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  1. So do some still think Ford is not worth taking the gamble on with an extension. - #9
  2. I for one did not take that approach. I was fine with letting him go on so my position of extending his contract now is well in line with my original position.
  3. You are thinking like me - I think we have to take the gamble of keeping him here. I would extend it 3 years. I know some will say that is too big of a gamble but at some point we have to roll the dice and I would roll it on Ford. After all we gave a contract to Crews and he had nobody coming in and his team was graduating. That was a much bigger gamble in my opinion. It seems he wants to stay here for now at least so we may be able to get him on a reasonable extension. He is young enough to still want to recruit hard and be successful so lets capitalize on it.
  4. Yes he has 2 years left if I understand it correctly.
  5. No one knows for sure and it is early but I won't be surprised if Ford gets a 3 year extension. Thoughts?
  6. I think he went to Missouri - tiger fan I figure.
  7. Here is a thought - if we have improved FT shooting then a lot of those fouls we get could turn into 3 points.
  8. What I posted was what Highmark had said in an interview not my guesses so I would say it is accurate.
  9. bump - when I checked it was $575
  10. Highmark has said that he wanted to play for Missouri but they did not offer him and then his next choice was Spoon because he liked him so when Spoon came to SLU he said it was not a decision that was hard for him. I do understand that Clags was really leaning hard to N Iowa. What don't you know about S2? I thought it was pretty well pieced together on the board.
  11. Not discounting what you just said but I guess one could also say that with him winning the A10 Tourney may not have been needed.
  12. The guy who took the last shot flopped trying to get a foul called on TI. I missed that until I could watch this over a couple of times. Great that the refs did not bite on it. I don't blame the player but that was pretty bad.
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