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  1. How many businesses do a feasibility study about opening a store in a certain location and a year later it is closed. Their feasibility study means nothing.
  2. I am sorry you take this all so personal. I simply tried to make a rationale response and you get all bent out of shape. Chill out
  3. They will have to wait 5 years before becoming eligible to play in the NCAA tourney so 2 years will not produce anything close to a strong contender. Additionally they will play in the OVC - outside of Murray State making a bit of noise and they had to leave to continue no other OVC teams have been much.
  4. I am not an expert on this but as I understand it Lindenwood has made great amounts of money off of granting small schollies for every sport or quasi sport you can imagine and getting kids to come because of that thus paying up for the difference. They also have a lot of adjuncts as opposed to full time professors as well as requiring their teachers to recruit students for their classes especially in the graduate program areas. I know of a few adjuncts there who have told me some of this. Also, endowments usually have restrictions for what they can be spent for and often only allow for the income they produce to be spent - makes sense to me if you want to ensure that your large gift keeps giving for what you intended. Finally, they have a very aggressive cost savings approach that should be lauded but the profit is not necessarily put back in the school to keep costs down but to pay the people at the top. I am open to being educated if anything I said is substantially wrong.
  5. I am sorry but this is going around in a circle and choose to stop.
  6. In a place like FL the pool of people to draw from is so much larger than for us. My point was if you give X to the Billiken Club which supports lots of athletic programs not just basketball then if you withhold that money or parts of it so you can give to a collective that is robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  7. Here is the problem - for every dollar a fan puts into the collective how much will they deduct from the other donations they make to the athletic department or the school for that matter. For school like us - not a FL - you may just be stealing from Peter to pay Paul.
  8. The explanation for what happened with the seat assignment process was that Yow said that she did not understand - not sure why - that those who sat in the lower section of Kiel were the bigger fish and that those who sat higher up were not when in actuality the best viewing seats at Kiel were the higher up ones. Many of us choose to sit higher up for just that reason. She also thought that giving companies first choice was going to raise more money and apparently was how it was done at places she had been. The group formed to study formed by the school to find out what happened ultimately produced the above findings. It wounded Yow and ultimately led to her leaving. If anything I just wrote is not accurate others can correct me.
  9. Well Claggs and Highmark were gone. Spoon was lucky that he was able to convince them to stay.
  10. He is probably saying - wow they are just as crazy as the other fan boards of the 3 schools I plan to visit.
  11. I didn't mean Ford only my comment was about other coaches who have told us these kind of things.
  12. We have heard that before - I prefer to wait and see.
  13. I go back and forth about the advantages of being first or last in the visit game. I think we have seen where it has worked making every place be compared to you or we have seen where the first visit is forgotten about and the last one wins. I do think being in the middle is a big disadvantage.
  14. After the season tix deadline and then the upgrade/seat changes/new season tix before single seats can be offered. Season tix renewals I think have an end of August deadline.
  15. I know you did blue font so I get it. In defense of the different scores - when you play tough D your offensive out put can suffer somewhat for a variety of reasons. Normally the opponents score is as much a result of how many possessions they had and the number of their possessions can be higher if you are scoring fast. Not seeing the box score it is hard to say what actually caused the score.
  16. Not necessarily - MST in Rolla was originally called the School of Mines.
  17. Milling - that is what I wrote. The science of milling grain type products. Slow down and read carefully.
  18. Actually they have a great Milling Engineering school in fact it may be the best in the country of course there just are not that many.
  19. Did I read a few days ago that Pitino is under investigation at Iona?
  20. Ok - the article listed above is from the AEI - a noted right wing think tank that has aligned itself with Koch - noted climate denier - and even the tobacco industry. So, any info from them has to be carefully examined. Roy, all I asked for is your data from your claim - I didn't make a judgment nor claim one way or the the other. I simply am looking to learn but apparently you are not willing to support your claim. You are the one who made it personal. If you have the data to support your claim post the link if not then keep it to yourself.
  21. Well you should be able to share a link - I am not the one who is making the claim. You should google it and post the link - that is how it works.
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