered. It seems like Frank C. is the only one who puts out SLU recruiting information that is beyond what Pistol is able to gather.
  12. I know Zion is a freak athlete, but at 6'6 with a below average perimeter shot is anyone else not as sold on him being a guaranteed star in the NBA (and with how the game is played today)? Who does he get compared to? Blake Griffin? I see someone referenced Charles Barkley, that would certainly be one from the past (Larry Johnson could be another one from the past).
  13. @brianstl @RiseAndGrind @Coach314 agreed, having three wings the caliber of Moody/Love/Fletcher would certainly impact the number of shots guys like Kasubke or Branson (minutes in general for him) would get and touches for a guy like Bradford even if he were in theory their best post option. And seeing one of the top freshman in the area (Tarris Reed) playing for MOKAN had me wondering if there could be more to it.
  14. BBE appears to be fairly weak in the post, so I would have to think Bradford would be their top big man and for MOKAN he teams up with N’Faly Dante assuming they play together. BBE is loaded on the wing though with their three studs (Moody/Love/Fletcher), so maybe Luke didn’t love his perceived role and I imagine Branson would be a deep bench guy although I’m not seeing a ton of depth on their roster. Just seeing the lack of numbers on BBE and those three (I know Luke and Branson had been with the program a long time) playing with MOKAN I wondered if something was up.
  15. Does anyone know what is up with some of the local kids playing with MOKAN instead of BBE? I saw where Kasubke, Bradford, and Branson are all playing with them and a younger kid like Tarris Reed from Chaminade is as well.
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