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  1. crymdg2

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    I'm going: PG - Jay Williams SG - Jordan SF - Grant Hill PF - James Worthy C - Hansbrough
  2. Black unis look siiiiick in person!
  3. crymdg2

    One Hour Remaining! Vote Photo 1!

    @SluSignGuy A beer on me Saturday? Least I can do for you letting me know it was even a thing! @HoosierPal Took the wife to Sedona for her Birthday last month.
  4. crymdg2

    One Hour Remaining! Vote Photo 1!

    It's why I visit this site like 200x a day! Breaking news everyday!
  5. crymdg2

    One Hour Remaining! Vote Photo 1!

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I knew nothing of this! Vote for Photo 1!
  6. No big deal, I should have recorded it myself. If it comes to it, I'll tell him Mom is the bad guy here. That will work I'm sure!
  7. Anyone know where I can find a replay of the game? Since it was on CBS Sports Network I can't find a replay anywhere. I forgot to record the game and it's only a matter of time before my kid realizes "meeting up with a buddy" was code for mom won't let me take you to an 8 p.m. start and the apocalypse will soon unfold. Thanks in advance...
  8. Just saw that the game from 2001 vs Mizzou will air tomorrow morning at 7. Sh!tty ending, but will be fun seeing some of those guys on TV again.
  9. crymdg2

    Billiken gear

  10. I understand what everyone is saying with regards to our offense next year, but I'm not going to take life with Javon Bess on my team for granted even for 1 second. After watching this clip, I'm going to make my son watch it everyday for as long as he loves playing ball. I didn't think it was possible for someone to replace my favorite Billiken ever considering I've known Kevin Lisch since I was 5, but I think I'm at that point. Bess just works his @$$ and is the ultimate example of what a player should strive for.
  11. crymdg2

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    He's a frosh so he'd have a semester of probation. I had heard when Hughes was here he knew he was going pro and literally didn't go to class the second semester, but he was still eligible.
  12. crymdg2

    Gdt: Appetizer state

    I think everyone's missing the biggest positive of the day. We finally had someone get the Billiken Shuffle correct!