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  1. . Winnable game. Even with the missed free throws. It all comes down to what kind of team we want them to be. A team that just makes the tournament or a team that can make noise in the tournament. If you just want them to make the tournament...live and learn. If you want them to make noise in the tournament...this was one for the taking and should have been won.
  2. Emoni Bates...30pts in his debut for Eastern Michigan. Lost by 5 to Michigan
  3. Should have another opportunity for minutes tomorrow. I have him on one of my Draftking lineups
  4. Missed the game. Glad Goodwin got an opportunity to shine tonight
  5. Wizards lose by 42 tonight to the Nets. No Ben Simmons. No Kyrie. No Seth Curry. Goodwin played the last 7 minutes. Solid defense. Nice bounce pass to Taj Gibson in traffic. Yuta Watanabe 14pts 8rbs 2blks 1stl
  6. And once Kispert and Wright come back...Davis isn't in the rotation.
  7. Yes. 15 Guaranteed contract roster spots. 2 Two way contracts
  8. Yep. He stuck with it. And it's paying off. Congratulations to him.
  9. I agree with @billiken_roy . I am not necessarily sure this is the best fit. We saw when the roster was depleted of guards last year the minutes Jgood received. They have improved their roster on the perimeter this coming year. I'm rooting for tho.
  10. Right. Wiseman left BBE to play on Penny's AAU team. Then left his High School to go play for Penny. Then followed Penny to Memphis.
  11. Hearing SLU might offer Christian Williams from Vashon soon
  12. Wizards have upgraded at the guard positions from last year.
  13. VCU was down at Vashon today to look at Jordan (2023) and Christian (Mouse 2025). Interested in both.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0zJAhyE2tZ99CbsPT1RjcP1XPrLkyp9JEAx8YbaLpDdgbNw2ZYtfG5fx6evNXAM1pl&id=500568736&sfnsn=mo Nice dunk by Nicholas Randall from over the weekend.
  15. Yeah. I happened to be sitting next to his Dad. He said 6'11. But i wasn't sure when looking at him so i just listed what was on the roster lol.
  16. Michael Sadler 6'10 from Sikeston. Playing in the Ramey Tournament. Played for Ramey this Summer. BBE is after him. Someone to keep an eye on.
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