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  1. Just a FYI - DePaul is on the trimester schedule. So, I guess it is possible that he completed 2 of the 3 there - I have never really understood how the NCAA treats trimesters in their calculations.
  2. I have no problem with keeping tabs on ex Billikens but my point was simply knowing why he is back home is not really our business but knowing that he is home and not at NEFL is the kind of info that is of our interest.
  3. It is possible that they did not have the classes he thought he needed or perhaps he had not had the prerequisites necessary - who knows. We may never know the real reason(s) he left but that is his business alone.
  4. The replay was on last night on ESPNU
  5. No need to complain if you win but there was plenty of fouls last night that were not call. Whoever was dribbling the ball was mauled all night long. Winning makes the bad officiating moot.
  6. If you are a coach and wanting to show how your team is progressing a NIT invite is certainly worth it. For coach whose team has struggled the last couple of years a NIT invite can be what keeps you from getting canned so in that regards it has a monetary value to that guy.
  7. I understand the issue with coaches leaving but perhaps the solution is not with the players but with the coaches. Could you require a coach to sit a year or limit their recruiting for the first year they leave - something that makes them pay a price and not just the athletes. While I do understand the idea that players sign with a coach not a school in their minds. the issue is that the school is the one who gives the schollie not the coach. In other words the coach is not charged for the kids schollie so therefore, the school should expect some kind of protection. Now I realize that the schollie is renewable annually but I have never thought that was right - once the schollie is awarded and the student athlete lives up to their end of the bargain the schollie should not be subject to the renewable clause but should be considered a 4 year obligation . The school should have to apply to the NCAA if they want to take the schollie away for whatever the reason and have the NCAA approve it or some other arbitration body.
  8. Why would then blow the medical red shirt year if his knee is still not completely healed?
  9. Cheese.

    Totally agree with your last post.   Probably best not to respond publicly but the way the entire matter was handled - very poorly - sure looks like it had Fr. Biondi's prints all over it.   I would sure like to sit down, over a beer, with AD May and find out what really went on.   In one sense, Dr. C (and people forget about Novelly) paid the money for RM so why would they not pay for RM's replacement?  They paid to get Coach Ford and buy out Crews.

    And if you remember, and as I read in the old threads, there was a very long delay of silence and all we heard was that the paperwork was on Fr. Biondi's desk...

    1. cheeseman


      You are correct about Novelly and the time delay.  Thanks.

  10. There were plenty of other posters who made the same position at the time. The problem was there was this groundswell that it would be impossible to not hire the COY. Only an idiot would do that - well as I have said before his COY was out of respect for RM. It was the perfect storm for Crews to bilk us and he did. Biondi wanted him because he was cheaper than RM and because since RM signed with us coaching salaries had sky rocketed. RM was actually a bargain at the time - $1 million a year. This was simply another cost control move by Biond.. Who tanked the program - May was handcuffed but I am not sure he had the metal to challenge Biondi like Levick did, Crews of course has to share some blame for he was at the tiller, but my money is on Biondi - same old same old with him - get a little success and then put the brakes on instead of stepping on the gas. This program never had a chance under Biondi. Biondi did some good things no denying it but when it came to do the right thing for athletics he never understood and ended up cutting his own throat by being small minded. As far as saying there were no other viable candidates that year - Biondi could have gone after someone if he would only buck up and that was against his nature. If you buy that argument then give Crews a 2 year contract - that slug was going nowhere.
  11. When Kyle died they didn't even start the game. I know it was not on the field but they did cancel the game and rescheduled it.
  12. Hightower should not get a schollie next year in lieu of recruiting a bonafide D1 prospect.
  13. Maybe they mean that he could transfer if he wanted to to a D2 school and not sit the year?
  14. I am saying it was the basket driving that brought us back in the game and we had the horses who could pull it off. As far as the press goes - I agree he probably told them to do it but it was only successful because the horse were there.
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