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  1. I’m vaxxed, but it is all health theater.
  2. Roy is the one with the white painted face wearing the black and grey boa.
  3. The only pressure the BE could get for expansion would be needing to add inventory available to a media partner.
  4. I definitely don't expect Thatch to score less than he did last season.
  5. McClade has been too busy trying to figure out how to get ODU in the conference for years now to have any interest in adding programs like Memphis, Wichita and Loyola.
  6. I could see the MWC looking to add 3 teams to get to 14 for football. The best case scenario for us would be to see two or all three out Temple, USF and Memphis joining as football only members. Then you have programs like Memphis, Temple, USF and Wichita St needing a place to park the rest of or their whole athletic department. Those programs, select A10 programs, Loyola and maybe even Belmont could form a nice little conference.
  7. Ream has started every game for Fulham and played every minute in 4 out of their 5 games in the Championship so far this season. Supposedly, Ream is 100% healthy for the first time in almost two years.
  8. Relph works with almost all of our targets in Texas.
  9. Non Conference schedule is out. https://slubillikens.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule
  10. That's all they really want Some fun
  11. Wanted to wait until I had enough time to listen to it in one sitting. Great show Pete and Zach. I guess we need to add Marlon Wayans with John Stamos to the Billiken super fan list.
  12. He was 21 in high school and couldn’t dominate. Okoro at 18 was one of the most dominate bigs in the country at the high school level. Okoro at 22 is working on developing upon a base of talent and skills that is light years ahead of Traore. Sure, Traore can still develop. That said, any expectation that he will develop beyond a role player level are most likely misplaced.
  13. These practice jerseys are
  14. I will be really happy if he develops into a serviceable backup/role playing big. You need those types of players. I don’t think we really should expect much more development than that from a “kid” that is already 21.
  15. Doctor B and I went at it a few times on this board. He was obviously a big fan who was an accomplished, smart and interesting individual. May Doctor B rest in peace while enjoying a great conversation or two with Mark Twain in the great beyond.
  16. I think this was missed earlier. Kyle Engstler has committed as a walk-on for this season. A 6'5 SF from Downers Grove North. A belated welcome to Kyle.
  17. I would think we have to be close to making an offer on Lowery.
  18. Goodwin is going to be part of the 20 man preseason roster for the Wizards. I don't think that is in doubt. How he preforms in training camp and in the action he sees in their exhibition games is really the only thing that matters at this point. I don't think their is any chance Goodwin makes the 15 man roster to start the season. The hope is that he impresses enough to have his Exhibit 10 contract converted to a two-way contract. Worse case he gets his 60 days on the Go-Go's roster, collects his $50,000 bonus and then decides if he wants to stick it out for the season in G League hoping to make the roster or if he wants to buy himself out of the deal so he can make more money in Europe.
  19. It isn’t great for the conference, but I understand it from the La Salle side. They have had one winning season in the last decade. This schedule gives them a chance to change that narrative and then try to build off that.
  20. I haven’t dug into the numbers, but on the surface level it seems a much higher percentage than normal of these kids are ending up at JUCO’s.
  21. I don't have an issue with it. Walk-ons not having to take out student loans to cover tuition is not one of the bad things that could come from this. You aren't going to buy a title through walk-ons not paying tuition.
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