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  1. Several guys have done this in the past decade. It he has patience, as it may take him a couple seasons to get into a lineup French could be a real success. Gonzalez, Gates, Fells, Graham, Julius Thomas, Rico Gathers, Mo Allie Cox, have all fairly recently made leap from Basketball star to NFL TE.
  2. I'm not sure why there is a feeling that we aren't paying our staff. If anything we have a more experienced group than we had previously. Tate makes a very high salary. He was getting 155k at Mizzou and I would assume he is closer to 250k now. Giacoletti as a former D-1 HC should be pushing 200k as well or higher. They are certainly making more than Bailey and Macon were. As far as the video coordinator, didn't we have two managers who were pro video guys? Couldn't we drop that position so they can do it for one year to save money. Hopefully they hire those guys in some c
  3. Jared Drew is a rapper now. Majerus last 3 recruiting classes really sucked.
  4. Promoters did ruin boxing. The fact no one has been able to consolidate all the promotions into one governing body is the main reason why boxing continues to lose ground to MMA.
  5. Montgomery signed an NLI with Bradley.
  6. McBroom looked like he trained. He had some novice technique. The other didn't at all. I boxed throughout my teens, these amateur guys if they are roughly the same size, whoever trains the most wins. I wish boxing would make a comeback. It is really entertaining. The talent just isn't there anymore. MMA just isn't for me.
  7. Reed isn't committing to Purdue this weekend. He has several more visits scheduled. They are hosting another player this weekend who may commit. Maybe that is the mix up.
  8. I'm waiting for Mcbroom VS Evans. Is SLU dropping the ball on this? Pretty notable even for an ex player. Can we get them to post some Mcbroom highlights? Bet most people don't know he played college ball, much less at SLU. At the very least it would raise the social media profile for slu athletics.
  9. Not anymore. Bol is staying in St. Louis but STLCA is no more.
  10. For those who don't know, the Tampa Bay Pro Combine is a smaller scale replacement for the Portsmouth invitational. 60 players, 1 day of workouts then 2 days of pool play. Hopefully Goodwin gets a couple team camp invites out of it. Already has dates with the Hornets and Kings. A couple of the standout guys got invites to the NBA predraft camp but Goodwin probably not going to be on that list.
  11. There are no "headliners" in this field, including us.
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