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  1. NBCSN is getting out of the sports business. I don't remember which stations they are shuttling the sports contract.
  2. I do but I think he was more surprised then all of us that it went in
  3. I am not an expert on this kid by any means but why is having a high 3pt attempt if you only shoot 33% a good thing? I am not knocking the signing but does this team need another 31-33% 3pt shooter?
  4. Money talks - if IN wants Moser and Moser wants a big pay day then he will go. If it does not work out he will have the money and easily find another Loyola situation of some sort.
  5. I thought he did not like to recruit?
  6. What credit - give the ball to Jett and let him drive each possession. Great coaching - give me a break. My guess is Jett told him to sit down and shut up.
  7. I believe that but had Loyola not offered the job he couldn't take it. RM probably tell Moser to take the job because by that time RM had had his fill of Biondi.
  8. Houston is a 2 seed and for them to match Loyola with them in the first round they would have to make them a 15 seed and that was too much of a stretch.
  9. Sounds a little revisionist history. Moser left not because he was pushed out but because he was offered a head coaching job in Chicago where his wife is from and wanted to go back home. Why wouldn't he take the job - more money and a chance to run the show. Biondi had nothing to do with him leaving. The Crews fiasco was all RM.
  10. Hard to believe that VCU could not field 5 players which was what the NCAA said all they needed to play the game. I guess they still get the money as if they played though.
  11. Until he figures how to fulfill his role he will continue to find himself used this way. Bottom line he is suppose to be a sniper who has at best been inconsistent - not even streaky, you could live with that. He has to learn how to make the most of his opportunities - its called putting on your big boy pants. I am not chasing him away but he really can only look in the mirror and see he let himself down.
  12. VCU loses because of - what for it - Covid.
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