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  1. Haven't heard Okoro's name much if at all. I assume he's not the prospect that Franco was coming out of high school?
  2. He has been far more successful in his pro career than I ever imagined he could. Congrats to him and all his hard work.
  3. Our chief recruiter is back at it again!
  4. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/34839094/2022-23-preseason-player-year-picks-every-division-men-college-basketball-conference Yuri over Holmes for CPOY.
  5. It looks like individual game tickets for Dayton at home, the minimum price is $50 for nosebleeds. Almost worth just buying the $99 season ticket. Updated: Now they are listed for $20, not $50...
  6. If I remember correctly, he was even in the dunk contest for "midnight madness" his freshman year.
  7. Really well done. I'll be sitting down with my son to watch the film and his reads on certain situations. I learned a lot watching this.
  8. I just saw this, too. Weird that it was from a couple hours ago and there's complete silence.
  9. Is French still playing? I feel like I've seen him doing modeling/acting on social media more than hoops?
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Remember last year, they literally didn't get their jerseys until the morning of their first game.
  11. Those are the balls they'll use in Europe.
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