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  1. Durando reporting that Gordon is on the roster at NW Florida.
  2. Weaver will start because of his defense. I think Jimmmmmerson is the only player on our roster who can hit 3s at a decent clip, especially with the extended arc. If Jimmmmmerson doesn't get 20 minutes a game by the end of the season I'll be shocked.
  3. Jimmmerson fits in as a starter much better than Hargrove right now.
  4. Thatch makes a Jett like leap this year. He averages double figures this season and makes a run at A10 DPOY.
  5. Duquesne will have the most sellouts in D-1...with just 500 person seating capacity.
  6. New Zealand is in the consolation bracket now. They blew out Japan yesterday. Rob had 10 points and 6 assists. They take on Turkey tomorrow. Turkey features Cedi Osman & Ersan Ilyasova and took the US down to the wire in their game. Tough matchup for the Tall Blacks. Loe has been impressive on the world stage. He hasn't looked out of place.
  7. Thatch will be a top 25 player in the A10, mark it down.
  8. In conference play Gilyard was top 5 in every major category. Tops in steals, shot over 40 from 3 and 60% from 2. He's overlooked on Richmond but sounds like the perfect fantasy player.
  9. Greece lost to Brazil today. Don't underestimate Brazil. They have historically had an excellent program and may end up medaling. Greece is not that good. All they have is Giannis. New Zealand could beat them and advance.
  10. Our very own Rob Loe is squaring up against the world's best players (except for the US) as the starting center for New Zealand. Rob had 11 points and 9 rebounds in a 102-94 loss to Brazil in round 1. This morning he is matching up against NBA all star Nikola Vucevic and Montenegro. Good Luck to Rob & the Tall Blacks.
  11. I feel like Weber won this round. If we do get Luke, he and Bradford are teammates on the Ramey Fall league so that could benefit us.
  12. Yes Barring injury Burden is starting to take football more seriously than basketball. He's worth monitoring but he'll playing football at the next level and beyond.
  13. Silly to give Raboin a schollie. Then we couldn't add a midseason transfer.
  14. Louisville, Butler, and I'll throw a couple new ones out there, Iowa and Western Kentucky. I don't get St. Louis. Everyone wears red to Cardinal games, Blues jersey at Blues games yet at Billiken games it is come as you are. It unacceptable to not wear blue to a bills game, unless it is whiteout.
  15. Pitino was contacted in the 80s and while he was with the Celtics after Spoon left as part of that coaching search. Biondi pulled out all the stops on that one, called in every favor and tried to make a big hire but came away with Romar. Stevens will be fine. Ainge I believe is more on the hot seat. His long term plan never came to fruition of acquiring picks and assets to get a superstar. Kyrie was a disaster and some of his other moves, Hayward injuries, Brown and Tatum not progressing enough have hurt his reputation. I think the Celtics will be fine this year and contend for the East with over 50 wins. Kyrie was a cancer, Hayward is back to 100%, Kemba Walker is a top 20 player in the league and Tatum & Brown should blossom without Kyrie there. Celtics get 50 wins and Stevens is a genius again.
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