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  1. You keep saying that Boise has a difficult venue - why? Now I know you may say well visiting teams do poorly there - but why? I get that playing in a Cameron at Duke is different then another away venue because of the crowd and proximity of the fans to the court so why is specifically is Boise so tough as opposed to most other venues?
  2. The biggest thing I think we learned from this tournament is that we can win even if things are not going our way. That alone will serve us well throughout the season. I also thing that unless Okoro can score from the paint we will not be the team we could be.
  3. I am sorry Old Guy I think you are doing a hatchet job on Goodwin now that he is gone. Show me a post from when he was here where you said he was coasting. In my opinion he simply has more time and is getting more individual attention now and he is taking advantage of it. To suggest that Goodwin wanted to go to the G League and not get drafted is silly. Nobody would take that route. He played hurt and played hard when he was here. After all, he was highly recruited by he was not a top 10 or 20 player coming out of high school.
  4. Well if you are correct then why didn't he use all his talent when he was here so he would have been drafted and not have to go through this. My guess is he doing nothing but basketball so he can devote a lot more time to his total game.
  5. VCU really has a problem scoring - I think they went scoreless or so in the OT.
  6. That floor painting must make it hard for the officials to see critical markers - it is way to busy for me.
  7. My point simply was that I did not have a problem with what Ford did with Yuri for the SFA game. I do think by taking it slow against ILstate that he did depress the score. I don't have a problem as long as the win. It was Roy who not happy with approach Ford took with SFA.
  8. The SFA game we won by what 12 pts - walking the ball was not an issue in that game. Now against IL state i agree depressed that score.
  9. Every game is about match ups - perhaps Miami does not match up well with Dayton.
  10. Well many on this board would take the same thing in the BE rather than stay in the A10
  11. You are correct - what does a multi billion guy want, another billion. They are not use to not making money and so it hurts them in ways most of us will never realize.
  12. Basically we won the first half by 11 and played the second one to a standstill. Not sure it was all that poor second half scoring. The other team has something to do with that.
  13. Well English is setting himself up for the Missouri job - he is building the resume.
  14. Well then I guess the Zags just showed the world how to beat UCLA. Yuri for the most part handled the ball when bringing it down fine, the zone defense is something that gives lots of teams trouble since they don't see it very often - if other teams use it against us a lot then we will adjust and be better at it. Pressing - well that is ditto to the zone item.
  15. First of all I am not sure what you are asking - all I said was I would be shocked if how the money wasn't already determined how it would be divided. According to the Post, apparently I am shocked - City and County apparently has not decided how to divide the money up which then leads me to believe the Convention Group was not mentioned so maybe they know what they are going to get.
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