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  1. Pro Tip - While buying some organic produce is worthwhile, carrots are not. Farmers rarely use pesticides on carrots. You will usually find that "organic" carrots are cheaper than so called conventional in many instances. Organic carrots have the lowest markup compared to their conventional counterparts. Don't pay extra, they are all the same. Purple and white carrots can be made into a fermented beverage popular in Iran and Afghanistan. They are also sweeter than orange varieties. The best way to grow carrots is to over winter them. I plant in late summer early fall and continue to plant throughout the winter. Freezing temps do nothing to them as long as they are mulched heavily. Harvest carrots in late winter and early spring for super sweet carrots that taste nothing like the bland grocery store varieties.
  2. We have Power 6 facilities, a power 6 budget, and power 6 HC coaches salary playing in a mid major conference. If we aren't making the dance 50% of the time what are we doing? If we are happy with 1 or 2 out of ten we could just be LaSalle. Turn Chaifetz into a 365 days a year monster truck rally, upgrade our neon light and fog machine while installing a pool underneath the court at Simon rec and start riding the bus on east coast road trips. We'd have a lot more money for shirtless statues around campus.
  3. You cheapen the lives and struggle of the nearly 50 million people worldwide living in actual slavery with this empty rhetoric. Hard to be a slave when you play in $300 shoes made in China by actual slaves.
  4. Are we really saying NCAA appearances are not a measure of a coach's success? You can't be serious. Its the only measure. Dance or get fired.
  5. Frank showing too much love to the Illini. Cockburns team is 1-12. Evans team is 10-3.
  6. Paul Nondas is not in the Billikens All time roster. He did play in at least a few games. He was supposed to be good. 6'9 and could shoot the three. Never was ready to play. He went on that Hawaii opener trip where Johnson torched LSU for 30 points and then we lost to Hawaii. While the team was gone Harris & Macauley's room was burglarized and their NCAA tournament rings were stolen. Apparently you could get a waiver from the Greek Army if you went to school. Greece didn't accept Nondas' time at JUCO as advancing his education. He was labeled a deserter and wasn't able to come back to the country unless he went into the military so he went back after his JR year here. Nondas was Bernie's favorite player to rip. He mentioned him in columns multiple times as an example of poor recruiting by Spoon. Easy target as he wa a foreigner I guess.
  7. I thought we had one in the 80s. I think we had a couple walk on types at least one with Spoon. I think Latimer was the first foreigner to play real minutes.
  8. Yuri broke into the A10 top ten in career assists as well. He is 155 assists behind Jacob Gilyard for the all time A10 record.
  9. Tillett has definitely favored her players over the returners, I think to the team's detriment. Expect all of Stone's recruits to take off after the season.
  10. 300 blocks and 1,000 rebounds in the same game for Flowers.
  11. Attrocious 2nd quarter. Outscored 24-4.
  12. Going away too. That is a great win. Schmidt just coaches his ass off.
  13. With her usage rate she doesn't impress me. A lot of players could score a lot more points than she does with the amount of shots she is taking.
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