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  1. Different team than the conference team. We had Gordon then and Gordon was big in each of those wins. The game at Seton Hall was our best win on the year and Gordon was the best player on the court for that game.
  2. That is basically what happened with SLU last season. We only beat LaSalle, Fordham and GWU on the road. We were scuffling team all regular season
  3. Richmond finished 203 last season in Pomeroy's ratings. Heading into last season Mason was the team many thought would make a huge move because of who they brought back and the edition of Reuter. They improved going from 220 to 156, but didn't make close to the jump many were expecting. Expecting a jump of 100 around spots out of Richmond is asking for a lot
  4. I think SLU and Richmond will be pretty close quality wise this season.
  5. I think sixth is probably about right. Sixth is where we finished last season. I just think the national ranking number is about 25-35 spots off. You could even finish below sixth in the A10 and be better than 143 nationally this coming season. The A10 will be much stronger this season.
  6. I think this is a little too early. I think we probably will be about the same as we were overall last season. I think we finish in the 100-120 range in the final Pomeroy and Sagarin ratings.
  7. Kid is smart enough to get a free trip to Hawaii out of this process.
  8. SLU showed Fletcher as much love as anyone early on. SLU was among the first schools to offer him and followed him around a lot two years ago. I think SLU got a clear impression Fletcher wasn't interested.
  9. I think this game is actually part of a new home and home series. It is being billed as the Kansas City Wildcat Showcase. Previous versions of this event against Vandy, T A&M and Washington St. were part of a home and home series with KSU shifting their home game to the Sprint Center.
  10. Kerber and Chase should have ended this thread instead of stopping Brett Hull.
  11. Mad Max was huge in game 7 of the 94 finals. Scored 21 and forced John Starks in a 2-18 night from the field.
  12. Rutgers is playing the Bonnies on November 16th in Toronto. The game is part of the Naismith Classic. Penn St. looks like it should have five more games to announce.
  13. Mars is on the phone offering him now.
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