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  1. McBrides is the bar at Craven Cottage they named after Brian McBride.
  2. For those that have been to Craven Cottage, did you go to McBride's?
  3. A lot of people do that from what I hear.
  4. Busch Stadium's field is 30 feet below street level.
  5. Doesn’t even have to be one of those guys. A guy like Vedad or Dzeko would really help lay a foundation for The St. Louis soccer team.
  6. That is another option. The problem with that option is it limits the number of scholarships to offer to the class of 2020
  7. He has one season of eligibility left. Either gets the waiver and plays the full season or he doesn’t and plays after the fall semester. He is then done.
  8. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to give business to a place that won’t let me tip. If I receive really outstanding service I wan’t to be able to reward that, regardless of the hourly rate the server is being paid.
  9. Anderson is a decent enough coach, but I m’m just not sure how he fits as a recruiter in NYC
  10. Many of these tournaments make money by selling vacation packages to fans through the teams participating.
  11. Until we start traveling better to these events, we will always be scrambling to get in the top tier events.
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