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  1. I think it'd probably be a pretty entertaining back and forth, but having said that....No.
  2. Pretty remarkable how quiet things are for Holiman. Any crystal ball predictions @Pistol?
  3. How much does our NET improve if both LSU AND Bona win? We're at 43 currently. Do both of those teams winning put us into the 30s?
  4. I literally don't know what more motivation WE could possibly need than this. Prime bulletin board material if you ask me. Crutcher has killed us. His last game at home....his senior night...I can't think of a better time for redemption.
  5. My 8 year old woke up at 530 and yells, "Dad, you ready for the game tonight?!" Lets...freaking...go...
  6. Dont see you guys on Google Podcast. Anti Apple guy here...
  7. It doesn't look like Bess is on a G-League roster at this point in time. Any idea what he's up to?
  8. I hadn't heard this before. Anyone know any details?
  9. He was indeed out for a big stretch of time where we took the lead and extended it. What I noticed most, though, was the fact he was on his feet waving a towel shouting instructions and encouragement the entirety of him being out. We all know already, but kid is an elite leader!
  10. Except that it's ATT. The amount of hours spent on the phone that I'll never get back again due to their ineptitude and lies... Never again. I'll go straight radio before they get another penny from me.
  11. They're both REALLLLLLY good! The ball is constantly in motion. No standing around whatsoever.
  12. The only correct answer is Mo Jeffers vs St Bona.
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