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  1. Goodwin appears half way out of the woods. Keon Johnson will most certainly be waived by the team. Also rumors of the Suns interest in former Dukes star TJ McConnell are bubbling again. The Ayton trade gave the Suns some smaller salaries to match up with his. Grayson is a match and Little gets paid 2 mil less than McConnell.
  2. SG Trent Noah will not be visiting SLU this weekend. He will announce his choice on Sunday. Tied for 4th again.
  3. LaSalle is certainly like minded. Glad we are in a conference with so many of our peers willing to spend hundreds of dollars to revamp their aged facility. Season ticket sales may break the 500 mark in the revamped arena. Where are they putting up the neon and the smoke machine? There may be some issues. Wealthy swim team donors are worried about the butterfly stroke sight lines with the new seating configuration. Hearing they may lose up to a dozen seats to accommodate for the swim team. Considering that is about a tenth of the total seating capacity it will be a big hit to revenue.
  4. https://x.com/wojespn/status/1707097159731138830?s=20 Bad news. New Suns trade means the Suns have 17 players under contract for 15 spots. Who has the smallest buyout? Goodwin. Good chance he's looking for another team before the season starts.
  5. Yarbrough?!?! When he wasn't committing crimes he was an all mvc player.
  6. No problem. Its just a prediction though. Regardless this team isn't making the NCAAs whether we win 12 games or 22 games, not with this roster and not with this schedule. The season is a failure before it begins. Lame duck seasons are the worst.
  7. I received similar answers when I questioned a staffer about it. I know 7 season ticket holders who are generally in my age range 35-45 with kids. Only 1 renewed this season. I've heard on the board and elsewhere a disturbing amount of fans not renewing, much more than I can remember for Ford's tenure.
  8. 12-19 6-7 in non conference 6-12 conference
  9. Frozen/Encanto on Ice is at Chaifetz next Fri-Mon. My family and I will be at the Saturday show.
  10. Far from hating. Athletes should get whatever they can. They are being exploited by universities and the NCAA. An argument is always made that players shouldn't be held to a higher standard than regular students. This works both ways. No regular student who transfers colleges 3 times in a short period of time is going to get scholarships from the 3rd school. Multiple red flags go up. So I can see a case for allowing athletes to do that but also with the caveat that the chances of getting a 3rd opportunity are slim and none. Now if we let the market set prices on education instead of our current quasi-communist set up, athletes could easily afford to pay for college themselves in most cases then they could go wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted to.
  11. Another top 5 finish for Coach Ford. I'm this may even be a top 3 finish. So if he flames out and enters the transfer portal in 2 season we will be ready to grab this 4 star averaging 3 ppg.
  12. Try being on an academic scholarship and transferring schools 3 times.
  13. Why wouldn't we play at Bauman Eberhart? St Vincent facilities are not great and there are much closer courts to campus. This makes little sense.
  14. No chance. He's going to sit this year.
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