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  1. Hard to go wrong when you get a guy nicknamed Wolverine.
  2. Welcome Dylan. I really like this kid. Think he has a good chance to play more than most people would expect.
  3. Figured this is on topic with the number of high level Vashon recruits in the the 2025 class alone. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  4. I think there might be something going on with a D2 kid.
  5. Looks like we are in on Dylan Warlick who was committed to Wyoming. A 6-5 wing out of Edmund North in Oklahoma who appears to have some bully ball to his game. A 3 star kid rated as the 50th best SF by Rivals.
  6. This is where I think the relationship building might be most important.
  7. Didn't want to start a new thread for this, so I will just dump it in here.
  8. I highly doubt he actually collects anywhere close to $2 million.
  9. Is Cal the greatest coach ever? No, but he is still pretty damn good. He has won the fifth most NCAA tournament games ever, leads all active coaches in NCAA wins and is one of two coaches to take 3 different programs to the Final Four. I actually think the Arkansas job fits him better than Kentucky.
  10. Do people not understand how bad the MAC actually is? It is the worst FBS football conference and is a OVC level conference in basketball. As bad as CUSA has become, it still is better than the MAC. I am probably not exaggerating much if at all when I say the football played in the MVC Football conference is better overall than the MAC.
  11. They been pretty aggressive trying to build their football program up over the last decade and have had mixed success in the toughest football conference in the FCS. Honestly they probably waited 3 or 4 years too long to pull the trigger. They probably would have got into the Sun Belt if they would have made the move then. That is a much better conference for both football and basketball then what calls itself the CUSA today.
  12. He can play power forward and would probably be a 4 on defense. He is 6'9, but offensively I was thinking wing. That said with the five out none of that matters really matters on offense.
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