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  1. I missed the discussion, are we talking about Jordan Goodwin getting drafted or like a Blake Ahearn type NBA career?
  2. Has to be because of fear of litigation, right? Regardless, when I got the email from my client that non essential employees were asked to work from home I was all over that. Not only am I non essential as f, but I am also a drunk and if you are going to give me the option of extra time to get properly lubricated for tonight's game, hell yeah I am going to take it.
  3. We really should have a place like Lorenzini's just for us MBMs. Chris May shakes hands at Lorenzini's and then briskly walks past the MBM Club as a few middle aged men are screaming at each other despite both having incredible passion for the same program.
  4. This year will be my first time back to see us take on the Flyers in Dayton since New Year's Eve 2003. It was a memorable trip for a number of reasons, but I will never forget seeing a male cheerleader drop a girl and seeing her fall about 6.5 feet and bounce off of the floor. And since I am a terrible person instead of reacting to help the cheerleader who had just fallen I turned my head and broke out in laughter. Welp, we all have stories, looking forward to creating some more memories a few weeks from now.
  5. I think you mentioned moving seats this year, how are you liking your new spot? Since I barely hit the millennial generation, I stayed home to work once I saw the forecast. But I am wearing a Billiken shirt, just my dog is the only one seeing that.
  6. Mizzou was never a good fit for him. He is a supreme run and jump athlete that needs to play in a system that allows him to do just that. So that 40 minutes of hell style would certainly make sense. Let him be that and hope the rest of his game rounds out, but at the very least he can be productive in that type of system.
  7. Nevada. His college career really ended oddly, certainly hope things end up well for him.
  8. Coach Ford would likely have a pretty good idea whether Mario would be worth taking a look at beyond pure basketball ability with his son playing for mizzou. Not being the biggest fan of Mario as a player, I will trust the coaching staff on their decision in pursuing or not pursuing Mario since it would certainly be well informed.
  9. I was really curious what the story is with regards to McCarty, this is so classic.
  10. This Haney kid is intriguing to me as is his summer teammate Anton Brookshire. Have you seen Brookshire play? It looks like Dora has played some decent competition this season, so there should be some solid "film" of him for coaches to better evaluate and determine his fit at the next level.
  11. He might as well just go ahead and commit to the good guys! I would love a class the included two local guys in Hughes and Tarris Reed.
  12. What did I miss? Did someone give us an idea as to what is going on with Thatch?
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