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  1. crymdg2

    Billiken Christmas

    Appreciate all the kind words everyone! He's a pretty awesome kid! Here's his video he wanted to make a few months ago. And @RiseAndGrind, he's definitely the cool kid of the family. No question about it.
  2. My 6 year old son, who may be slightly Billiken obsessed and holds Javon Bess in the same regard as Michael Jordan, got a picture with Javon last season. We got it blown up and printed out. Yesterday afternoon I sent Michael Wilson a message asking if I could get the picture to them and have Javon sign it for my son. Not only did he immediately respond in the affirmative, but he says to drop by today at 10. I show up and Michael says Javon is downstairs and can just sign it now. Needless to say this will be a Dad present... sorry Santa. I've won Christmas. I freaking love this team and the staff. #TeamBlue Forever!
  3. crymdg2

    GDT vs Buttler

    My dog was still all kinds of fired up this morning when he woke up! My 6 year old asked me when he went to sleep last night if we could watch the replay of the game in the morning. Obviously he's being raised correctly!
  4. crymdg2

    Billiken Talk 590

    Ramsey: -Raving about Gordon. Said he was demanding the ball down on the block in the 2nd half. He'd hit a shot then while going back on defense screaming keep giving me the F'N ball! -No disrespect to Bess (his words) or Foreman, but Goodwin, Gordon, French on another level with their competitive edge. --My personal take is that Bess is on another level over everyone. -Even though he hasn't shown in yet, Wiley has unlimited range. Him and Isabell both can really shoot it. -The team will be staying in New York York between the Seton Hall and Pittsburgh games. Good bonding time. Hughes: -Larry Jr coming off a knee injury (didnt sound too serious) but is working really hard. Said Tatum has another son also at CBC who is a freshman. He played varsity as a freshman on the football team. -A lot of NBA talk which I love. Larry is fantastic on the radio and some of his NBA stories are great. He had some Gilbert Arenas stories, one notable story about him shooting fireworks off the Golden St bridge. His rookie year going to the bank with Iverson and AI withdraws $500k like it was nothing. -As far as SLU goes, he wasn't too committal on anything yet and said it was still early. Gordon is a future pro but needs to work on shooting and going to his left. Called him "a man."
  5. crymdg2

    Billiken Talk 590

    Bob Ramsey is scheduled to be on with Frank at 1045 followed by Larry Hughes at 11. Will post recap.
  6. crymdg2

    2018-2019 Ticket Exchange

    Anyone have 2 tickets for Saturday? Looking to take the whole family.
  7. crymdg2

    Welcome Terrence Hargrove!

    Should've used initials.
  8. crymdg2

    GDT #Hawktober

    Collins, too.
  9. crymdg2

    2018-19 season

    NCAA too busy to get Jacob's situation sorted out, but they do have time for this. And why is he eligible???
  10. crymdg2

    OT: Darius Miles

    Still the best high school player I've ever seen.