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  1. Interesting. Both seem like somewhat harsh approaches to dealing with 15-18-year-old kids.
  2. I heard that Bart Harley Jarvis was a late addition to the race, the bad boy of the competition.
  3. I heard they're also being forced to move their campus to either Richmond or Philadelphia.
  4. I absolutely love it and always will. We were in upstate NY last summer and drove by a billboard for SUNY Fredonia. I said it out loud in the voice from this video - SUNY Fre-do-nia. My wife did not find it nearly as funny as I did.
  5. Yeah, I'm super happy for him - looks like he found a perfect fit.
  6. Phillip Russell continues to thrive at SEMO - he was named OVC Freshman of the Week for the third time this season. https://semoredhawks.com/news/2022/1/3/mens-basketball-reed-jr-and-russell-win-ovc-honors.aspx
  7. The apartment building with the Target store will be close to Grand and Chouteau, just north of Captain D's. And it sounds like more development is planned for that area as well. The Compton location seems pretty good to me. Topgolf is cool, but they're definitely not much to look at. The only other Topgolf I've seen (outside of the one in Chesterfield), was in Nashville, which is in kind of a similar area.
  8. Does anyone know if beer sales will resume after the basketball game for those of us who stick around to watch soccer? This is very important to me.
  9. Between STL, Memphis and JUCOs, you'd think they'd be able to build a good program. Unfortunately, they've had some really good players transfer over the years, like Denzel Mahoney, who left for Creighton. I hope Phil sticks around.
  10. I had the dolphin cued up, not gonna lie.
  11. I was starting to worry that this thread would meander into Grandy Glaze territory.
  12. They can undo the loss, but they can't undo the pain and suffering we endured under Jimmy Crews. Reparations might be a good start.
  13. Philip Russell played 25 minutes in SEMO's win over Missouri State last night. 0-5 from the field, 3-4 from the line, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal.
  14. Has no one pointed out that UCA had a guy named CHURCHILL BOUNDS.
  15. Someone should bring a Billiken flag like they did when Game Day was at Mizzou a few years back.
  16. Nah, we didn't have the budget for that kind of talent.
  17. I did see a photo of the monkey giving her a high five. I suppose that could be considered emotional support.
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