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  1. Funny, saw the the Bills play LIU in Brooklyn back in October, 1979. The one and only time we played them. Specifically scheduled a meeting in Manhattan that day with enough time to make it over to the LIU campus to catch the late afternoon game. They played in the heart of downtown Brooklyn The field was boxed in by surrounding large buildings with little or no out-of-bounds area. Field appeared small. Little or no place to sit with no stands. Bills won that game 1-0.
  2. You are correct, Nashville and surrounding area is wide open.
  3. Go Bills and I will be trekking over to Fedex next Tuesday evening. The whole lower bowl of the arena is sold out unless you go on Stubhub with astronomical priced seats, so we are in the 200 level. If you planning on going remember to bring your vax card. Seems like it has been ages since I seen the Bills in person (Auburn & Davidson 19/20 season), so looking forward to this. Anxious seeing Jordan Nesbitt take it to them.
  4. I recall Romer had to re-recruit Maurice Jeffers. Back in the day Romer had weekly radio show on KMOX during conference season. One of his guests was Mo and he described how he was playing hard to get. It was done in a humorous give and take.
  5. Probably had 2 years left on his contract, rumors had it it was more. So we payed this turkey close to a mil a year. Probably the worst coach in SLUs history. Ekker had an excuse (low budget, the West Pine Gym, uninterested administration with O'Connell, etc..) and Buddy Brehmer was a little before my time.
  6. Looks like this one is in the bag. Four zip over GW with about 3 minutes left.
  7. Just curious, when you received your merchandise did it the include a pre-paid return mailing sticker? I worry about the fit and a lot times when I order clothes online the clothes company includes a mailing sticker. I like the hoodie and I could use a new one. Thanks
  8. I love to see us is in the Big East but just not getting my hopes up. When the Big East started in the summer of 2013 those were our best years (at least since I been following the Bills from the late 60s). 3 consecutive years in the Dance, top 25 ranked finishes, brand new arena back then, decent attendance and still got snubbed. I think being snubbed had more to do with politics than anything else than checking the boxes. Hopefully the BE and SLU moved on from that and look at our potential and commitment.
  9. No, this is upper tier tournament. Something we failed to get into the last few seasons. Not like playing in Corpus Christi against a bunch of nobodies. Hopefully this will be the start of annually getting into top shelve tournaments (like Maui, Atlantis, etc..). Dayton seems to do it.
  10. That's what said. The figures quoted from the raptor are probably a year to 18 months ago.
  11. We ranked #54 according to this site. As you mentioned the updated amount probably around $1.5b amount I think the only A10 schools that beats us out is GW & Richmond (old tobacco $) https://www.collegeraptor.com/college-rankings/details/Endowment
  12. I would say that was true 5 years ago but not today. Even if they return to mediocrity (which I agree, they probably will), they will live off the success for a few years like they did with national championship they had in the 60s. State directional schools in a cornfield are not attractive for TV. BTW, if Fordham would take basketball seriously, they could own NYC. I lived in NY that one year they had Phelps.
  13. You want the Chicago market for TV exposure/recruiting. Our TV exposure I always felt was pretty good because of the A10 being present in those Northeast metro markets.
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