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  1. Gonzaga would actually lose money joining the Big East. While the Big East pays much more for media rights, Gonzaga has a great deal with the WCC when it comes to NCAA tournament credits. They are going to get $7.5 million paid to them in NCAA tournament credits next season.
  2. https://businessofcollegesports.com/name-image-likeness/top-student-athletes-monetizing-their-nil-on-cameo/amp/
  3. I think most adults should get the vaccine. I think most adults should get the booster when it becomes available to them. I can see where we have disagreements about the plusses and minuses of vaccine mandates. I think this is especially true when it comes to kids and people who have had the virus. I don't see how requiring people (especially those already infected) to take part in a medical procedure to remain a part of normal society jibes with the message of St. Ignatius.
  4. Everyone should probably get an additional dose before every game just to be on the safe side.
  5. The athlete would be selling his time in that instance. How is it any different than paying an athlete to say happy birthday to someone on Cameo? That is currently being done.
  6. Well if you are implementing a policy meant to protect people from possibly infected individuals, the policy should be the same regardless of the age of the potentially infected. Cruise lines have the same policy for adults and children. Cruise lines, also, put the resources needed into making sure vaccine or test status actually matches the individual in question. That is a policy that actually makes sense. That policy isn't theater. The policy you are supporting is nothing besides health safety theater.
  7. They have a choice when it comes to getting a test. They can spread the disease just like anyone else. I don't think they should have to provide a negative test. That said, if you believe adults should have to do it you should demand the same of kids at the game. This is the stuff I mean when I sat health safety theater. Many people just want things that make them feel safer even if they don't really make a difference. Plus, they only want those things up to the point those things start to inconvenience them. That is not good policy making.
  8. Do you think kids should be allowed at games without a negative test result?
  9. I don't think SLU's policy for games has anything to with how effective the vaccine is for people. SLU just isn't bothering doing worthless health safety theater. No one is safer at a Blues game than they will be at a Billiken because the Blues have a policy that is impossible for them to accurately enforce. The most important thing to everyone's safety when it comes to COVID at Chaifetz and Enterprise Center is the type of air filtration in use and how fast the air inside the building is being replaced with outside air. Not one person complaining about SLU's policy has bothered to ask about this far more importation issue. If you are worried about a high risk person getting COVID at a game, this should be your number one concern.
  10. I am vaccinated and I will get a booster. I worry about the things I can control and not health safety theater. The science so far has shown that places that have good ventilation systems that replace the air quickly, like most modern arenas, are relatively safe. That should be far more important to anyone going to the game than what worthless things they do before you enter the game. Also, spare me the stupid slogans and hate directed towards our neighbors.
  11. I believe later research and contact tracing determined that the game itself wasn’t the super spreader event. The tracing determined that the spread far more likely occurred in the bars and restaurants the traveling fans visited.
  12. I don’t think I have heard of one sporting event turning into a superspreader event regardless of how strict or not the COVID policies were.
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