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  1. I believe so. I swear he'd trip over those invisible hurdles on the court, too. I lost track of how many times he'd just fall down in the middle of a game for no good reason.
  2. This list should begin AND end with the 1 and only Sekeue Barentine! -1995 President of the Sekeue Barentine Fan Club
  3. Thoughts on them pursuing him because they don't think Williams is going to get a waiver?
  4. Is this interview up anywhere? Im not finding it.
  5. F that, him making the free throw is the new "Can he dunk" affirmation!
  6. Wasn't it a YouTube stream? Almost like a trial run of sorts prior to launching YouTube TV?
  7. I've seen a few posts that Roby is moving to STL and saw he had a post in Chaifetz today. Is he coming on staff in some capacity?
  8. Torch, These are always my favorite posts on the board. Thanks for all the time you put into getting these together!
  9. Really makes you step back and look at what's truly important in the world. I'll be giving my kids an extra hug tonight. RIP Coach!
  10. My favorite thing was that Hughes lived 200 yards from Whitey Herzog field which had countless HS and Legion games, yet I never saw him at a game.
  11. I only heard them talking for a minute, but Frank and Rammer were saying we've been talking to Aaron Cook.
  12. I think it'd probably be a pretty entertaining back and forth, but having said that....No.
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