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  1. In back to back games, Saturday nights are alright for fighting. Well, at least according to the NHL and Elton John years ago.
  2. You have a formula of two mandates, a variant surge, Fordham, snow, a relatively expensive event for a family and a team that has lost their marquee games at home…….. You get the attendance you had yesterday.
  3. Speaking of DC, there were maybe 500 people at the Georgetown game a few days ago.
  4. Just going off what @ARonposted in this thread earlier that Ford said it wasn’t basketball or COVID related.
  5. Ford said it isn’t COVID related.
  6. Started out ugly, but a goaltending call righted the ship.
  7. Well, Okoro has the double double now.
  8. Okoro flirting with a double/double all of a sudden.
  9. Well something is clicking for Okoro right now
  10. Ohams might have figured out Traore now.
  11. Oham is 3-10, both Traore and Okoro have played well against him.
  12. They are holding them to 26% shooting
  13. I have seen enough of Traore for the day
  14. As bad as the offense was much of the first half, our defense has been really good most of the game.
  15. That was a really nice pass from Yuri on tj’s dunk
  16. We are going to win this by 20+. Fordham had their chance to keep the game interesting and blew it.
  17. A goaltending call is going to be the turning point
  18. Oham has four points, let’s not overreact at this point
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