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  1. This is more about political retribution than progressivism.
  2. I heard there were questions if he would qualify out of High school and that is what caused many programs to back off. Supposedly his transcript was a mess, but he ended qualifying and he left the Bears in good academic standing. I think the JUCO kids are really get lost in the flood of transfers.
  3. I am slightly surprised that to this point from what I can gather we have shown no interest in either Malevy Leons or Tyem Freeman. Freeman is now completely recovered from his ACL injury and he is again the highlight machine he was before the injury. Freeman sat out a half a year at MO St. with his ACL injury before transferring to Indian Hills. He would come in as a sophomore eligibility wise.
  4. I think Dusty Dvoracek brought up a good point concerning this specific thing on ESPNU Radio this morning. If you are a for star kid where do you have a better chance of establishing a brand quicker and making more NIL money, signing to play football at Oklahoma or at K State? Since you are most likely not going to start for at least a couple seasons at OU and when you do start at OU you are probably not going to be one of the ten biggest stars on the team, the answer is K State. When kids start looking at it that way, it changes the whole equation. I think many players at SLU will
  5. I think there is some money to be made on the business side. How much would it be worth for a bar near Chaifetz to lock up Perkins to do meet and greets after home games? Stuff like that is why I think the money for most of these guys will be appearance fees at least at first. There will be even more money to be made for businesses as these kids learn how to better brand themselves. I really think basketball only schools really have an advantage for basketball by not having to compete with football for booster dollars. The first instinct for most P5 schools is going to be to try t
  6. Not really competing with Mizzou, the Illini or the Chiefs when it comes to personal appearance cash. That is where I think much of the money will be for most college players, especially those over 21. Being in a major metro area can offer SLU a big advantage when it comes to this.
  7. Did SLU hire Opendorse? If that is the case, that's good. That said, I really like what the Dukes did here. I think it makes sense that you have someone to work with branding for your athletes, that isn't in the business of making a percentage of the money the athlete makes like Opendorse.
  8. The new rules are for following the coming season. As @kshoe stated, everyone gets a free transfer this year.
  9. He will and he will get after it defensively.
  10. I like his game and I think the Crawford comparison is pretty good. Not sure if SLU will get in the mix on him, but I definitely think he is a guy that can play at this level with the right fit. The UAB offer makes sense because he is an Andy Kennedy type of player on both ends.
  11. Looks like we are interested in Treyvon Lewis 6'4 wing Ferndale High School in Michigan.
  12. I don't believe we have recruited him, but the U High's Nick Kramer got an offer from UAB on Monday.
  13. The hockey team has had a history of having some pretty good stuff over the years.
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