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  1. What time is the scrimmage tomorrow? And should we just go to the ESPN+ schedule? Thanks..
  2. Seems like a nice pick-up for Dunphy. I expect Dunphy to get LaSalle in the respectable range.
  3. Not a league but a team. Marquette I believe was independent back then. The only one I knew of. https://spectrumnews1.com/wi/milwaukee/sports/2021/03/18/looking-back--when-marquette-turned-down-an-ncaa-bid- I was in HS back then and attended that NIT game.
  4. Numerous SEC schools (Florida, Georgia & Alabama) are far better in academics, most professional school standings and research budgets.
  5. McKillop was kind of a legend on Long Island when he coached at Long Island Lutheran and Holy Trinity. At Holy Trinity he coached Matt Doherty.
  6. When you hit 71, you want to either want to fish in Lake Norman or golf in Pinehurst irregardless of the NIL.
  7. Add Sutton. This maybe different, those all jumped into major P5 schools that expect instant gratification. Also a lot of those coaches had personality traits the sons probably did not relish. Pitino & Sutton were cheats, Thompson and Knight were bullies that could get away with it. Iba, I don't know, he was before my time Davidson maybe a little more less stressful at the beginning. Will see.
  8. Nice ad at the bottom of the newspaper article.
  9. Playing the toughest schedule he could get in a rebuilding year, is so typical Anthony Drejaj. Looking at his resume-he has what it takes for HC job. Just needs some college assistant OTJ experience. Also when he played at SLU, I have not met one person that did not love Drejaj. He had that "Billy Martin" kind of moxie. It would be great to see him on the Bills bench next season.
  10. If you are looking for someone who can recruit out East, here is a long shot who could pay big dividends-Anthony Drejaj. One of my all time favorite Billikens. Anthony has been HC 4A (larger schools) Linden HS now I believe over a decade. He has a very impressive resume. State Champs 2014, 16, & 17. Also prepping at Seton Hall Prep probably very familiar with the very strong No NJ Catholic League- St Anthony's, Bergan Catholic, St Benedicts, etc.. Northern New Jersey is loaded. Plus he has international playing experience.
  11. Yea, but the pay takes a major hit. I doubt Ekker made the real big bucks, he was never a HC. Average NBA coaches pay around $5mil. The super star coaches, Pops, Kerr, Nash make around the 10mil mark. Average asst coach maybe in the $100,000 range. Didn't Bonner and Sloan both work for the Knicks at one time?
  12. NBA is funny: better pay generally than a college job but worse job security. Alex might be one those guys that are survivors, not Steve Kerr, Greg Popovich or Phil Jackson type, more like a Budenholzer or Spoelstra type.
  13. End of last week I just put in an order for salsa with Two Men and a Garden. Prior to the Thatch ad I never heard of them. So the ad scored with me. Hopefully it arrives soon and the salsa is good
  14. Larry, from ATL to Auburn is an easy less then a 2 hour drive. You can make it up and back that same day.
  15. I just checked, the Iron Bowl will be in Tuscaloosa this year. Therefore should make it easier for hotel accommodation in Auburn/Opelika and tickets for the game. Will try to make that trip down I-65 to catch this game. I did go to the game they played in Birmingham back in 2019.
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