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  1. https://www.on3.com/news/macaleab-rich-sets-commitment-date-goes-in-depth-on-who-he-will-visit/
  2. Yeah. Jordan definitely has potential.
  3. U did his bio last month. You working to hard. Someone get this man an all expenses paid vacation lol
  4. Yeah. I watched most of the game yesterday. It seemed weird to me as well. The Wizards have Monte Morris, Beal, Delonte Wright and the rookie Davis. They probably bring in one more guard. It would be nice to see if Goodwin and Davis can play off of each other Side note: I see Jericole Hellems and Bryton Hobbs (good friend of Tatum) are on the Celtics Summer League team roster. Xavier Sneed playing for the Utah Jazz
  5. Appreciate that. Happy Father's Day everyone
  6. So with Javonte, Gibson, Fred, Parker, Pickett and Hargrove on the wing you guys think it will be hard for Thames to give Yuri a 5-10 min breather in which all Thames has to do is bring the ball up, initiate the offense with a pass and play solid defense?
  7. Congratulations to Joe ...look forward to watching him play.
  8. Congratulations to the Ramey family
  9. Awesome. Just what they needed
  10. Martavian "Tay Tay" Payne in the white tank top. Played for Madison Prep under Tony Irons. Another guy named Brion plays for the Ballislife Midwest team
  11. I know Jericole Hellems left NC State in hopes of a pro career. Any updates? Does he have an agent? Is it to late for him to transfer?
  12. Will be a sophomore at Vashon next year
  13. Yeah. I definitely will watch more games this year.
  14. https://twitter.com/SEMOMBB/status/1518681698036191232?t=UQUx2W8JGJbHGbsHvjxXOQ&s=19
  15. My bad. You are correct. Not to get to the dance...but I think they need another piece to do damage once they get there
  16. You right about that. If they get a quality starter with one of the remaining scholarships....they are in March
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