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  1. Agree. If you have a secret scrimmage you can only have one exhibition game. Wow, we are up to 4 straight posts actually about Billikens basketball !
  2. Bonnies come in at #19. Probably the highest for an A-10 team in a few years. It will be nice to beat them twice in the regular season this year and a third time if we play them in the A-10 tourney. Reading the write up doesn't make it obvious that they have improved their depth so they might still be relying on the 5 starters from last year for over 30 minutes each. I think our depth will be too much for them. Now if we can just find a reliable bus driver.
  3. Thanks to you and courtside for the reply. If the four others in the picture are returning for next year that will be outstanding as they are all starter or starter quality.
  4. Does anybody know why Lawler is in the senior night picture? Is she going to by-pass her last year of eligibility?
  5. Now we are up to a "rumor" about one sponsor backing out which means the Blues are losing sponsorship dollars. Don't you think some sponsors sit out a year or spend less than in previous years, while at the same time new sponsors come on board and others increase their dollar sponsorship. A beer, really? That's the best you got? Actually due to a family situation I dropped my season tickets that year and did not attend any games, - I might be forgetting one or two games. I know as a student manager of the women's VB team you learned all there is to know about all things Billikens sports. Your recent pissing contest with courtside about soccer was especially enjoyable. It was like you brought a knife to a gunfight. Issue with you over nothing, humm. Actually I have complimented you on a number of your podcasts, but whatever? PM me your address and I'll be glad to send you the cost of a beer so you can get over a major issue that you are hanging on to from a few years ago
  6. The Blues revenue quote you referenced in your above post was made by 05 and has absolutely no basis in fact. It's source, according to 05 is what he heard from a friend, which of course means it must be true. Actually, I heard just the opposite from an unnamed source who is in the sports marketing business.
  7. I can't believe that SLU will not require some vaccination, or negative w/in 72 hrs test result, to allow people to attend games. The Blues can do it with twice the attendance. If that winds up as the final policy I will not be attending any games. They can sell my seat to an anti-vaxer from north St Louis city or county or Franklin County. That policy has to change.
  8. Don't miss this article if you subscribe to the Athletic. It is fantastic!
  9. Ok, we have now seen the team (open practice) and the first exhibition is only 8 days away so what ya got for our record? 13 OOC and 18 A-10 for 31 games before the A-10 tournament. While we have the toughest NC schedule I can ever remember, I also think we have the talent to have a great year. This assumes no key injuries or other team distractions, if you know what I mean. I usually think we are better than we turn out to be, but sometime I hope to be on target. OOC 12-1 (Memphis loss) Toss up games -Auburn, Belmont, UAB. Hard to win at Memphis but at least we get them early A-10 15-3 ( Away games at SBU, Richmond and Dayton) Might win at UD but lose as usual at DUQ. Total 27-4 prior to Tournaments --- Optimistic guess.; 22-9 --- Not drinking the kool-aid guess
  10. Who is LinBen? Is that Linssen or a combination of Linssen and either AL or LT? And you have LinBen shown with 20 minutes and at the end scratching for access to rotation.
  11. I don't know what kind of defense they were playing on the Yuri dime to JP (or should have been playing) but if they were in a M 2 M then I expect that Williams was the supposed defender on Yuri. I'm pretty sure that Yuri was not Linssen's assignment.
  12. Then color yourself clueless. Alberts and his philosophy are what MO wants-all the New School numbers. Forget about "Hit em where they ain't." I am sick of the TV screen telling me about launch angles, exit velocity, wins above replacement and spin rates along with talking heads who think we know what those things are or how to calculate them or even care about those new measures. Two of the most exciting plays in the last few weeks of this season were 1) Bader scoring from 1st on a single ; and 2) the double play where just about the entire team was involved... I didn't hear any announcer need to use any new measurement terms to describe either play. Imagine that.
  13. I forgot they added UCONN last year so with that I would think they would add 1 mid-western school or 2 MW schools and one Eastern to give them either 12 or 14 schools. UCONN is a real outlying with playing D 1 football unlike any of the other Beast schools.
  14. When the Beast was formed as it is set up today, Depaul was the only big time basketball team in Chicago, a market which was critical for the Conference, Loyola was no where near what they have been recently.
  15. If you were the Beast Comm and trying to maximize revenues, SLU is in the largest non tapped media market. If you are looking for the best BB programs then you would be looking at St B. Richmond, VCU, Dayton. Loyola and SLU. St. B =no media market; VCU and Richmond=both part of DC/VA media market; Dayton=part of Cincy media and Loyola part of Chicago. Certainly Chicago is big enough for 2 teams-Depaul and Loyola. Looking at all the above and considering the travel cost for non-revenue sports. it seems like Loyola and SLU make the most sense. Make two Divisions; West; Creighton, Depaul, Marquette, Loyola, Butler and SLU East; Xavier, Nova,St. J., SH, Geortown, Prov If they want to go to 14 schools add Davidson to the East and Belmont to the West.
  16. HP, I might be mis-remembering, but I thought Coach said Williams was the most improved player from the start of workouts. Ford's comments on the players were all pretty much as a result of questions from the host- No Q's on GJ , MS, the Cent Ark transfer, LT, Fred or ML so Ford didn't have any comments on them, other than a passing thought. The only player not questioned about who drew comments from TF was Lorentsson. Ford mentioned that they had a 25 minute scrimmage with officials and as noted above AL had 18 points with about 4 shots from the arc. Coach did mention that we have improved our 3 pt shooting with JP, GJ, Williams, Lorentsson and Nesbitt
  17. The location is great, it doesn't suck. Lots of big time games at this spot and CT even in November is beautiful even if somewhat cold. Make sure you go ready to eat at least one lobster roll per day at half the price in the mid-west and twice the quality. Unless snow is an issue, enjoy driving around the New England states which are unbelievably close to each other. You can fly into either Providence RI or Hartford CT on Southwest. Rent a car and see all 6 NE states and plenty of ocean towns in a 4-5 day period.
  18. And let's remember that he is just a FR in eligibility, like Strickland and ready for it??? Gibson.
  19. That's the biggest thing we have been part of in many years. Major network coverage.
  20. I would guess that's correct. And who wouldn't want to spend a fifth year in Olean NY???
  21. It will be interesting to see who is way off on the Memphis prediction. I know TF is a regular user of coach-speak, but even so can he be way off target on how good Memphis is or are the 144 boys way off? In Frank's recent interview on 590, I seem to remember that Travis referred to Memphis as a top 5 team. There is a lot of room between his top 5 and the 144 prediction of #35. Reading the 144 analysis, it seems like UM will be using quite a few newcomers so getting them early in the season should be a good thing for the Bills. It will be interesting to see how Penny handles the situation he has with a roster far over the allowed limits. Something has to give!
  22. I'm glad to see Williams' ranking as a 3 pt shooter. Now if we could just get the NCAA dolts to approve his waiver. What could possibly be the reason for such a delay?
  23. Reading this preview makes me wonder why these "national" writers don't check fact with local media or school Sports Info people. At least they would have been able to get the years (Fr. Soph etc) correct. As with most non-local reviews they completely messed up the Nesbitt write up, at least wityh regard to what happened at Memphis.
  24. Sorry, Courtside but you are incorrect on Ellie Paloucek's team. She is in the Girls Academy League, but she plays for the Sporting Red Devils (a St. Louis team)which has won at least 3 and maybe 4 straight MO State Cups for their age group. They played LFA in a Girls Academy game a few weeks ago and pretty much embarrassed the LFA team. It was 4-0 at half and Sporting pretty much called off the dogs, removing starters, passing the ball around in their backfield and eventually winning 5-0. I saw about 20 minutes of each half and Ellie is very aggressive, strong with the ball and has a strong leg.
  25. Skip, add Carlos M, to your list of contracts going away.
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