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  1. We played five games against top 25 in the regular season in 12-13
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2017-12-06/college-basketball-pair-division-ii-standouts-find-homes-big%3famp
  3. No any player transferring from D2 to D1 has to sit out a year except for grad transfers.
  4. If Gary Payton II is managing to collect some NBA paychecks, Goodwin has a chance.
  5. Not nearly as often. Interestingly, Goodwin (from a further distance) has the same 3pt% as Bess had last season.
  6. Who had the much better effective FG%, Bess last season or Goodwin this season?
  7. Blackshear is the obvious answer but I’m thinking more of the Jason Carter, Jayce Johnson and Alihan Demir level player.
  8. I definitely agree with you on this. i think this year we really have a good shot at one of the top big men grad transfers. In the past I have always down played our chances of landing one of these players because the really good ones become the equivalent of a 4+ star recruit with their choice of landing spot. I just think for the first time we can offer one of these guys a combination of minutes and a real shot at a deep tournament run.
  9. Don’t quote me, boy, i ain’t said s.....
  10. Woke up quick, at about noon. Just thought I had to be in Compton soon. I gotta get drunk before the day begins.
  11. I thought I saw Mario McKinney take a seat in 103 after the game started, but not sure.
  12. I think the two best teams we played this year are Dayton and Seton Hall.
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