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  1. Ah yes, I need to return. Went once for beer after a game, but tried to return for a burger and beer before a game and it was closed. Definitely need to get back, good reminder.
  2. I would certainly be happy to see us involved with either Demir or Geu, good find on both. With regards to Demir, Isabell has to be a pretty ideal salesman for us (prior relationship with Tate coupled with the way Ford stuck with him when he struggled to find his role at SLU before him going on a historic run to finish his career). Hopefully Isabell can give us one more reason to celebrate his time as a Billiken.
  3. I probably only go once a year if even that, but anyone know what is up with the local Steak n' Shakes? Sometimes when I am hungover I swing thru for a frisco melt and shake, but last time I tried going (I think it was probably a little over a month ago and the one in the Valley) it was closed and apparently a number of them in the area are closed (some with signs saying closed for remodeling). I remember when the local Wendy's closed for a few years, that was a real shame for me back then and I wonder if this is a similar situation.
  4. I remember hearing about this in the past, but have never actually watched it. If anyone has time to Google it, I would also be interested in what you find. Isabell would be fun to watch in a 3 v 3 tournament.
  5. I ventured out to Belleville for Beast Craft and it was worth the trip, really good stuff.
  6. That would get my brother's vote, he frequents Charcoal House and really talks it up.
  7. Since we are talking food, I will throw out a question that I don't have a passionate take on, but am interested in responses. Favorite place for steak in St. Louis and that can include the chains? I enjoy Kreis' (always have a good meal and it is next to the school I spent so much time developing my skills as an artist focused on penis drawings), but don't go to the steak specific places overly often. Had a really good meal at Capital Grille, but for the cost I am not sure it was worth it. Citizen Kane's is a cool setting (haven't been in years though) and I am a regular at the Smokehouse Market and enjoy Annie Gunn's when I eat there.
  8. I think that is where I am at. A few years back I stopped by on the way to the airport and had about the best brisket I have ever had (and I lived in Texas *insert eye roll*), been back a handful of times since and have never had that same experience and I’m at the point where I have kind of just moved on. I am a huge fan of Hi-Pointe though.
  9. Oh man, that was one of my go to orders back in college, great call.
  10. I'm a big fan of Union Loafers, so I support this hot take. Their pizza bread (pizza rosa) is choice too.
  11. Really good kid, while I am not sure whether he would be on our radar or vice versa, I hope he has a big end to his career. Back in the day my wife bought a Cadillac from his father who is a really good dude and he told my wife and I all about his son who was in high school at the time, really happy to see him having success and saving his dad a lot of money on paying for college haha.
  12. I always lock which reminds me of a great story which is of little interest to anyone on here, but I feel the need to share it. We were eating at Shaved Duck with a group when my friend went to the restroom which was a single coed restroom and I think right in the main dining space if I remember correctly (I haven't been in a couple of years). My friend who is more of a chain restaurant guy apparently could not fathom that a bathroom could be single use and thus the need for a lock. The door was locked as someone was using it, but again he did not pick up on that being a possibility. So he yanks on the door and it doesn't open due to it being locked. He keeps pulling on the door and thinking it is just jammed throws his entire body into it essentially breaking the door open. Well the door opens and there is a heavyset woman sitting on the toilet in pure horror and shock. Terrific stuff.
  13. Good post. I went to Retreat Gastropub before one of our weekend afternoon games and they had a burger on their brunch menu that was quite good. I wouldn't put it on your list, but it was a solid option before the game.
  14. Olive + Oak question for those who have been and used the restroom, are you supposed to lock the door if taking a pee or keep it unlocked to allow a gentleman to utilize the toilet whilst utilizing the urinal?
  15. Anyone been to Fork & Stix in the Loop? I went there the other weekend for lunch and ordered the Khao Soi, holy smokes it was good.
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