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  1. Man I absolutely love our schedule, tip of the cap to the program for putting it together.
  2. And it can’t be understated how much I’ve appreciated the content you are providing us Billiken fans! I know it is a big time commitment for you guys and likely a labor of love, but you all are delivering some terrific stuff. Keep up the great work!
  3. I know some aren't real high on the guy, but I saw Mac's will be moving into the former Brew Hub space in south city on Oakland in the area the Arena used to be.
  4. Thanks for posting the videos of our guys playing in the Ramey League. I am really excited about Kramer, going to be fun to watch for 4 years. He is an odd player to comp because he is a big time shooter with that dog in him. I have a feeling he will not be well liked by opposing fans! Love this addition to the roster.
  5. I've actually seen studies showing a strong correlation between elite basketball players and their excitement level for Topgolf, look out! Some people like some things......
  6. Does anyone have a read on what sport Lowery will pursue in college? Kid looks legit. He is now a 4-star and ranked #90 by Rivals in the 2023 class.
  7. Since I didn't know and just looked it up, the draft is Thursday for those interested. Thanks to those who have contributed to this thread as I candidly had not been following Goodwin's journey.
  8. I saw a Tweet that they will be having a call with the Big Ten on Monday.
  9. Is it sad that I am really looking forward to watching this? An hour until tip off.
  10. I feel the same way and have for the past few seasons. Limiting it to the play on the court, most of the time it just isn’t entertaining to watch. Watching offenses that are nothing more than ball screens and often devolve into guys going 1 on 1 jacking step back 3s really doesn’t do it for me. The players are incredibly talented, but the play on the court just isn’t very good. Not to get into it here since it is what ties us together, but the college game has become even more difficult to watch, but at least we have a really compelling post season to make up for it.
  11. So it definitely feels like it is just a matter of time. I am interested to see how things play out with this roster.
  12. Why aren't we discussing filling the Dome with water and staging naval battles?
  13. Turnbull seems to have a really good feel for the game, I guess the only question I have is with his physicality, but he did contest a few shots nicely.
  14. It looked like he kind of rushed the first couple of misses and then was just kind of off the rest of the game, but he is certainly able to get his shot off quick. Completely agree on his defense, he moves his feet really well and has a strong upper body that he is able to get on guys since he does such a good job of keeping in front of his man. Reminded me quite a bit of Drejaj in that sense, but maybe not as aggressive as Drejaj. Watching him, I think the kid is going to find a way to get minutes and I think Thames has some similar qualities despite being a different player.
  15. I'm not sure when he subbed in, but I was texting Pistol it would be nice to see him sub in for Stacker (really impressive athlete by the way) and then the next timeout that happened. Maybe because he is a better FT shooter than Stacker or maybe just because he didn't get many touches throughout the game? He certainly looks like he belongs, but he just didn't touch the ball enough to have a significant evaluation of him. I think really impressed would be a stretch for me based on this afternoon, but neither left me questioning whether they belong at this level as both seem to look the part and possess more than 1 skill (although if he goes 0-6 from deep and not overly close misses again in the next game I might have to question one of Kramer's skills haha). This is the first time I've watched either kid live.
  16. Fears can really get up the court and score at times, but you are right that at times it looks like he is handling a ball covered in grease. Brandon Miller was awesome in the opening quarter.
  17. The Nike EYBL website has a page for Livestream that has feeds for courts 1 thru 9 without having to subscribe to anything, so I am thinking we might be in luck! https://nikeeyb.com/livestream/
  18. The 2021 EYBL regular season begins next week running from July 13th thru the 19th with Peach Jam to follow, July 20th thru the 25th. In the past I have paid for the streaming service to watch games of interest (I ended up having to pay for like a month subscription to whatever site it was). I haven't looked for it yet, but plan to this weekend. If I find it I will pass it along, but in the past every game was streamed on the site including the younger age groups, so it was worth it for a hoops dork like me.
  19. I think I posted this before the commitment hahaha. But it was mostly to say well, we don’t have to worry about Mizzou. Mizzou certainly wanted Thames at one point, the dynamic just changed when Jones committed (but timing wise they may have offered Jones knowing Thames wasn’t in the cards for them, but once they had Jones you knew they weren't a factor for Thames). Welcome aboard Kellen Thames!
  20. @brianstl I was hoping for some Carlos Martinez type likes in that string!?!?!
  21. No, but I am really liking these Tweets from Forte. Great for us MBMs. I should also say I am liking some of the kids Forte seems to have us in on.
  22. That would certainly seem plausible as teammates on BBE and future Billiken teammates. I am planning on watching Thames next week and have no real take on him, what do others think of him? Will definitely make watching BBE and him next week along with Kramer more interesting!
  23. Any idea who he is down to? I know Mizzou offered not long ago, but I would think getting the commitment from the ESL kid takes them out of the race here having only 2 open scholarships for the 2022 class and using one on Jones. SEMO and Georgetown are the other offers reported on Verbal Commits. I think it has to be us assuming he is a definite take.
  24. The thought is he will head to Kentucky if he doesn’t go the professional route. Kevin Obanor from Oral Roberts entered the portal if we are just throwing out our wishes.
  25. I ordered a fight tonight, but it’s not the social media kids. Anyone into legit fighting, the UFC has a really nice card tonight.
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