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  1. brianstl

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    I think people forget how good Wallace really was because of the stupid stuff he did. Give me these five pg-Bobby Hurley sg-Jordan sf-Worthy pf-Wallace c-Laettner
  2. brianstl

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    The home and away split is amazing.
  3. brianstl

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Since the first season with Spoonhour as a coach, the best we have shot from the line is 72.7%. That was in Spoon's first season. The 23 win CBI finals team in Majerus's third season wasn't much better from the line than the current team at 61.9%.
  4. brianstl

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Shooting 75% as a team from the line would rank 41st in the country. 69% is the average for all teams over the last 60 years. 70.4% would put you right in the middle of the pack this season.
  5. Hell, they could do it through Periscope and Facebook Live. You could do it from the locker room in Chaifetz and even have players take part once in a while. That kind of stuff has a much greater reach than the current set up with 101 and potential greater influence with recruits.
  6. They don't listen to call in shows while other games are on TV. That is why, outside of KMOX (who can talk the Cardinals all the time to an audience across the midwest), sports stations don't schedule regular local shows in those time slots. They either go with national feeds or broker the time.
  7. Casual fans don't listen to a college sport coach's show on the radio. If you are trying to use it to market to them, you are wasting your time.
  8. brianstl

    The NIT

    Depending on the health of the roster, I think there is a chance we would turn down an NIT bid. If we have 7 players that can go you for sure, you take the bid if we could rally enough to get one.
  9. Well, we may have wrote off the Blues too early.
  10. brianstl

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Grandma had a good low post game back in the day.
  11. brianstl

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Roland Gray looked ready to suit up the other night, but I think he has bad knees. Gray is exactly the kind of player this team desperately needs.
  12. brianstl

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Um one more year would be four years and two would be five. I can't understand why people would have an issue with expecting Ford to have a better team after 4 years than the one that got Brad fired. Hell, I am not even demanding a NIT bid, much less a NCAA bid. Give me a top 100 team similar to what Majerus had in his third season.
  13. brianstl

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Nobody, except maybe one person is saying get rid of Travis now. Saying he has one or two more years to turn it around isn't giving him a short leash. Ford will start next season with a roster built with three straight recruiting classes ranked either first or second in the conference. It will be time to start seeing some better results from the team. At a minimum we need to finish in the top 100 of Pomeroy's rankings next season.
  14. brianstl

    The Bills over GW by 8

    Bonner looked like he was in game shape a couple weeks back.