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  1. I was referring more to the 100-200 level of recruit. The French, Conklin and Mitchell level recruit. That said, I trust this staff's ability to judge talent. They have proven to be able to find players that weren't properly valued by the recruiting services and their are more of those kids than in a normal year because of what happened to the summer recruiting circuit. I just don't want to see the staff fill a spot with a questionable fit because they feel they have to in the fall. There will be more kids out there this coming spring than ever and the staff with get the chance to evaluate them over whatever kind of high school basketball season we end up having across the country. Plus, I think SLU will be in a stronger position recruiting wise because the will have a better product to sell come after the results of this season.
  2. If it doesn’t work out with Nesbitt, I would be fine holding a couple of scholarships until the the spring if you can’t fill them with really high level players. If there ever was a season for the program to bet on itself and roll the dice in the spring, it is this season. This spring there will be more talent available than usual, we will be coming off a really strong season and you can sell the chance at immediate playing time with the departure of the big three. SLU will be a very attractive option to both high school seniors that didn’t sign early and top level transfers. I am willing to bet on the team’s performance this season and the staff’s ability to sell what the program will offer incoming recruits in the spring.
  3. Just my MBM opinion, it is a good thing for SLU that both the Illini and Memphis think they are landing Nesbitt. I would be much more concerned if all the talk switched to him committing to just one program.
  4. I don’t know how much of a role the coach at St. Louis Christian is playing in Nesbitt’s decision, but it wouldn’t shock me if the coach was was pushing the Illini or any other power 5 program over SLU and Memphis. Coaches at those type of programs sell their programs to players by placing players at the highest profile programs possible.
  5. Jerry Meyer switched on the morning of Goodwin’s announcement from the Illini to SLU.
  6. Didn’t Piper and Snow have Goodwin going to the Illini? Personally, Memphis still scares me more in this recruitment.
  7. Kern has a countdown on Instagram. That is why people are assuming he will announce when the countdown ends.
  8. Honestly, we will be better than more than half that list.
  9. A different house in the Disney family of companies is running the decision making process on this. Iger himself was the guy who was calling the shots for ESPN/Disney on the NBA resumption. Josh D’Amora probably has more control in setting this up than Jimmy Pitaro.
  10. Mizzou is a strong contender for the same reason we would be a top contender if Burden went the basketball route. They are a real contender in this from what I understand. Being close to family got Mizzou in this position now their staff will have to close.
  11. Networks aren’t going to let schools and conferences out of deals they have already signed.
  12. This is a project that you @slufanskip should handle personally.
  13. I am not saying you two had anything to do with the NCAA laying off their staff at this time, but.....
  14. Just wait until he commits to SLU. Then it will be that Nesbitt was a lock for the Illini until SLU cheated. They are going to be demanding that the NCAA look into what exactly @Box and Won and @slufanskip are up to. So everyone keep your mouth shut . Snitches get stitches.
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