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  1. You are assuming that a person would not adapt over time to the higher elevation which is not true. I have been in higher elevation areas numerous times - 7K is not much higher than Denver. Normally after a few days whatever impact being at the higher elevation may have on a person has dissipated significantly. If you are living in the area you will make that adaptation and have a normal life there. I am sorry you don't understand this but this is the truth.
  2. Using your logic then nobody should go to schools in higher elevation. Unless a player has some type of a respiratory issue it is moot. You are over hyping this issue.
  3. Like say - if you got it flaunt it. His success is probably one of the big reasons he got the job.
  4. What about him adapting to the higher elevation - people do it all the time. It is not like he there for only one day. He would be going to school and basically living there.
  5. Nobody is saying he wants a P5 job ultimately. All I said was that staying at ISU and passing up the big payday here didn't make any sense to me. Yes he is not a job hopper as some say but he did hop to SLU for whatever his reasons were. I am sure he will ultimately make the decision that is best for him just as he did when deciding to come to SLU. Would he have come for 250K more which would have been 1.5 million over 6 years maybe not but for 7.5 million now that is a horse of a different color.
  6. Well we saw what happened when Ford thought he had his teams - Perkins injury and underperformances. A gamble is just that a gamble. If it was called a sure thing then nobody would ever lose.
  7. Not me - take the money and run - nobody has a crystal ball. Injuries and simply bad luck could have sunk that plan.
  8. So he expects us to believe that he would have turned down 2 million for 6 years to stay where they were stretching to give him 750K - not buying it. Also there was no assurances that they would have stayed once the offers started coming in.
  9. Actually if he had said no he would have been seen as ducking Slaten. He did now and does not have to go back again and Slaten didn't have any ammo against him yet. I thought it was a wise decision.
  10. I think everyone's point was just that - teams, coaches and players all will step up to a bigger/better situation not down. None one was saying the A10 is equal to a P 5 or 6 school.
  11. Football will never have enough money - it is like a multi billionaire - what is it they want another billion
  12. I believe the hosts were saying that the 85% is not happening now but will so how things are this moment is not indicative of what it will be once this happens. So, trying to equate what just happened to what they are saying is irrelevant.
  13. Well, this is not what the talk hosts said had existed. The number of scholarships is not what they were talking about. They were specifically referring to the money coming in from donors, TV money and other revenue sources. Stadium improvements, salaries and NIL money being spent. These people did not see what you are saying would happen regarding how the pie would be cut up.
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