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  1. Agreed. I also like the design quite a bit. Watching FCC go through this process, though, I will caution that the final stadium could wind up being quite a bit different than the current proposal. FCC ran into issues with Music Hall - where the symphony plays - being so close. They ran experiments that showed soccer crowd noise could interfere with their performances. The stadium was also designed to have an exterior that lit up orange, and that has been scaled back significantly because of the light issues it could cause in the neighborhood. And on and on and on. So I hope this group has thought about a lot of those potential stumbling blocks to get their intended design built.
  2. Not at all. And if the fans want to give them a nickname, that's cool, too. (I actually think FC Cincinnati switched their official registration from Futbol Club Cincinnati to Fussball Club Cincinnati because the city has more of a German history. I'm sure they own both trademarks, though.)
  3. If I could make myself sports king for a day, that would probably be my first item of business. Quick and easy fix. No more cheap knockoff Euro cosplay with MLS names. Real Salt Lake, Sporing Kansas City, Futbol Club Cincinnati - barf. Please stop this nonsense.
  4. New offers: Nimari Burnett - SG, 6-4, 180 - Chicago, IL (Prolific Prep, CA) - Twitter: @NimariBurnett Offers: SLU, Marquette, St. John's, DePaul, Louisville, Ohio State, Indiana, Illinois, LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Arizona, Oregon, Arizona State, USC, Stanford, California, Nevada, Fresno State, Pacific, Cal State-Fullerton. Interest: Michigan, Wisconsin, Auburn, Gonzaga. Latest News: Burnett received an offer from SLU. (4/22/19) Scouting Report: Burnett is a do-everything combo guard with explosive athleticism and a high basketball IQ. He can shoot it well past NBA range, creates his shot off the bounce, and has good court vision. He can guard multiple positions and make plays from anywhere on the floor. He's one of the top guards in the 2020 class. He transferred from Morgan Park in Chicago out to Prolific Prep in Napa, CA between his freshman and sophomore years. Rankings: Rivals - 26, Prep Hoops - 30, 247Sports - 27, 247Sports Composite - 25, Future150 - 94, ESPN - 24. Donte Houston, Jr. - PF, 6-8, 220 - Garland, TX (Lakeview Centennial) - Twitter: @_dmoney13 Offers: SLU, Seton Hall, TCU, Houston. Interest: Georgetown, Michigan, Purdue, Texas Tech, K-State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Wichita State, Tulsa, Colorado State, Texas-San Antonio. Latest News: Houston received an offer from SLU. (4/22/19) Scouting Report: Houston is a tough, athletic power forward who plays with a relentless motor on both ends. He has good length and timing and is a strong rebounder and shot blocker. He can step out and shoot the three or put it on the deck and attack the rim, where he's a great finisher. -As others have pointed out, the Burnett offer is pretty surprising, given his stature as a recruit already. At first I thought that since he's a Chicago kid, maybe he's playing with a Chicago AAU team this summer and we're trying to recruit certain programs, but he's playing for Team WhyNot from California, a program we haven't recruited heavily. So it is probably a statement for the Chicago area and the West Coast, where we haven't been particularly active. -I'm surprised Houston doesn't have more offers at this point. He's a really good looking player. I'd expect a major jump for him this summer as he's playing for Drive Nation (TX) on the Nike EYBL AAU circuit.
  5. For what it's worth, I think Wellspent makes excellent beer. I haven't been to Twisted Roots (in the space that was previously Six Row). And there's always Urban Chestnut. Crazy how many breweries there are so close to campus.
  6. It's been a while since I went to Center Ice, but I thought their beer was pretty mediocre. I don't think a kitchen is in the plans, but I could be wrong. They share a building with Pappy's and Southern so it doesn't strike me as a pressing need.
  7. Has anyone been to Rockwell yet? I think I'm going to check it out next time I'm in town. It's on Vandeventer, just outside the Grove. Good looking space, and I like the beers I've had so far. Food looks good.
  8. He didn't indicate when Lewis would sign, did he? I know he can't mention him by name, but I don't see why he couldn't say "We have a player who should be signing this weekend" or whatever. Stewart was such a jerk.
  9. Perkins is the more experienced, better scoring, more complete player right now. Hargrove is the one with the higher ceiling, though.
  10. Except there are four extra SEC teams that won't be part of this. My guess is that means Kentucky, Florida, and the other strongest SEC teams won't be part of this. This is still a good arrangement for the AAC, getting a guaranteed SEC opponent.
  11. Alihan Demir starts his OV at Minnesota tomorrow. Also being recruited by VT, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Pitt, Georgetown, Washington State, USC, Florida, Butler, San Francisco, UNLV, K-State, and Arizona State. I like the idea of Isabell talking to him about SLU like @billikenfan05 mentioned, so hopefully he's not too late because I'm not seeing our name tied to him otherwise.
  12. Matt Freeman from Oklahoma was a grad transfer big we'd mentioned. He's off the board to UC-Santa Barbara. NZ guy wanted to be close to the beach, I guess. Not a GT, but Nana Akenten is leaving Nebraska. Crews recruited him and Ford reached out after taking over but never offered. I don't think he fills a need on our roster, though.
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