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  1. I am only talking about French possibly guarding Purifoy for the first 3 minutes of the game. I probably should have made that clear. Purifoy has been a streaky 3 point shooter this season and I don't want him to start feeling it from the perimeter that early in the game. If he gets comfortable from there that early, it really could be a very long day.
  2. Defensively I might try Goodwin on Okoro and throw French on Purifoy. That way you have a taller guy in Purifoy's face when he wants to throw up a three. When Bell comes out you will have to throw French on Wiley and then shift Jacobs or Goodwin over to Purifoy. Fred Thatch will be missed in this game. You just put Thatch on Doughty and it would have allowed Goodwin and Jacobs to match up against Okoro and Purifoy while having French deal with Wiley. We are really going to need Jimerson or Perkins to step up defensively. Auburn has more guys that can't hurt us offensively than any team we have played this year. Their top three scorers are extremely efficient with effective FG%s above 60%. Then they bring Johnson and McLemore of the bench and don't lose any efficiency with both being above 60%. We need to get physical against Auburn. They have yet to play against any team that can get as physical as we can this season. We need to turn this game into a street fight if we are going to win. Make them earn every bucket they get.
  3. Did you tell them you were hot tub fan #1?
  4. I thought Ford really had the team prepared well for the game. It appeared they really made the best possible use of the week off. Now we have a week to prepare for the Auburn game. We will have fresh legs and should be well prepared. The only negative is Auburn has 9 days off.
  5. I agree completely and I think 69 is probably about right for now when you account for the whooping Seton Hall put on us. Also, this team has totally exceeded my expectations to this point. I expected a couple more losses so far when I looked at the schedule before the season.
  6. Here is a link to Massey's composite rakings of the currently 23 top computer rankings. The composite ranking has SLU at 69. The Billikens rank anywhere from a low of 126 in ESPN's BPI to a high of 30 in Seven Overtimes rankings. 6 of the rankings have of us in the top 50, ten in the top 60 and 14 in the top 75. 6 of the rankings have us outside the top 100. We are third among A10 teams behind Dayton at 18 and VCU at 45. We are just ahead of Duquesne at 71 and Richmond at 72. Seton Hall at 22 and Belmont at 76 are our two highest ranked opponents so far. Auburn comes in at number seven in the composite rankings. https://www.masseyratings.com/cb/compare.htm
  7. If that was the case summer in Buffalo should resemble Seattle, it doesn’t.
  8. I think at least 14 of our 3 were from NBA distance.
  9. They were up 19 at one point, reminded me of us at BC. I actually think DePaul is pretty good. Nice win for Whitesell.
  10. Jim Whitesell’s Buffalo teams holds on to win by 5 and had the Blue Demons their first loss.
  11. Ruled a two and then missed the FT. Buffalo will hold on
  12. Coleman lamb just hit a circus 3 and got fouled
  13. Pomeroy doesn’t hate us as much as ESPN’s BPI.
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