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  1. At this point if we are ranked 24 who we play is not the issue for making the dance. All we have to do is beat those teams we do play - period. I understand people want the highest seeding but given how crazy the year has been for teams just get into the dance and worry about all the other stuff later.
  2. While I might go along with you technically we won the NIT not the NCAA Tournament which was the then new crowning of a National Championship. Which why SLU has never hung a National Championship like banner
  3. Got an email from the A Dept that all players were cleared to practice so the must be there.
  4. Well unlike the Tatum situation when everyone knew he was a stud this might be one where Larry can see for himself if the kid will be able to play or ride the bench. Larry may be open to having his son play somewhere that he can play meaningful minutes. If his son still wants to come then look at him as a legacy
  5. How can a person or country improve if they are not open to listening to ways to improve? In the USA if you don't want to stand you don't have to even if someone else thinks you should. Remember the idea of I may not like what you say/do but I will defend your right to do it - as long as it is not illegal.
  6. 12 years and aged in cherry barrels. It has a very smooth taste. I have had the 18 year stuff and it is good also.
  7. The issue was that Romar had offered Ahearn but when he left Soderberg took the offer back Brad really didn’t want him so it wasn’t like he lost out he had him already. Poor judge of talent.
  8. I would think other schools and conferences would be in the same plight so you might be able to line up other games or the A10 could just set up a round robin type tournament with the teams who can still play.
  9. You know if you didn't have anything to add then you should just shut up. My question was simply one of who is setting the protocols for the teams. Maybe if you had a personality then you would have seen that but alas reality always hits you in the face.
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