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  1. Ima get mine on my lower back. That's cool still, right?
  2. Gries still have Chicken Tender Tuesdays? Can someone swipe me?
  3. So I told Alexa to play classic rock while I was putting the dishes away. Another One Bites the Dust came on. Just saying... I'm making my kids listen to Earl Time Updates on the game and already got my first drink in hand. LETSSS GOOOOO
  4. EStL with the win last night vs Justin Love's team to advance.
  5. I'm going: PG - Jay Williams SG - Jordan SF - Grant Hill PF - James Worthy C - Hansbrough
  6. @SluSignGuy A beer on me Saturday? Least I can do for you letting me know it was even a thing! @HoosierPal Took the wife to Sedona for her Birthday last month.
  7. It's why I visit this site like 200x a day! Breaking news everyday!
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