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  1. thetorch

    Recruiting - 2019

    Carpenter is listed as a big by most scouts. I think similar to French he is an undersized center.
  2. thetorch

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    Wallace and Marcus Camby were my two favorite players in HS and college. Wallace was great, he'd be even better now. Overshadowed by Duncan, Dirk, Webber, & Garnett but oftentimes he outperformed them head to head. Known as a headcase but he was a team player and great in the lockerroom. Never wanted or needed the ball. Rebounded and played D and got his offense wherever he could. Bullets drafted him, they already had Howard & Webber on the frontline. Imagine that lineup in their prime, Wallace, Howard and Webber. They could have all played with each other. Sent to Portland and Wallace turned that team into a near title contender with a bunch of misfits and heavy drug users. Then put Detroit over the top for their championship run. Wallace got his title being the alpha on a team before Dirk and Garnett did, and at the time Duncan had 1 title on his own as well. Laettner is on the short list with Walton, Kareem, Ewing, Baylor as the best ever college players. Still the original Duke villain was Danny Ferry. He gets overlooked a lot now, 3 final fours and 1 title game with less talented teams than Laettner had.
  3. thetorch

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    If so Wallace is worth at least $3.
  4. thetorch

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    Kyrie played 11 games. Why is he on this list and not Johnny Dawkins? Where is Jamison, Perkins, Daugherty? Hurley, Ferry, or Boozer?
  5. thetorch

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    https://billikenbackers.slu.edu/project/14150 Women's basketball posted this link on their Instagram to donate money for charter flights and scouting trips.
  6. thetorch

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    Kemph didn't have a scorers mentality. She was always the best player on the floor but never played like it. If her shot had gotten just a little better and looked to score more we would have been to a tourney. Harbison is not quite the creator Kemph is but she is a scorer. She's not a great shooter either, but she's better than Kemph was.
  7. They voted to reinstate their football program in 08 and started it in 11 in FCS. They have been FBS in CUSA for 5 years. They are terrible and don't draw 20k a game. Meanwhile their strong basketball program as gutted for a joke of a football program in a 3rd rate conference. Demarco Johnson, Sean Colson, Rodney White, Eddie Basden, they had some scary teams.
  8. thetorch

    Foreman's a key

    Foreman's biggest problem is he can't catch the ball.
  9. We think we got screwed in these conference shakeups. Charlotte had a better program than us, pretty much throughout our time in CUSA. They got a worse deal than DePaul. One of our longest running conference rivals. We should try a home and home with the 49ers.
  10. thetorch

    Andre Craig Appreciation Thread

    IF SLU had some local bars they wouldn't need to leave at halftime to get to Soulard on time.
  11. thetorch

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    Harbison with easily the best Freshman campaign in program history. Hard to believe she's better than Kemph. With 4 games left on pace to be tops in Freshman points, Free Throws made, FT %, 2nd in assists and steals. She should break into the top ten single season all time in points, free throws, made, FT%, assists and steals. Flowers will be 2nd all time in rebounds for freshman with an outside chance of breaking into the top ten all time list. She has nearly doubled up the best freshman season of blocks and will finish 3rd on the all time single season list for blocks.
  12. thetorch

    The Last 5 Games

    Conference record? That doesn't seem right either. That may be the women's attendance record. Either way terrible mistake by the AD.
  13. Precisely because bettors usually don't have the info and the sports books do is why the info isn't released to the public in more detail.
  14. Thor had surgery and also had a leg injury. No college team releases injury reports. This isn't NFL. Disclosing injuries would only help our opponents.
  15. Welmer may play soon. He's trying. At least he will play on Sr day. Hankton appears to be very injury prone. Or we may have not given him the proper time off previously. Last I heard Hankton could come back in a week. Not much news on Jacobs. I really don't think all the mystery with his injury involves him wanting to transfer. I think it is more of being at the bottom of the depth chart and Ford not getting asked about him. Our team has been desperate for bodies all year, still Jacobs' minutes have been few and far between.