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  1. Yea, when Sprinkle was out getting viable transfers, Ford was sitting by the phone 24/7 waiting for Malcolm Danridge to call.
  2. Good post. Only disagreement with it is Jim Crews being a great coach. I still get PTSD flashbacks of Yarbourgh doing his 'coast to coast' and then getting jammed. I maybe way off on this but wasn't it Bondi did not want to spend the the NBE entrance fees to get into BE back in 2012 but it should been May's job to sell it and explain the huge potential of being in that league. We also blew the opportunity to get in the old BE back in 2006. We had great ADs in the past with Yow and Albus. They had the insight of the time and knew how to think out of the box. But unlike today, they worked with very little support and resources making their results more impactful. We need to replace May with someone at that level.
  3. Did I hear it right from Highmark say about the Utah St coach, he had to recruit 11 players after April 15th. Unreal, look what Ford put together. And Ford making the big bucks.
  4. Jimmy 'the locomotive' Bell Jr is putting up some nice solid numbers at a now ranked State. Shame that one got away.
  5. I was in attendance. Recall also the year before IU was in the NCAAs. Attended those also. If you recall Memphis was in the finals. A few weeks prior we blew out Memphis at the Old Kiel. Shame that team was not selected for the NIT.
  6. Yea but just the previous year (Kansas-UNC-two of the glamour blue blood schools) was one of the highest. I would think that your average casual fan, who maybe watches 1 or 2 games during regular season wants to watch a team he recognizes or reads about.
  7. Looks like nice weather for this evening game against Lipscomb here in Nashville. Sunny and in the high 70s. I was worried because the weather here has been brutally hot with deluge thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Plan on making it up to the game. Been awhile since I seen the Bills play soccer. I seen them play at Charlotte many times and in a tourney at Furman but those were years ago.
  8. Sure, the networks don't want to have something like this: https://www.si.com/college/2023/04/05/uconn-san-diego-state-national-championship-game-low-tv-ratings
  9. We need someone with wisdom, drive and connections of a Yow or Albus. Unfortunately May is not it.
  10. Good. Since I am fan from out-of-town, I only make it to about 2 home games a year. It has been my custom when entering the Chaifetz to scratch the Billiken belly for a win. Worked about 80% of the time
  11. So it is right by the Billiken sculpture? Or does that go?
  12. In addition, we don't have a large music department. Also, scholarships are offered to band members based on how they did in HS band.
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