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  1. Traitor. Yeah, Miller went in between the near post and the keeper as she was trying to make the play. Maybe unintentional, maybe a little sh!thousery, but they got the goal seconds later so it doesn't matter in the end.
  2. Right, Miller was no deeper than either of them. I circle back to believing the linesman may have thought it went off her arm.
  3. Except there are 2 GMU defenders even deeper than Miller. Edit: Could they have determined that she reentered the field and the 2 GMU defenders didn't, therefore making her offsides? I'm watching the replay and all 3 of them are behind the endline when the ball leaves Beach's head. So they got it wrong no matter what they called.
  4. So if you're watching the ESPN+ replay (which I just pulled up) it happens with 12:20 remaining in the half. Anna Walsh puts a free kick off the crossbar, the rebound ends up going to Sydney Beach, whose header hits the post and the goalie before bouncing in. It may have been goalie interference on Abbie Miller, who was in the net and behind the goalie right before it happened. The ref let the line ref call it. If it was offsides, it was impossible to see from the broadcast, and it pretty decisively appears that they're onside on the instant replay. So my assumption based on the replays on mute was that they were seeing whether it touched her arm, which it didn't. And I don't see actual goalie interference, either. Sawyer's goal was 15 seconds later (broadcast and box score times aren't perfectly aligned). The box score just shows: 32:37 - Shot by Anna Walsh out top (this is the free kick) 32:53 - Shot by Emily Gaebe (which was stopped) 32:53 - Goal by Hannah Sawyer (the rebound) Whatever the infraction was happened between Walsh's and Gaebe's shots.
  5. The goal they called off - the one that would've been SLU's second goal and wound up being followed by what would eventually be the second goal less than a minute later - did they think it touched her arm and not just her head? I had the ESPN+ broadcast volume turned down but they zoomed in on the point of contact and rewound and played it several times. It didn't appear to hit her arm, if that was the objection. If this team could be more efficient as finishers, they could lead the nation in goals.
  6. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. SLU was making the full push for him but he chose Xavier. Which makes me think he's the kind of player they'll go ahead and use this last available scholarship on. Now that he's off the table, I don't think there's another Kachi Nzeh on our current offer list.
  7. Same. I felt like there was some hope of getting out of the group but the body language these last two games was bad. If Gregg has lost his young core, we're doomed. And I also hope I'm wrong.
  8. You can make a case for Turner or Steffen but the fact that GK1 has not been clearly decided with less than 2 months until the World Cup is mind boggling. The same is true for most of the rest of the roster. When you have a roster this young - which will be the youngest in the WC, I believe - you need clear, decisive leadership and well defined roles. You can't be indecisive or ambiguous. And his commitment to his "system" at the national team level is silly. Get your best players out there and strategize around them, not the other way around. Gregg's aversion to John Brooks has always been puzzling to me. Tim Ream is playing the best ball of his life, he's captaining a mid-table Premier League team, and we have a backline that's a mess. I'd find room for both Brooks and Ream, honestly. And Pefok - I'm not a Ferreira guy at all but if the coach thinks he deserves a spot, fine. Pepi doesn't right now. He's young and his mind clearly isn't right at the moment. He'll get his chances. Pefok is a finisher who's having a big season in the Bundesliga. We need finishers and a bit of steady veteran leadership. I don't want to see the well get poisoned and this be another lost cycle before 2026. We need discernible progress with this program, not another reset.
  9. In case the Twitter link isn't opening on your browser, Anthony Robinson just committed to South Florida. He's coming off a visit there. I had just cited him as the most in line with where I could see SLU going with that open scholarship, should we fill it in the fall.
  10. Of course this happens right after my update: So yeah, it's even more likely no one on that list is getting the last open scholarship this fall.
  11. I don't have any solid names yet from SLU's recruiting standpoint, but as we head into the HS season I know there are some intriguing 2026 names in the STL area. Symon Ghai Dhak is over 7 feet and attends Vianney. The new coaching staff at Principia has a talented young group coming in. Terrell Ramey cited Oscar Patterson (Ritter), Jameson Hughes (Kirkwood), Ronald Henry (Principia), Armon Aaron (Vashon), Brodie Owen (Marquette), Dorea McCaskill (Vashon), and Quincy Williams (Webster Groves) as guys who have played well in the Ramey Fall League.
  12. As with 2023 and 2024, I did a refresh on the offers we have in 2025, including rankings. Highlights since my last update, which has been a while for this class: -We were one of the first couple schools to offer Danny Carbuccia. Since then, he's become a consensus 5-star and top-30 national player, the next big thing out of Stepinac. 13 offers and lots of high-level interest. -Zyree Collins picked up a SEMO offer over the summer. He's been good in the Ramey Fall League. I don't know what the future holds for him after this season, given the St. Mary's news. -B.J. Davis Ray is another guy SLU offered early and has blown up even more than Carbuccia. Top 15 national player. 15 offers, almost all power conferences, tons of interest. Arkansas is the latest offer. He's originally from STL, so we have that going for us. -P.J. Farmer is visiting Ole Miss this weekend. He's got 7 offers and Ole Miss is one of them. -Hudson Greer just visited SMU. He's a top 50 national player right now with 5 offers: SLU, SMU, Mississippi State, Texas Tech, K-State. -Nothing new on David Iweze since the SLU offer a few weeks ago. We're his only offer but he's got a lot of interest. -Jordan Lowery is another STL native now in Texas. He's got three offers - SLU, K-State, Oklahoma State - but high-level interest is piling up quickly. He visited Texas Tech this week and will go to LSU in October. -Nicholas Randall and Trey Williams received offers from VCU and Ole Miss, as did Christian Williams. Of the Vashon trio, SLU offered the first two but has held off on Christian so far. -Aaron Rowe is another guy SLU offered early and has blown up nationally. Top 25 in the country, transferred to Link, up to 9 offers. Auburn is the latest one. Talent identification remains a strong suit for this staff. Can't keep them all down on the farm, though. Really interested to see how this class develops and who SLU stays involved with from this list.
  13. Did a refresh on the 2024 offers, as with the other classes (not the interest names yet). Since my last update, here are some highlights: -Forte was out to see Kuol Atak early last week. He got an offer from Mississippi State, his third offer overall. So smart to get in early and stay involved here. Really unique prospect. -John Bol took official visits to Michigan and Mizzou. -Quiet six weeks for Christian Humphrey-Rembert. He got offers from Cal, Cal Poly, and WMU shortly after SLU offered but none since then. -My'Kel Jenkins got an offer from Siena, his sixth overall. No high-level offers but Michigan State reached out this week. -Ebrahim Kaba got offers from SLU and FGCU on the same day. He transferred to Gill St. Bernard's from East Orange. His only other offer is Lafayette right now. Says he wants to visit SLU, FGCU, Xavier, and Lehigh soon. -Forte was out to see Josiah Moseley, who is up to four offers. SLU was his first and he's since gotten East Carolina, Sam Houston State, and Texas-Arlington. -Chance Puryear's latest offer is from UTSA. Forte was out to see him last week, too. He's up to 10 offers and SLU was first on him, too. -Jaden Smith has new offers from EMU and UIC - he's got 6 now. He'll visit NIU next weekend. -SLU just offered Lathan Sommerville, as we discussed here yesterday. He's got 10 offers, mostly from power conferences. Tons of interest, too. -Maurice Vassel is quiet on social media but is up to 15 offers. Murray State is now showing interest. He plays at St. Benedict's, the same school Madani Diarra went to. This class has gotten the most activity from our staff lately. I think they need/want/expect some big recruiting wins in 2024.
  14. Did a full refresh on the 2023 offers, including updated rankings. Highlights since the last update: -Tyshawn Archie got an offer from James Madison, his 14th. He'll play at Spire Institute in Ohio this year (he's from Houston). -Samarion Bond was one of SLU's earliest offers but communication appears to have dried up. He's not getting other offers (not sure why), although interest continues to pile up slowly. -Cameron Carr is visiting K-State this weekend. He just got an offer from UVA. -Kennard Davis took an official visit to Sam Houston State. Bradley is his most recent offer, from one month ago. -Jarred Hall received an offer from ETSU. He's up to 20 offers. -Bryce Lindsay is visiting Villanova, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M in October. He's the one who had signed with South Carolina, graduated HS, got out of his LOI when the coaching change happened, reclassified as a 2023 recruit, and enrolled at IMG. -Kyle Pock took official visits to Princeton, UNI, and Lipscomb. No inside info here but Princeton looks like the strongest contender to me right now. -Jason Rivera-Torres has always been a weird one to me. The offer was quiet and I'm not sure it was ever committable, and now our coaches don't appear to even follow him on social media anymore. He seems more focused on acting - he's in Apple TV's series "Swagger". He's had almost no recruiting activity this year. -Anthony Robinson blew up this summer. He's up to 20 offers, but none from power conferences. For that reason, SLU could still be in it. NC Central is the latest offer. -Jahmere Tripp is another one I don't think SLU is actively recruiting anymore (can't confirm, just my read on it). He's got 14 offers and a lot of A10 interest. My take on the offer list is that we have one more open scholarship on paper right now (there will be more in the spring after certain upperclassmen will not use all eligibility here) and I don't think it's going to any of these guys. SLU going hard after Kachi Nzeh makes me think they'd take a commitment from a big if he's the right fit. Robinson would be the closest to that, and he's so wide open right now I think SLU is just one of a bunch of names there until and unless he gives an indication he's narrowing things down.
  15. Had a SLU offer: 2023 interest Connor Dow (Oklahoma State) is also off the list.
  16. Lathan Sommerville - PF/C, 6-10, 240 - Peoria, IL (The Skill Factory, GA) - AAU: Brad Beal Elite (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @LathanSommervi2 Offers: Saint Louis, Xavier, Rutgers, Missouri, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, SMU, Bradley, UC-Davis. Interest: Dayton, Loyola-Chicago, Richmond, Massachusetts, Duquesne, St. John's, DePaul, Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Penn State, Nebraska, Alabama, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, Virginia, Clemson, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Cincinnati, Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, Washington State, Boise State, South Florida, Tulsa, Belmont, Murray State, Illinois State, Valparaiso, Charlotte, Rice, Ball State, Chattanooga, Ohio, Miami-Ohio, Samford, Western Carolina, Towson, Georgia State, Louisiana-Monroe, Vermont, UMBC, Cal State-Fullerton, Utah Valley, Stephen F. Austin, Jacksonville, Jacksonville State, North Alabama, Stetson, Liberty, Radford, Chicago State. Latest News: Sommerville received an offer from SLU. (9/29/22) Scouting Report: Sommerville is a big, strong, skilled frontcourt player with some versatility. He can stretch defenses with his shooting. He scores on three levels and is most effective in the post and mid-post. He can pass and put the ball on the floor. He's strong at the rim. He has a strong frame with good size and length. He rebounds hard at both ends. He grew up mostly in Europe and models his game after Euro bigs. His dad played at Bradley and then in Europe and his mom played at Illinois State.
  17. Ah, Insta > Twitter on this one. They were definitely in the house to watch him yesterday:
  18. Is this some deep Peoria word of mouth knowledge or has this been confirmed anywhere? I'm not seeing anything.
  19. New interest: King Grace - PG, 6-4, 165 - Dallas, TX (Hillcrest) - AAU: Texas Impact 4:13 (Under Armour Association) - Twitter: @King_Grace1 Offers: Mississippi State, Texas Tech, TCU, SMU. Interest: Saint Louis, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Houston, Colorado State, Boise State, New Mexico, East Carolina, Pacific, Cal State-Fullerton, Cal State-Northridge, Tarleton State, Prairie View A&M. Latest News: Grace has new interest from SLU. (9/28/22) Scouting Report: Grace is a complete guard with elite scoring ability. He's effective on or off the ball and plays with smarts and savvy. He makes plays for his teammates with his passing and vision. He has the ability to take over games. He's tough and fearless. Kash Polk - SF, 6-8, 190 - Argyle, TX (Argyle) - AAU: ProSkills (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @PolkKash Offers: None. Interest: Saint Louis, Duquesne, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Utah, Boise State, SMU, Evansville, North Texas, Iona, Texas State, Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Liberty, Texas A&M-Commerce, Northwestern State. Latest News: Polk has new interest from SLU. (9/28/22) Scouting Report: Polk is a big, long wing with excellent reaction time, shooting touch, and handles. He scores inside and out, has good footwork, and can put it on the floor and blow by defenders. He can hit the glass hard, too. His sister plays volleyball at TCU.
  20. New interest: Brooks Bahr - CG, 6-4, 170 - Keller, TX (Keller) - AAU: Texas Impact 4:13 (Under Armour Association) - Twitter: @BrooksBahr3 Offers: Bryant. Interest: Saint Louis, Loyola-Chicago, Richmond, Mississippi State, TCU, BYU, Utah, Colorado State, Utah State, San Jose State, SMU, San Francisco, Belmont, Valparaiso, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Louisiana Tech, Rice, Sam Houston State, IUPUI, Colgate, Elon, South Dakota State, South Dakota, North Dakota State, Oral Roberts, Vermont, UC-Santa Barbara, Weber State, Central Arkansas, North Alabama, Liberty, Utah Tech, Utah Valley, Georgia Southern, Fairleigh Dickinson. Latest News: Forte was out to see Bahr in late September. (9/28/22) Scouting Report: Bahr is a playmaking guard who generates a ton of quality looks for his teammates and himself. He's got tight handles and changes pace easily to go with his high-level passing ability. He's a lights-out three point shooter and efficient scorer from all over. He's smart and tough. Bryson McGlothin - SF, 6-7, 180 - Plano, TX (John Paul II) - AAU: Team Trae Young (Adidas 3SSB) - Twitter: @BrysonMcGlothin Offers: Rice, Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Interest: Saint Louis, Vanderbilt, Colorado State, SMU, Tulsa, Yale, Rice. Latest News: McGlothin took an unofficial visit to Rice. (9/28/22) Scouting Report: McGlothin is a long (6-10 wingspan), versatile, athletic wing who can play multiple positions. He's a strong ball handler with really nice feel and a guard skill set. He sees the floor and passes well. He's got outside shooting ability and is a high-level finisher at the rim. He transferred from Rockwall-Heath to JPII after his sophomore year. -McGlothin has a private Twitter account so I can't tell which other coaches follow him. That's why his interest list is relatively short. K.J. Windham - CG, 6-3, 165 - Indianapolis, IN (Ben Davis) - AAU: Meanstreets (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @kj_windham10 Offers: Akron, Northern Kentucky, IUPUI. Interest: Saint Louis, Dayton, Loyola-Chicago, Massachusetts, Xavier, Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Penn State, Northwestern, Tennessee, Georgia, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, Cincinnati, Central Florida, Stanford, Colorado, California, Tulane, Belmont, SIU-Carbondale, Illinois State, Columbia, Kent State, Toledo, Miami-Ohio, Western Michigan, Ball State, Southern Indiana, Mercer, Furman, Colgate, Holy Cross, Appalachian State, North Dakota State, St. Thomas, UC-San Diego, Jacksonville State, Liberty, Longwood, Alabama A&M. Latest News: Windham took an unofficial visit to Cincinnati. (9/28/22) Scouting Report: Windham is a smart, smooth, left-handed guard who plays at his own pace. He's equal parts shot maker and creator. He shoots it well from deep, with a smooth, consistent stroke. He finishes in transition. He's got strong handles and passing ability.
  21. Ebrahim Kaba - G/F, 6-7, 180 - East Orange, NJ (Gill St. Bernard's) - AAU: New Jersey Roadrunners - Twitter: @slimsn1per Offers: Saint Louis, Lafayette, Florida Gulf Coast. Interest: VCU, Richmond, St. Bonaventure, Fordham, Xavier, Penn State, Northwestern, Nebraska, Oregon State, SMU, Belmont, Indiana State, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Rice, Colgate, Lehigh, American, Northeastern, Towson, William & Mary, Louisiana-Monroe, Quinnipiac, Fairfield, Marist, UMBC, Liberty. Latest News: Kaba received offers from SLU and FGCU. (9/26/22) Scouting Report: Kaba is a big, versatile scoring wing. He scores on three levels and has deep range with a nice stroke. He's able to create for himself off the bounce. He causes mismatches at both ends with his length. He announced that he was transferring from East Orange to the Peddie School in early summer 2022 but in August enrolled at Gill St. Bernard's instead.
  22. Kaba got an offer today. I have a bio from when I added him to the interest list last month, but I have to update it first. Coming shortly.
  23. Forte was out in Dallas checking on 2024 priorities yesterday. He visited Chance Puryear and Josiah Moseley, and probably some others.
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