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  1. Seton Hall will be a load for us from what I have seen so far.
  2. I have always wondered about this issue - do you think it is the attitude that how exciting it is to have a local boy go to a big program so lets celebrate it? or is just that some of these coaches are willing to come on and so they just schedule them?
  3. Think about like this - the good coaches that the kids want to play for are at places with good facilities. Chicken or egg thing. Would Ford have coveted our job if our facilities were not good? Would Ford have gotten the locker room redone so quick if he had not shown success?
  4. Something that many may not know is that there are Hedge Funds and Venture Capitalists who often fund these types of law suits for a % of the money won. I would be shocked if the local law firms are not being backed this way.
  5. Are you sure that the NFL and Kroenke lawsuits are tied together? I think they may be separate but Kroenke has a responsibility to cover some expenses in both. Kroenke may not be able to stop the NFL from settling perhaps.
  6. They got within 1 with just under 4 minutes left. That was when the team woke up.
  7. Speaking of Hankton - those were ready to scrap the plan to play him inside where are they now. KC played well in that spot given that with French in foul trouble he was all we had to plug in and he did well.
  8. Some one told me that TJ had 4 different head coaches in high school if true that has to have an impact on his development. I talked with an ex Billiken player about this and was told that if he had gone through 4 head coaches in high school he was not sure if he would have even gotten a schollie here.
  9. That is crazy. They shot like 3 times the free throws that we did - one of the reasons they were still in the game late. Had this game gone the way most home games go they would have been blown out.
  10. Once again that was our fault. We had two competing ownership groups - one had the money and the other had the dome lease. Neither would give in nor would they join forces. The NFL actually delayed the assigning of the franchise for us for a year but we still could not get our act together - rich guys always wanting what they want regardless of the impact on the community. The NFL was fair that time. It was the last time that they screwed us.
  11. The rules were followed for when the Cardinals moved - that was a mistake by the powers to be in StL. Yes they trashed their rules for the Rams move to LA. The ticket projections made for LA have been wildly over estimated and the team is not making the kind of money they had thought. I read an article the other day about how the Chargers are doing better. Bottom line while the leaders of the NFL believe they have to have a presence in LA it turns out that LA doesn't care if they have a presence. They are no better off as a league now then when the Rams were in StL. They have always had pre and post games in LA whether a team was there or not.
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