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  1. The ability to generate NCAA tournament units are really important to the members of the Big East. The TV deal with Fox brought in around $50 million last season and NCAA tournament units earned in the 2023 tournament will bring in $30 million.
  2. I'm not saying it matters to the Big East. It doesn't matter as much to the Big East schools because without football teams to drive massive media rights, the NCAA tournament credits are a far larger percentage of the income generated in the Big East than in the P5. If they think you can generate NCAA tournament credits, your chances of getting in become much higher. I think market size still matters to the media rights partners when it comes to what they offer. All that said, I don't think the Big East adds anyone right away if UConn leaves. They wait and see what their their options are are when they are negotiating their next contract.
  3. I think it still matters. It appears from the shake out in Bally's bankruptcy that traditional over the air TV is going to be a big part of TV sports deals again going forward. That means TV market size is important. Also, for the streamers the TV markets represent the size of a potential customer base the product can attract.
  4. I have always thought that Richmond was a strong sleeper candidate for a Big East invite and far more likely than VCU for institutional reasons.
  5. Big East will have to find some way to keep Fox happy or they will be looking at reduced payouts for each team next season. Do any A10 schools/markets have enough going for them to help keep Fox happy?
  6. If this happens, we should know if we are getting an invite quickly. If UConn goes to the Big 12, the word is they will start playing in the Big 12 in all sports except football starting this fall. Football probably has to wait a year for scheduling reasons. UConn's deal with the Big East only requires an exit fee and has no notice provision. They pay the exit fee and they are gone from the Big East.
  7. Ryan is involved. https://twitter.com/BillikenVFund/status/1655633050548461573?s=20
  8. On May 8 the BVF tweeted that their #1 goal was to provide financial support to graduates who had completed their obligation to SLU. On May 18 the BVF tweeted they were proud to support Yuri, Perk, Thatch and Pickett for keeping the promises that they made to SLU.
  9. Actually, it is exactly what the tweet says.
  10. BVF is too busy paying players that graduated out of the program like Yuri, Perk and Thatch. The BVF has clearly stated paying those guys and not attracting or retaining players is the BVF's number one priority. Seems strange for your top priority to be paying players that no longer will play for the program, but what do I know.
  11. It is easy to want to write him off as someone who wouldn't have helped, but the staff made Noland their top target early in the transfer period. Ford and company thought Noland could be a difference maker. They could very well be wrong, but that then brings up a different issue.
  12. It isn’t just Noland. It is the pattern of how things have gone.
  13. And I don’t want to hear about the great job May has done with the other sports. None of that will matter if the whole athletic department can no longer compete in the NCAA’s top division because the basketball program isn’t attractive enough for a conference that doesn’t get left behind.
  14. Good thing May kept on giving raises and contract extensions to are “great recruiting” head basketball coach. Athletic department malpractice from the May.
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