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  1. Karrington Davis is leaving SIUC, reportedly doing a JUCO year to boost his stock. He left Chaminade after his junior year for Montverde, didn't play much there, signed with Nebraska, blew out his knee in the summer and redshirted, transferred to SIUC and was immediately eligible as a RS freshman this year. Averaged 11.6 MPG and 3.0 PPG. Had a SLU offer while at Chaminade.
  2. Oton Jankovic is leaving Vanderbilt. We recruited him, he's close with Jimerson, and he would be a nice fit on paper. He didn't really do anything at Vandy this season, though, and he'd have to sit a year.
  3. Jayson Woodrich to Cleveland State. Going back home. He'll be a huge scorer in the Horizon.
  4. I think we'll still see a lot of moving parts in terms of rules being flexible to accommodate extraordinary circumstances. Even the NCAA knows they can't just screw players over in a very public way because of this unusual year. In Obi's case, Roy is right. He's a lottery pick. He's not coming back. For someone like Daly, who doesn't exactly possess what scouts call "upside" in large quantities, he would be wise to see his online classes through for the rest of the semester.
  5. Looking back through our international players and not even just the Euros, this is still true. We've had a lot of low-to-the-ground teams over the years. Not anymore. I think we've had more dunks in individual games this past season than in entire seasons from the relatively recent past.
  6. Griffin had a SLU offer in HS. We were actually involved relatively early and his stock rose considerably heading into senior year. We also offered his younger brother, a 5-star Duke commit, early on. Their dad is Adrian Griffin, NBA veteran and currently the top assistant for the Raptors. This isn't to say I have any insight as to whether we'll end up on his shortlist - just that there's a history.
  7. Fouls per game. It's just hard to say with international recruits. My hope for Ingvi was that he was a similar player to his brother. Not necessarily A10 POY but similar in style. He was a decent looking player on video but ran into multiple roadblocks here and just left. Maybe he'd have panned out if he stayed, who knows. Lorentsson is a better shooter by any measure, even if Ingvi was also a willing gunner from anywhere. He's also taller. I don't know how to say if he's a higher level recruit or not, just that I think there's one known elite skill and more upside.
  8. Speaking of which, updating his slashline through 15 games this season (which is now on hold and likely done), he's at .553/.454/.850 - 1.857. Still a solid 180 shooter. Full stats: 15 games, 25.8 MPG, 17.7 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 3.3 APG, 0.8 SPG, 0.1 BPG, 2.3 TPG, 1.5 FPG. Full shooting: 94-170 FG (.553), 44-97 3FG (.454), 34-40 FT (.850). He finished first in minutes, FGM, and rebounds (offensive, defensive, and total), and second in MPG, 2FG%, 3FG%, FTM, assists, scoring average, and total points. His team finished with just one loss, a 100-98 OT loss.
  9. WKU landed 5-star Mitchell Robinson in 2017. He showed up in the summer, registered for summer classes, worked out with the team, and left after two weeks. Then they landed 5-star Charles Bassey in 2018. Had a nice freshman year, came back for his sophomore year this past season, and went down with a knee injury in December. His timetable is 6-9 months. Some thought he would go pro this summer. So there is at least precedent under Rick Stansbury to land 5-star recruits, and Harmon is from the area. Certainly raises some eyebrows, though.
  10. Zion Harmon to WKU, staying in class of 2021.
  11. Bottom line for me is that I agree with @Compton and @billikenfan05 - Our success rate with international players isn't too bad when you look at the big picture, and then there's the issue of what constitutes an international recruit. Does he have to come straight from overseas? Born internationally? At what point is he considered a domestic recruit? The DeSmet bigs, for example, will have played entire HS careers in the U.S. by the time they step on a college campus. They live with host families. Are they international recruits because they've only been here 4+ years by the time they're in college? My guess is that @WVBilliken is mostly thinking about Ingvi, how he got here later than everyone else, fought nagging illness/injuries, didn't play much, and left early - and how Lorentsson is from more or less the same part of the world and showing up just two years later. I get the apprehension but I think there's less to worry about when you zoom out. The biggest hindrance to Lorentsson being on schedule is out of everyone's control right now and we just have to wait and see how it plays out.
  12. Emmanuel Tselentakis? I didn't include him because he was here for one year and redshirted before transferring to NJIT to play out the rest of his career.
  13. You and me both. The Recruiting Lists got a full update yesterday and this morning. That's just known names; I'm doing a little more research later to see if there's anything new floating out there.
  14. Going backward, international players since 2000 have been: Diarra, Ingvi, Psimitis, Neufeld, Agbeko, Glaze, Loe, Ellis, Salecich, Vouyoukas, Ohanon, Latimer. Ingvi, Neufeld, Glaze, Salecich, and Latimer left early (I think technically Psimitis did not play out his eligibility but he was a walk on). Fewer than half have left early (although too soon to say for sure with Diarra).
  15. Anyone can sign any piece of paper at any time. It doesn't mean anything if the governing body won't recognize it until a certain date. I have no idea what the NCAA would do if someone sent in their LOI early. Probably nothing? Maybe tell them they made a mistake? Right now, it would be faxed to an empty office, anyway. There's just no point. Plus, players/schools/coaches like the signing ceremony and the official nature of it.
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