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  1. A few 2020 notes: -Since announcing his top ten, which included SLU, Keon Ambrose-Hylton has received offers from Alabama, USC, and NC State. All have visited him, as well. We were already in a tough pool and might be getting muscled out completely. -Miami, USC, North Florida, SIUC, Drexel, USF, Northeastern, Appalachian State, Wyoming, Florida Atlantic, and Oklahoma State went to open gym at Orlando Christian Prep. I'm fairly certain Ford Stuen went, as well, because we know he was in Orlando. They're all seeing Eric Butler and various teammates. -Bradford took an official visit to Mizzou, his second (K-State was first). According to Threat Hoops, he's supposed to visit Oklahoma State and SLU next, and then Late Night at the Phog at KU on 10/4. I'm still trying to confirm the OSU and SLU dates. -Reece Brown continues to add higher level offers, this time from Wisconsin and UNLV. TCU and Cal are also getting involved. He has an official visit to Rice on 9/27. -Dylan Branson, Kobe Clark, and Lamontay Daughtery have all played extremely well in the Ramey Fall League. -Melvin Edwards has had a lot of visitors but I haven't been able to confirm SLU as one. -Texas Tech went to see Donte Houston. They're not in his top 10, but he tweeted that he's still open after his top 10, so it's not entirely meaningful. -Kalkbrenner took an official visit to Creighton this weekend. It looked like Creighton was his third finalist after Purdue and Stanford, but Kansas offered and that might change things. -Andrew Laczkowski took his first OV to Penn. He has one at Northeastern at the end of the month, and has three left. -Seryee Lewis transferred from Morgan Park in Chicago to Compass Prep in AZ. As others have said, he's got his eyes on the highest level possible even though SLU has been involved among the longest. -Jamal Mashburn, Jr. has OVs scheduled for Cal, Minnesota, and Wake Forest. Still has the other two to spend, I think. -GT and Ole Miss were out to see Tristan Maxwell. -Jackson Sivills has taken consecutive OVs to Furman, Wofford, and Florida Gulf Coast. Those three, Murray State, Vandy, and Wyoming came out to see him. Murray State is making the full push - his dad went there. I have to imagine they'll get one of the two last OVs. -Iowa State went out to see Jayden Stone. -Will Bailey went down to see Markhi Strickland at Victory Rock Prep. He's visiting LSU and Georgia soon - both unofficials - and Michigan and Georgetown are trying to get him on campus. He seems to be taking his time.
  2. One of our interests became an offer: He was the leading scorer for the Brad Beal Elite 15U squad and led them on a nice run. He's from the Nashville area. Potential 5-star recruit once more 2022 rankings come out.
  3. Correct. I know he's there now, but started to map where he had been since Chaminade and couldn't keep track - Miller Career Academy, St. Mary's, U-City, and I might be missing one or two. So I just said "a number of" and moved on.
  4. I'm bumping up the classes on the Recruiting Lists thread, so I'm saving 2019 here: 2019 Offers: 6 commitments (Yuri Collins, Terrence Hargrove, Jr., Gibson Jimerson, Javonte Perkins, Jimmy Bell, Jr., Madani Diarra, Dujuanta Weaver), 1 scholarship remaining. John Bol Ajak - C, 6-10, 205 - South Sudan (Westtown, PA) - Committed: Syracuse (10/2/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, George Washington, Villanova, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Pitt, Rutgers, UConn. Interest: Rhode Island, St. Joe's, St. Bonaventure, Xavier, Marquette, Virginia, Notre Dame, Penn State, Vanderbilt, Temple, Penn, Columbia, Brown, Yale, Lehigh, Drexel, Towson, Delaware. Dontaie Allen - SF, 6-6, 200 - Falmouth, KY (Pendleton County) - Committed: Kentucky (8/2/18) Offers: SLU, Dayton, Xavier, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Pitt, Illinois, Purdue, Oklahoma, Iowa State, West Virginia, Florida, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Nevada, Western Kentucky, Illinois State, IUPUI, Morehead State, Tennessee State, Eastern Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Winthrop. Interest: Providence, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Cincinnati. Armando Bacot - PF/C, 6-10, 225 - Richmond, VA (Trinity Episcopal) - Committed: UNC (8/16/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, Richmond, Villanova, Georgetown, Providence, St. John's, UNC, Duke, Louisville, Virginia, NC State, Florida State, Miami, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Penn State, Kansas, Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, USC, Cal, Arizona State, Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCF, Old Dominion, James Madison, Harvard. Interest: Marquette, Texas, Kentucky, Stanford. Myles Baker - SG, 6-2, 170 - Chicago, IL (Whitney Young) - Committed: Central Connecticut State (4/15/19) Offers: SLU, DePaul, Tulsa, Colorado State, Kent State, Milwaukee, Cleveland State, Drexel, Central Connecticut State. Interest: Wisconsin, Indiana, Cal, UNLV, UAB, Loyola-Chicago. Tyler Bertram - SG, 6-4, 160 - Cooperstown, NY (Vermont Academy, VT) - Reclassified to 2018 - Committed: Charlotte (9/4/18) Offers: SLU, Dayton, St. Joe's, St. Bonaventure, George Washington, George Mason, Fordham, East Carolina, Loyola-Chicago, Charlotte, Rice, Brown, Lehigh, Colgate, Iona, Siena, Hofstra, Manhattan, Marist, Binghamton, Niagara, Bryant, NJIT. Interest: VCU, Davidson, La Salle, Villanova, Xavier, Georgetown, Providence, Duke, UNC, Syracuse, Virginia, NC State, Georgia Tech, Pitt, Boston College, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, K-State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, West Virginia, TCU, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, Stanford, Washington, UConn, Cincinnati, Tulane, Columbia, Dartmouth, William & Mary, High Point, Vermont, Albany, Northeastern. James Bishop - PG, 6-2, 180 - Baltimore, MD (Mount Saint Joseph) - Committed: LSU (9/18/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, St. Joe's, UMass, La Salle, Xavier, Marquette, Seton Hall, Providence, St. John's, NC State, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Michigan, K-State, LSU, Colorado, Cincinnati, Temple, Tulsa. Interest: Georgetown, Pitt. James Bouknight - SG, 6-4, 180 - Providence, RI (The MacDuffie School, MA) - Committed: UConn (9/18/18) Offers: SLU, Rhode Island, VCU, UMass, Seton Hall, DePaul, Miami, Virginia Tech, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, K-State, UConn, Wichita State, Temple, Stony Brook, Siena, Rider, Central Connecticut State, Coppin State. Interest: Virginia, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Oregon, Stanford. Christian Braun - SG, 6-6, 180 - Overland Park, KS (Blue Valley Northwest) - Committed: Kansas (9/17/18) Offers: SLU, Creighton, DePaul, Wake Forest, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, K-State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Mizzou, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tulane, Loyola-Chicago, Missouri State, Lehigh. Interest: Michigan State, Purdue, Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, Northern Iowa. Christian Brown - SF, 6-7, 195 - Columbia, SC (Lower Richland) - Committed: Georgia (3/15/19) Offers: SLU, VCU, UMass, Xavier, Seton Hall, Wake Forest, NC State, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Kansas, Oklahoma State, K-State, Baylor, Stanford, USC, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU, UConn, UCF, UNLV, WKU, Charleston, Georgia State. Interest: UNC, Louisville, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, Kentucky, Mizzou, Yale, Princeton, Boston. Vernon Carey, Jr. - PF/C, 6-10, 245 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (University School) - Committed: Duke (12/6/18) Offers: SLU, Georgetown, UNC, Duke, Louisville, Miami, Florida State, Michigan State, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor, UCLA, USC, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, UConn, Memphis, UCF, Georgia State. Interest: Syracuse, Virginia, Wake Forest, Pitt, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Arizona, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, USF. Robert Carpenter - SF, 6-7, 205 - Detroit, MI (Mt. Zion Prep, MD) - Committed: St. Bonaventure (5/1/19) Offers: SLU, St. Joe's, UMass, St. Bonaventure, Temple, Tulane, North Texas, Youngstown State, Eastern Kentucky, Iona, Stony Brook, Southern. Interest: La Salle, Central Florida, Drexel, East Tennessee State, Cal State-Fullerton, Southern Utah, Mt. St. Mary's, NJIT, NC Central. Chico Carter, Jr. - PG, 6-3, 185 - Columbia, SC (Cardinal Newman) - Committed: Murray State (9/26/18) Offers: SLU, Youngstown State, Charlotte, Charleston, Elon, Murray State, Winthrop, High Point, Denver, Hampton, Arkansas State, North Carolina A&T. Interest: VCU, UMass, George Mason, Iowa State, South Carolina, Wichita State, South Florida, Middle Tennessee. Michael Christmas - SF, 6-6, 205 - Virginia Beach, VA (Landstown) - Committed: James Madison (10/9/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, Oregon, Old Dominion, James Madison, Hofstra, Siena, Quinnipiac, Longwood, Hampton, Norfolk State. Interest: Rhode Island, Villanova, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Texas Tech. Kofi Cockburn - C, 6-11, 290 - Queens, NY (Oak Hill Academy, VA) - Committed: Illinois (1/6/19) Offers: SLU, VCU, Rhode Island, Georgetown, Creighton, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Illinois, Minnesota, Rutgers, Kansas, Oklahoma State, TCU, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, UCLA, Cal, Oregon, UConn, Cincinnati, UNLV, Bryant. Interest: Dayton, St. Joe's, Duquesne, La Salle, Fordham, Villanova, Xavier, Butler, Duke, Virginia, Michigan State, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio State, West Virginia, Stanford, Kentucky, South Carolina, South Florida, Bowling Green, Milwaukee, Northern Illinois, Monmouth, Iona, St. Peter's, Northern Kentucky. Dashawn Davis - SG, 6-3, 180 - Bronx, NY (Our Saviour Lutheran) - Committed: Seton Hall (11/26/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, St. Joe's, UMass, La Salle, Fordham, Seton Hall, St. John's, Old Dominion, Toledo, Monmouth, Manhattan, Hofstra, St. Peter's, Little Rock. Interest: Colgate, Sam Houston State. Nobal Days - PF, 6-9, 200 - Racine, WI (Washington Park) - Committed: Tulane (11/15/18) Offers: SLU, Marquette, DePaul, Boston College, Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern, Nebraska, K-State, Tulane, UNLV, Norfolk State. Interest: Butler, UNC, Duke, Virginia, NC State, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Ohio State, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Arizona, Stanford, Mizzou, Vanderbilt, Santa Clara, Princeton, Yale, Cornell. Jordan Dingle - SG, 6-3, 185 - Valley Stream, NY (Blair Academy, NJ) - Committed: Penn (9/30/18) Offers: SLU, Penn, Bucknell, Holy Cross, Boston. Interest: Northwestern, San Diego, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Manhattan. Tyson Etienne - PG, 6-1, 175 - Englewood, NJ (Putnam Science Academy, CT) - Committed: Wichita State (10/14/18) Offers: SLU, Dayton, VCU, UMass, Fordham, Seton Hall, St. John's, DePaul, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Auburn, Ole Miss, Cincinnati, Wichita State, Old Dominion, Drake, Lehigh, Holy Cross, Hofstra, Iona, Central Connecticut State. Interest: Rhode Island, Marquette, Virginia, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Temple. Noah Fernandes - PG, 6-0, 170 - Mattapoisett, MA (Woodstock Academy, CT) - Committed: Wichita State (9/16/18) Offers: SLU, Rhode Island, UMass, Richmond, St. Bonaventure, George Mason, Fordham, DePaul, Wichita State, Temple, East Carolina, Old Dominion, Buffalo, Columbia, Boston. Interest: Davidson, Seton Hall, Virginia, NC State, Boston College, Pitt, Iowa, UConn, Yale, Brown, Northeastern, Hartford. Joe Girard, III - SG, 6-1, 170 - Glens Falls, NY (Glens Falls) - Committed: Syracuse (10/14/18) Offers: SLU, St. Joe's, UMass, George Washington, Duke, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Boston College, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Oklahoma, Baylor, Ole Miss, Washington, Tulane, BYU, Vermont, Albany, Siena, Marist, MTSU, High Point. Interest: UMass, Fordham, Villanova, St. John's, Louisville, Rutgers, USC, UConn. DaJuan Gordon - SG, 6-4, 170 - Chicago, IL (Curie) - Committed: K-State (10/1/18) Offers: SLU, Xavier, DePaul, Nebraska, K-State, Ole Miss, SMU, Tulsa, New Mexico, Colorado State, UAB, Loyola-Chicago, UIC, Milwaukee, Cleveland State, Kent State, Murray State, Montana, South Dakota, East Tennessee State, Chicago State. Interest: Cincinnati, Drake. Malik Hall - SF, 6-7, 205 - Naperville, IL (Sunrise Christian, KS) - Committed: Michigan State (11/1/18) Offers: SLU, Villanova, Butler, Louisville, Notre Dame, Florida State, Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Mizzou, Florida, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Oregon, Cal, Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU. Interest: Xavier, Marquette, DePaul, Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, Wake Forest, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Arkansas, UCLA, Arizona State, USC, Colorado, Washington State, Wichita State, Temple. D.J. Horne - PG, 6-1, 170 - Cary, NC (Trinity Christian) - Committed: Illinois State (9/9/18) Offers: SLU, Illinois State, Northern Kentucky, Towson, UMass-Lowell. Interest: George Mason, Oklahoma State, East Carolina, Rice, Louisiana Tech, Bowling Green, Youngstown State, Murray State, Northern Arizona, Campbell, Longwood, Hampton, Radford, Gardner-Webb, VMI, Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Liberty. Jason Jitoboh - C, 6-11, 270 - Abuja, Nigeria (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy, TN) - Committed: Florida (3/28/19) Offers: SLU, Louisville, Wake Forest, Illinois, Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Florida. Interest: Xavier, Georgetown, Clemson, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Georgia, Central Florida. Tony Johnson - PG, 6-4, 188 - Eufaula, AL (The Skill Factory, GA) - Committed: Central Florida (2/16/19) Offers: SLU, St. Bonaventure, Minnesota, Northwestern, TCU, Auburn, Georgia, Wichita State, Central Florida, Fresno State, Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee State, Santa Clara, Florida Gulf Coast, Samford, Georgia Southern, South Alabama, Jacksonville State. Interest: VCU, UMass, Providence, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Temple, Tulane, UAB, Troy. Treyon Johnson - C, 6-11, 255 - Westchester, IL (On Point Academy, OK) - Committed: Southern Arkansas University Tech (7/31/19) Offers: SLU, Hampton, Kennesaw State. Tyrell Jones - PG, 6-2, 175 - Tallahassee, FL (West Oaks Academy) - Committed: Auburn (10/16/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, UMass, La Salle, Xavier, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Clemson, Minnesota, Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, K-State, TCU, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Wichita State, Houston, SMU, South Florida, UAB, Southern Miss, Tulane, Wyoming, Old Dominion, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Kent State, Buffalo, Illinois State, Western Kentucky, Tennessee Tech, James Madison, Winthrop, Little Rock, Florida Gulf Coast, Stetson. Interest: Virginia, Pitt, Illinois, Florida, Arizona State, Temple, Central Florida. Xzavier Jones - SG, 6-5, 185 - Greendale, WI (Martin Luther) - Committed: Northern Michigan (5/1/19) Offers: SLU, Bradley, Green Bay, IUPUI. Interest: Butler, Marquette, DePaul, Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Auburn, Memphis, Tulsa, UNLV, Boise State, Air Force, Miami-Ohio, Drake, Milwaukee, North Dakota State. Goodnews Kpegeol - SG, 6-6, 180 - St. Paul, MN (TaylorMade Academy, FL) - Reclassified to 2018 - Committed: K-State (11/14/18) - Transferred: Southwest Mississippi Community College (6/8/19) Offers: SLU, St. Joe's, UMass, St. Bonaventure, K-State, Akron, Iona, Hofstra, Hampton, Georgia State, SIUE, SEMO. Interest: VCU, Xavier, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Minnesota, Mizzou, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, Memphis, Houston, Temple, Central Florida, Tulane, Nevada, Wyoming, Loyola-Marymount, UAB, Texas-San Antonio, Loyola-Chicago, Northern Iowa, Indiana State, Drake, Milwaukee, UIC, Oakland, Green Bay, Kent State, Ohio, Miami-Ohio, South Dakota, North Dakota, North Dakota State, Nebraska-Omaha, Denver, Arkansas State, Furman, Stephen F. Austin, UT-Rio Grande Valley. Jalen Lecque - PG, 6-4, 165 - Bronx, NY (Brewster Academy, NH) - Committed: NC State (10/2/18) - Decommitted: NC State (4/23/19) - Declared for NBA Draft (5/29/19) Offers: SLU, VCU, Rhode Island, Villanova, Xavier, Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John's, Providence, Syracuse, Louisville, NC State, Wake Forest, Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Kansas, Texas, K-State, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Oregon, USC, UConn, Houston, New Mexico, Colorado State, San Jose State, Iona, Stony Brook, Manhattan, Rider, Towson. Interest: St. Joe's, UMass, St. John's, Duke, Virginia, Florida State, Maryland, Ohio State, Nebraska, West Virginia, Iowa State, Alabama, South Carolina, Stanford, Cincinnati, South Florida, UCF, UNLV, Santa Clara, MTSU, Charleston, UNCW. Chris Ledlum - SF, 6-6, 230 - Staten Island, NY (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) - Committed: Harvard (11/1/18) Offers: SLU, UMass, St. Bonaventure, Xavier, Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John's, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Illinois, Iowa, Penn State, Texas Tech, TCU, Florida, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Bowling Green, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Lehigh, Manhattan, Hofstra, Stony Brook, Binghamton, Marist, Robert Morris, Little Rock, New Orleans, NJIT. Interest: Rhode Island, Fordham, Stanford, Drake, Princeton, Manhattan, Quinnipiac. Marcedus Leech - SF, 6-6, 170 - Poplar Bluff, MO (Jonesboro, AR) - Committed: Iowa State (7/25/18) Offers: SLU, Miami, Kansas, Iowa State, Texas Tech, Mizzou, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Washington, Wichita State, Missouri State, New Mexico State, Jacksonville State. Interest: UNC, Louisville, Florida State, Nebraska, Iowa, Kentucky, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, WKU. Kira Lewis, Jr. - PG, 6-3, 160 - Hazel Green, AL (Hazel Green) - Reclassified to 2018 - Committed: Alabama (8/10/18) Offers: SLU, Dayton, Xavier, Providence, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Pitt, Indiana, Northwestern, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, TCU, Baylor, Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Georgia, Oregon, UConn, Houston, South Florida, Tulane, UAB, Western Kentucky, Murray State, MTSU, Samford, Jackson State, Alabama A&M. Interest: Virginia, K-State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, UCLA. E.J. Liddell - PF, 6-7, 240 - Belleville, IL (Belleville West) - Committed: Ohio State (10/1/18) Offers: SLU, Georgetown, Marquette, DePaul, Louisville, Illinois, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa State, K-State, Mizzou, Florida, Texas A&M, UConn, Illinois State, SIUC. Interest: Creighton, Duke, UNC, Notre Dame, NC State, Indiana, Michigan, Purdue, Kansas, Texas, Oregon, Stanford. Ricardo (Ricky) Lindo, Jr. - SF, 6-7, 200 - Washington, DC (Woodrow Wilson) - Reclassified to 2018 - Committed: Maryland (8/15/18) Offers: SLU, George Washington, UMass, La Salle, Maryland, East Carolina, Tulane, Bowling Green, Harvard, Penn, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Lehigh, Bucknell, James Madison, Loyola-Maryland, Mount St. Mary's, High Point, Hampton, Campbell, Robert Morris, Canisius, Long Beach State, UC-Santa Barbara. Interest: Dayton, VCU, Fordham, Georgetown, DePaul, Vanderbilt, Wichita State, Princeton, Charleston, American. Maxwell Lorca-Lloyd - PF/C, 6-10, 210 - Brooklyn, NY (Northfield Mount Hermon, MA) - Committed: Penn (9/15/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, Rhode Island, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Ohio State, Penn State, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Cal, UConn, BYU, Harvard, Penn, Yale, Columbia, St. Peter’s. Interest: George Washington, Marquette, St. John’s, Virginia, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Boston College, TCU, Stanford, Florida, USF, UAB, Rice, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Fairfield, Delaware, Towson, Manhattan, Niagara. B.J. Mack - C, 6-8, 250 - Charlotte, NC (Oak Hill Academy, VA) - Committed: South Florida (9/11/18) Offers: SLU, George Mason, Xavier, DePaul, Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia, East Carolina, South Florida, Indiana State, Murray State, Middle Tennessee, Charleston, Hofstra, James Madison, High Point, Appalachian State. Interest: Duke, UNC, Virginia, Notre Dame, NC State, Wake Forest, Arkansas. Chris Maidoh - PF, 6-10, 185 - Riverdale Park, MD (Scotland Campus, PA) - Committed: Fairfield (6/3/19) Offers: SLU, St. Bonaventure, UMass, Georgia, Wyoming, Charlotte, Towson, Fairfield, Western Carolina, Stetson, North Alabama. Interest: St. John's, Texas A&M, Cincinnati, Tulsa, East Carolina, Marshall, Texas-San Antonio, Western Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Canisius, Nicholls State. Julius Marble - PF, 6-9, 220 - Keller, TX (Dallas Jesuit) - Committed: Michigan State (3/10/19) Offers: SLU, Boston College, Michigan State, Illinois, Oklahoma State, TCU, Pepperdine, Florida International, Louisiana Tech, Texas-San Antonio, Murray State, Lehigh, Charleston, Oral Roberts, South Dakota, Texas State. Interest: Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Baylor, Stanford. Ismael Massoud - SF, 6-8, 175 - Bronx, NY (The MacDuffie School, MA) - Committed: Wake Forest (9/24/18) Offers: SLU, Rhode Island, St. Bonaventure, Xavier, Creighton, DePaul, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Minnesota, Rutgers, Penn State, Texas Tech, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Stanford, Arizona State, Harvard, Yale, Monmouth, Iona, Hofstra, Stony Brook. Interest: UMass, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Virginia, South Carolina. Mario McKinney - G, 6-2, 180 - St. Louis, MO (Vashon) - Committed: Mizzou (9/24/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, Duquesne, Xavier, Marquette, DePaul, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, K-State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Mizzou, Florida, Auburn, Tulsa, Southern Miss, Howard. Interest: Creighton, Wisconsin, Michigan, Purdue, Arkansas, Oregon, UNLV, Wichita State, Valpo, Milwaukee, Drake, Bradley, SIUE. Justin McKoy - SF, 6-8, 225 - Cary, NC (Panther Creek) - Committed: Virginia (4/15/19) Offers: SLU, George Mason, UNC, Virginia, NC State, Penn State, K-State, Florida International, Middle Tennessee, Louisiana Tech, Murray State, Charleston, Lehigh, Hofstra, Elon, Campbell, Appalachian State, Wofford, UNC-Greensboro, Hampton, McNeese State. Interest: Davidson, Richmond, Butler, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Charlotte, New Hampshire, Liberty. Caleb Mills - PG, 6-3, 170 - Asheville, NC (Asheville Christian Academy) - Committed: Houston (8/5/18) Offers: VCU, St. Joe's, George Mason, Xavier, Marquette, Providence, Florida State, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Pitt, K-State, Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Houston, Charlotte, Old Dominion, Harvard, Murray State, Lehigh, Charleston, Boston, Towson, Wofford, Winthrop, High Point, UNC-Greensboro, Appalachian State, Western Carolina, Lipscomb, Liberty. Interest: UNC, NC State, Ohio State, Iowa State, LSU, Ole Miss, UAB, South Alabama. Anderson Mirambeaux - PF, 6-8, 295 - Santo Domingo, DR (Teays Valley Christian, WV) - Committed: Trinity Valley Community College (5/17/19) Offers: SLU, Virginia Tech, Akron, Stony Brook, Manhattan, Hampton. Interest: Creighton, Pitt, Texas Tech, UConn, Toledo, Marshall, Morehead State, James Madison, North Texas, Radford, Canisius, Lafayette, Norfolk State. Michael Moreno - SF, 6-6, 195 - Georgetown, KY (Scott County) - Committed: Eastern Kentucky (5/9/19) Offers: SLU, Iowa, Ohio, Toledo, Bradley, Evansville, Northern Kentucky, IUPUI, Winthrop, Elon, Eastern Kentucky, Little Rock, Coastal Carolina, Army, Wofford, Canisius. Interest: Richmond, Xavier, Creighton, UNC, Louisville, Indiana, Purdue, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Akron, Western Kentucky, Tennessee Tech, Cornell, East Tennessee State. Harry Morrice - C, 6-11, 230 - Dundee, Scotland (Beckley Prep, WV) - Committed: North Carolina A&T (5/14/19) Offers: SLU, Tennessee-Martin, Coastal Carolina, Robert Morris, North Carolina A&T. Interest: St. Bonaventure, Creighton, Pitt, Michigan, Arkansas, Wyoming, Marshall, Kent State, Ohio, Morehead State, Vermont, Maine, Northeastern, Samford, VMI, Troy, Bethune-Cookman. Josh Nickelberry - SG, 6-4, 175 - Fayetteville, NC (Northwood Temple) - Committed: Louisville (5/31/18) Offers: SLU, Rhode Island, VCU, UMass, Xavier, Marquette, Georgetown, Seton Hall, DePaul, Providence, UNC, Louisville, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, NC State, Florida State, Clemson, Maryland, Nebraska, Penn State, West Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, K-State, Baylor, Mizzou, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, USC, UConn, Memphis, East Carolina, Tulane, UNLV, Howard. Interest: Butler, Miami, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee. Francis Okoro - PF, 6-9, 233 - Normal, IL (Normal Community West) - Reclassified to 2018 - Committed: Oregon (5/14/18) Offers: SLU, Marquette, DePaul, Notre Dame, NC State, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Oregon, Mizzou, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Tennessee, WKU, Illinois State, Oakland, Texas Southern. Interest: UNC, Duke, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Ohio State, South Carolina, LSU, Tulsa. Chris Payton - SF, 6-7, 205 - Bloomington, IL (Bloomington) - Committed: SIUC (11/21/18) Offers: SLU, Illinois, New Mexico, Illinois State, SIUC, Bradley, Valpo, Murray State, Middle Tennessee. Interest: Wisconsin, Northwestern, Kansas, Texas, West Virginia, Iowa State, K-State, South Carolina, Stanford, Nevada, Akron. Michael Peake - PF, 6-7, 220 - Kansas City, MO (Blue Valley Northwest, KS) - AAU: MOKAN Elite (Nike EYBL) - Reclassified from 2020 - Committed: Georgia (8/5/19) Offers: Saint Louis, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Detroit, South Dakota, Denver. Interest: St. Bonaventure, Creighton, Ohio State, K-State, Iowa State, Alabama, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Utah State, Princeton, Cornell, Toledo, Loyola-Chicago, SIU-Carbondale, Missouri State, Illinois State, Bradley, Valparaiso, Drake, Belmont, SEMO, Illinois-Chicago, Milwaukee, North Dakota, Western Illinois, New Orleans, Abilene Christian, Louisiana-Monroe, Liberty, UMKC, Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Mickey Pearson - SF, 6-8, 185 - Elizabethtown, KY (Hargrave Military Academy, VA) - Decommitted: SLU (6/19/18) - Reclassified from 2018 - Committed: TCU (4/15/19) Offers: SLU, St. Bonaventure, Rutgers, Texas Tech, TCU, Ole Miss, Ball State, Bradley, Western Kentucky, Robert Morris, Stony Brook, Eastern Kentucky, Campbell, Wofford, Samford, Troy, Tennessee Tech, Lipscomb. Interest: Louisville, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Belmont, Cornell, Northeastern, Northern Kentucky. Joshua Pierre-Louis - PG, 6-3, 180 - North Arlington, NJ (Roselle Catholic) - Committed: UNLV (9/9/18) Offers: SLU, Dayton, St. Joe's, UMass, George Washington, St. Bonaventure, La Salle, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Georgia, Mississippi State, Temple, Tulsa, East Carolina, UNLV, Wyoming, Hofstra, James Madison, Cal State-Bakersfield. Interest: Syracuse, Iowa, Auburn, Cincinnati, Wagner. Lester Quinones - SG, 6-5, 200 - Brentwood, NY (IMG Academy, FL) - Committed: Memphis (5/10/19) Offers: SLU, Dayton, UMass, Xavier, Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's, Virginia, Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Pitt, Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, West Virginia, Florida, LSU, Georgia, Arizona, UConn, Memphis, Tulane, Western Kentucky, Iona, Hofstra, Stony Brook, St. Peter's. Interest: Rhode Island, Villanova, Creighton, Duke, UNC, Syracuse, Louisville, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Mizzou, Kentucky, South Carolina, UCLA, Oregon, Arizona State, Cal, UNLV, New Mexico, Vermont. Antonio Reeves - SG, 6-5, 175 - Chicago, IL (Simeon) - Committed: Illinois State (5/18/19) Offers: SLU, Milwaukee, Detroit, Northern Illinois, SIUC, Illinois State, Northern Arizona, Chicago State. Interest: Georgetown, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado State, Wyoming, Buffalo, Drake, East Tennessee. Quinn Richey - SG, 6-5, 187 - Johns Creek, GA (Mount Pisgah Christian) - Committed: James Madison (9/22/18) Offers: SLU, Mississippi State, Rice, Florida International, James Madison, Middle Tennessee, Mercer, Appalachian State. Interest: Davidson, Richmond, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas Tech, Charlotte, Princeton, Yale, Penn, Cornell, Navy, Colgate, Belmont, Florida Gulf Coast, Wofford, Appalachian State, Western Carolina, Furman, Boston, Lipscomb. David Roddy - SF, 6-6, 245 - Minneapolis, MN (Breck) - Committed: Colorado State (11/10/18) Offers: SLU, Davidson, Richmond, Minnesota, Northwestern, Nebraska, Colorado State, Northern Iowa, Drake, Lehigh, Charleston, William & Mary, Wofford, North Dakota, South Dakota, Cal State-Fullerton, Cal Poly. Interest: UMass, Iowa. Terrence Shannon, Jr. - SF, 6-7, 190 - Chicago, IL (IMG Academy, FL) - Committed: Texas Tech (3/11/19) Offers: SLU, DePaul, Louisville, Wake Forest, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Maryland, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, UConn, Loyola-Chicago, UIC, Austin Peay, Chicago State. Interest: Xavier, Georgetown, UNC, Indiana, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, UCLA, Oregon, Valpo, Montana. Grant Sherfield - PG, 6-4,170 - Arlington, TX (North Crowley) - Committed: Wichita State (4/16/19) Offers: SLU, Wake Forest, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, K-State, Texas Tech, Baylor, UCLA, Cal, Texas A&M, LSU, Mississippi State, SMU, New Mexico, San Diego. Interest: Virginia, Louisville, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, TCU, Stanford, Kentucky, Mizzou, Alabama, Wichita State, Portland. Richard (Richie) Springs - PF, 6-9, 215 - Brooklyn, NY (Brewster Academy, NH) - AAU: PSA Cardinals (Nike EYBL) - Reclassified from 2020 - Committed: Connecticut (8/6/19) Offers: Saint Louis, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, St. Bonaventure, Creighton, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's, DePaul, Wake Forest, Boston College, Illinois, Minnesota, Penn State, Rutgers, Connecticut, South Florida, Stony Brook. Interest: VCU, La Salle, Villanova, Xavier, Marquette, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt, Tulsa, East Carolina, Princeton, Ohio, Middle Tennessee, Florida International, Northern Kentucky, William & Mary, Elon, South Dakota, Fairfield, Bryant, Robert Morris. Isaiah Stewart - PF, 6-9, 243 - Rochester, NY (La Lumiere Prep, IN) - Committed: Washington (1/21/19) Offers: SLU, UMass, GW, St. Bonaventure, Villanova, Xavier, Georgetown, Providence, Marquette, Seton Hall, St. John's, DePaul, Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pitt, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Florida State, Michigan State, Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Maryland, Iowa, Northwestern, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington, UConn, Memphis, Buffalo, Loyola-Chicago, Niagara. Interest: Dayton, UNC, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Michigan, Minnesota, TCU, Arizona, Stanford, Cal, Kentucky, Mizzou, Tulane, Columbia. Dekeyvan 'Kyky' Tandy - SG, 6-2, 180 - Hopkinsville, KY (University Heights Academy) - Committed: Xavier (10/23/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, Xavier, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, K-State, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Cincinnati, WKU, New Mexico State. Interest: Creighton, Louisville, Wake Forest, Boston College, Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, LSU, Vanderbilt, Wichita State. Dischon Thomas - PF, 6-9, 207 - Laveen, AZ (Hillcrest Prep) - Committed: Colorado State (2/13/19) Offers: SLU, Colorado State, SIUC, Old Dominion, Buffalo, Princeton, Cornell, Texas Southern, Coastal Carolina, Kennesaw State, Montana, Northern Arizona, UC-Irvine, UC-Davis, Cal State-Northridge, Seattle. Interest: Georgetown, West Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona State, Utah, Cal, Washington State, Oregon State, UNLV, Nevada, Gonzaga, St. Mary's, Loyola-Marymount, Bradley, Hawaii, NC Central. Joe Toussaint - PG, 6-0, 170 - Bronx, NY (Cardinal Hayes) - Committed: Iowa (9/8/18) Offers: SLU, Dayton, St. Joe's, UMass, St. Bonaventure, Fordham, Iowa, UNLV, Charlotte, Iona, Drexel, Towson. Interest: Columbia, Hofstra, Manhattan, Long Island. Qudus Wahab - C, 6-11, 235 - Lagos, Nigeria (Flint Hill School, VA) - Committed: Georgetown (1/30/19) Offers: SLU, Rhode Island, VCU, St. Joe's, UMass, George Mason, St. Bonaventure, Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John's, Louisville, Syracuse, Miami, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Pitt, Ohio State, Rutgers, LSU, UConn, Temple, Northern Illinois, Old Dominion, Bucknell, Colgate, Long Beach State. Interest: Xavier, Virginia, Louisville, Florida State, K-State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Florida, South Carolina, Mizzou, USC, SMU, Princeton. C.J. Walker - SF, 6-8, 180 - Orlando, FL (Orlando Christian Prep) - Committed: Oregon (11/21/18) Offers: SLU, VCU, Xavier, Georgetown, Providence, Louisville, Florida State, NC State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Rutgers, Texas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, TCU, Florida, Vanderbilt, Mizzou, LSU, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arizona, Oregon, Wichita State, Memphis, SMU, Central Florida, South Florida, North Florida, Georgia Southern. Interest: St. John's, DePaul, UNC, Virginia, Wake Forest, Maryland, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, USC, Cincinnati. Tyson Walker - PG, 6-0, 150 - Queens, NY (New Hampton, NH) - Committed: Northeastern (10/7/18) Offers: SLU, Florida International, Towson, Iona, Manhattan, Vermont, Northeastern, Binghamton. Interest: Rutgers. Kahlil Whitney - SF, 6-6, 190 - Chicago, IL (Roselle Catholic, NJ) - Committed: Kentucky (8/8/18) Offers: SLU, Georgetown, St. John's, Seton Hall, Virginia, Syracuse, Louisville, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Pitt, Illinois, Rutgers, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Florida, LSU, Oregon, UConn, SMU, UIC, New Mexico State. Interest: DePaul, Providence, Duke, Wisconsin, Maryland, Cincinnati. Jaylin Williams - SF, 6-7, 190 - Nahunta, GA (Brantley County) - Committed: Auburn (9/15/18) Offers: SLU, UMass, Xavier, Butler, St. John's, DePaul, Louisville, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Nebraska, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, K-State, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Cincinnati, UConn, Memphis, South Florida, UNLV, FIU, Kennesaw State. Interest: Georgetown, Clemson, Wisconsin, Mizzou, Charleston, Georgia State, North Florida. Jalen Wilson - SF, 6-8, 205 - Denton, TX (Guyer) - Committed: Michigan (5/30/18) - Decommitted: Michigan (5/16/19) - Committed: Kansas (6/12/19) Offers: SLU, VCU, Marquette, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Purdue, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, LSU, Texas A&M, UCLA, Arizona State, SMU, Louisiana Tech. Interest: Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, USC, Memphis. Lök Wur - F, 6-9, 180 - Papillion, NE (Papillion-La Vista South) - Committed: Oregon (6/24/19) Offers: Saint Louis, St. Joe's, George Mason, Creighton, DePaul, Iowa, Rutgers, Texas A&M, Washington State, Nevada, Eastern Michigan, Wofford, Louisiana, Mercer, McNeese State, Omaha, Northern Colorado. Interest: Georgetown, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Miami, Boston College, Minnesota, Kansas, K-State, Georgia, UCLA, Oregon, Houston, Colorado State, Loyola-Marymount, San Diego, Elon, Nebraska-Omaha, New Orleans, Hawaii, Idaho State.
  5. He committed to ULM when he was at SWIC. Reopened his recruitment in mid-September 2018. Heard from SLU, Wichita State, UT-Martin, and others. Signed with SLU in November 2018.
  6. New 2022 offers: Devin Ree - SF, 6-7, 170 - Terry, MS (Terry) - AAU: We All Can Go (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @Devin46997636 Offers: Saint Louis, Western Kentucky, Tennessee State. Interest: Tulsa, UAB. Latest News: Ree received offers from SLU, WKU, and Tennessee State. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Ree is a long, lean wing forward with a lot of skill and athleticism. He has good handles for his size and can lead transition and get to the rim, where he uses his bounce to finish strong. He has a solid outside shot and a ton of range. He has a great feel for the game. He has major upside. Kok Yat - SF, 6-7, 170 - (Norcross, GA) - AAU: Boo Williams (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @2yat4 Offers: Saint Louis, Miami, Boston College, Arizona State, New Mexico, Cal State-Bakersfield. Interest: George Washington, Vanderbilt, Toledo, UC-Irvine, UC-Riverside. Latest News: Yat received an offer from SLU. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Yat is a long, athletic forward who scores on all three levels. He's got a smooth, confident offensive game that looks surprisingly crisp for his length and age. He can handle it, break down defenders off the dribble, shoot from anywhere, and get to the rim. He's a disruptive defender who creates steals and blocks shots. He transferred from Huntington Prep in West Virginia to Norcross in Georgia. He appears to have been based in Phoenix prior to HS and Anchorage before that. -These guys will both be very high-level recruits very soon. Huge upside on both.
  7. He was committed to Louisiana-Monroe before reopening his recruitment. I don't know who else was involved before he went with SLU.
  8. Latest 2021 interests: Tahron Allen - SG, 6-4, 200 - Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Collegiate) - AAU: NY Renaissance (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @TahAllen Offers: Massachusetts, Kent State, Manhattan, Bryant. Interest: Saint Louis, VCU, Rhode Island, La Salle, Fordham, Creighton, DePaul, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Nebraska, Penn State, Auburn, Temple, Princeton, Cornell, SIU-Carbondale, Buffalo, Ohio, Toledo, Southern Miss, Holy Cross, Siena, Rider, Binghamton, Robert Morris, Mount St. Mary's, North Alabama. Latest News: SLU coaches Tate and Stuen went out to Brooklyn Collegiate to watch Allen. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Allen is an athletic scoring guard with the ability to catch fire from outside. He scores on all three levels and is left-handed. He's got a game that is both physical and smooth and plays with a lot of confidence. He's smart and aggressive at both ends. He transferred from St. Raymond to Brooklyn Collegiate between his sophomore and junior seasons. He spent a year at Crestwood Prep in Ontario before that. Kelvin Lee, Jr. - SG, 6-6, 160 - St. Charles, MO (Fort Zumwalt North) - AAU: Brad Beal Elite (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @KJ3three Offers: None. Interest: Saint Louis, Michigan, Missouri, Central Michigan. Latest News: SLU was out to see Lee last week. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Lee is a long, slim sharpshooter with a smooth, consistent shot. He sees the court well and finds his teammates. He handles the ball relatively well for his size and can penetrate and finish or pass. He is the son of former SLU assistant Kelvin Lee, who has coached at a number of local high school programs.
  9. Malcolm Chimezie - PF, 6-8, 220 - Yonkers, NY (Stepinac) - AAU: New Heights (Under Armour Association) - Twitter: @ChimezieMalcolm Offers: Saint Louis, Massachusetts, Columbia, Manhattan, Siena, Marist, Canisius, Saint Peter's, Stony Brook, Robert Morris, Bryant, Stetson. Interest: Fordham, Tulsa, Harvard, Rice, Holy Cross, Hofstra, Niagara, New Hampshire, Stetson. Latest News: Chimezie received offers from SLU and Robert Morris. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Chimezie is an imposing bruiser at both ends of the court, using his strength and athleticism to bully opponents and grab rebounds. He's well rounded, with the ability to catch and face, play the post, and defend - he's a good shot blocker. He played through last HS season with a tumor in his knee, got surgery, and recovered in the spring. He plays alongside two star recruits - R.J. Davis (2020) and Adrian Griffin, Jr. (2021) - at Stepinac. Daniel Rivera - SG, 6-4, 160 - Bronx, NY (Our Saviour Lutheran) Offers: Saint Louis, Manhattan. Interest: TBD. Latest News: Rivera received an offer from SLU. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Rivera is a strong, athletic guard who plays above the rim. He has the ability to step out and shoot it and is most effective from the top of the key. He rebounds his position extremely well. He plays very hard and is an unselfish team-oriented player. -I've still got work to do with regard to Rivera, who has the lethal combination of a common name and no social media presence. Chimezie took recent visits to Siena, Columbia, and Stony Brook. He was great in the workouts SLU's staff saw at Stepinac last week.
  10. Here's the other guy we were seeing at OSL along with Max Amadasun: I'll have bios for Rivera and Chimezie in this thread shortly.
  11. Latest 2020 offer: Maximillian (Max) Amadasun - C, 6-10, 230 - Dublin, Ireland (Our Savior Lutheran, NY) - AAU: NY Lightning (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @max_amada Offers: Saint Louis, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, St. John's, Penn State, Old Dominion. Interest: Davidson, Xavier, Providence, DePaul, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Illinois, Stanford, Connecticut, Temple, Tulsa, Utah State, St. Mary's, Loyola Marymount, Holy Cross, Charleston, Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina, Maryland-Baltimore County, Bryant, Florida A&M. Latest News: Amadasun received an offer from SLU. (9/16/19) Scouting Report: Amadasun is a big (6-10, 7-1 wingspan) post player with a solid combination of athleticism and skill. He has good post moves and will try to dunk anything he can. He has good bounce for his size. He rebounds well at both ends. He's a surprisingly good passer, both from the high post and from the outlet, starting the fast break. He's a very good shot blocker, as well. A native of Ireland, he plays for Our Savior Lutheran's national team in NYC.
  12. He's always been pretty efficient from the perimeter but doesn't shoot a ton. That .426 his freshman year came on 26/61 shooting, or 0.9/2.2 per game. He shot more his sophomore season- 41/114 overall, or 1.5/4.2 per game, for .360. So only about 4.5 of his 26.4 points per game were coming from outside, even after a near doubling in attempts.
  13. Strickland has not released a top 10, just a tweet based on his offers as of that time. He has some visits coming up with schools that haven't yet offered.
  14. I still don't see either Jimmmmerson or Hargrove starting yet, though. I'm standing by Goodwin-Weaver-Thatch-Perkins-French in the early going.
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