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  1. If anyone needs a smile right now...
  2. Or maybe high school? I admittedly have no clue either way...
  3. Illinois does it. My son has had it this year.
  4. Sooooo....is Parker playing Saturday, or not?
  5. I have 2 available for tonight if anyone can use them. Gone
  6. If this is "the worst" that Wemby will be in his career, it is down right scary to think how good he's going to be! He had no fear whatsoever at going at Durant. A few times he took Booker completely out of the game and got a couple easy baskets out of it.
  7. Looking for 2 for Monday if anyone has any they're not using.
  8. Beal has injury history, doubt it's going to ever change. Next man up. Thankfully that's our guy!
  9. Assume this is a G League deal. Great news for Yuri!
  10. This made me giggle. I've struggled with it my whole life!
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