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  1. You said, "Doesn't seem she or the other members of the House felt wearing a mask was important until just a couple of days ago." She had clearly felt it was important enough to do so herself and also put some level of policy in place to get others to do the same, several months ago. For most, that was sufficient. Recently, she decided to up that to a full blown requirement due to the discourtesy (and also illness) of several members. She has taken it seriously for quite some time and then chose to take it even more seriously in response to recent events. I just don't see how one can argue that Pelosi hasn't "set an example" in the positive as far as mask wearing is concerned. Also, the DC order doesn't apply to Federal properties, so I'm not sure what the argument is there.
  2. I read a couple months back that many hospitals don’t report new info on Sundays (some don’t on Saturday either?), so when you look at daily graphs, you’ll get these weird up and down spikes. Smoothed graphs or ones that bin longer timeframes take care of this issue, but aren’t always ideal for other reasons.
  3. It is often the closest relative that we test medicine on prior to human trials. They’re relatively easy to breed and keep in captivity, and are the lab rat of primate medical research/testing. But yeah, the two species within the genus Pan (Chimpanzees and Bonobos) are our closest extant relatives.
  4. Just a quick note, rhesus macaques are most definitely not our closest relative... this is still a decidedly positive development, however!
  5. There's no rule against being oversubscribed, and I could imagine a player has told the staff they plan on leaving but hasn't made it official yet. Especially if the outgoing player is relying on the school for resources at this point... that said, this definitely doesn't feel like good news for us.
  6. I really like that he finishes well with those left handed hooks in the middle of the lane. Has prefers the other block and going into the middle with his right, so hopefully that makes it a bit easier for them to share the floor! Love having three bigs who can score 1v1 in the post, teams won’t get a break with these three in the rotation.
  7. So you’re quarantining the coronavirus (discussion) Nice.
  8. In the US, the high end of the range for annual flu deaths is 61,000. The low end for annual flu infections is 9,300,000. Therefore, the most lethal hypothetical flu would have a death rate of 0.6%. The death rate of Covid-19 is 2-4 times that. Plus the typical lethality of the flu is closer to 0.1% anyway. And Covid-19 has a longer incubation period, which is at least part of the reason it appears to be more contagious. It’s not just the flu. Edit for the CDC link: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html
  9. FWIW, Roby replied to his tweet with one of these:
  10. Small sample size alert, but Jimmy is leading the team in win-shares per 40 during conference play, and only trails Goodwin in PER. He’s really coming along, and doing so much more quickly than anyone had any right to expect.
  11. Fun thread! First team of Jett, Mitchell, Goodwin, Evans, French. Second team of Loe, Conklin, McCall, Bess, Ellis. Think it’s hard to disagree with anyone’s preference within this group of 10.
  12. https://twitter.com/kj3three/status/1209180177764405249?s=21 On my phone, so don’t know how this will look... but we apparently just offered Kelvin Lee Jr. out of Ft. Zumwalt North. 6’6” wing
  13. Pretty common for athletes to go with a boot just to speed up recovery. I remember seeing Willie outside the BSC with a boot on a game day. He played that night without any obvious limitations. Why not be cautious for a glorified exhibition game?
  14. Agree 100%, I feel like the shooting/scoring will eventually come. I’m encouraged that the other parts of his game are reaching an acceptable level.
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