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  1. I'm sorry; I know Seton Hall is in the Big East, but I have trouble perceiving of them as being cut-and-dry a level above SLU (with respect to "power" status).
  2. The home page of the website (billikens.com) is not part of the board. My guess is that if Steve removed Chapley's tweets from the feed, it would have to remove all of them and wouldn't be able to filter them by content.
  3. Does Stu have Linssen's name spelled wrong, or do I?
  4. UNLV might refute that statement. They won a national championship!
  5. Um, I "hate" to tell you this, but A-B is actually in his 50s!
  6. "All the way across" Massachusetts isn't the same as "all the way across" most other states!
  7. I'm thinking Jordan Goodwin could be A10 Player of the Year.
  8. Are you not aware that DoctorB is a faculty member at SLU? He probably got an internal e-mail.
  9. In that case, my apologies to Melvin.
  10. I don't think guys — throughout all of basketball — listed at 6-7 or 6-8 are actually those heights; I think they're all an inch or two shorter. Maybe it's their height including shoes and hair! After standing next to Bryce Husak, one day after a visit to West Pine Gym to watch Soderberg's guys scrimmage, I "bumped into" Melvin Robinson. Mentally I compared my memory of standing next to Husak to standing next to Big Chill, and I felt that Melvin couldn't be 7'. I asked him if he were really seven feet tall, and he said that he is, but I didn't (and don't) believe it. Anthony Bonner was listed at 6-8, but he's probably really 6-6.
  11. Sir Charles would feel very honored about renaming the Barclay's after him!
  12. Indeed. Perhaps he's confusing "impact player" with "star player."
  13. You have your anecdotal "evidence," and others have contradictory anecdotal evidence. About a dozen years ago, when I was still in St. Louis, I hosted a cousin from Cleveland who was in St. Louis for a bodybuilding contest. During one drive to a function, we discussed hoops a little. (He went to Ohio State.) He asked me who my favorite schools are, and I told him SLU and Mizzou. He said, "Saint Louis University? Are they even D-1?!" I was incensed! (In his defense [possibly!] though, because I went to the University of Missouri-St. Louis [and I imagine he was aware of that, at least vaguely] and not many people outside of the St. Louis region are really familiar with its school structure or that of Missouri, he may not have realized that SLU is not UMSL.) I'm sure there are plenty of sports fans outside of the St. Louis region who have no idea that SLU is — or has been, depending the definition — a high-major program.
  14. Yes. 5* is McDonald's All-American. Top 25. And, yes, Larry Hughes Sr. was a McDonald's All-American in 1997. In the Nike Hoop Summit game that year he was the top player. Were you following hoops then?
  15. I post this with the caveat that I haven't opened and read the link. If the NCAA is going to eliminate winning percentage and scoring margin — I presume they're leaving in SOS? — then isn't all that's left the offensive and defensive efficiency metrics? So then the "prettiest" teams will get in? I have to agree with DLarry: if winning isn't the point, then it becomes more like a judged sport. March Madness really will be a dance.
  16. Would SLU have been on Hasahn French's radar without being in an East-coast league?
  17. No. Ahearn was a Soderberg pass, supplanted by Darren Clarke, according to the RFT writer who referred to him (crudely) as that F-er from Minnesota.
  18. https://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2020/02/oregon-ducks-mens-basketball-forward-francis-okoro-to-miss-trip-to-oregon-state-to-attend-fathers-funeral.html Let's add some context to those statistics. (Note, I'm not implying you did anything wrong.)
  19. So, at that time, elsewhere, little Brett Jolly was being given a bath, and the rest is history.
  20. Except Okoro will be sitting out 2020-21. If you'd said, "...second Final Four run," then....
  21. It might not mean the programs are comparable, but it does (at least) hint at some parochialism, especially considering that the master's degree should be weighted more heavily than the bachelor's degree.
  22. Is that when the one touche'd by the sword has to answer the next question? "Dual."
  23. Generally speaking, speaking "genetically" violates CDC guidelines these days. *ducks*
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