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  1. Duke will eventually fall off — or at least fade a bit — once Mike Krzyzewski retires. Then they'll likely be grasping for past glory like UCLA or Indiana. They'll still be better than the vast majority of programs, but they won't nearly what they are now. As for Kentucky, they'll remain near the top of the heap for the next 50-100 years, probably.
  2. Actually, Cody's bout with Mono came before the season and he missed the last part of the season because of an injury. I think it was to his shoulder.
  3. Good post, but we want to move French to the 4; we've already seen him as the primary 5.
  4. In Pistol's defense, "top tier" doesn't necessarily equate to "top half" — which is to say that being outside of the top tier doesn't necessarily mean in the bottom half. In any given year, there are 3-5 tiers in the conference. A team can be in the top half and be in the 2nd tier.
  5. Don't forget about the "Aw, shucks" claps. Missing a triple double.
  6. That training is for a limited duration; they don't continue that way for the rest of their lives. Consider the USO.
  7. Adam Knollmeyer's 15 minutes seconds of fame/infamy!
  8. You've got it all wrong, Brian. The number of M's in his name is equal to the number of 3s he's hit in a game. (That means he'll hit at least one every game!) After his second made three, he'll be "Jimmerson"; after a third, he'll be "Jimmmerson." When he has that one game, à la Troy Robertson, he'll be "Jimmmmmmmmmerson" by the end of the game. Can we get Guy Phillips to go along with this with the pronunciation?
  9. I saw the picture before reading the comments, and my thought was, "She looks just like him."
  10. Adding 9 more members to the conference would be... interesting.
  11. I opened this post thinking, "Duke and Coach K got caught?" Sheesh! A devil may be a demon, and a demon may be a devil, but a (Duke) Blue Devil isn't a (DePaul) Blue Demon! You should know better, @Clocktoweraccords2004!
  12. Well, your analysis went deeper than mine! I didn't mean to slight anyone, but really I was just focusing on upperclassmen more than returning players. Having said that, I do expect Thatch to be a significant contributor. Still, more successful teams tend to rely more heavily on their juniors and seniors. Goodwin and French seemed to be somewhat content to defer to Bess and Isabell as sophomores, but now the weight of the team's success (or [hopefully not] lack thereof) rests squarely on their shoulders. They'll embrace that, and — along with the typical bump between sophomore and junior years — I think we'll see them play much more like standout players than guys filling a role. Because of that, along with the untapped potential we believe those two young men have, I believe they can leapfrog some of the returning 1st- and 2nd-teamers @3star_recruit alluded to. That's why I think its reasonable to expect the 2019-20 Bills to better than merely .500. Obviously, it remains to be seen if they'll actually perform.
  13. Ah. I didn't read the release. My bad.
  14. I wonder if that's just how they make it look in the order; previous games have been at Madison Square Garden, which isn't Boston College's home court.
  15. I agree that we should temper our expectations somewhat, but the junior versions of Jordan Goodwin and Hasahn French, appropriately complemented, are among the top 15 (maybe top 10) players in the conference and should have a floor of NIT. Sure there are plenty of freshmen, but the two aforementioned juniors are studs, another junior (Perkins) is supposed to be a bucket-getter (though it remains to be seen how long it will take him to get acclimated to D-1 level of play), and the senior/grad transfer (Weaver) is a defensive dynamo. I think they should be better than .500. Maybe not NCAA at-large worthy, but in the hunt for the NIT and perhaps gelling enough to repeat as A-10 Tournament champs.
  16. I disagree with that; the article said that he likes football but loves basketball. He chose hoops over the gridiron. He resembles Hasahn French in that aspect.
  17. You're absolutely right, but I wish we could turn our focus on this forum completely to sports and leave the social ills in the rear-view mirror.
  18. While I agree, I don't think it's in our best interests as fans to rehash any of that anymore. Let's not mention it anymore. Coach Ford said during last season that they were just getting their feet under them with regard to recruiting. Yes, the turmoil of 2017 was an underlying factor, but with "their feet under them," that factor has finally been mitigated, for the most part. As the program goes forward and Coach Ford builds a winner with upstanding young men who want to be Billikens, a part of his TeamBlue culture, October of 2017 and its aftermath will fade into a memory. Jims Crews and Platt had done a very poor job of balancing a credible roster with the level of talent and respectfulness that Coach Ford has been building, and that's what necessitate some of the quicker-fix risks Ford took at first. That, too, is quickly fading in memory.
  19. I think you may be partially mixing or merging Charles "Ricky" Cranford with Hardin. Hardin was overweight, and I don't think he really even played at all for the Bills. Obi Ikeakor was another overweight Bill who didn't last more than a couple of games.
  20. Every school expects to win the next season's conference championship in the offseason!
  21. LEDs last a loooooong time. Sodium lights aren't used indoors much, are they?
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