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  1. Utah State is a much better basketball team than Wyoming. On a neutral court they would smoke us with a healthy Parker playing. It will take a heck of an effort and some luck for the Billikens to pull out this one.
  2. We beat Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Louisville 5 times, Cincinnati 3 times and Marquette 5 times with Heinrich at center. We beat 4 top 25 teams with Heinrich at center including the #4 ranked team and the #1 ranked team in the country. Good times.
  3. I don't know exactly what you guys expect to see out SVB at this point. He got 3 minutes in the Southern Indiana game where he grabbed 2 rebounds and missed a shot. He got 1 minute in the WSU game missed a shot. Lincoln was the only game he got an extended run in. In that game he got 22 minutes, went 1-2 from the floor, grabbed 9 boards and blocked 3 shots. It was against a bad team, but I don't know that anyone should have expected anything more at this point. Hell, he is second on the team in blocked shots only playing 26 minutes. If he was a day one ready to play big man coming out Europe, he wouldn't have ended up at SLU. He would be in the Big 10, Pac, ACC or at Gonzaga.
  4. Good thing you didn't get to make the call Ian Vouyoukas after seeing him play in his first 3 games. Ian looked worse than SVB has. Ian's Billiken career would have been over. Does that mean SVB is going to be a player? No, but we as fans haven't scene close to enough of him yet to make that call on a foreign big man.
  5. I think Bruce has a much higher ceiling than Heinrich. Heinrich was a better defensive player than Bruce is right now, but Heinrich never had the natural offensive ability that Bruce has displayed. Bruce is a better athlete than Heinrich. That isn't meant as a shot at Heinrich. Heinrich was a serviceable center on two NCAA tournament teams while playing in a much better conference loaded with high quality big men. He would have been an even better if he ever got himself into better shape while he was here and if he could have learned how to stay out of foul trouble. He ended up playing for over a decade in Europe.
  6. Young players aren't going to get better with 54% of the available minutes are going to 5th year guys.
  7. Is it that they are not buying into the concept or is it the BVF is hostile to the concept. What I took away from the interview was the BVF didn't want to dive into NIL driven by a collective like other programs have. The one line about Mizzou can do their thing and take advantage of MO's state law, but the BVF and SLU weren't interested in that really rubbed me the wrong way. Plus, it has now been another whole month without a post from the BVF. It is the ultimate tell me and everyone else you don't want my money without telling me that.
  8. Dennis Gates has won as many NCAA Tournament games as Travis Ford.
  9. They are giving it their all. The effort is amazing.
  10. Heard during the broadcast……. Team needs to run Why don’t they run plays for Jimerson
  11. These announcers have been reading the board.
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