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  1. Why - if you are not a football school then whether there is a football season or not doesn't matter. What am I missing?
  2. I never questioned the study - all I said that you have do enough testing of the product to see that it won't do any harm.
  3. If this quine drug works then great but we have to understand that you do not start using a drug for another purpose without testing and making sure that you will not do more harm. There have been plenty of examples where drug companies have tried to re purpose drugs for a new use and it has backfired. The problem when Trump brought this up he was advocating using it without proper testing - in other words immediately. . To do so is not prudent and just because someone picks the 100-1 odd horse to win and it does does not make him an expert bettor.
  4. Clearly because we don't need such drastic measures. We can control the flu with encouraging people to get the vaccine, telling people to stay home when they are sick and closing places if necessary. I assumed you could figure that out from what I originally posted. Now apparently Covid 19 takes more drastic measures.
  5. Roy, we do do things every year to lessen the flu virus. We encourage people to get the vaccine, we tell them to stay home if they are sick, and we close businesses and schools if the people in them have a high number of sickness - usually when the numbers start to exceed 20% people in charge start contemplating when to shut down. Schools for instance usually close on a Thursday or a Friday so they can take advantage of the weekend to keep people away from each other. As far as the economy goes, some can not put a dollar value on a life but apparently you can. Now I have answered your question but I doubt you will be satisfied. Roy be safe.
  6. So apparently the Liberty University action of reopening school just backfired. 12 students now tested positive and most of the others are fleeing. I forget who said that this would be a test case - he was right.
  7. Sorry but I really am not up on Phil Russell - I googled him and so now I know he is a Vashon point guard who is 5'10" 165lbs. So, can he shoot? how does he compare with Yuri? and why is he still unsigned at this late date if he is good? Thanks for the info in advance. Nevermind - I got the info from another thread - sorry.
  8. It will be hard to raise prices for season tix holders when the school is doing things like $5 tix nights and other reduced tix price. We all pay about $25 per game (est) now minus any seat license fees. May can not charge more per game until he is selling all tix at the original asking price.
  9. Here is the problem with your position. First, 24K deaths for any reason is not something we should be proud of. Second, we have vaccines for the flu that pretty much protects all of us to varying degrees but we do not have anything like that for this issue. Third, people who get the flu recover at a very high rate something like 99.9% and we have a very high % of the population who get it or some form of it. Finally, comparing this matter to the flu is just plain inaccurate. I really do not expect those who think as you do to understand but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Be safe Roy.
  10. Having a discussion with you about what Trump puts out as nonsense would be nonsense in its own rights.
  11. I have talked with my daughter about this issue - she manages large pension funds so she has some credibility - she agrees with me that while some restaurants and bars will probably close and not reopen they will be replaced with others - people when this is over will not stop going out to eat. Granted it will take a bit longer to back fill but it will happen and perhaps faster than you think. I just disagree with your repeating of Trump's non factual statements and lets just leave it at that.
  12. They are two different players. My point simply was that defensive regardless of the position will not be enough to make it to the NBA. For a guard, Bess was a very strong rebounder and he was strong also.
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