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  1. Except that it's ATT. The amount of hours spent on the phone that I'll never get back again due to their ineptitude and lies... Never again. I'll go straight radio before they get another penny from me.
  2. They're both REALLLLLLY good! The ball is constantly in motion. No standing around whatsoever.
  3. The only correct answer is Mo Jeffers vs St Bona.
  4. Right. I'm assuming that was taped close to a month ago, and camps are starting to open now, hence the question as to if there's been any movement.
  5. @thetorch, anything you've seen or heard about Bess getting an invite to a training camp this year? A quick Google search brought up nothing and it looks like he's not on the Pelicans roster.
  6. I thought the gray unis were an improvement from last years. They had more of a throwback feel to them. The blacks are still the though.
  7. Do we know what happened to the girl from Memphis that needed medical assistance on the baseline?
  8. Is this a for sure thing do we know?
  9. Looks like people without access to FSMW are covered then?!
  10. Memphis still out there recruiting. Coach Pete is blushing even!
  11. I had to unfollow him from any and all of my social media.
  12. Goodwin and French get the bulk of the accolades, and deservedly so, but I don't think we give enough credit to Perkins. Not to get too ahead of myself after 1 game against a not so great team, but look at these numbers. Those are Klay Thompson numbers in terms of efficiency! Buckle up, this is going to be fun!
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