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  1. And how did that work out for him.
  2. I wonder if this billiken is the same one that the school took as its mascot. The story I heard was that our billiken came from Asia as a novelty. I believe that the ones that the Native Alaskans use has been in their culture for hundreds of years and has some spiritual connection.
  3. The Upchurch thing was a big dagger in Grawer's plans and long term success. It happened a couple of years or so before things went bad for him. He started recruiting questionable character players to try to get over the hump and his style of handling kids was just not in step with how kids then were use to being treated. His recruiting plan blew up in his face and that last year he had a good core of freshmen but they were not ready to carry the load. He was in trouble and honestly most fans figured he was gone and they embraced Spoon with open arms. The Jesuit who would not yet Upchurch in after going to summer school to prove he could do the academics was an ass - yes I knew him personally. Biondi should have overruled him but once again, he had no real interest or understanding of what an athletic program needed in the ways to be successful. If Biondi had given Grawer the proper backing he needed and was able to rethink his discipline approach towards players he could have been here a long time but those are big ifs.
  4. Why - nobody is coming to SLU because of the Arch.
  5. Thanks for posting this - I sit on that end of the arena and honestly did not see it. Now seeing this I understand why I missed it. Blink and he was done. That ref was a bit quick with the whistle - how is pounding your chest and pointing to the bench not just as bad?
  6. He is shooting 35% and I am not sure if today's misses are factored it to it. I am not trying to run him off just pointing out that he has not developed into a starting player game in and game out.
  7. Jesus Mary and Joseph - if you don't improve then you have basically regressed given that the expectations are that a player should grow their game and if they don't then they find themselves sitting. Being more consistent is what comes with experience and he has had enough time to show that. As far as his shooting - it has not been anyway close to being really nice. If he starts connecting consistent, then we can say something nice about his shot. Clearly his family is getting frustrated and they are blaming the coach but they really need to look at TJ. He came out of high school with enough credits to think he would be farther along by now. I wish him nothing but good play because everyone profits that way.
  8. Well if he has not regressed then he has not improved - either way his sitting is the end result.
  9. Honestly, he has regressed some this year
  10. I can not imagine that every call the refs made either for or against us were perfect calls that would have been made on every court across the nation. I am not knocking the refs just pointing out that home teams get borderline calls at times and the visitors do not.
  11. He will shoot from anywhere on the floor if he has the ball at least that what he has done so far. The question is does that make sense - I agree in limited action from what I saw I am not sure he is the answer.
  12. Clearly you are not understanding my point - I am not saying the refs stole the game from us but that they chose to call the game in a way that resulted in more fouls being called against us. There have been studies done that shows that home teams often get more fouls called in their favor then the visitors. Yes they changed their approach in the second half but it only takes a 2-3 calls that could have gone the other way or not on a key player or two and the entire flow of the game changes. I agree the defense was bad and that caused the 91 pts to be scored but the question is how did the defense get so bad and as I said before the refs determine the flow of the game by how they call fouls or not.
  13. Not sure but didn't he end up at a JC after Grambling?
  14. Whether the fouls were legit or not the problem was they were called and usually some of those calls could go either way. I am not blaming the refs but to deny that the fouls were not an issue is wrong also. I think the fact that the team got into foul trouble in the second half was a result of how the refs called the game and did impact our defense - did they stick it to us not anymore than any home cooking that most teams get.
  15. Every time we had a chance to open up a big lead we didn't. Two times stick out to me - GJ hits a three which would have given us a 7-8 point lead I think and Fred gets called for a moving screen. We then went on a dry spell. Another was when Fred stole the ball and made the worse base ever to Yuri - not even close to him which would have netted a lay up and given us a 4-5 pt lead and once again we went dry. For whatever the reason we just did not want to win this game - no toughness shown. Hopefully they get a better attitude on Sunday.
  16. Good points - the problem with defense failing is did the refs calling fouls early cause us not to man up but to fall back? The last 3 games Collins has been in foul trouble and had to sit for extensive minutes because of it. Collins defense has seemed to get worse lately. For a Billiken team to give up 91 points to an 0-4 conference team is unforgiveable. Not sure what is going on but something is not right. Is the team tuning Ford out? I don't know but something has to give. At this point they are not even an NIT team. By the way I think Traore was in because Linssen still is not very mobile and he was getting beat when he was in there. Another issue is we just have too many shots blocked - Traore getting blocked on that one late in the game was a killer - he has to keep that ball in front of him not have it behind him so a defender can do that.
  17. This the same thing that happened in Dayton. If the home team gets home cooking from the refs then we are sunk.
  18. Are you saying that the only way it is a Q1 game is if it is an away game? What difference would it make? I thought the opponent's NET ranking determines the Quadrant ranking.
  19. Sounded to me that he was saying they would play us twice here not a home and away split unless I am reading him wrong.
  20. Stats are not the problem - the problem is who and how they use the stats. Like the old saying goes - figures don't lie but liars figure.
  21. Peer pressure is what occurs naturally when people are around others so they tend to match that behavior. I am not sure why this is such a big issue - nobody is obviously making you do it so let it go.
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