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  1. Look at Duquesne football schedule: https://goduquesne.com/sports/football/schedule/2022 Florida State away game and a trip to Hawaii to play the Univ of Hawaii. I am sure the the FL State game being a buy game payed for the travel expenses to Hawaii. Also the recent late Dan Rooney is a Duquesne alum.
  2. They will pack the Barclays for the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday games. Suggest playing those games at the higher seeded home court.
  3. He's not a Jesuit. Here is his wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_J._DeGioia
  4. This was 50 years ago, I was directly hired from my clinical internship when I graduated with my masters from SLU. Later, when I was doing the hiring and it was a new grad, grads from certain programs I would not touch.
  5. Bally MW will probably pickup the ESPN+ home games for TV.
  6. Geez Steve, you were either a senior in HS of a freshman in college when you did that. It's a great tee-shirt with a nice design. Thanks for all your efforts in making this a great community.
  7. I still have my Billiken.com tee shirt. About what year did we have that? It has a lot of the old MBM on the back.
  8. What time is the scrimmage tomorrow? And should we just go to the ESPN+ schedule? Thanks..
  9. Seems like a nice pick-up for Dunphy. I expect Dunphy to get LaSalle in the respectable range.
  10. Not a league but a team. Marquette I believe was independent back then. The only one I knew of. https://spectrumnews1.com/wi/milwaukee/sports/2021/03/18/looking-back--when-marquette-turned-down-an-ncaa-bid- I was in HS back then and attended that NIT game.
  11. Numerous SEC schools (Florida, Georgia & Alabama) are far better in academics, most professional school standings and research budgets.
  12. McKillop was kind of a legend on Long Island when he coached at Long Island Lutheran and Holy Trinity. At Holy Trinity he coached Matt Doherty.
  13. When you hit 71, you want to either want to fish in Lake Norman or golf in Pinehurst irregardless of the NIL.
  14. Add Sutton. This maybe different, those all jumped into major P5 schools that expect instant gratification. Also a lot of those coaches had personality traits the sons probably did not relish. Pitino & Sutton were cheats, Thompson and Knight were bullies that could get away with it. Iba, I don't know, he was before my time Davidson maybe a little more less stressful at the beginning. Will see.
  15. Nice ad at the bottom of the newspaper article.
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