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  1. Whitesell was the Associate Head Coach - for the interim period he was the natural one to be selected. After the year you then could reset with whoever you wanted. Naming Crews interim never seemed logical to me. Then basically handing him the job was also something that never made sense. The entire situation smells of Biondi - I have no direct knowledge - looking for a cheap way to go as usual. Coach of the Year awards are very often worthless measurements - once again it never made sense to me. You use such a thing to justify your decision that was not all that popular. Coaches of the Year getting fired a year or two later is common so I have never put much stock in such non objective awards.
  2. That is what I believe happened also - the question still is who decided to make Crews the Interim? I get the permanent hiring was May but where this all started to go wrong was that Crews the Interim and that gave him the chance to get permanently hired.
  3. I know it is accepted that RM recommended Crews to take over - is this really true or just an urban legend. When RM hired him Crews refused to recruit so all he had to do was go see the local players - no travel or lead recruiter responsibilities that year. What I never understood was when he did not want to recruit that first year that should have been a big red flag for rehiring him or promoting him. He was not only a poor recruiter but I would think he was not a good judge of talent either. Those two factors are a killer for a program. I am sure he was a nice guy but he was wholly unfit for a head coaching job.
  4. Who is TJ - when I checked the roster I could not find him?
  5. That seems a bit jerky especially if there were no other cars trying to pass. I would say that if the road was as you described if I was on my motorcycle I would have been looking for a smoother surface also.
  6. Yes you apparently were correct.
  7. I would feel sorry for the Nuggets but then I remembered that Kroenke owns them so never mind.
  8. What does that get you? You have to replace your top recruiter with a comparable person.
  9. Telling the guy that it was old news is not being an ahole - but whatever.
  10. Even the Bradley coach said he was not a classically trained soccer player and that he was creative because of that - sounds like a nice way to say he does not play his position.
  11. Good point but I would think recruiting targets know Ford's status. Do you think Stu even thought to ask?
  12. Maybe Ford wants it kept quiet. The problem is when the school uses the "private" reason they then have to be consistent or else it looks like they are hiding when they don't go public.
  13. Often with stories like this there is more then what we are told. I agree SLU looks bad but in fairness, the school should have been interviewed but then again maybe they declined - who knows.
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