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  1. I believe so. His son is Jai White a 2023 recruit who plays AAU in the area but lives in New Hampshire.
  2. Very very dark. Not as bad as Crews though as there was some upside to it. My next thread will deal with the disastrous 91-92 season.
  3. It was 2 years. I think I wrote in there we went 1-20, it was 1-19 over 2 seasons. We did also get a win over Marquette in the Great Midwest Tourney in the 2nd year as well.
  4. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/atlantic-10-offseason-breakdown-3/ Jon Rothstein's Preseason A10 Breakdown. Billikens are preseason #1 in conference.
  5. That conference is terrible. We should want no part of it. That conference would get 3 or 4 bids tops every year. We are better off in the A10.
  6. It never gets updated before They take new team pictures or the roster and coaching staff are not complete.
  7. Dad was a 3 year starter. Played for Ernie Kent his freshman year and St. Mary's made the tourney. His final 3 seasons were pretty awful, St. Mary finished in the bottom of the WCC every year. 6'7 PF averaged 10 and 6 his senior year.
  8. Macaleab Rich picked up a ton of new offers this weekend playing in the Ridgewood Showcase. His recent offers include Indiana St, UIC, MO St, Bradley, Northern Illinois, Eastern Michigan to go along with previous offers from Lindenwood, SIUE, and SLU.
  9. Same here. Went to games at 3 months old. Dad will be a 50 year season ticket holder this season. My grandfather took my father to games starting when he was 3 in the 53-54 season.
  10. We do well at home, as we should but I've always wanted a multi year home winning streak, one that got at least into the 30s. Great teams pulls those off.
  11. This Weber started taking flyers on highly rated questionable players while at Illinois. He didn't win with them and all the bad publicity they caused led to his ouster. He goes to K St and recruits similar but slightly less highly rated guys and he's fine. Less pressure to win at K St and they are used to their athletes having questionable ethics.
  12. Weber had multiple partial and non qualifiers at SIUC. His best teams featured out state kids who were overlooked and city kids who were academically at risk that other schools wouldn't take. At Illinois he was eventually forced to go this route as well. Players had to transfer out, he had a lot of issues with questionable guys at Illinois which is why he was forced out.
  13. I hope GW experiences some backlash against this. I have a couple HS buddies who went to GW. They are incensed. No reason to change this inoffensive mascot.
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