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  1. Look up the definition of definitive. Then look at what I posted. Not the same.
  2. Dove into this deeper. So they also canceled games at Dayton and at home against Fordham. I think they only played GW because it was senior night. This almost makes it worse. Put a team together. Just forfeiting is not enough. There should be a financial penalty paid to the rest of the league members at the very least.
  3. Frankly I think Davidson should be penalized for this.
  4. Pre game ceremonies suck for the players. I've done it both ways in HS and college. Post game is much better.
  5. Thats unheard of, a d-1 team cancelling a season. They don't have 5 players to put out there?
  6. Trinity Valley CC. He plays decent minutes but not a star. They are a top ten team.
  7. Majerus did change it but it was after the game during different periods of time under all the coaches from Grawer to Soderberg.
  8. As long as the A10 doesn't expand I'm fine with this. UMass has been working on this move for years. It is a huge drop for basketball but they should dominate that league.
  9. That isn't Soderberg's role at all.
  10. This is an awful post. Way to cherry pick stats. Medley turns the ball over at double the rate Goodwin did. Medley's TO Rate is the highest for any rotation player in the last 20 years. The only non walk on rotation PG I would rate lower than these two is Polk in the last 20 years.
  11. Hey detective remember when TheOne posted complete and utter bullsh*t about Dandridge and the washout from Army coming to play here? Forgot about that one? He/She is hardly infallible. If he/she is who we think he/she is he's only telling us what his dad tells him. I'm just sharing what I've heard. When I have a conversation with a prominent booster, like I did this week, and he opens up the conversation with "Next year when Ahearn is the coach," it alarms me. Add in to that a lot of internet chatter and rumors going around, with area sports media guys touting him and I hope you can understand where I'm coming from. It alarms me because an Ahearn hire, while maybe not being terrible, is not the best we can do by far. He should be 10th on the list, not a top candidate. We've definitely contacted Ahearn at this point? Have we contacted other available coaches like Mack or Holtmann who are better candidates by far? Detective you typically only post in response to me. Why don't you contribute something worthwhile to the discussion once in a while and prove you actually are an actual fan of the program and not just a troll.
  12. Getting back to the task at hand. At this moment (which hopefully will change) Blake Ahearn will be our next coach. Please direct me to someone I can beg at SLU to wait till the season is over and at least interview Ben McCollum the monday after he wins another D-2 title. Ahearn will be there no matter what.
  13. My computer was off by two points. Gotta work on that algorithm tonight. Needs tweaking.
  14. Why have the candidates for the SLU job that the local media has mentioned (fed by SLU officials or boosters) all been awful? Crean, Weber and now Ahearn?
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