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  1. Possibly. The All-State team isn't perfect but it's a better barometer for mid-major talent than national recruiting databases. Nick Kramer wasn't in 247's database until he committed even though he had multiple mid-major offers. If you're not a top 150 recruit or playing for nationally known program, you're not even on a national recruiting service's radar right now.
  2. Welcome to recruiting services in the age of COVID, where most kids are not even being seen. When the season's over, Thames and Kramer will likely be first team All-State. That's the best vetting you're going to get for mid-major players these days.
  3. Here's an article that explains the change in the nomination process over the years and why the final list is much less representative of the best players than it was in the past. The key excerpts are below: https://www.prephoops.com/2020/01/mcdonalds-all-american-nomination-process/ Being nominated as a McDonald’s All-American was once seen as a huge honor for those fortunate enough to be in consideration for a selection. There was a vetting process state by state led by an individual who was very familiar with the scene. One nominator for the boys and one for the girls. Each person was heavily involved in the basketball scene for that state. ..... Since 2010, this process changed to handing over the nomination process to Head high school coaches, high school athletic directors, high school principals and McDonald’s All-American Selection Committee members, which is a very select group spread out all throughout the country. .... There are many players that may or may not have the ability to play community college basketball that were nominated to be in consideration for the country’s most elite high school game over legitimate high major signees. Many of whom have a chance to win Gatorade Player of the Year in their state.
  4. Just out of curiosity, I checked the attendance for the last home game we had against Fordham prior to the pandemic. It was 6842. So the COVID phobia factor is about 35%. Now that I think about the attendance for other sporting events around town, other than the Blues, that sounds about right.
  5. Blues fans are some of the most loyal fans in all of sports.
  6. Agreed. In the best of circumstances, how many fans show up to watch Fordham? Take what a game would draw normally, subtract 20% for COVID phobia, and I'm sure you'll get something approximating current attendance figures.
  7. Local talent is pretty light in the next two classes other than Macaleab Rich, Jayden Nicholson and Kennard Davis (2023) and Bol (2024). Highly recruited 7 footers don't sign at mid-majors so from our perspective it's really Rich, Nicholson and Davis. Rich projects as a top 150 guy and the Vashon kids are mid-major+ talents. That's not many options. I can understand why the coaching staff made Texas our primary recruiting ground in the near term.
  8. We're a textbook NIT team. We win the games we're supposed to win and lose the games where we are the underdog or are playing a higher ranked team. We don't have any conference first-teamers but we do have a good collection of basketball players.
  9. Tough break on Fordham losing their top scorer. We know the feeling. Neptune has already established a defensive identity. The tough part, as always at Fordham, is keeping players. Our experienced guys finally reverted to form in the second half. Jimerson ran himself open, Yuri dropped dimes and Franco got his double double. Get well soon, Fred and Marten.
  10. He'd have to have an offer from SIU first. Even the Valley isn't offering slightly built little guys out of high school because the free COVID year makes proven college guards readily available. High school kids who would normally be headed to SIU or Missouri State have low-major offer lists instead. SLU and other high mid-majors can use that to their advantage and focus on them when these kids enter the transfer portal in a couple of years. We would represent a step up from their present situation.
  11. I always hear these scenarios about backup apprenticeships but in real life it's hard to pull off. Your starting point guard plays 30+ minutes a game if he's really good. Playing 8 minutes a game does not prepare the backup to take over the team. What actually happens is that kid gets recruited over. Why would I hand the keys to him, when I can get a kid with a similar skill set who has been playing 30 minutes a game at a lower mid-major?
  12. This is the best 3 pt shooting Davidson team since they've been in the A10. They're 42% from 3. Crazy.
  13. Circle Feb 11 on your calendar. That's the Chaminade / SLUH rematch at Chaminade. It's a 6 pm game so after that's done you can still make the 8 pm game at Chaifetz.
  14. Davidson's Mike Jones picked a hell of a time to score his career high. He went off for 29 points tonight, including 8/9 from 3. One more win and they'll be knocking at the door of the top 25.
  15. A lot of MBMs really thought we were going to win in Dayton for the first time in 8 years. When it didn't happen, in a game where Yuri struggled mightily, he's an easy scapegoat. Now, any time Yuri makes a bad play at the end of a game, that will be used as further "evidence" that Yuri quits under pressure. Being the defacto team leader really is a thankless job.
  16. I'm not sure how Tarris Reed and Damien Mayo going to Link Academy helped either player. Reed made his commitment to Michigan months ago and was already trending to top 50 status. Mayo doesn't have any new offers. Coach Perry must have one helluva sales pitch.
  17. Last year we had a point guard you didn't have to guard and one guy who could go get you a bucket. This year we have a point guard you do have to guard but now we're hoping someone emerges as a go-to-guy. We are sooo close to having both pieces at the same time, I can taste it.
  18. I'm trying to remember the last time a secondary point guard was developed, not just at SLU, but anywhere in the A10. It rarely happens. What normally happens is a freshman gets the keys to the position and THAT guy is developed over the next four years. The secondary ballhandler is normally your shooting guard. Our shooting guard has developed into a legit scorer but is only an average ballhandler. So we're back to waiting on Nesbitt, who is a legit secondary ballhandler, to emerge as a consistent scorer. It took Goodwin until his junior year to get to that point, so there is a chance that Nesbitt doesn't get there this season.
  19. Dwayne Evans averaged 12 rebounds a game in high school. He was one of the elite defenders in the Chicago metro area. Rebounding and defense got him on the floor early in his career and the rest is history. I'm not sure what Thames does at a high level that will allow him to break into the 8-9 man rotation as an underclassman.
  20. Based on his performance this year, Jimerson has taken a quantum leap in his ability to draw fouls. He's improved more in that area more than any Billiken I've ever seen. At this rate, he'll be leading the country in free throw attempts as a senior.
  21. Jimerson has his limitations, Yuri has his limitations, every player on the squad has his limitations. The trick is for other guys to pick up the slack when Jimerson and Yuri are on the wrong side of a matchup. Okoro and Fred got the job done last game. There will be opportunities for other players to do the same. And then when Nesbitt finally emerges as "the man", the league is in trouble.
  22. Again, he got his fair share of open looks against Belmont and in particular, Boston College (the game where Yuri carved them up for 19 assists). It's the teams with the big athletic guards -- UAB, Auburn, Iona -- that take away his open looks. The Daytons, VCUs and St. Bonaventures will likely cause him similar problems. He'll get his open looks against the teams that don't guard at a high level.
  23. I expected the big athletic guards for UAB, Auburn and Iona to hurry Jimerson's shots. Against Belmont he shot fine. Yuri carved up Boston College's defense and created open shots for everybody, including Jimerson. And he had an off day shooting from distance against Richmond. If this pattern continues, Jimerson will shot his normal 40+% against the lower half of the conference and continue to struggle against the defensive minded teams in the top half of the conference. Eventually he'll have that 5/7 game from three that will inch his overall average closer to 40%.
  24. The first delayed bump happened today as Minnesota and Cincinnati played and lost today. We moved up two spots to 65. Depending on the results of tomorrow's games, we could creep up another spot.
  25. VCU is the best defensive team in the conference. We've struggled against big, athletic guards this year, including last night. It's definitely not a good matchup for us. We'll need to dig deep to win. But we promise not to troll your board if that happens.
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