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  1. From what I heard, he stopped playing basketball altogether. He was a super hyped player coming into HS and his stock declined every year. Still, he could be playing somewhere now if he really wanted to play.
  2. If only. By the way, 19nine has some new stuff since the original release. I just picked up the blue hoodie. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. Oddly enough, Frank has barely mentioned the Bills this season and when he does, it's normally to highlight that things aren't going well. Maybe he feels betrayed.
  4. The issue here is your lack of imagination.
  5. I really wanted to blame the refs but just couldn't in the end. It cut both ways. Puricelli made up for the most egregious mistake. Frustrating to be that close in a poorly officiated game but it ultimately wasn't what decided the outcome.
  6. If you're fine with top 175, then we're still technically within those bounds right now. Take the 1 off the front of that number and that's the level we should be in.
  7. People are going to have their word choices and levels of reaction to this team, and I guess I'm not that compelled by the semantics of it. The reasoning behind those word choices seems genuine, though.
  8. SLU is #148 in KenPom's ratings as of today. You're right in that there are 215 programs ranked behind SLU. However, there is the small issue of expectations. How many of those 215 pay their head coach $2.5 million/year? How many of them are in a conference as strong as the A10 most seasons? How many of them have comparable facilities? I don't want to get complacent by looking down. From the outside, we fund our MBB program like a top-60 team. We keep finishing well outside that tier, though. "Laughingstock" isn't my word for this team, at least not at this point. So that's fair. But "disappointing underachievers" is unfortunately becoming the norm for this program.
  9. I'm a father. I would never have done that (or let it happen, depending on what version of the story you believe) under the circumstances at the time.
  10. SVB is in for the last 1:14 of the half after Bruce's third.
  11. Mizzou lost to Jackson State by 1. Could be worse, I guess.
  12. Houck came way up on that possession and it didn't pay off. No one in the neighborhood for Borgen going the other way. Also thought Puricelli was going to get to it before Linnehan did.
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