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  1. Fair point - Schmidt's resume has been more consistent than Ford in the A10. Now who knows what the future holds.
  2. Don't you think she had lots of holes to fill and all this is her filling holes. Give her a couple years and we will see if she has a viable plan.
  3. NIL and Champions Center are not mutually exclusive
  4. Well, he could not be on a schollie - haven't we used up all our schollies for this year? and I am not sure how just practicing works unless you on the team - maybe he becomes a walk on?
  5. The transferring has been changed but not the years of eligibility so yes it does matter.
  6. If he does and plays then he will lose a semester of eligibility.
  7. Umass beat CO and Murray State beat TAM
  8. Fair point but why would you only release sold tix when you are trying to hype your program. If you show how many walked in the door for whatever reason that makes you look better?
  9. In the non conference period we have to root for all A10 teams to win. It makes the league's RPI better which is better for all the teams. The Bonnies lost was not good.
  10. Perkins was not able to play D last night and his O was weird for him. Perhaps his injury is still an issue and may be for sometime.
  11. He was one assist shy of a double double - I would say that is more than just ok
  12. If he wants to transfer or decides he wants to transfer at some point that is not a bad thing for anybody involved. It is not a lost year for him, he gets college academic credit and still maintains all his eligibility whether he stays or leaves. We have seen this play before and it has usually does not end with the player getting what they want without leaving. The player that chooses to redshirt usually figures out that he is not in a good place for him. Ford as would all coaches will continue to recruit over a player. My comment was not meant to be an attack on the player but just an observation.
  13. He has one thing that can't be taught - 7ft 1" He looks smooth in the twitter video but all highlight clips do. To sign another Big with experience will be a lot of players tied up in one position. Maybe they figure Vice will be a 4.
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