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  1. The AP doesn't do a post season basketball poll. Mason finished the season ranked 8th in the coaches poll that season. They, also, were ranked 25th in the coaches poll for one week that season.
  2. If I remember correctly Tate and Kelly Thames were roommates in college.
  3. LHJ is in a sort of hard to judge place right now. He has grown I think 6+ inches in 2 years. Sometimes it takes time to adjust.
  4. He goes by Chevy, too. Karate, Chevy and Chevalier. the kid is basically a one man all name team. He decommited from the Illini when Lovie was fired. He would have at least been a really solid mid major recruit if he would have decided to focus on basketball. A really good athlete, good size and could have developed as a much better shooter from the perimeter than he is.
  5. It was either go to Memphis or finish the high school season living in a cheap hotel room until early March while STLCA competes in The Grind Session bubble in Phoenix.
  6. Smart move on Nesbitt's part. It makes complete sense to enroll early and play this season.
  7. I think we all can learn things from the people who were successful in the past. On this day that we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, let us look back on The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Prior to Dr. King’s historic speech Camilla Williams opened the program with a beautiful performance of The Star-Spangled Banner. Nobody protested during the anthem that day.
  8. I don’t know why anyone gives a shite about the politics of anyone else on the board. When I have high fived other season ticket holders in my section, I didn’t ask them to show me a picture of their ballot first. They are Billiken fans and that is good enough for me.
  9. Luke Kasubke made his debut tonight. He had 1 rebound.
  10. People on both sides need to get beyond thinking people are bad just because of their politics. It has never in my life been this bad when judging people on just how they vote. Sure there are bad people on both sides, but the good people on both sides of the political divide far outweigh the bad.
  11. I don’t think the problem was that Brad waited too long to pull the trigger with Ahearn and Harrellson, but that he never bothered offering them at all.
  12. That assumption assumes that other teams don't have to shut down after we start playing again.
  13. Injuries are my main thought. I think there could be a temptation since they had to shutdown for two weeks to extend that out some to let everyone get to as close to 100% as possible before you start playing again.
  14. I am starting to wonder if there is another issue that might be causing the program not to want to get back on the court as soon as possible.
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