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  1. Ramey will never ever play for SLU. If he left Texas he'd enter the draft.
  2. I'm the same age as Kobe. It makes it even stranger. None of the Big NBA stars of the 70s, 80s, 90s really have died. Never should have been Kobe first. I feel like Kobe is the Dimaggio of basketball. Everyone knows he's not the best player but damn he carried himself like he was and we just accepted it.
  3. Hightower named a starter today. We need his game management skills.
  4. Clark is waiting on big time offers in the spring. Nice player but not much mutual interest.
  5. Already getting spun by media that K State playing hard till the end of the game caused the brawl.
  6. This is worse than Malice at the Palace. Season long suspensions for players at the very least. Forfeiting entire season for both teams should be in play.
  7. Ford routinely yanks players after 1 small mistake. Calls timeouts regularly to fix small errors on defense. Dayton hit 6 threes in a row without any adjustments from us or a timeout. Ford got lost and his inaction let Dayton back in this one. We were poised to blow them out. We were up 12 and down 5 in less than 5 minutes. Crews level dumpster fire coaching there.
  8. Why can't we criticize Ford???? Fuok this small time thinking. Dayton is the Fuoking #5 program in the country with a terrible bench coach who made Ford look like he should be coaching freshman girls at Nerinx Hall. No 2nd half adjustments to stop open 3s. Didn't even call a timeout. Lets Obi hide on defense late in the game and OT guarding Hargrove. Attack him. Doesn't set our defense up on the last play even though we had a timeout. Jacobs had no idea what to do. Watch the replay he backpedaled into Obi, ran backwards 3/4 of the way down the court. Collins ran back to the fuoking baseline!!! For what, a 5'9 guy to protect the rim. I don't care about free throws. We know the team we have, we suck at free throws like other teams suck at rebounding or shooting 3s. All teams have deficiencies, you have to work through them. This game was ours and it could be the difference between making the tourney or not. Ford blew this one. I'm not saying fire him, but their is nothing wrong with admitting a loss is on the coach. This one was. We were in complete control of this game and he was outcoached down the stretch.
  9. I was appalled that Whitey didn't wear white.
  10. I'm blaming Ford as well. We weren't ready to defend the last 5 seconds. Guys were confused on assignments. We should have met the ball in the backcourt. We had guys still back pedaling when Crutcher took the game winner. We just had a timeout, defense wasn't set up. That is unexcuseable.
  11. The only reason he isn't in the league the past 2 seasons is that domestic violence arrest and league suspension. Still he gets a contract with one of the best teams outside of the NBA in the world and still throws it away.
  12. He had multi million dollar contract there. What an idiot.
  13. Sax actually kind of worked his way out of it. By the time he retired he had mostly lost the yips. Knoblach could never throw in a game ever.
  14. Chuck Knoblach had it worse than Sax.
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