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  1. Since it specifically addressed the the spring and summer only it is pretty clear it expires at the end of the summer semester. Second, it was issued so that students didn’t get in visa trouble for their schools following government directives. Schools even had to notify ICE within 10 days with the justification for changes in instruction. This was so schools could follow the directives from governments. It was never intended to signal to schools that they could on their own decide to become an online institution and for the the rules regarding student visas not to apply to their students.
  2. That is not what ICE did in March. ICE in March said schools complying with state and local health directives would not impact the status of students on a visa.
  3. But the students are no longer following the terms of their visa. The law says the must attend classes in person. ICE's job is to enforce the law. Congress's job is to change the law. If ICE decides to not enforce the law on theses students they put themselves in a position where they could be challenged in court for selectively enforcing the law on a discriminating basis. Granting visas and enforcing the law only for students at universities ICE approves of. It is Congress's job to write the law that determines what kind of student at what kind of school qualifies for a visa. That isn't ICE's job. ICE's job is to enforce the law as written by Congress.
  4. It is only now becoming an issue because colleges are just now asking for exceptions to be made for students for online classes. Before this enrollment in online classes was never acceptable for the granting of a student visa. ICE hasn't changed anything in the way they enforce this rules. Colleges and Universities are the ones who have decided to change how they operate without seeking a change in the law from Congress to allow all their students to stay in the country. If Congress doesn't write a law with specific exemptions to deal with those impacted by this crisis and ICE would start granting visas for online classes, there will be a massive rush of people using the loophole created to get a visa.
  5. I agree that should be done, but ICE can't do that. They don't write the law. That is the job of Congress. ICE is just responsible for enforcing the law as written.
  6. I think you hit on a major motivating factor for this. I, also, think this is being done so online universities do not become a way of getting people a student visa. If ICE was to determine that online classes at Harvard were satisfactory for the issuing of a student visa, they would have a hard time arguing in court that they are justified in denying student visas to foreigners who enroll for online classes at the University of Phoenix or Liberty University.
  7. That isn't the case. They are talking about sending people back that are already here because the reason they are here is no longer applicable. This isn't about stopping people from a foreign country entering the US.
  8. Just so sad and really makes me think about my own mortality.
  9. This will be an interesting hire. Do they go for a Chicago connected guy or more of East Coast guy. SIU would have a couple intriguing Chicago options in Brendan Mullins and Jevon Mamon.
  10. Not a big fan of Walker's. There is a reason he was demoted by Underwood before he left for GCU.
  11. Yarbrough preferred to live helter skelter.
  12. Easy Ed’s number 50 is the only retired number at SLU and I think that only happened about 20 years ago. The jerseys of Bonner, Ferry, and Bousshka are retired. Anyone can still get assigned their number.
  13. Easy Ed’s number 50 is the only retired number at SLU and I think that only happened about 20 years ago. The jerseys of Bonner, Ferry, and Bousshka are retired. Anyone can still get assigned their number.
  14. Stanley Burrell needed to get pounded for that BS. I am sad to say I was so pissed that it took everything I had in me not to run down the few rows and take a swing at him. I have been more crushed, but never more angry at a sporting event.
  15. So much for that top 5 recruiting class they had coming in.
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