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  1. Claggett dunked once and his shorts fell down.
  2. He still has eligibility left? He has to be 24 years old now.
  3. Both Diarra and Hargrove were given opportunities to redshirt. Both turned them down.
  4. - First half of the Washington game. Chaifetz was electric. Billikens basketball was back and was going to be the bet it ever was. - Marque Perry beating #2 Louisville. We hung around that whole game but no one expected us to win at any point. Total bedlam when Perry won the game. - Mo St game where Ian tipped it in at the buzzer. Now we know it shouldn't have counted but that was a great game against a still relevant Mo St. - Drejaj buzzer beater in the NIT over Iowa. Another game where we were overmatched but somehow pulled it out. - All the games we played in the dome, I think we had 3 or 4. Mizzou, Illinois, Kansas St or Kansas. Illinois probably had the best atmosphere. - Butler away game. Taking over Hinkle was a once in a lifetime experience. - 98 in Atlanta. Talking to UK fans on the MARTA after we beat UMASS was fun. They didn't know who Larry was but they would soon. - Seeing Spoonball in SI was awesome to a 13 year old. - Back to back NIT finals. I was 8 but still remember MSG.
  5. Yes. Burden is much much better. His basketball growth has taken a backseat to football.
  6. This I need to watch more local news.
  7. The 2 dribble rule generally holds in the halfcourt. Any pass that leads directly to a made basket can be an assist regardless of dribbles. Usually if the player who receives the pass must first make a move ie beat a man with a dribble move or shot fake the assist is no longer valid. Each game has an official scorer and assists are up to their judgement. Different scorers credit assists differently all the time at the college and pro level.
  8. Vashon point guards have an awesome track record over the last 40 years.
  9. Burden is a 5 star football recruit. His focus is there.
  10. When it was announced in the offseason by Rothstein he said it was a home and home.
  11. K St is a 3 game series. One in KC, one here, one in Manhattan. BC is a home and home. Auburn is also a series but takes a break this year because we are both playing the same tournament.
  12. Auburn 2 scholarships available and has LOIs from 2 4 stars, 1 pg and 1 SF along with 5 star pg Sharife Cooper from Atlanta, most likely a 1 and done.
  13. Love didn't play till game 10 because of a back injury and didn't start until 6 games after that. Had he not missed time his Jr season would have been the same as Perkins'. Love had a huge scoring breakout game against Memphis just like Perkins did halfway through the conference season. Love averaged over 18 ppg the final 8 games the Billikens played. He did improve next season but he was already there, unlike Mo Jeffers who only scored in double figures a couple times his jr season.
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