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  1. Porter is 12-11 against the 3rd hardest schedule in the country. Their record looks far worse than it actually is because they have gone 3-7 against Pomeroy's top 25 teams.
  2. One really interesting thing to me near the end of the VCU after the flagrant was Mike Rhodes seemingly laughing at and mocking Ford. I appears Ford's act has worn thin on both A10 officials and Ford's peers in the conference.
  3. The last mention I can find about a Travis extension publicly being reported was a tweet from Stu at the end of last season saying he was extended in 2019. If nothing has changed since then, you would think he would probably have another year left probably some what above what we know he was paid according to SLU's last published 990 of the 20-21 season total compensation of $2,371,856. So if there wasn't another extension since that one, they would probably owe him +/-$2.5 million.
  4. Jesse Marsch is looking for work.
  5. If Ford got the rumored contract extension it was a May decision.
  6. What are the next five years going to be with a new coach? Hell, I am more worried about what the next five years will be like with Ford as coach. Recruiting has dropped already as we can’t sell building a program anymore as we will be in year eight of the building process and we move further away from that one miraculous Brooklyn run. What can SLU sell on the recruiting trail with Ford right now?
  7. If Ford actually got an extension prior to this season that has SLU on the hook for $7.5 million, May should be fired. That would have been a completely unnecessary and irresponsible extension at the time. It doesn’t matter where you sit when it comes to Ford’s future, that action would make zero sense given the results of the last six seasons. Ford wasn’t going to be poached by a program paying him more.
  8. Taylor’s shot is the video playing when you open the ESPN app
  9. This. it has been by far the hardest year for me to be a fan. It is the first time I don’t look forward to game day.
  10. But he would never get past the first round of the city-county playoffs.
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