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  1. I don’t think you can consider Gonzaga an underrated job at this point
  2. Pomeroy added weight to a team’s ranking based on conference affiliation and recruiting results
  3. I think this would be a charity exhibition game. The official season doesn’t start until November 5.
  4. And they acted like Gregory was a god way past his expiration date
  5. With X seemingly out of this because of a lack of scholarships, I think we are really in this now. I think he ends up at a Catholic school.
  6. The declining birth rate is almost all on the millennials. The dramatic decline started following the 2008 recession and has accelerated. But any impact from that is still just over a decade away and will still lead to more kids graduating high school just because The Millennial generation is 50% larger than Gen X. Even with them having less babies individually, there are a lot more of them to have babies collectively.
  7. There are less kids graduating high school because there are less kids to go to high school. The kids of Gen X are now the ones enrolling in college. Gen X is by far the smallest post WWII generation It is 33% percent smaller than both the Boomers and Millenials. So there were just far fewer potential parents to produce kids for this current group. A similar downturn happened beginning in early 80's through the mid to late 90's in the number of high school grads as that was when Gen X graduated. It didn't have the same impact on college enrollments because women and minorities in Gen X were far more likely to go to college than previous generations. That resulted in increased enrollment at college and universities. It isn't the result of the demographic make-up of the generation that produced the kids now enrolling in college or a declining birthrate. It is just that the generation that gave birth to this current group was much smaller.
  8. And St Louis 1764 would have nothing to do with the year the team was founded.
  9. I would call the team St Louis 1764 or just 1764. You asked for teams that used years in their name. You got two examples from this country and two from overseas.
  10. You don’t even have to go to Europe. You have the 76’ers and the 49’ers in the US.
  11. I don't care how Europe does it. St. Louis 1764 sounds better than St Louis 20 anything. St Louis and especially STL 20xx sounds too much like all the failed masters plans that sucked up tax dollars over the past 3 plus decades. Plus, just stay away from STL anything. Use St. Louis in everything marketing the team.
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