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  1. Maybe an opening for Javon even if only for a bit
  2. Apparently Goodwin has really been working on his 3pt shot this summer!
  3. The inside of the rec underwent a massive upgrade about 10 years ago.
  4. Based off a Google search I'd say it was Sekou Gassama.
  5. Based off a Google search I'd say it was Sekou Gassama.
  6. I believe that was 1 of the tall kids from DeSmet. A couple times after the event was over I looked on the court and he was all by himself. Not the best look for hosting a recruit. Gotta have someone with him... players or coaches.
  7. I do think we need to give props where it's due to the SLU marketing people for promoting this thing. They've been lackluster at best in the past, but I feel like I've heard and seen advertising for Billiken Madness all over the place.
  8. Agreeed in regards to Jacobs. He was my pick last year, and I'm going with him again this year.
  9. Fine 2.5. Next up that needs fixing is the intro song.
  10. Don't know if grey is the color I would've used. The problem is the Billiken needs to be like 3x bigger.
  11. Those are the normal road unis I think
  12. Powder blue with cursive font is what I'm guessing.
  13. Saw this on a google search. I've always thought just a big Billiken with no lettering ala Richmond and the spider would be sweet.
  14. I know some(one) could care less, but I love alternate uniforms and you can bet recruits and the players do too! Season can't start quick enough!
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