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  1. MoKanElite is in the EYBL championship game. Bradford, Kasubke star for the team.
  2. Why on Earth would we want Illinois' 12th man?
  3. I never believed the Rickma deathbed recommendation story. I don't think it is factual. Our last game that season was March 18th. Rickma came back to town for a week tops then left for his post season vacation. He typically would spend time in Milwaukee, Chicago, Salt Lake. He became seriously ill in late May and was essentially hospitalized from there until his death. He did have visitors occasionally but mostly talked to people on the phone. I don't think he ever stepped foot at SLU after March and at that time he had no idea he wouldn't be coaching. So when did he anoint Crews as coach? I think we all just think Rickma was sitting in a room eating BBQ till he died but he nearly died in May, was bedridden most of the summer. Started to rehab again and had another serious complication in August. He was never going to recover after that and was bedridden without being able to communicate till he died. I always thought Crews lobbied for the position. After the season May felt he had to give him the permanent job, which he didn't have to.
  4. Robinson was signed by Rick Stansbury at WKU but never played there. He sat out his one year of college and then was drafted. He was a top 5 guy in his recruiting class. He played very well for the Knicks last years and was one of the surprises of the rookie class.
  5. Foreman was a solid defender. Anthony was a scrub but not terrible either. Wiley was a good defender, he just couldn't move. He was good guarding the post. Johnson was also a decent post defender. The most obvious bad defender was Isabell. He's the only negative defender Ford has played.
  6. If he is why isn't it made public? I don't care that SLU is private and doesn't have to disclose financials. Perception is we don't pay coaches, put the terms of an extension out there to change that perception.
  7. NBA TV carries a great deal of Summer league games.
  8. On the twitters they say VCU to the AAC. Will they take us as well?
  9. Just a glimpse into what Javon is doing. UDFAs don't get a salary. They have a per diem of $127 a day. Their hotels, transportation, meals are all comped as long as they are active in the summer league or the training camp. If you make it through a couple cuts at camp you can be eligible to $2000 per week for 4 weeks of training camp. If you get signed to the team, or as a G league 2 way player you have to pay that money back out of your salary. Summer League will have approximately 450 players participating. About 150 of those have roster spots locked up. The remaining are competing for essentially 25-30 spots across the league that are filled bu UDFAs each season. Javon's chances of making a roster are pretty slim and there is little to no financial upside to him participating. Hopefully he plays his way onto a roster in the NBA, G League or impresses scouts from a foreign league who sign him up.
  10. Go back 3 pages. Their is a list.
  11. No, it would be a miracle if he played in the NBA again. Has a suspension hanging over his head. Hopefully he heads overseas to make some real money.
  12. Deep South basketball outside of some of the basketball academies in Florida is centered around Kentucky. Ford's dad's camps not just brought all the best from Kentucky but all over the South. So yes Ford has deep ties to coaches from FL, GA, MS. It has been pretty recent that deep south schools got good at basketball. Most players from down there have gravitated towards charlotte, Lexington, Louisville, Cincy to play or get looks from schools outside of the south.
  13. Mizzou is all in on Love. I think Fletcher was overlooked locally.
  14. Conklin is going to kick the tires again in Europe. If he gets a good offer he doesn't go back to Australia this season. Jett is going to stay down under but I doubt if he is back on Illawarra. I don't think either Conklin or Jett enjoyed their roles. Jett was definitely on a 1 year deal and is no longer on the Hawk roster. Jett showed he can play again last year and he was never in good shape because of nagging injuries. If he can really get in top shape he could blow up in the league. Conklin has to play a lot of center in Australia and in Europe he usually plays a 3 or 4. I don't think he wants to bang around with Andrew Bogut another season. He's done very well in PR and will get some looks in France or Spanish top leagues this upcoming season.
  15. Mad Max was quite a character. Helluva player. Held all the Florida records and really built that program, led them to their first NCAA tournament. Took money from agents so all his records were expunged. Quit the Rockets in the middle of the playoffs because Drexler took his minutes. Numerous on court fights, he beat up a fan in Portland once. He and Gary Payton got into a fight in the locker room where they threw furniture and hit each other with barbells. Chuck Person & Horace Grant both suffered injuries trying to break up the fight.
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