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  1. Collins led the Warriors in minutes last night. They blew out the Suns. Yuri had 6 points, 3 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals, 7 TOs, 5 fouls, +/- 11.
  2. The basketballs were a great deal. A couple polos, vest, tons of shorts, I got Foreman, Bess, Bell, Welmer, Russell and a couple practice jerseys.
  3. Holmes had 11 points and 7 boards tonight before rupturing his achilles. He will be out for the whole season. Sad to see even for a Dayton Flyer.
  4. Games start Saturday. Brockhoff and Pikaar will not play each other. There are two separate tournaments. Germany is in the top division. Sweden plays in the lower division, looking to finish high enough to get an invite back into the upper division.
  5. I've been waiting on this offer for awhile. He has been lighting up the Ramey league since he was 13. Not a blue chip 5 star but right below, will be a solid top 150 player and a very good college player.
  6. Yuri would make 3-10 times as much overseas as he does in the G league.
  7. This list and website has sucked for years. Much better cbb previews out right now.
  8. Meh Wright city is underrated. Cheap housing, innsbrook, solid restaurants, and Big Joel's Safari. Visit Webster, live in Wright City.
  9. BillikenTruther says Bonner's kid will not come to SLU. Coach Schertz please stop recruiting him.
  10. Pro tip, last time they did this they didn't have card payments on site. Had to walk down to the ticket office to pay. Bring cash.
  11. He's 15th on the depth chart. He may not play at all. If he does it will be spot time.
  12. Brock Bonner will be an NBA player. Hopefully a Billiken as well.
  13. I missed the one. A10 had 10 teams in the top 130.
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