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  1. Harbison also scored her 1,000th point today. Congrats!!!
  2. Something that can bring the board together. Let's all wish Mama Hargrove a speedy recovery!!!
  3. SLU women down by 13 to Fordham with under 5 left to play. Jaidah Stewart has entered the transfer portal.
  4. I would watch a Crews led squad only if Brett Jolly had a permanent green light from deep.
  5. Some B team. Nicholson and Adawallie both played. They'd star on any team in the area.
  6. Their new logo/mascot is a lion in a top hat? I thought our mascot change was bad. Can we kick them out of the conference for this?
  7. Falker chose SIUC for an engineering program, not Shaw. Shaw was definitely a case of waiting to offer. It was SLU vs SIUC, as the Stanford offer was a preferred walk on spot. SIUC offered way before us. Soderberg hesitated and lost out. There are multiple threads from that time period about it.
  8. Fisher played in La Liga and Euroleague, mostly for Real Madrid and Canary Islands. He was never a star, a deep reserve for about 9 seasons.
  9. Lisch was an MVP and multiple first teamer in the NBL. He was making 250k and maybe more. Jett & Conklin were on the lower end 60-80k. When Conklin was booted off his team and blackballed by the league he was coming off a near MVP season and had a much bigger contract, which his team quickly voided.
  10. Jorge Wallace would be a great person to have on. He had a lot of issues at SLU and was kicked out of the program for many infractions. He was on some good teams with Bonner. Became a substance abuse counselor and life coach. He was a professor at Maryville for a while. An improbable story.
  11. All details of the Orlando Stewart fight must be gone through. He played with a ton of knuckleheads, lots of good material. Kevin Footes, Big Mel, Carlos Skinner, Stewart, Travis Tadysak, Jorge Wallace, Tony Manuel, Chip Entwhistle. He saw Bonner turn from a raw undersized post to a NBA career player. Get his views on Upchurch situation. Also the demise of Grawer's tenure.
  12. French's advanced numbers are off the charts. Defensively he's been amazing.
  13. He handled the ball a ton, his teammates were trash and the team ran a lot. He wasn't in some Soderberg offense walking the ball up the court and turning it over at half court. Total TOs are a misleading stat. The one that stands out is AB. He had very few assists, never touched the ball outside the paint. If he had the ball there were three outcomes, he scored, he missed the shot, or turned it over. His first 2 seasons he was a TO machine. He had no hands. He got better as his career went on but he was never solid with the ball. AB also would regularly miss dunks. I bet he has 1
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