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  1. This could be true but if he is looking at a person who is under contract then that person could not see players at will. It is possible that a coach would be let out of there contract if the new job is viewed to be a step up. Not sure of the Macon contract situation at SLU.
  2. I would think if the Rangers, or Islanders or Devils were in it the NHL would be getting a lot more media attention. I am not even sure if the Kings were in it if that would make that much bigger of a difference. Unless you live in Chicago if you are in "fly over" country you have gotten use to this treatment. Not worth getting your undies in a knot anymore.
  3. Well it looks like Ford is done for this year recruiting from the Stu twitter post so he has time to find the right guy. I would think he has talked to several people and is giving them time to think through the idea of coming to SLU and all that would be involved. I am not worried that he is taking his time. I do agree with you that if he was going to promote from within that he would have already done that or at least made noise to lead you to believe that is how he is thinking. Of course I guess he could change his mind also.
  4. He left about 3 or so weeks ago to work for Anderson at St. John
  5. He could have brought college credit in to his first school and then carried more than 12 hours a semester. It is possible that he could have enough to graduate at the end of the summer. I could see how this could work as a GT.
  6. Apparently but you see some crazy posts so you sometimes never know.
  7. If he could have helped us this year I am sure he would have been playing, So why would you want an ex walk on who really never played.
  8. Some people just don't have the body type that lifting doesn't have the same visual impact as it does on others. KC may just be one of those guys that while they can increase their strength they just simply don't bulk up the same way.
  9. They will have plenty of time to adjust to the change. The NIT experiment was kind of not a fair example given that the players had a very short time to adjust. Given your description of what they were doing it doesn't surprise me that it was a bit ugly.
  10. Comparing what happened 30 and 12 years ago is not that relevant. Players then were not as accustom to taking the shot. Wiz is correct that once players and coaches saw the benefit they then adjusted to making it a big part of the game. Lets just wait and see how it plays out before you continue wetting your pants over trying to prove me wrong.
  11. I am sorry you have such an inferiority complex. The number of 3 point shots taken not decreasing from this proposed change does not mean that more will be missed. 72 is correct, the players will adjust. This is a posting board where people give their thoughts and impressions - no one ever believes that they are God.
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