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  1. If Dayton, Valpo, Drake and Davidson can operate a Pioneer Conference football team, so can SLU.
  2. Loyola averaged 3,267 last season. The season before their Final Four they averaged 1,861. Percentage wise that is a significant increase.
  3. https://meninblazers.com/2022/09/28/rog-on-the-usmnt-are-the-usmnt-quiet-quitting/
  4. He did his JUCO year at SWIC. He was Brad's big miss at SWIC before Stemler.
  5. He was a really good college player.
  6. There is a very sizable African American middle and upper class population in this metro area that none of the professional teams or the Billikens have been able to tap successfully. The NBA wouldn’t have that problem, plus the NBA would automatically be the most attractive option for national corporate dollars in this town. A NBA team would make money in St. Louis. The problem is there are markets with with either less competition, larger population bases and/or more corporate dollars where owners think they could make more money.
  7. Plus, we are in a group with England and Wales. It would make sense to have a guy that is very familiar with defending against the players on those two rosters.
  8. I can't believe I am typing this because he will be 35 in a couple of weeks, but Tim Ream needs to be on the roster. Not only that, he should be starting for the team with the way he has preformed this season in the EPL.
  9. Iger doesn't have a high enough net worth to buy out Sarver's 35% stake in the Suns. We are talking about forking over $800 million on the extremely low end.
  10. Last season between his G League salary, Exhibit 10 bonus and his 10 day NBA contract Goodwin made around $138,000.
  11. Players and staff read the board. Many of them would never admit, but it is basic human nature to want to know what others are saying about you.
  12. He was great in The Karate Kid remake.
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