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  1. The love of Shaq and the lack of playing time for Gio is confounding.
  2. I don’t need to be a doctor to tell you it really hurts.
  3. But they were great right after the played us and ran off a 13 game winning streak?
  4. Last year’s team won at Boise St. Boise St finished the season ranked 23 in the AP poll.
  5. Why are Nicastro's and Peyton Kennedy's minutes so limited? I can sort of understand easing the freshman Nicastro into the rotation, but Kennedy is a Jr. who is your team's second most efficient scorer behind Flowers, second in 3pt%, second on the team in offensive rebounds and first in total rebounds per minute played. Plus, she isn't a turnover machine like most of the rest of the roster has been this season. Looking at the numbers, you need to find her more than 13 minutes per game.
  6. Another nice Ream article was tweeted out by Jim Kavanaugh. https://www.espn.com/soccer/united-states-usa/story/4814912/grandpa-of-the-usream-has-become-indispensable-in-qatar
  7. This game pi$$es me off because the better team lost today. I have a hard time being super excited about the Providence win because we were clearly more talented than the Friars. I get tired of players getting thrown under the bus when it is the same problem of blowing late leads in games like this every season despite who the players are. The team can’t ever close out a game like this. There is always an excuse blaming injuries or a situation or players not getting it done. All that said, I don’t think Ford should be even on the hot seat. This team is still going to have a good season and I believe make the dance. I just need to learn to adjust my expectations and accept that the program is what it is. I need to keep my hopes in check.
  8. Well at least he didn’t outright blame Yuri like he did after last year’s Auburn game.
  9. He is getting blame because closing out tight games has been a consistent issue for multiple seasons featuring different different players.
  10. How a group of young men consistently react in high pressure, high stakes situations is almost always a direct reflection of the leader.
  11. Bruce Pearl has won big at the D2 level, low major level and high major level. He didn’t get out coached today.
  12. This team has been a reflection of their coach in high pressure situations for the last two years
  13. It wasn’t just Jimerson, we had multiple players miss open looks from 3 down the stretch.
  14. Until we prove we can perform under pressure, we won’t dominate anything.
  15. Why does God feel the need to punish me like this.
  16. We are losing this game at the line. Beating them in everything else.
  17. Somehow we have the chance to grab the lead
  18. Now isn’t the time to work on his shot
  19. We haven’t played great and have the lead
  20. It does. Plus this is a situation that SLU and the A10 have no say in. Being an Auburn home game, the media rights belong to the SEC conference.
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