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  1. Pattonville won the third place game at Washington 49-46 over Ladue. Thames had 23 points (9-14, 0-0, 5-8), 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, and 4 turnovers. He was also named to the Washington All-Tournament Team. Pattonville (9-8) plays at Whitfield (13-3) on the 19th. SLUH beat Vianney 65-51 and Kramer had 18 to lead SLUH (10-3). Freshman Luke Walsh (SLU interest) had 19 to lead Vianney (8-6). I don't have stats for Kramer beyond the point total. SLUH hosts Ritenour (1-9) on the 17th. Moberly beat Mineral Area College 69-58 tonight. I'll update this post with Parker's stats when the box score is posted.
  2. I would also not be surprised if the policy has softened post-recession. My brother, who worked there for about 7 years until this school year, said teaching in a private school now is as much a sales job as a teaching job. They all took big hits during the recession and have taken the approach of being all things to all people in order to slowly recover and justify their tuitions. So it may have been driven more by the team/coach in Davis' case. I'm not sure, just basing it on the policy that was definitely in place when I was there.
  3. Probably school policy. Once you leave/turn down admission, that's it. Happened with Blake Ahearn back in the day when he took a second eighth grade year. He got in there, opted to put off HS for another year to get stronger for HS ball, and wasn't readmitted. It could have also been the coach saying it's midseason, we've got a full roster, and you left - maybe that happened before he even tried.
  4. Mayo was a few years too young to see the Karrington Davis situation. He left Chaminade for Montverde and was buried at the end of the bench. Realized his mistake too late and Chaminade wouldn't readmit him. Went to Nebraska - an offer he had while still at CCP - and tore his achilles before the season started. Redshirted, then Hoiberg replaced Miles and he transferred to SIUC. He played sparingly as a redshirt freshman and transferred to Butler CC. Did okay there and now he's at Lindenwood. Point is, he'd have played more as a senior, had more exposure, and maybe had taken a different path if he just stayed at Chaminade. And now the same is happening to Mayo.
  5. How does Link get around it, then, with Perry coaching for both? They're a prep school playing a national membership but they do have MSHSAA affiliation.
  6. It would be better to have him at the STL-based program than the KC-based program, yes. There are a lot of variables here and I don't think a player leaving BBE is always a big hit - we have good relationships with other programs, too. Just haven't made much headway with MOKAN. I'm curious to see if he ends up leaving the area for school - Marcus Wilson is his guardian and you'd think that would mean trying to keep him in the STL area, but he's already going to be traveling more to play AAU now.
  7. John Bol will be moving from Brad Beal Elite to MOKAN Elite for the next AAU season. Now CBC will be sweating it out to see if he also ends up at Link Academy. Link HC Rodney Perry is also a coach in the MOKAN program and brought guys like Tarris Reed and Damien Mayo down there for this year.
  8. Thanks. Happened since I did my last 2022 update. Gotta catch up.
  9. He does not. He has offers from SLU and Louisiana-Monroe. If he got the UAPB offer that NH mentioned, I missed it. @TheChosenOne said it and I agree, but Martin would be a steal for a Valley team. He's really good, just small. He's the kind of player that gets overlooked and plays four years at Carbondale and makes teams pay. SLU has run into plenty of these underrecruited area kids in the Valley.
  10. That's my understanding, as well. We have 14 scholarship players (Perkins doesn't count against the limit), and Jones and Linssen definitely won't be coming back. I don't think Perkins would count against the limit if he came back again, but that still means we have 11 returning scholarship players and 3 committed, so we may be oversubscribed by 1. Unless Jones also doesn't count against the limit, but I thought it was the GT rule for him, not the COVID year - I could be wrong. Either way, no room until players transfer out.
  11. Don't forget about the transfer portal. There are always experienced players who are going to come along. Jones this year, maybe someone else next. We do not have a PG in this class, that's true. Like I said, all handle it pretty well but Thames would be more like Nesbitt in his PG skills - raw but able to play it in stretches. Again, I don't think we'll see much of him next season, anyway. I also don't think developing Nesbitt means sacrificing one position for another. He can keep working on his all-around guard skill set. Jimerson is your big shot player.
  12. Even if he's not going to be depended on heavily as a distributor, especially early on, Thames' ball handling and passing and vision will be appreciated. You're right - we can use more of that from our wings against pressure; Hargrove, for example, is not great with the ball. I need to see more of Parker but I think all three of these guys handle it pretty well.
  13. SLUH is terrible about posting full stats, so it may be weeks (if ever) before I have more numbers for Kramer from this game. I know he had 19 from a Tweet summarizing the game. I also don't have his season percentage, because when they uploaded stats for previous games, they had FGA as 0 for at least 3 games, meaning their percentages are greatly overstated - his 3P% is listed as 54.8% currently and is probably closer to 40% on the season. He's a very good shooter. Thames was .255 from 3 heading into last night's game. I don't have full stats from that one yet, either, but probably will later today. He's a streaky shooter but as others said, his mechanics are good and he's grown relatively quickly. I don't expect him to be a 40% 3-point shooter in college but would love to see him get to 35% or better. Parker is also a bit of a streaky shooter but has settled into a more consistent groove as the season has gone on. He's .362 from 3 on the season. He's a big-time scorer when he's locked in. The key here is consistency.
  14. Duquesne led most of the game but Fordham played well in the second half. They unsurprisingly shot 41% coming off a 13-day break, and I'm hoping they're still a little cold in STL this weekend. Chuba Ohams put up a ridiculous line of 14 and 16 with 8 blocks, 3 assists, and 3 steals. He could be a problem for us. Season averages are 14.5 PPG, 11.6 RPG, 2.3 BPG, 1.9 APG and he shoots 53.5% from the field. Fordham has never started 2-0 in the league before. 2 wins match their total A10 wins from last season.
  15. All three signees were in action last night. Kramer had 19 in a 74-58 loss at DeSmet. SLUH was up 22-16 at the end of the first quarter and down 40-33 at half. Brian Taylor (Milwaukee commit) went off, scoring 35. SLUH (9-3) will try to rebound tomorrow at Vianney (8-5). Thames had 23 in a 70-61 loss to Borgia at Washington HS last night. Per Gateway Sports Venue, Borgia led the entire game, executed well offensively, and collapsed on Thames whenever he got the ball. Thames started to come alive in the second half but it wasn't enough. Pattonville (8-8) faces Ladue (9-4) in the third place game tomorrow at Washington. Parker had 19 in a 76-59 win over State Fair CC, bringing Moberly's winning streak to 7 games. They head to Mineral Area College on Saturday. MAC (15-4) is ranked #19 in the nation, and Moberly (16-4) is just outside the top 25 in the "also receiving votes" section.
  16. You're not wrong. That's why I call him a role player. If he somehow turns into a high-30%-range 3-point shooter and adds muscle in the next two years, that could change. I think it's the opposite. He has always been a guard and is only starting to grow a lot taller in the past couple years. He is listed at 6-6 this year and was at 6-5 as a junior, 6-3 as a sophomore, and 6-0 as a freshman.
  17. I don't think so. Thames has much more of a guard mentality. Evans played bigger and was so sound and deceptively strong.
  18. I think you're right. I'll fix that next time. COVID years + medical redshirts =
  19. He does a bit of everything but needs to add to his frame to be an effective college rebounder or get significant points at the rim, he'll be a tertiary ball handler in most lineups, he's an extremely streaky perimeter shooter making barely over 1 in 4 attempts this season, and he's an average FT shooter. Now, he's already a smart player and very good defender and I think he'll adapt - he just needs to take a couple of those shortcomings and make significant strides. Until then, he looks like a versatile role player to me.
  20. Updated through the Dayton game: Marten Linssen has a FG% of .571, which would put him tied in sixth with Jim Roder for seniors and just outside the all-time top ten. His FT% of .820 is a little outside the top 10 for seniors, needing to get to .832 (Kevin Lisch). He has 12 blocked shots and needs to get to 27 to tie for tenth (Justin Tatum, Jamal Johnson). DeAndre Jones is shooting .400 from 3, which would be just shy of the senior top ten - John Duff is tenth with .401. His .917 from the FT line would be second all-time for a season. He needs to reach 50 attempts to make either list, and he's currently on pace to do so for 3-pointers but not FTs. Francis Okoro is currently .529 from the field, a little short of the junior FG% top ten. His .732 FT% is also a bit shy of the .803 needed for junior FT%. He's also on pace to be short of the total rebounding and rebounding average lists. However, he has 25 blocks through 15 games and only needs to reach 27 blocks to tie Kenny Brown for tenth among juniors. Fred Thatch is .500 from the field, which would fall a little short of the top ten for juniors. He has 17 steals and needs to reach 45 (Anthony Drejaj) to reach the junior top ten, so he's a little off the pace he needs. Rashad Williams is shooting .333 from 3, short of where he needs to be (.385) to tie Lisch and Davell Roby for ninth for juniors. He needs to get to 50 attempts, too. Brandon Courtney is not in the mix for any junior records. Yuri Collins now has 402 career assists and is sixth all-time, having just passed LaTodd Johnson (400). The next guy to pass is Jordan Goodwin (404), likely to happen in the next game. He owns the freshman assist record (171) and his 116 in a shortened season last year are fifth among sophomores. The sophomore record is 142 (Johnson), a mark he should pass easily this season, as he already has 115. His 19 assists vs. BC gave him the all-time single game record, passing Jim Roder's 18. He has 29 steals this season and needs to reach 39 to tie Jordair Jett for tenth for sophomores. His FT% of .769 is currently shy of the top ten for sophomores. Terrence Hargrove is shooting .378 from three, which is on pace to be tenth place among sophomores. He has 9 blocks and needs to get to 19 to tie Tommie Liddell and Matt Baniak on the end of the sophomore top ten list. Gibson Jimerson is averaging 16.5 PPG in his third freshman season, which would put him second behind only Larry Hughes for freshman scoring average. He's also on pace to finish second behind Hughes (670) in total points. He's already second in freshman three-point field goal percentage at .429, which is also good for eighth on the all-class list, and his .387 clip this year would be good for eighth on the freshman list. His 37 three-pointers last season tied him with Anthony Drejaj and Marcus Bartley for ninth among freshmen and he already has 29 this season. His .897 FT% would be a freshman record and third overall for a season. Jordan Nesbitt is averaging 9.9 PPG, a little outside the freshman top ten; he needs to reach 11.0 PPG to tie Kwamain Mitchell. He has 148 points and needs 321 to tie Lisch and Milik Yarbrough for ninth among freshmen. His rebounding numbers (4.5 RPG, 68 total) are also short of the pace he needs (5.6 RPG, 162) for the class top ten, as well. His .340 3P% is behind Scott Highmark's tenth place mark of .369. He has 16 steals and needs to hit 33 (Carlos McCauley) for 10th. Lassina Traore has a FG% of .714, which would be an all-class record for a season if he reached 100 attempts. But he stands at 21, well off pace. He would also need to play a lot more to be in the mix for any rebounding marks. Markhi Strickland is currently .474 from the field, which is short of the top ten for freshmen, but he has the same issue as Traore - 19 FGA. Andre Lorentsson is a perfect 1.000 from the field in only three field goal attempts. Javonte Perkins is out for the season. After two seasons at SLU, he is tied for 10th all time in scoring average (15.9) with Bill Morris. He has 825 career points and will easily make it into the 1,000-point club if he returns next season. His .866 FT% last season is good for sixth all time in a season and fourth for seniors.
  21. He has "versatile role player" written all over him.
  22. SLUH was supposed to play in the Kaminsky Classic in Joplin but pulled out due to COVID and was replaced by Poplar Bluff. The Jr. Bills haven't played since 12/30 and return to action tonight vs. DeSmet. Pattonville lost 75-63 at Webster groves on the 7th. Thames had 33 points (12-22, 1-4, 8-10) to go with 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, and 2 turnovers. They bounced back with a 69-40 win over Blue Knights out at Washington HS - my understanding is that Blue Knights is the athletic program associated with the St. Louis Christian Homeschool Organization. Thames scored 15 (7-9, 0-1, 1-4), with 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 8 (!) steals, and 2 turnovers. He's now averaging 22.6 PPG, 8.4 RPG, 3.9 APG, 3.4 SPG, and 0.6 BPG with a slashline of .515/.255/.713. Thames is tied for 5th in the STL metro in scoring, 14th in steals, 23rd in rebounding, and he's in the top 40 or so in assists. Pattonville plays Borgia tonight at Washington HS. Parker scored 18 in an 82-60 win over Missouri State University-West Plains on 9-19 shooting (0-3 from 3) and added 8 rebounds. The Greyhounds have won 6 straight and play at State Fair CC tonight. For those curious, Jimmy Bell is averaging about 10 and 9 on 62% shooting from the field.
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