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  1. 25% of the country’s population lives in the west. Just like the south an even larger percentage of the under 18 population lives in the west. You are not going to have a P4 without the PAC in some configuration. People are really overestimating the importance of many midwestern and northeastern universities going forward. There are too many schools for an ever decreasing share of the country’s youth population. The schools that figure out a successful way too recruit students and athletes from the south and the west will end up being in good shape. Those that don’t are going to suffer.
  2. I don’t know how attractive KU or Iowa St. actually are to the Big 10. I think the Big Ten would love to add southern schools, but there are really no good options available for them on that front when it comes to institutional match. Unless, they could pry away someone like Duke, UVA, UNC or even one of the Florida schools from the ACC. Miami and FSU aren’t AAU members, but they are ranked higher than current Big Ten members and Nebraska is no longer is an AAU member. The Big Ten already has a school in Iowa and Iowa St. is a Matt Campbell taking a big time job away from becoming irrelevant in football again. KU’s football program is a traditional mess and both of their revenue programs are currently either under FBI investigation or involved in a scandal involving the cover ups of physical assaults and sexual harassment. I actually think UConn makes more sense than KU. If the Big Ten was smart, they would be working ACC members hard right now and be working Fox to make it financially attractive for those ACC members to jump ship. The current Big Ten is a conference that will fall behind the other top conferences due to changing demographics.
  3. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/man-shot-to-death-in-north-st-louis-county/article_4cc62881-97ad-56f4-aa8b-00c24a0d54a3.html
  4. Two things….. Did Lindsay get hurt? If Fears plays like he did earlier today, BBE will win this thing.
  5. Drew actually cared about Cam the human being. That is more than can be said for many of those attacking Drew. You know what is really disrespectful to Cam, turning this in to a racial issue. Old Freddy Ruger doesn’t know the first thing about Cam or his family. Or even Halen for that matter, thinking Halen needs to clout chase.
  6. BBE goes down in OT. I didn't get to watch the game, but the box score makes it appear that Lindsay had a really nice game.
  7. The Big Ten is in trouble. Changing regional demographics of the country have really hurt the Big 10 going forward. The South now has more people than the Midwest and Northeast combined. It is why Notre Dame decided to partner with ACC instead of going with the Big Ten. In the last wave of major conference realignment there where 8 million more people in the Northeast and Midwest combined than the South. Now there are two million more people living in the South than the combined amount living in the Northeast and Midwest. That gap is now growing at an accelerating pace. The numbers are even more glaring when you talk about those 18 and under.
  8. This is actually far more common than the the mid-major player moving up and being the star at the high major program.
  9. That could very well end up happening. If that happens OU will have to decide how important their relationship with Texas actually is to them. Texas isn't going to have the votes needed to get an invite to the SEC. People think ESPN is pushing for both teams to be added, but in this post cord cutting world there is going to be enough money for ESPN to throw at likes of Arkansas, A&M and Missouri to make them overcome their hostility to adding them.
  10. Texas has always bigfooted their conference partners. First it caused Arkansas to leave the SWC and then lead to Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and A&M to leave the Big 12.
  11. I find it hard to believe that adding OU and Texas would increase the SEC's profits by $344 million per year. According to the numbers in your post the SEC has $616 million to distribute among their members currently and that could go to $960 million with OU and Texas. That is a 56% increase. I think Texas hires Enron's former accountants to come up with that number.
  12. It only takes four votes to reject a program from becoming a conference member in the SEC. Texas has at least 3 votes against before the process even starts. A&M, Arkansas and Missouri will all be no’s. The fact the the three programs that have been in business with Texas before will be no votes should be all the information other conference members need to reject Texas.
  13. Part of me wonders if the administration no longer thinks the A10 is the best option both for athletics and for recruiting students overall. The school has to find a way to attract kids from the south going forward. Not only do more kids live in the south than the northeast, more Catholic kids live in the south now than the northeast now. If the American would take us, it makes a lot more sense now than it did in the past. I still think the Big East would be the best option, because the overall exposure the conference gives members, but I don’t think that is happening anytime in short or medium term.
  14. Williams is a priority because he is a Southern Assualt kid, could be a guy you run the offense through and he has a lot of Jordan Goodwin in him.
  15. Going outside of our commits on BBE, I really like Miller's game. Outside of his 3 pt shooting he does everything really well. Great in transition, plays outstanding defense, unselfish and really sees the court well. Watching him shoot, I think his 3 point shooting will develop to a respectable level. On MoKan....... Reed is who we thought he was, Reed is a werewolf. LHJ's shooting is a really bad right now, just awful. Rob Martin just does Rob Martin things that make his team better. Martin's problem is at his height, you really need a skill that jumps out at you and he doesn't have that.
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