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  1. Looks like there are already a lot of potentially useful players available. I’m optimistic that Ford will find the right guys to fill out our roster.
  2. Could be a fun offseason interview subject?
  3. FT rate is the frequency at which we get to the line... making them is an entirely different story (we're 104th in FT made)
  4. Looking at team rankings, we are towards the top nationally in: Free-throw attempts (15th) and free-throw rate (31st) Total offensive rebounds (3rd) and offensive rebound % (13th) Total Rebounds (6th) and total rebound % (19th) Minutes played (9th)
  5. This feels like the most appropriate thread for something like this, but I wanted to do a quick rundown of stats where SLU players were in the top-10 nationally, kind of like what Wiz includes in his pre-game write-ups: Bess has currently played the most minutes of ANYONE in the NCAA this year (1283). That number is even more impressive considering that he has been playing hurt for the past several weeks! Goodwin is 6th in total offensive rebounds (122). Everyone else in the top-10 is 6'7" or taller. French is 9th in total fouls...
  6. Out of reactions, but good post! Next year a grad transfer or two would be super helpful. TI’s quotes post game will resonate with prospective transfer and grad transfer recruits. Plus I want to keep a couple of 2020 spots open in the fall for the local studs in that class.
  7. Seeing some Airbnb’s with two beds around $100/night. Also some Marriott family hotels just over $100.
  8. Ah, gotcha. I was actually pleasantly surprised that they were around $500 haha. Was expecting it to be worse.
  9. How bad? Will the AD have any deals?
  10. Anyone making plans to go? Would anyone want to share an Airbnb/hotel room? Do we have details from the AD yet? Haven’t seen any tweets, but my feed is kind of a cluster at the moment...
  11. Anyone have video of the post game interviews? Bar I was at didn’t have the sound and my recording at home got messed up...
  12. Well now it’s at St. B -2.5. Not many games today, the bettors must be getting antsy.
  13. Yahoo Sports shows the line at SLU -6.5 now?! Lots of betting action on our side of the line if those numbers are coming from the same place.
  14. The pick n roll at the top of the key with Isabell and French has won us all of these games. Reminiscent of the Jett-Evans combo. Bess and Goodwin spot up in the corners/wings and can slash if there’s an opening while Foreman waits for easy drop off finishes. It really maximizes the traits of everyone on the team, and Isabell has enough tricks up his sleeve that it’s really hard to defend; he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do until he does it. Hopefully the magic lasts (at least) one more game, it’s been fun to watch.
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