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  1. Lets not kid ourselves, Ford has told him how he would be used. The only question is - what he told him and if he liked it. Most players are not going to come to a school not knowing what he should expect regarding his position. Telling a player how he will be used is not an assurance that he will play the position - after all the player still has to produce - players want that knowledge. If my son was in this position I absolutely would want to know that answer - now it is up to the player to prove himself. How many times do people on this site post that a player may not see a fit at some school if there already is a very good player at their position - same concept. My point in my original post was that I am sure Ford told him but the question is since he did not mention it is what Ford told him not what he wanted to hear?
  2. Possibly but he specifically talked about how Memphis and IL were talking about how they plan to use him in a way that he obviously liked. What he said about SLU was nothing about how he would be used. I just thought it was odd that he did not mention that given that it must be a big thing for him.
  3. I guess my question would be is SLU not telling him similar things about how they plan to use him? He makes it sound like they are not - am I missing something?
  4. Not knowing what the staff is thinking about how they want to run their offense it is hard to say why or why not they want another big. Lorensson does not play that type of game - he is a face the basket kind of guy and they don't really meet the big role usually. Okoro will be coming off and injury and has not played for 2 years basically - not sure how long it will take him to become productive. Comparing Nesbitt to JGood may or may not be right but usually when you start doing those comparisons you often get something else because each player is who they are not who we want them to be. I am willing to defer to the coaching staff on this one.
  5. I was under the impression that schools could not talk about a recruit until he signs. I guess it doesn't matter if you are a coach talking to a reporter?
  6. The rule is that if your family changes homes - in other words move - you can transfer schools without penalty. If you simply want to transfer schools you have to apply for a waiver and plead your case. The rare times I saw a waiver given it was something that was really out of the normal - for example, I saw a kid who was kicked out of his house by his parents (not saying the situation did not call for it or not) and he got relative to take the kid in. The waiver was granted because the kid while he was 17 he was not in a position to support himself. While technically, he still was considered to be the responsibility of the parents who told him he had to leave. Now without calling the authorities it was decided by the family to just deal with it among themselves. Now the new school had to also accept the kid and of course they did simply because the kid needed to be in school and he did not have a car to drive to his previous school. There are other valid reasons but each case is judged on its own merits.
  7. Well that may be the % they are using because they are outside. When inside it may be even lower.
  8. Then you are right back where you were with BB - sharing an arena with a pro team who also rents it out for other events leaves you with very few choice dates. When we had a hockey team the Checker Dome was given to us for free - I doubt Enterprise Center would be free to us.
  9. Yes to all the questions. Will it result in a new job who knows.
  10. I am sorry but I have been a bit out of the loop the last couple of weeks. I checked the roster and did not see if a new AC had been named yet - is that correct? Thanks and sorry if this is old news and I just missed it.
  11. I am no expert but if the number of cases have risen to record breaking levels which they have, it only stands to reason that mortality rates will rise also regardless of the average age of those getting infected. I do agree that the reporting of data does complicate the matter.
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