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  1. Has Modestas Kancleris name been brought up yet? 6'8" Lithuanian who played AAU ball before going back to play in Lithuania for BC Zalgiris's youth team? Kid looks like he has some potential. He was the MVP at one of the European Youth Basketball League tournaments last season. Zalgiri is on of the top European clubs and has developed some impressive players like Marciulionis, Sabonis and Ilgauskas.
  2. This article made me laugh. It touches on the fact that the stadium construction cost have almost doubled on Kroenke, how relocation payments are now due and how the Charges are charging cheap fees for PSLs and luxury suites because the Chargers only get to keep 18.75% of that money with the rest going to Kroenke for construction. The Chargers can then charge a higher ticket price for their seats while keeping the overall cost down and the Chargers will keep 100% of the ticket money while only paying $1 rent to use the stadium. https://www.voiceofsandiego.org/topics/sports/nine-things-to-know-about-stan-kroenkes-chargers-predicament/
  3. @prebillikenpost on the men's team had me check the first official NCAA RPI ratings today. The women show up at #44 after beating LaSalle 4-1 yesterday.
  4. I actually always thought the plan Kroenke presented to redo the dome was the better plan. Now the way Kroenke wanted that to be paid for was a joke, but a dome redone to bring it up to the standards of other new domes is much more attractive for St. Louis overall than another outdoor stadium. If the NFL is looking to settle this with the Chargers coming to St. Louis get them to agree to paying cost to redo the dome and get a Super Bowl commitment out of them. Plus, you would get a building that could get into a regular Final Four rotation and maybe even snag the SEC Championship game for a year. Getting a modern dome out of the deal would be bigger for me than the getting the NFL back. A modern dome can get you events that can have a real economic impact on the region. Use a possible settlement as something more than just punishing the NFL, but as a way to help the region.
  5. If there is no public money involved in the deal, I don't care about a guarantee. Plus the last thing Dean Spanos is going to want to do is to relocate his team a third time.
  6. If this is really going on behind the scenes right now, there must be a bunch of NFL owners that are still pissed about how it all went down. There was a group at the time that were really angry about how the Spanos family was dealt with in a process they thought was rigged for Stan. Those owners trying to make things right for Spanos could be using this case as a way to do it.
  7. I would take the Chargers. I don't think it is going to happen, but if it did the NFL would have to be giving Spanos some funding for a stadium or a stadium upgrade to agree to it.
  8. The list is from last season. I would figure the tourney berth would have some impact on it if it was done again. Also, there is no way the recruiting base is only the ninth best in the country. With the talent that the area has been turning out and the smaller number of bigger regional programs competing for that talent, the recruiting base should be much closer to the top of the conference. GW, VCU and Mason all in the top 5 in recruiting base? Come on. They are not only competing with each other for players from the same area, but they are competing with Georgetown, Virginia, Maryland, VA Tech, etc. That competition hurts your recruiting base.
  9. Weber was sixty when Ford got the job. That was when Ace was referring to when he was in danger of getting forced out at K State.
  10. He wouldn't have left SLU in his 60's. Weber lobbied hard for the SLU job twice from what I have been told.
  11. In only four games since being cleared to play Becher ranks third on the team in goals and third in points on the season.
  12. It isn't Laczkowski. He just committed to Penn about an hour ago.
  13. Just saw that reply myself, hilarious.
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