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  1. TV market, in our situation, is seriously overrated. Yes STL has 4 million + potential viewers but this SLU basketball. Even during Spoonballs height, with only over the air tv, Billikens broadcast on 11 and 5 our ratings never were comparable to any sports in town and lagged behind Mi$$ou. What good is a media market if no one is going to watch your product? I'd rather have Dayton's 800k potential viewers where maybe a quarter of those could watch a dayton game than SLU's .00000000000001 portion of the area's population who would even consider watching a SLU game.
  2. Apple used to be kind of "punk rock" in the 80s and 90s, competing as a small company against the huge leviathon of Microsoft with all its monopolies, anti trust suits, and poor product rollouts. But Apple has just become Microsoft now, and actually, they are worse than Microsoft ever was. From a business standpoint despite advances in program integration Iphones still just aren't as productive as androids can be with most companies existing software.
  3. While surely this is in jest I always wonder why Apple is treated like some deity by its users? And why those users feel the need to ridicule people who don't use the same phone as them. I just don't see android users, or really any users of other competing apple technology proselytizing how great their product is.
  4. VCU will get in. The A10 will respond by adding Old Dominion, James Madison, & Binghamton. The A10 implodes in 3 years. SLU joins the Ohio Valley with our natural rivals Lindenwood & SIUE. Ford receives his 4th extension. He is now making more than all the other coaches in the OVC combined. He still has just one NCAA appearance at SLU....but has won 20 games 5 years in a row.
  5. https://twitter.com/trillydonovan/status/1664270876538462210?s=20 UConn leaving the BE for the Big 12. SLU still has no chance of joining the Bg East.
  6. Yuri made the right decision. He might make the G league but hopefully its a stepping stone to Europe where he can get really paid. Pursuing another year in college was only good for people who aren't Yuri.
  7. Don't worry Ford has several Daniel Rivera level recruits ready to commit. They all can't break their legs can they?
  8. Heads should roll if there is no band this season.
  9. https://twitter.com/bigguardbball/status/1663640014633197569?t=mHaDSr3ROsN4kQVPQ_1-RQ&s=19 Big Guard repping Yuri to K St. Who let this bum in Chaifetz?
  10. I tried to stick to newer movies that many may not have heard of. Everyone knows all the old classics and Saving Private Ryan. Return and The Messenger while probably hard to find are especially poignant on this day.
  11. So many obvious ones but some of my personal favorites Dunkirk, The Messenger, Jarhead, Hurt Locker, Return, Heartbreak Ridge, Megan Leavey, Black Hawk Down
  12. @Taj79 no where in my post did I say Collins received 250k. I said the exact opposite. There was speculation earlier that since Tenn offered him 250k, which is patently false, that SLU must have matched it. That makes no sense. Yuri got much closer to 25k last year than 250k. If we had made such a huge investment in Yuri last season, we would not let him go away this season certainly.
  13. Dobbs was not a 5. Evan Pederson was the starting center in his first year, with Robinson and Campbell backing them up. Pederson was always in foul trouble so Robinson got more minutes than he did. Dobbs Sr year had Robinson, Campbell and sometimes Jeff Harris all at the 5.
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