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  1. I don't necessarily have an issue with Liddell as the Player of the Decade when you factor in all his individual AND team success, but I do have issues with Roosevelt Jones over Goodwin on the first team. Goodwin won a state title, Jones didn't. Their games are similar, but Goodwin tops him in all skill categories IMO. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/high-school/all-metro/boys-basketball/all-decade-boys-basketball-first-team/collection_080049ec-7b6e-11ea-b32f-030b18524556.html#1
  2. Regarding the Miles recruitment, if you ever listen to his podcast with Quentin Richardson, Knuckleheads, which is VERY GOOD, he talks about his recruitment and Romar on the podcast he did with Nate Robinson. He said Romar very nearly posterized him with a dunk. Very complimentary of Romar and was indeed very high on SLU.
  3. Review from the interview: Francis Okoro: Coach and the staff knew Okoro from AAU with BBE. He was pumping up their program over and over. He obviously knows it is a very important relationship. He noted how these transfer decisions have really sped up compared to prior years as there are no official visits really going on right now. A lot of the decisions are being made in a matter of days compared to a matter of weeks in the past. He said Okoro's stats are no where near indicative of him as a player. He almost NEVER touched the ball or had any plays as Oregon was primarily a perimeter oriented team. He talked about his competitiveness and that it is on the same level as Goodwin and Yuri's. He will do anything to help the team win and is big time academic and how school is a major factor. Moving forward the plan is for him to sit out next year, but if something were to change they would address it going forward. Andre Lorentsson: He is an elite shooter and will rival Jimerson on Day 1. He handles the ball well, great passer, but is not an inside guy. The game that Ford saw him play in person on the east coast, Lorentsson hit 7 straight 3's in the game on the way to 37 points. Martin Linssen: He is eligible to play immediately. A low post bruising type of player that will provide depth down low. He did speak about potentially redshirting a couple guys, but they'd discuss it more down the road. Obviously Okoro fits in here, not sure who else he'd be talking about potentially? He did mention both Goodwin and French as seniors, so that is a good sign for those of you who are still freaking about them not coming back. The staff supported both of them exploring their options and getting feedback. Obviously with everything going on the process is nowhere near what it would be normally as it's tough to get feedback. Frank asked about potential budget cuts. Coach understands the situation and everyone will do their part. He was very complimentary of Pestello and May throughout this process and their leadership has been amazing.
  4. Sounds like Coach is going to be on with Frank later this a.m. around 1130.
  5. My son and I watched the Butler game earlier. Thanks for uploading! Such a badass team being able to have Jett AND Ellis come off the bench!
  6. Few more... https://www.slu.edu/news/social/slu-coloring-pages.php
  7. These should keep your kids quiet for a few minutes at least...
  8. I can attribute a good portion of my college spending money to her and those vaccine trials
  9. Also visited Notre Dame if I remember as well.
  10. Lol...you mean that his dad was committed to us?
  11. It was announced = Gus did it = Who tf knows!?!
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