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  1. Coach should be fired. Benching two future college players.
  2. For me, he's everyone's best opposing player unless you also played Jordan.
  3. A couple years ago they had a series of lectures for the bicentennial. One was on the history of the "Billiken." A gentlemen hosted it who was the historian emeritus for the university. I knew more than him and I nearly walked up to the front of the hall and took over the lecture. We all lament SLU going half ass on so many things but refusing to use or much less acknowledge the storied history of the mascot is a real crime. There is a rich history there that can be marketed and branded to build a better identity for SLU athletics and it is going to waste.
  4. Still best Billikens opposing player I have ever seen in person.
  5. Memphis will overextend themselves. They will have 2 or more early entrants in the draft. Arkansas also got a wing commitment today.
  6. Minnot is not as highly rated as Nesbitt. Minnot wants to be a point forward, but most project him as a stretch big. Nesbitt is a real point forward, just a bit undersized.
  7. Here is a good site to read some history of the Billiken particularly outside of the st. Louis region. http://churchofgoodluck.com/Billiken_Lore.html
  8. How could coaches recruit in the bubble?
  9. Rick was Ian's coach on Pananthinaikos for 2 seasons. Ian has been primarily a bench player for 4 years, granted on one of the best teams in the world outside of the NBA. He was pretty highly paid. May be time to hang it up. He's not much of a contributor at that level anymore.
  10. The blue bloods are not offering Nesbitt, at least not on his timetable. Penny is our major competition for him. He has been working Nesbitt for a while and the offer was inevitable. Penny doesn't make this offer this late without a very good chance that Nesbitt commits to him.
  11. Excited to see Ford saying Jimmmmerson is in the best shape on the team. He was heavy in HS. In top physical condition Jimmerson is a real NBA prospect.
  12. Didn't know where to put this but the man who couldn't make his FTs against us, TJ Warren, just put up 53 points for the Pacers against the 76ers. shooting 20 of 29 and 9 of 12 from 3. His previous high was 40 points 3 years ago. He was recently traded to the Pacers from the Suns for cash considerations.
  13. A top 50 consensus recruit who through 3 seasons has averaged just 8 points, 5 boards with suspect defense while fouling out of 21 games in his career is not really OK. For reference French who is the most prolific fouler we have had in 40 years has only fouled out of 14 games. Oh and the requisite DUI arrest since he does matriculate at SPUMAC.
  14. Seattle did it right with the Kraken. Great color scheme, logos, and the Jersey design looks sick. Best new pro team logos since the Hornets.
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