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  1. Didn't they add it when they dropped golf in the mid-00s?
  2. 9-7 SLU in the bottom of the 5th, although SJU is threatening with 2 outs...
  3. New Offer: Trent Noah - SF, 6-7, 200 - Baxter, KY (Harlan County) - AAU: Midwest Basketball Club (Adidas 3SSB) - Twitter: @trentnoah2_ Offers: Saint Louis, VCU, Richmond, George Mason, Seton Hall, Belmont, Indiana State, Rice, Miami-Ohio, East Tennessee State, Marshall, Coastal Carolina, Morehead State, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Florida Gulf Coast, Liberty. Interest: Dayton, Loyola-Chicago, Rhode Island, Xavier, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Stanford, Utah, California, Central Florida, Illinois State, Bradley, Valparaiso, Western Kentucky, Buffalo, Toledo, Bowling Green, Ball State, Northern Illinois, Tennessee Tech, Southern Indiana, Furman, Charleston, Iona, Holy Cross, Boston, Appalachian State, Louisiana-Monroe, St. Thomas, Weber State, Lipscomb, Stetson, Long Island. Latest News: Noah received an offer from SLU. (5/20/23) Scouting Report: Noah is a wing who can really shoot. He's got a great frame, with the ability to take it inside and compete for rebounds. He's a smart, efficient scorer who finds his spots and doesn't force things. He also has solid playmaking ability, able to put it on the floor and find his teammates.
  4. Parker Braun is just wrapping up a campus visit. Played 2 years at Mizzou and 2 at Santa Clara, where he just graduated. Older brother of Denver Nuggets player Christian Braun. He's from Overland Park, KS and dating a Chiefs cheerleader. Averaged about 8 and 6 at Santa Clara. 6-10 with a good frame. Checks a lot of boxes for SLU in terms of size, position, defense, rebounding. I don't think the KS power conference schools would be a possibility. Wichita State has been recruiting him, though. SLU gets him closer to home than most other possibilities and offers a more attractive overall picture than most non-power conference schools. Seems like a good fit to me.
  5. Just in case anyone was holding out hope for John Bol: https://twitter.com/JohnBol_7/status/1657056226071412739?s=20
  6. This line made me laugh harder than I expected. Yeah, he's still sorting through some legal issues. My "worth the risk" comment was tongue in cheek. We could absolutely use a player like him but everything beyond that is a problem.
  7. It's certainly not ego boosting to look back at my complete lack of direction and ambition, and then compare it to a guy who gets up at 4 am, runs his own company, goes to college full time, participates in a sport that spans the entire school year, and works a part time job. And that's before even considering a social life, his family, etc. Oh, and he does this in a country he's spent less than half his life in, and in a language that was not his first.
  8. Correct, only available online and at Running Niche for now. Firaol works there part-time, as well, because of course he does. The store is also right by the place where he does his roasting.
  9. Nice haul of A10 awards for softball today. Coach of the Year - Connoyer First Team - Kowalik, Mallo, Wendling Second Team - Sullivan, Rhine, Kaniecki Rookie Team - Mallo, Rhine, Marietta Academic Team - Kowalik, Wendling
  10. I had the same thought. It allows HS athletes to begin collecting on an NIL deal if they're going to a college in state, I don't see where it can prohibit them from doing the same if they're going out of state. I'm really wondering how the provisions around using logos and allowing coaches to negotiate deals directly will actually work up against NCAA rules. Or how FERPA is actually going to override the public nature of deals done through 501(c)3 collectives. It seems clear that there are going to be lawsuits everywhere. Clearly this law is being drafted to help Mizzou, but I guess SLU could benefit. I'm just skeptical how these things will play out in reality (given the inevitable legal battles) and I assume all states will end up in the same place as each other within a couple years, not wanting their schools to be left behind.
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