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  1. COVID pause, no question. I'd rather be streaming Netflix/Hulu/HBOMax, etc. than watch another Crews-coached game. I may never fully recover from the trauma of those years.
  2. When they're talking about 4 players not having it does that mean as part of this current wave or in general? Because we know French got it back in the spring of 2020, for example. That might mean 3 other guys had it earlier or just happen to be really lucky.
  3. Industrial engineering, that was it. I don't know how long he stuck with it but I'm guessing switching programs is the reason he didn't finish up his degree in four years and came back five years later to wrap it up. I remember Matt Baniak coming into SLU saying he was pre-med and ending up a psychology major who didn't go to med school (although he has worked in the medical field his entire career and appears to have done really well, to be fair). Being a college athlete is a full-time job. Some guys bite off more than they - or almost anyone - can chew.
  4. We recruited Shaw hard. I met him on his visit. Soderberg really wanted him. The reason he gave at the time for choosing Carbondale over SLU was that SIUC offered an academic program SLU didn't have (some kind of engineering, if memory serves). Shaw played four years at SIUC but didn't graduate. He played overseas for five years, then came back to SIUC and spent a season as a manager while he got his degree - in history, a program SLU definitely has. Shaw has worked in the energy industry since he finished at SIUC in 2013, now working for an oil and gas company in Perth, Australia. I've t
  5. This was his team, yes. He didn't play. Not sure why. Doesn't look like he's played in about four weeks but I can't find word of an injury or illness.
  6. I was a little worried about Hughes after CBC's first two games because he had a total of 6 points between them. He's scored 20, 20, and now 25 in the past three, though. Martin has been very good in all five games. He's leading CBC in scoring at 17.4 PPG, with 4.0 APG and 1.6 SPG. He's the leader of a 5-0 team with wins over SLUH, Ritter, St. Mary's, Confluence, and STLCA. CBC plays Chaminade tomorrow.
  7. Yes. Because we can't really schedule anyone for that stretch right now, but inevitably there will be teams looking for opponents due to others shut down during that stretch. Just like the non-conference schedule, we're back to scheduling on the fly.
  8. The bottom line is any rescheduling will be done opportunistically. Based on the existing schedule, making up games would be extremely difficult. For example, during our only week off - 8 days between Richmond on 1/29 and GW on 2/6 - the only other A10 team without any midweek games is GW, which is the team we're playing that weekend and a team we're only scheduled to play once. And now the Richmond game is in question based on their shutdown. I also hope the league allows us to be picky about rescheduling to the extent it's possible. If we have a chance to make up Davidson or UMass, that
  9. In summary: -Will not return to practice this week as the program continues to work through positive cases for players and staff. -Guidelines: 10 days for positive test, additional 7-day slow return after symptoms end before practicing, 14 day quarantine for someone exposed. -We have multiple positives coming out of quarantine at different times. Issue is timing based on when symptoms started and when they ended. -Today is the 14th day since positives were first announced. Positives were within Tier 1 - players, coaches, staff, and managers who travel with team. -1/20 game against UMa
  10. As someone who checks in with those STLToday HS stats pretty regularly for recruiting tracking, I can tell you that Vashon is way worse than most schools about sending in stats. They don't send them in for a lot of their games, and some of the numbers are questionable or incomplete - in Littlebill's link, you can see that FG are included but not FGA, for example, and they've only submitted two games despite having played five. There are schools that are worse about sending in numbers but they're mostly irrelevant. A few other key programs, like St. Louis Christian Academy, are also bad ab
  11. Braxton Stacker - SG, 6-5, 180 - Belleville, IL (Cardinal Ritter, MO) - AAU: Brad Beal Elite (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @BraxtonStacker Offers: None. Interest: Saint Louis, VCU, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Missouri, Temple, Tulsa, East Carolina, Utah State, Colorado State, Boise State, Cornell, Belmont, Eastern Kentucky, Austin Peay, SIU-Carbondale, Illinois State, Rice, Miami-Ohio, Toledo, Illinois-Chicago, Appalachian State, South Dakota State, North Dakota, Elon, UC-Irvine, Texas Southern. Latest News: Stacker said SLU, Mizzou, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, and Tulsa are currentl
  12. Agree with all of this, except I would add that this season I have absolutely no concern about fans seeing the games live. Mitigate as much risk as possible. If that means no fans, so be it. Keep the unwashed masses - or even fractions of them - as far away from the teams as you can. The players have sacrificed a lot this season, so can we.
  13. Agree completely. Barclays Center is expensive. Rose Hill would be cool. Sound wouldn't get completely lost. Although putting it somewhere like Richmond could also cut down on hotel and other travel costs (Without looking, I'm assuming NYC rooms are still considerably more expensive than other cities, even though the scale has shifted downward).
  14. Got it, thanks. I had read that wrong. We should be okay, then. Still need to get back to action, though.
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