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  1. Providence will be much better than 63.
  2. The holes are two rotation players. They might not start, but saying they are on the bench downplays their significance.
  3. Tillett isn’t a young coach. She is 46. She isn’t old, but she isn’t a young coach either.
  4. The problem is most won’t care. This was a chance to change that on day one with the right hire.
  5. Sutton has now reclassified to the 2024 class.
  6. Now those nudes dropping makes a lot more sense
  7. When did WSU enter the picture?
  8. You don’t have to provide charity services to be a tax exempt organization. Most tax exempt organizations don’t provide any charity services.
  9. Foreign players can’t earn NIL money. They are here on student visas. If they started collecting NIL money they could be deported.
  10. And the tax exempt status of the collective doesn’t make that income to the player tax exempt. Today it is just as taxable as anyone else’s income. The Red Cross is tax exempt, but the salaries of Red Cross employees is taxed just like anyone else’s salary.
  11. There are tons of tax exempt organizations that aren’t charities. Is is a NIL collective any less deserving an organization for tax exempt status than one that throws money at people to influence public policy and legislation? How do you determine that? Those kind of decisions get into risky legal territory. It would be hard to single out the collectives. What we really need to do is change the law and take tax exempt status from a bunch of organizations.
  12. If you are released from your NLI you can sign another NLI before May 18. After May 18 you sign a financial agreement.
  13. Turnbull isn't enrolled in school yet. The transfer rules don't apply to him. He was released from his original letter of intent. If he has signed another letter of intent, he would need another release if he now regrets his decision. If he has not signed a new letter of intent, he free at any moment to commit to another program.
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