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  1. All it would take is an Executive Order to over ride ICE. I get what you are saying but this has been done before - DACA for example.
  2. Well that could be but they make up a small part of the total season tix holders.
  3. Charitable donations for most are a thing of the past with the new tax law that has been in place the last two years. Like I said I don't know the answer but somehow the AD will need to get some kind of cash infusion.
  4. Theo something. Sorry that is all I can come up with now. Theo Franks is who I was thinking of.
  5. No, it is not Parker I am thinking of. The guy I am thinking of played at Missouri in the 1970's for Stewart.
  6. Thank you I have the wrong guy now given the input I have been given. The guy I am thinking of was from Webster Groves and played at Missouri. Sorry for the rabbit hole trip I caused.
  7. Sounds that way - look at the Chapley tweet on the main page.
  8. Yes but if memory serves me right Kelly was not that tall. He was a Dobbs type player - played much bigger than his actual height. Thanks for your response.
  9. You have misunderstood my point - perhaps I was not clear. I am not saying that fans will be in the stands what I am saying is that the AD will need the money and they will ask people to buy their tix without actually attending games. If you do that then you have to give those who do that some perks.
  10. Was this guy's father a star at Missouri? I believe his name was Kelly and he played at Webster Groves.
  11. Sorry I do not see how the school can say you can keep all your status without having to pay anything. The AD still will need money coming in so to just let people say I won't pay anything and there not be any penalty of sorts makes no sense.
  12. The problem with simply allowing people to opt out for 2020-21 or to apply their payment to 2021-22 is the school AD budget still needs the funds. I could see offering you the option to pay or pay some part of it but they would have to give some kind of incentive to do so such as more perks the next year. This is above my pay grade so I will leave it to others to come up with more creative ideas.
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