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  1. I seriously doubt it. A big is a bigger priority in this class than another guard.
  2. Nobody. If Rashad Williams wasn't here, then I think it would have been Thatch. But since Williams is here and I expect that he will average about 7 ppg, the other guards will only score a tad more than last year or even stay the same. I think Nesbitt will be our other double digit scorer. We've never had a top 100 player average less than 10 ppg at the guard spot and I don't expect it to start now.
  3. The question was asked multiple times during this process who the biggest loser would be: mid-majors or high-majors? The answer is neither. It's the players who lost. Hundreds of them.
  4. Kenny Brown/Tom Frericks/Jimmy Bell have to play somewhere. I like aircraft carriers. But more often than not, they're going to be role players on teams with talent.
  5. The war against "toxic masculinity" had already begun.
  6. Of course schools made more money with UT, it's the flagship school in the 2nd most populated state in the Union. I never said Texas did anything wrong. They just used their considerable leverage to operate in their best interests, which wasn't necessarily the best long-term interests of the Big 12. The Big 12 leadership can have all the backbone they want. It still doesn't change the fact that there was a stark difference in power between Texas and everyone else. For example, UT's athletic budget last year was $187 million. And that's with no revenue from student fees, institutional or state sources -- you know, the lifeblood of most athletic departments. Oh my stars and garters.
  7. The Big 12 tried to expand 5 years ago. Texas and Oklahoma, according some sources, killed it because they didn't want to make certain concessions. Those two schools, especially Texas, had been holding the conference hostage a long time.
  8. Yep. Cincinnati was picked over them. Bigger media market and perennial top 20 football program. Narrowly lost in the Peach Bowl last year.
  9. There aren't many recruits we've had where you can just give him the ball and get out of the way. Nesbitt will have to learn what a good shot is, but he has that ability.
  10. The only real debate appears to be whether Jordan Nesbitt lives up to his ranking and whether Rashad Williams is more than just Taj Weaver. We all seem to be agreement that the team will improve enough in the halfcourt and in transition to average near 80 ppg.
  11. Unless you're projecting the team averages well over 80 ppg, you're expecting other players to score less than what I'm suggesting. When you have time, I'd love to see your per-player estimates. There are actually more quallity players vying for playing time at positions 2 and 3 than there were last year. A guy could be a better player than he was last year and still play less minutes.
  12. Here's some next level speculation: Perkins 18.0 ppg Nesbitt 11.5 ppg (29.5) Okoro 9.0 ppg (38.5) Jimerson 8.0 ppg (46.5) Williams 7.0 ppg (53.5) Linssen 6.5 ppg (60.0) Collins 6.0 ppg (66.0) Hargrove 5.5 ppg (71.5) Thatch 5.0 ppg (76.5) Others 2.5 ppg (79.0)
  13. Yuri is a good defender when guarding guys his size or smaller but he's been abused the past couple of years when he goes up against big guards.
  14. Excellent writeup. Nesbitt can play positions 1-4. We've already got Perkins logging the majority of the minutes of the 4 so that frees up Nesbitt to be more of a secondary ballhandler alongside Yuri. When Yuri, Williams and Nesbitt all play together we'll have three guys who are slick ballhandlers. Our best defensive lineup at positions 1-3 is Williams, Thatch and Nesbitt.
  15. I think Rashad Williams belongs in that category. His last two stops have been Cleveland and Detroit.
  16. I know Flanigan is a starter but Auburn could go with one of their proven transfer guards and not skip a beat. And that Kessler kid, the 7 footer from UNC, will be a problem. He probably would have started for the Tar Heels this year had he stayed. Auburn has a lot of firepower.
  17. Running the break will be easier when you have two legitimate ball handlers. Nesbitt is just as dangerous in the open court with the ball in his hands as Yuri is.
  18. Machine learning isn't that smart. If it was, a lot more humans would be out of a job.
  19. Play more over who? Jimerson played well in the first half of the season and Thatch played well in the second half. And Goodwin played the same minutes he always played. With Goodwin gone, there are more minutes up for grabs. That was always going to be case. The kids behind him knew that when they signed up here.
  20. If Hargrove can defend well enough at the 3, Nesbitt can slide over to the 2. Williams, Thatch, Jimerson and Linssen would be the most potent bench in the conference.
  21. I like the timing too. He's a lanky sharpshooter with a good handle but he isn't an uber-athlete. I don't think the top 75 ranking will hold. More than likely we'll be up against middle of the pack P6 schools next year for his services. We'll win one of those battles eventually.
  22. Wow, I see a lot of articles about the Big 12 becoming the aggressor and raiding the AAC. I didn't see the dismantling of the AAC coming. If Memphis doesn't get picked by the Big 12, their conference strength of schedule would take a serious hit.
  23. Coach Forte is going to keep shooting his shot at Southern Assault and Team Griffin until he connects. It's a process.
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