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  1. Not meaning to argue but then coaches could only be on one year contracts or else they could never trade up. I think your idea of letting them leave if the coach leaves keeps the players on even ground with coaches who leave.
  2. A coach whose contract has expired should not be required to sit out - you probably meant that in your statement. If they sign a contract and have an opt out clause like you often see in baseball now for big name contracts then no penalty. Otherwise, I agree with all you said.
  3. As I said you can believe it or not. Not sure how much you knew about Biondi but catching crap was never something that really bothered him. He did plenty that caused him to catch crap. Yes, there was some posting why it was taking so long to hire Crews but there were others who also cited reasons for not hiring him. You can say not rehiring is the same as firing but once a contract times out neither party has any expectation for any continuation unless both agree - not semantics but a legal explanation.
  4. He would not have been fired. His contract was up so it would have been just two sides moving on. There were plenty of reasons to not hire him and there is no reason to rehash them. I heard the Biondi thing and that was 11 or so years ago so you can believe it or not. The NC of the year thing was a tip of the hat to RM in my opinion and coaches who win those awards often get fired a year or two later.
  5. I am not sure if it was May's idea to hire Crews. I think it was Biondi who wanted him hired because he would be cheaper than RM. Now I do blame him for not putting together a power point to change Biondi's mind. I am sure May was OK with Crews simply because it was easy. I think you could simply put a bag over your head with eye holes cut out.
  6. No telling what they would do - I do think that they may simply bar all signs to get around the bad PR look
  7. The problem with getting rid of both that would need May to go first and perhaps even now or certainly after the first of the year. We need a new AD in place before the coach is hired. A new coach would have to be picked by the AD if he is to have any support. When we hire a new coach it has to be quick and can not linger for weeks like May did with Ford. I think he did that on purpose so he could say all the others were gone so Ford was the best available. He will do that again. In fact if he were to stay he would wait to fire Ford well into the hiring season and put us out of the running for effective candidates.
  8. Given the arena is private property they can simply deny entry or ask the person to leave.
  9. Francis was good at it also once he settled in
  10. The same thing has been going on for some time here - whether it was Yuri, Jordan, or Perkins - Ford's offense is not one that involves the entire team. With no real big man to go high low and high again his offense is just what you said - standing around watching the guy with the ball.
  11. From the time RM hired him he did not have to recruit and he carried that same approach to when he was the actual head coach
  12. If you get money to come to a school under the guise that you will help sell potato chips by making a single audio commercial, then in reality you are getting paid to play for that school. Pay to play by any other name is still pay to play
  13. Wow I really find that kind of crazy - a non-revenue sport student is being equated with a revenue sport player. The whole purpose I thought of the NIL issue was to make sure players who were creating the income would be given a chance to profit from their accomplishments. Non-revenue sport athletes not only do not generate revenue but they actually are a drain on the finances. I am not trying to say that non-revenue sport players are worthless just that why would they be included in the revenue sharing set up. I guess nothing actually has to make sense anymore.
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