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  1. Congratulations. My father was fan of the game a couple years to honor 40 years of being a season ticket holder. It was a great experience for him.
  2. Down 30 time to get our averages. Piss poor effort.
  3. I thought we were little more than a .500 team coming into the season and even I'm disappointed. I thought French and Goodwin were better players. Totally out matched by Seton Hall. Up 30 why is Powell in the game?
  4. Never seen French play scared before. After he got his shot blocked he hung around the backcourt trying to handle the ball till he got yanked. Goodwin playing scared too, pulling up on jumpers instead of taking it to their chest. Collins is getting mugged on both ends. Offense has been really stagnant. We weren't bad defensively. Powell just bails them out. That's why it feels like the game is closer than it is.
  5. Kunderman reads the board and occasionally posts. Yurimania is really becoming a thing though. slu72 needs to get all the credit.
  6. Larry's best season by far was his last season in Washington and by no coincidence the season before he became a free agent. His win shares that year were double any other season. His defense was game changing by then, his offense was never very good, he was never a good shooter and he needed a bunch of touches to get his points. He got injured that first year in Cleveland and could never replicate that defensive intensity again. His career kept tumbling, by his 3rd year in Cleveland he went from all NBA defense averaging 20 a game to just a bench player and was still on a huge contract.
  7. I made this on custom ink https://www.customink.com/designs/yurimania/gkc0-00c1-hnt8/share?pc=EMAIL-40778&utm_campaign=shared design&utm_source=share link&utm_medium=shared design&utm_content=shared desktop Here is a link to order it.
  8. Bess had 27 points & 5 boards while shooting 7-13 from 3 in the Bayhawks 122-108 loss to Greensboro on Saturday.
  9. Coach Ford did so I think we are OK. I'm pretty sure the guys know who loafed through shootarounds and the game yesterday. Just look at the minutes.
  10. He actually had 5. Hargrove is the opposite of Gordon. I'm not worried about his commitment to the team. We have a couple players in the rotation who are candidates for long term benchings. If Hargrove keeps working he'll see some time.
  11. Huge road win over Cincy 60-50. Smith -Traore with 18 rebounds, Flowers had 11 in just 19 minutes. Both teams shot extremely poor. Billikens held Cincy to 0-13 from 3. Bearcats are not pushovers, should be good in AAC and contend for a NCAA berth.
  12. You can barely see it when it is on. They needed to put it on a tower.
  13. This was touched on a few months ago. Small town girl, more comfortable in Macomb and was going to be a hard climb for her to play ahead of Smith Traore, Wilken , Flowers, and do well in Stone's up temp system. She was not run off though. Rebounding may be an issue this season and she would have helped.
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