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  1. I hope the player is good and not just from TX for the sake of being from TX
  2. This not meant to be a knock on Bell but it is possible that this decision was made for more than just playing time. He may have been meeting the minimum credit hours and that would leave him plenty of wiggle room for taking JC courses especially if he had not declared a major yet.
  3. Ultimately a player makes the decision about how much playing time he gets and whether that time meets his expectations. He seemed like a good kid and wishing him luck is what he deserves. The bringing in of Okoro and Linssen were simply the coach doing what needed to be done based on a player's development. The only bad thing is wasn't Bell the one who stepped on GJ's foot and broke it in practice?
  4. Portland is a city in the state of Oregon - yes I got it
  5. Should I assume you plan on using the Dome?
  6. The problem with using the money for city services is that it is one time money and when it is gone then what happens to the city service that people have gotten use to having. It is like governments trying to use bond issue money to pay for on going expenses not only is it not allowable it is a poor strategy. On going expenses should be paid for with on going revenue.
  7. That idea has been talked about a long time a go and Missouri has even less interest in something like that. In their mind, giving this type of a platform to the lesser programs has no upside at all. Why would you ever want to give an advantage to Missouri - if you are willing to do anything just to get the game then forget it that is an approach that is from weakness and why would we ever put ourselves that position.
  8. I also was in attendance for those games and agree that it could be a revenue boost for both teams. The problem is it takes two to tango and Missouri has no interest in playing us and honestly I long ago lost interest in the game. Both don't need each other to succeed so until both teams can be treated by each other as equal peers than it has no interest for me. By the way a game between the two in KC would be a mistake. Any games should be in both Columbia and StL. A game in KC has no special draw for TV than the other spots and it would be better for both fan bases.
  9. I admit that I don't follow the local high school players that closely but I have looked on line and really can't find much about where he is ranked. Can anybody help here?
  10. Of course the FBI's investigations into the legal violations have all netted culprits also - of course not. I understand your point but the bigger the fish the less chance of getting caught and paying big for it.
  11. Given that when a school gets caught doing something wrong it also usually gets hit with "lack of institutional control" sanctions expecting schools to make sure there are no integrity compromises can only end badly.
  12. Yes but I thought the question was when did we last sign a kid from SLUH -
  13. I see this just like when quick lubes started up. They kept dropping their price until the hit a price point that people were willing to pay for a drive in oil change service. Once they got people coming then they slowly started raising the price until they are now as expensive as a dealer. This what Bally will do - the first price they put out doesn't attract enough people they will start giving special pricing until they get to a price point that people are willing to pay - might be $5.95 (who knows) but once they get you in then they will start raising prices. Cable also did this.
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