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  1. Small sample size alert, but Jimmy is leading the team in win-shares per 40 during conference play, and only trails Goodwin in PER. He’s really coming along, and doing so much more quickly than anyone had any right to expect.
  2. Fun thread! First team of Jett, Mitchell, Goodwin, Evans, French. Second team of Loe, Conklin, McCall, Bess, Ellis. Think it’s hard to disagree with anyone’s preference within this group of 10.
  3. https://twitter.com/kj3three/status/1209180177764405249?s=21 On my phone, so don’t know how this will look... but we apparently just offered Kelvin Lee Jr. out of Ft. Zumwalt North. 6’6” wing
  4. Pretty common for athletes to go with a boot just to speed up recovery. I remember seeing Willie outside the BSC with a boot on a game day. He played that night without any obvious limitations. Why not be cautious for a glorified exhibition game?
  5. Agree 100%, I feel like the shooting/scoring will eventually come. I’m encouraged that the other parts of his game are reaching an acceptable level.
  6. Perkins upped the intensity and grabbed some big boards for us today AND carried us through the end of the first half offensively. If he can consistently play the “4” out there with Goodwin and French like he did today, we’ll cause matchup problems against a lot of teams.
  7. Agree that they will be facing defenses that know them better moving forward, but it’s nice that we now have four guys (Goodwin, French, Collins, Jimerson) for whom the scouting reports are all essentially “don’t let them get the ball with any space whatsoever.” That’s a nearly impossible task. And Jacobs is quietly having a very solid sophomore season, just needs to be more consistent. That’s our best five and leaves Goodwin as the de facto 4, but it’s what we’ve seen Ford roll with most this season, I’d suspect.
  8. Goodwin and French combined for 37 boards... only one fewer than Belmont as a team!
  9. His take on Austin McBroom’s most recent fall from grace...
  10. Yeah, I’ll say I use mobile 90% of the time, and that keeps me inside the forum the entire time. I go weeks/months without seeing the front page even though I check just about every day.
  11. Regardless of whether or not the tweet was an accurate portrayal, you’re dead on. It also gives the new guys, especially Yuri and Hargrove, the opportunity to come in and play hard for 3-4min at a time and then go get some feedback from the coaches on the bench. Would like to see a relatively flat minutes distribution across guys 3-10 this year unless someone makes a big leap. And giving everyone chances early on will also let the cream rise to the top if someone does separate himself from the pack.
  12. Really appreciate this breakdown, and hope to see some of the in-towners contribute more post-practice! On your last point - if we truly are this deep, will Thatch really play 30mpg? If he does, that must mean his offensive game has taken a dramatic leap. I feel it's more likely he's a sort of "first among equals" in the category of players behind our two all-conference studs (French and Goodwin) and gets 20-24mpg while we have a relatively large group of others in the 12-18mpg zone.
  13. Great get by the staff. Solid player already with tremendous upside. Can’t wait to see him on the floor at Chaifetz! Welcome, Markhi!!
  14. This whole dunk contest has been pretty underwhelming...
  15. Idk why we're assuming mechanics are the things that they'll be fixing with this tool. Maybe that's a component, but I'd guess a lot of the output would be "Gibson shoots 50% from the wings but 40% from the baseline: spend more time practicing corner 3's" or "Thatch tends to release the ball lower and more quickly in games than in practice: tell him to relax, he elevates enough to not worry too much about close-outs."
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