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  1. Lisch went 58-140 that season, for an excellent .414 percentage. Jimerson is currently 12-26 through five games, for .462. He can definitely do it. Hope he keeps it up.
  2. Needed that, GJ. 58-48 at the last media timeout. Good grief.
  3. How long have we been stuck on 55? After Hargrove's last dunk, I thought this was going to get way out of hand. 17-0 run for Hight Point. What on earth...
  4. He's been close on a few steal attempts, too. Those little things will add up over time. But going into the season, we kinda said that if he can come in and play some minutes and give you some big energy plays to get the crowd going and build offensive runs, that's a good role for him as a freshman. And he's pretty much doing that despite a slow start.
  5. Two BRUTAL turnovers in a row. 55-41, after it felt like we were about to go up by 30. 10-0 run by HPU.
  6. He gave us an extra possession with a heads up play to tip a loose ball out to the point off a long rebound.
  7. He knows his records are in danger.
  8. Well, that last minute was fun. Jimerson misses a shot from way downtown, comes back down and hits one on the move, and then Yuri drops it to Hargrove for a flush. The kids are all right.
  9. Jimerson's size and ability to score off the dribble are underrated aspects of his game. More than just a shooter. He's got 19 and counting.
  10. SLU is up 47-27 after three quarters at SIUE. Wilken has 18 and 10 for her first career double-double.
  11. Jimerson goes long to Collins a minute after his silky hand switch finish on a Collins long ball. The freshmen have a nice rapport. 46-28 good guys at the under-12 media. Finally starting to put it away.
  12. Jimerson's foot was on the line, so that's a 2-pointer. Regardless, he's been sharp tonight and he's such a difference making weapon for us.
  13. Reece Brown to UNLV, Chris Moore to Auburn, Shakeel Moore to NC State. All had SLU offers at one point, but we weren't in the mix for any in the end.
  14. Thanks. Wondering why there was that discrepancy.
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