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  1. I'm gonna say that this thread was designed to talk about major head coaching changes not assistants and who they are recruiting at schools that have nothing to do with SLU.
  2. There was nothing like reading a newspaper in the morning. All the baseball box scores in print daily was worth the price of a subscription. I had a subscription up until about 4 years ago. My deliveries failed at least 3 times a week so I finally canceled. My parents still get the paper delivered despite the fact that more times than not it doesn't get delivered. I don't read the post online at all. Their website is awful. I go there for occasional billikens articles or high school basketball schedules. All other news I get from Business Journal online, local news that I care about like restaurant reviews or entertainment news I get from RFT, Feast, STL Mag etc.
  3. St. Johns is pretty much SLU in NYC. They get hyped being in the Big East and being in New York but they have nickel and dimed their program for years, make cheap hires, crap facilities. Moser knows the territory but way too much pressure for success there with no track record of support.
  4. The comparisons to Brandenberg are apt. Brandenberg essentially had one good weekend in AAU and blew up. He never put up big numbers in HS. Programs are desperate for size. I just don't see it though. He's better than Gillman but I don't think he is better than Nolan Berry was. With these tall project guys it comes down to how much they are willing to put in. If Ford sees that work ethic then go for it. I just don't think his skills are that great, and he looks awkward in his movements.
  5. Rosary and Aquinas combined about 20 years ago. Both the schools had flagging attendance. At first they continued to be a soccer powerhouse but recently they have hired top notch coaches in football and basketball and both of those programs have skyrocketed. Football at Trinity churns out 5 star prospects and has essentially consolidated all the North County talent decimating the old suburban north programs. They are in the process of doing the same in baskebtall.
  6. Wife binge watched Sabrina the last couple days. Said it was fantastic, cross between Harry Potter and Buffy.
  7. After a comeback win by the Spirits ending a losing streak Costas is interviewing Barnes, who scored 48 points. Costas asked him what the team can do to replicate this feat. Barnes begins by saying "We have to work together, play as a team." Costas thinks to himself did the light finally go off in his head? Is he finally understanding the need to play a team game? Barnes ends the quote with "I had 48 points with 2 minutes left but can anybody pass me the rock to get to 50? No, we gotta play as a team man."
  8. Seen Kalkbrenner play several times. Very slight frame. He has good defensive instincts alters and blocks a ton of shots. Offensively not real polished. Not a great rebounder. Unless he's gotten significantly better in a few weeks I'm just not seeing the reason behind these offers.
  9. True, but Bama doesn't care about basketball. Ole Miss and Bama are the worst jobs in the sec. Vandy has had some sustained success and support for the program. Johnson was not known in the NBA as a good coach, he couldn't get hired there anymore and his tenure at Bama exposed him even more. Stackhouse has been known as an up and comer for a few years. He's won at every level he's coached. Unlike Johnson, Stackhouse is an xs and os guy as well. Program like vandy isn't going to get a big time hire. They can hire a retread or an up and comer. They are thinking out of the box and hoping they land a great coach instead of hiring one they know is mediocre, like Arkansas just did.
  10. Arkansas pretty much guaranteed now that their new coach will be worse than Mike Anderson.
  11. Just to clarify this is the Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame not the Basketball Hall Of Fame in Springfield Mass. He deserves to be in both.
  12. Stackhouse has been talked up as the next great nba head coach for a couple years now. Most GMs thought he needed a season or more of seasoning. Seems strange he's going to college when he could have nba HC gig this time next year.
  13. I think we have covered this topic a couple years ago but not a bad idea to revisit. I am not an alum either. Simply raised a Billikens fan. Grandfather was a HS basketball/AD coach at Riverview Gardens from the 40-60s. SLU gave him seats for scouting local players. After he retired in the early 70s he and my father shared tickets. Father took me to games from the time I was an infant. I've had a season ticket for 15 years, my father has had his for 45 years.
  14. Al's is a one of a kind experience. Rare to see fine dining establishments that haven't changed any of their decor or operations style for decades stay relevant. I go once a year every year. It's pricey and its not going to compare favorably to say 801 Chophouse but your going for that step back in time. Short list for best steaks in St. Louis Kreis, Citizen Kane's, Gamlin Whiskey House, Carmine's, Annie Gunns. I am not a fan of Flemings or 801 Chophouse. I never go to the chain steak houses like Ruth Chris or J Gilberts. On a budget Tuckers, Charcoal House or Surf & Sirloin. I've heard good things about Hamilton's in Lafayette Square but they are pricey. Also Carnivore does brisk business but I haven't been there yet. My understanding was Steak N' Shake is switching to a franchisee company model. The closed stores were all corporate owned and were either in disrepair, had poor sales, or in most cases couldn't fill job opening ad staff the restaurant. The ones that are still operating locally are independently run. Most of the closed locations were out in the burbs. It has been a common theme the past couple years as there is a severe shortage of food service workers in the county to either close or move closer to the city to attract more workers. I was running stores in west county the past 5 years and it was hell hiring food service workers there. Now that I have a store in the city again I have an overflow of available workers.
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