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  1. Absolutely heartbreaking for her, the team, and us fans. Hopefully the team rallies around her and puts together a run!
  2. Any ideas what this is about?
  3. I still want Fletcher. Him and a project big like Gassama seem perfect.
  4. So, I like the idea of Williams, he’s a player we haven’t had for a minute - high production, low efficiency. We desperately needed someone to put up shots with Goodwin and French leaving. However, Williams has borderline terrible advanced stats (cbref link here). I’m hoping he can do more with less now that he’ll finally be on a decent team, but that feels very much TBD. He feels way more like a “let’s see what he can do for us off the bench” type than a sure fire starter. Maybe his gunner attitude will rub off on Gibson?
  5. Thatch/Jimerson/Hargrove will all be competing hard for those minutes. Linssen and Bell will also want to show that they deserve more than mere backup minutes. Going to be a fun year again next season!
  6. Massive get. He really is a Swiss Army knife at this level and will give us so much flexibility.
  7. Nesbitt and Fletcher plz thx
  8. Good question. I read it as they were withdrawing the team, but that seems not to be the case on reading further. What a ridiculous standard the NCAA is setting on this. How is every member of the travel party not a “close contact”
  9. Wichita and Drake, that’s embarrassing for the committee.
  10. And while we only have to replace two players, they were responsible for ~60 minutes per game. I highly doubt all those minutes go to two guys next year, much more likely to get distributed across the group.
  11. You really think he wouldn’t compete for PT? He was a top 60 player in high school and is an elite athlete. Perkins is the only 100% guaranteed starter next year (Yuri at like 99%), you have to think he’d be able to compete for minutes.
  12. He’d be a great complement to Perkins right away, they could be a dynamic duo at the 3/4. Fletcher’s biggest problem last year seemed to be defending without fouling (59 minute sample size, >6 fouls/40). He’d probably at least help soften the blow of losing Goodwin’s rebounding.
  13. Would he have four years of eligibility?
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