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  1. She ran when Trump had a big coat tail. I was amazed she won.
  2. I believe he is referring to non president races. Mcaskil did not lose by 19%. Blount did not win by 19% nor did Greitens normally statewide races are more lie the 6-7% he is talking about.
  3. The issue is not rural voters but the political leaders in those rural areas. They really only seethe two metro areas as a cash register for them.
  4. I can assure you the decision to short the MSL project didn’t happen without Parsons knowledge. He was receiving pressure from out state especially from Springfield that the out state areas are not getting their fair share. The problem is new business development tends to want to be in major metro areas for lots of reasons such as trained educated pool of people to hire, need to be by a major airport and sources of investors to name just a few.
  5. This could be moving forward simply for the NGA. Not sure where the MLS group is on coming up with the shortfall from the State.
  6. I really don't think you can sue if you have an accident going to or from work/school. It would be a stretch to say the school or work would be responsible. If you believe the situation is not safe then you should not go. Personal choice. Now what would be wrong is if you were say if you don't come you will fail the class or be fired. The reason you call off is because the situation is so dangerous that common sense would tell you to do so. As you can see, weather prediction is not an exact science so to speak. As of now, nothing but rain and the forecast kept pushing it back. Now as far as you having a good time because of the call off - good for you!
  7. Wasn't that the reason they gave the tix out on Thursday so the school would know how many they could sell?
  8. I spent years having to be the one who called off school and honestly I was dumbfounded when I saw this. If you are going to cancel schools with this then you might as well go to school during the summer and take a winter break.
  9. The weather is fluid but from what they are saying now the temp will not get any colder than now and the freezing rain is not suppose to start until about 1 with the temp up to 32 by 3. The temp continues to rise from there through the night. I would think if people would just leave early and be patient driving should be doable.
  10. Did I hear them say on the broadcast that Francis had surgery today?
  11. He was not coaching but he was actually practicing with the team. I understand that you said we were short handed but what I was trying to point out was that Bonner only got involved because we were shorthanded. We are not short handed now so the situation is completely different. I am sure Bonner could help Bell once the season is over and if he wanted to just show up at the gym sometime then imagine that could happen.
  12. If I remember correctly, the only reason he helped out was that we were short players and that is not the situation this year.
  13. I think someone said earlier that once we started the run Ford hated to stop the flow so if that was the reason I absolutely agree with Ford.
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