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  1. Too bad you couldn't influence Liddell.
  2. Maybe not if your team is not in it, but if your team is in it, you should be rooting for them to win it. Schools still hang banners for NIT appearances! Yeah, I get it: you'd rather your team be in the NCAA Tournament, but if they can't get an invitation to the Big Dance, if they get a spot in "the little dance," then they'd appreciate your support through that, too.
  3. But if the Bills are good enough to do all of that, why have them losing to VCU?
  4. Perhaps this is the answer to what @Clock_Tower was asking @The Wiz about in the A-10 forecast thread.
  5. Heh! One thing I never do is "kiss-and-tell." I certainly don't kiss-and-snap! One thing we should all have learned is that during certain activities there should be no recording devices of any kind, to avoid unpleasant "situations."
  6. If you think many nuns are virgins....
  7. Regarding the highlighted statement, I must argue with that. 60% from 3 requires an opponent to shoot 90% from 2 to match. I don't think even Auburn is that prolific and won't be against SLU.
  8. Thanks for all of the data. Is there any way to add the teams' Div. 1 records (currently)?
  9. Jacobs is to Goodwin what McCall was to Jett (sort of).
  10. And at least 2 of those free-throw attempts were after a technical foul called against an opponent.
  11. *...must....resist.....* Aw, heck! Who am I kidding? I can't resist any more than Roger Rabbit can when someone knocks out "shave-and-a-haircut." Alma, Fred Thatch Jr. is a Sikeston Bulldog. He does not heel! But, yes, we're hoping he heals up, and soon.
  12. Coach Ford said in the post-game that the students have finals this week. (I don't take that to mean that there won't be some more next week.)
  13. A 24-point win and an 86-point output (including 17 3s) were beyond my dreams.
  14. Ah, there's Jacobs, who didn't cool off despite sitting so long. And Rammer calls, "Ball game!"
  15. Gibson, I (sports-fan) love you, but you're making it hard for me to keep up with the spelling of your name. "Jimmmmmmerson" is hard to type and read.
  16. I understand that the guys on the floor are doing a good job, but why is Jacobs languishing on the bench this half?
  17. It's the 2nd half? Here comes production from French. I can set my watch by it.
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