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  1. They did skew his numbers but we may have lost that game without him showing out.
  2. I received my 2nd Pfizer vaccine today. Beware of the J&J vaccine. 3 states shut down administering it due to adverse effects. It hits you hard.
  3. The current Athletic Director hasn't spoken to the Football or Basketball coach for weeks. He made both the hires and hates them. Cause for concern.
  4. Cincy's Athletic department is a train wreck.
  5. We play a 4 out. Nesbitt, Thatch, or Perkins can guard any 4 in the A10. Yuri Nesbitt Perkins Thatch/Hargrove/Jimmerson Okoro
  6. TCU shouldn't be in that conference. They have no pedigree nationally. Oklahoma does. I more perplexed why after offering Porter the moon, Loyola didn't go after another high profile coach. Promoting a super you g assistant could be a big mistake when you could throw a million at Archie Miller.
  7. Oklahoma is a nice gig. Not a blue blood so removes the pressure of coaching UK, KU, UNC, Indiana and the like. Program has a solid history of success, was in the final 4 just 5 years ago. Willing to pay huge amounts of money in salary. Facilities are second to none. Awesome basketball conference. Underrated program. Not many schools have been to 5 final 4s.
  8. I thought French was out of shape/heavy this year and it hurt his development. I gave kudos to Bell for coming from 400lbs to 290, but I think he's gained weight and never was in close to game shape. Bell needs to be at 260 if he truly wants to be effective.
  9. Awesome all around player. Good enough handles to be a 6'6 pg, good enough underneath to play the 4 in the A10. He's similar to Goodwin, especially his motor. Doesn't rebound as well but is still great. Shoots and scores better than Goodwin. He is a potential early NBA entrant, he was underranked in his class, more top 30 than top 60.
  10. SBunfurled is an awesome twitter follow. They have outdone themselves with this one. I almost want to see it in the darker blue uniforms we had in the 80s though.
  11. Some posters down on this piclup. I'm very bullish. This guy is a scorer. He has Jimmerson's release, maybe more range with an Isabel mentality. He's not just a 3 point shooter. He has really good handles and can break his defender down. If he can fit into the team he will be a tremendous pickup. 6th man of the the year? Newcomer of the year talent possibly. Arguing over whether he gets 10-15 minutes a game, I think this guy starts and is minimum our 3rd leading scorer.
  12. Woodson is a terrible hire. He was a laughingstock in the NBA as a head coach. Juwan Howard is the only former NBA player/coach to do well. He's relatively young in his coaching tenure. When he gets 4 or 5 years in he may be getting fired as well.
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