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  1. Last year teams were available to practice starting OCT 14th.
  2. Post your new swag here Hope everyone on the board picks something up. Don't forget promo code MIDTOWNMADNESS to get 15% off your order.
  3. https://www.rrstar.com/sports/20190313/east-3-point-star-sincere-parker-driven-to-greatness-by-his-dads-training Here is an article from his senior year in high school.
  4. What are the chances we traded Jimmy Bell for Sincere Parker? Maybe we threw in some basketballs and and one of those rebounding baskets.
  5. Sean West is a local videographer. He's worked with players from Link Academy, MPG Elite, BBE, and MoKan. Chances are if he knows about it its a local kid since that is who he deals with.
  6. No. Bol is like Smith in Sudan. Very common name. Manute does have a son Bol Bol who played at Oregon and is now in the NBA.
  7. Future Billiken and Future #1 NBA Draft Pick.
  8. I love the book, but its essentially an extended short story, not really a novel. I think this is a rare case where the movie is better than the book. The movie when it came out, had a huge negative PR campaign against it. It was only mildly successful at the box office and didn't take off until the DVD was released. It should have won multiple awards in retrospect. Ebert panned it completely and Rosie O'Donnell did a whole show on how horrible it was and then gave away the twist ending before it even came out. Looking back it was very strange how it was perceived leading up to its release. None of the criticism was about the performances or the story. The media just didn't like the themes presented in the movie, not exactly what criticism should be based on.
  9. Agreed. SLU's is the weakest of the bunch. I really like Daytons's, Rhode Island, St. Joes, and Bona.
  10. Hockey attendance at UMass is close to doubling up basketball currently.
  11. For UCA he was their lead guard and had the ball by far the most on their team. He got out of control easily but was in a position where he had to make all the plays. He's a mature player who will adapt and tone down his playing style to fit in here
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