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  1. Yeah, this was driving me nuts at the Dayton game. 1. If you walk to your seat during gameplay, you're rude and stupid. 1a. There are a lot of rude and stupid people. 2. The ushers are clearly not being trained to handle this properly. If you're not 100% butt in seat when gameplay resumes, fine, it happens. But don't start going down/up the stairs until there's a whistle. Might actually be a worthwhile topic to bring up to arena/gameday management in the offseason. Who manages the ushers? Spectra?
  2. He had 108 points through 10 games, for 10.8 PPG. If we play the fewest games possible - 32, based on 31 scheduled and 1 A10 Tournament game - he was on pace to score 346 points. This would've put him 6th all time among freshman scorers, between Anthony Bonner (360) and Roland Gray (344). If we play another game or two, he would've had a good chance to finish above Bonner and chase fourth (Scott Highmark, 369) or third (Willie Becton, 376). I'm not sure how the SLU record book will handle his bonus 10-game freshman season if he gets the extra season we expect and plays all four remaining years, so I'm not going to factor that in yet. (By the way, if we ever get another freshman who can challenge Larry Hughes' 670, look out. Second place for freshman is Monroe Douglass, with 406. Hughes' mark is not only the freshman record, it's the all-time SLU single-season scoring record.)
  3. Yeah, it looks pretty clear now that VCU and Rhody have rounded out the top 3 in the conference and the rest of us are fighting for that 4-seed. Dayton has won 9 straight, Rhody 7 straight, and VCU 4 straight. I think Dayton will be at 11 straight when we visit, because I think they take care of business tonight at Duquesne and they'll bury Fordham at home this weekend. Rhode Island hosts VCU Friday night at 6:00 Central on ESPN2. That's the A10 game of the week. Rhody has a chance to really solidify that 2-seed and VCU has a chance to put the rest of the conference clearly in a lower tier. Should be a good one.
  4. It probably won't take much more to bump Stanford, USC, Arkansas, St. Mary's, and VCU up to the "in" list. They're close to being locks and I think they'll do it. I'd add Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Richmond, TCU, Texas, Georgetown, Michigan, Utah State, Northern Iowa, Utah, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Yale, Liberty, and ETSU to the bubble since we're including SLU. There are a lot of teams in that 50-70 neighborhood currently out that have the potential to go on a run, or for which the numbers could break just right. They're going to try to get 12 Big Ten teams in, which is insane. They've broken the NET rankings already.
  5. Yeah, but it opened 40 years earlier. There's some history in that building. It didn't open in 1998. It also looks much cooler than Gola Arena.
  6. 2 years, immediately eligible after his 3 semesters at Logan. He could have 3 years if he were to go to a D-I school this fall, but he'd have to sit out next season. I don't think that's the plan, though.
  7. I will never get over my initial shock from when I saw that their arena opened in 1998. I assumed it was an old legacy facility from before they joined the A10 in 1995, but that year was basically when they started planning the thing. "We're big time now - better get started on this 3,400 seat gym to be housed on the third floor of our campus rec facility, two levels above the pool and one level above the AD offices." And somehow the league didn't go "Uh, maybe we can give some input here..." By the way, it's now Tom Gola Arena at TruMark Financial Center, the latter being the new name of their athletic center, named after a local credit union. Fun fact: La Salle is the only current A10 program to have won a national championship. Yeah, it's been a while and I know the NIT used to mean more, but come on. Gola isn't what former championship programs build.
  8. I think it's functionally the same outcome for him either way - since he's at Logan now, he can play in the 2021-2022 season. If he transfers to a D-I school after this semester, he has to complete two academic semesters at his new school before competing - ready to play in fall 2021. If he stays at Logan, he would be on track to finish his 2-year degree in spring 2021 and eligible to play at a D-I program in fall 2021. Same D-I timeline either way. As for his Instagram post with the 14 school logos, maybe those are just the schools that reached out to him after he entered the transfer portal. I'm not sure he'd really be announcing his "finalists" for a scholarship that won't be signed for another 15+ months and before he has played a minute of JUCO ball. A lot can change and there's no reason to commit this early.
  9. Thanks, and I made some edits to make sure to capture yours next time I update. I tend to stop at 10 on most lists, though, since it's what people can see in the record book.
  10. Mahorcic, the big man we've discussed above, is also not a very good FT shooter - currently 56-99 (56.6%) on the season for Moberly. However, he does manage to draw a lot of fouls - 4.3 FTA per game is tied for the most on Moberly and he comes off the bench. Fouling him is also a good strategy, as he's 57.3% from the field on the season.
  11. Don't pay attention to minutes or MPG on the NJCAA website. Most other categories are fine but minutes are never even close to being right.
  12. Through the first seven conference games: -Tay Weaver still has a shot at senior total 3-point FGs if his volume continues to increase, and he has a shot at 3FG% if he can get hot. He needs 56 makes to crack the senior top 10 and needs to be over 40% - he's currently 23-62, for .371. -Jack Raboin hasn't attempted a FG yet but we haven't forgotten his perfect 100% shooting percentage from last season. Just need to get him 50 attempts this season. -Jordan Goodwin is on several sophomore top-10 lists after last season and will chase - and probably get - a bunch of junior records this season. His scoring average of 15.6 is a little behind the top 10; he needs to average 16.8. Total points is looking more solid (has 311, needs 459). He has 217 rebounds and needs 244 to reach the top 10; his 10.9 RPG would put him 7th all-time among juniors. He'd finish outside the top 10 in assists at his current pace but that list is also in play (has 55, needs 112). He already has 40 steals and needs 44, so he's definitely going to make that one; the junior record of 59 is also possibly going to fall this season. He is currently third in career MPG, sitting between Tommie Liddell and Anthony Bonner. He's 6th in career steals, just 7 behind Mike McCall. He likely will top Bonner's 192 steals before he is done. He has 682 career rebounds and needs 713 to crack the top 10. Goodwin is currently third in career minutes per game, at 34.2 MPG. -Hasahn French is now the program's all-time blocked shots leader, with 176 and counting. The junior record for blocks would only be 4th on the sophomore list, so he will shatter the junior record (55, Ian Vouyoukas) this season - he currently has 51, which is good for second. 73 (Willie Reed's sophomore year) remains the all-time all-class record, which is very much in reach, and French now owns the 3rd, 5th, and 8th place marks in the all-class top 10. His 7 blocks against Belmont are tied for the second most in a single game (Kelvin Henderson had 8 against Siena in 1979 and Willie Reed had 7 against Dayton in 2009), and his 5 against Seton Hall and GW are also among the 20 times in SLU history that a player has registered 5 or more blocks in a game. He has 205 rebounds and needs 244 to reach the top 10; his 10.8 RPG would be 8th all-time among juniors, even when accounting for Goodwin's average (10.9 RPG, second all-time for juniors). His 24 rebounds against Belmont are tied for third-most in a game in school history (Rich Parks had 24 against Arkansas State in 1966, Bob Nordman had 27 against Kansas in 1959, and Jerry Koch had 38 vs. Bradley in 1954) and marked only the 16th time a Billiken had 20 or more in a game. With 735 rebounds, French is now 9th all-time in career rebounds. He will likely pass Tommie Liddell (740) for 8th in the next game and Joe Wiley (747) for 7th in two games. -Javonte Perkins is not in play for any junior records currently despite his recent uptick in production. He could go on a tear and get FT% in play (at .764, needs .805 for 10th) but he's a long shot for anything at this time. -Joshua Hightower won't play enough to hit the record books. But I organize this list by class. -Demarius Jacobs is off the mark for the sophomore three-point FG percentage top 10. He needs .363 (Anthony Drejaj) and is currently .339 (20-59). He was on track to bump Jordair Jett from the sophomore steals top 10 earlier in the season but his pace has slowed enough that he's a distant long shot now (has 16, needs 39). -Fred Thatch is not in play for any sophomore records and we're obviously all hoping he gets healthy soon. -K.C. Hankton is also not in play for any sophomore records. -Brandon Courtney isn't going to crack any sophomore lists but is somehow averaging more than Hankton, Hightower, Diarra, and Raboin (one appearance, one made 3-pointer). -Yuri Collins is now tied with Kwamain Mitchell for the freshman assist record (113) and will own it with one more in the next game. If he continues to average 5.7 APG, he will register close to 200 on the season. He needs 138 to tie Josh Fisher in 10th all-time in a season and the all-class season record is 235 (Jim Roder). Second all-time for any class is 193 (Charles Newberry), and that seems like a reasonable goal. Jett is third with 164 and Collins should definitely top that. His 11 assists against EWU marked only the 13th time in SLU history a player has registered 11 or more in a game. Collins is tied with Carlos McCauley for 9th on the freshman steals list, with 33, bumping Anthony Bonner and his 32 from the top 10. He needs one more to tie Dwayne Polk and two to tie Anthony Drejaj. -Gibson Jimerson looked like a sure thing to break the all-time freshman mark for 3-point field goals (58, Kevin Lisch) and challenge 3-point FG percentage (.430, Marcus Bartley), along with all-class shooting lists. He finished 24-56, short of the volume needed to make the total top 10 but with enough attempts and a good enough percentage (.429) to finish second in freshman 3FG% to Bartley and eighth on the all-class list, tied with Austin McBroom. His scoring average of 10.8 fell just short of 10th (Kwamain Mitchell, 11.0), and his FT shooting percentage of .857 would've been second all time if he registered enough attempts and kept up that pace; he was only 6-7. -Terrence Hargrove could land on the top 10 in freshman FT% if he gets to 50 attempts. He's currently 20-25 for .800, which would put him in third place. He's also .474 from the field and has a shot at FG% - Brian Conklin is 10th, at .522. However, he's 27-57 and needs 100 attempts. -Jimmy Bell isn't on pace for any freshman lists. He's .463 from the field on 54 attempts, so that's one to watch if he gets more efficient and also hits 100 attempts. -Madani Diarra has not played enough to be in play for any freshman marks. Summary: French and Goodwin will be on a bunch of junior season lists, Collins and Jimerson will be on some freshman season lists, and French, Goodwin, and Collins will show up on all-class lists for a single season. We also have a few single-game performances that will be in the record books, French and Goodwin climbing into career lists, and the all-time blocks record has fallen.
  13. The short version is that he came over from Europe, played three seasons of HS ball at Notre Dame in the Chicago suburbs, improved dramatically his senior year and got some serious looks in the spring but ended up at Lewis, a D-II school also in the Chicago 'burbs, played limited minutes and was shut down in early February because of foot injuries, and is now at Moberly coming off the bench. He played at about 200 lbs. his senior year of HS and is now listed in the 230-240 range. He seems healthy as far as I know, has two years of eligibility remaining, and will be able to play immediately in the fall.
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