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  1. The problem with NILs are that not every player is ready for the pressure that comes with the money. I can assure you Miami fans would be upset if they had not made the final 4 and the players would hear it. These kids are just not to the expectations for the money - in time they may but not now. Different pressure than just expecting to win but expecting to win and having received money for it makes fans think they own a piece of you just like in the pros. It may be that in time the numbers will come down if people don't think they are getting value - after all, in the pros its the team's money but in college it is now yours if you donated.
  2. It sure didn't turn out the way they probably wanted but to be fair to the committee this year there just wasn't a team(s) out there that stood way ahead of the field. Seemed like every week we had a new #1
  3. Good point where I would disagree a bit is that SDSU is a big school - almost 35K student enrollment. Gonzaga student enrollment is a little over 7K. We have a little over 12K so we are much closer to the Zags set up.
  4. This situation is not unlike many others. Those who are satisfied with things want those who are not to not exist - Billiken land love it or leave it. The problem is that productive change never comes without some group who is not afraid to confront those who don't. In time productive change will win out - always does in time. Should Ford makes all he necessary improvements in his coaching, game strategy and use of the portal to be successful it would not have happened unless those wanting productive change did not surface. Those who are satisfied with things will never admit that the pressure that was applied was part of the solution. They simply crow about how right they were and that staying the course was the best way. The problem is that Ford needs to hear the dissent or else he has little motivation to improve that is simply human nature. Either way, change only comes when dissatisfaction occurs.
  5. Nothing you say is wrong but the problem is if everyone who is not happy simply sits down and shuts up then no change can ever take place. May and Pesty need to know and understand that there are some in the village who are keeping their pitch forks close by and sharpening the points just in case. I can assure you that May will not sacrifice his job for Ford if the winds tell him differently. He is not the type to do that - Levick was and look what she got. She showed more spine even if it was probably not the best for her.
  6. Saying we had a successful season is not what they were forced to say. They could have said, we recognize that winning 20 games is not good enough to make the Dance anymore and we are focused on doing so. No need to say we like the direction the team was on. Also, to say Ford has brought in high level talent and we expect that to continue he could have said that bringing in high level talent is one metric but results will still matter. This was a rehash of that interview May did with Frank that was a poor performance and this one is no better. We will just let it all play out next year but real progress must be made in my opinion not some mealy mouth comments that are like trying to nail jello on the wall.
  7. Read the article and honestly the two of them have really stuck their neck out for Ford. I sure hope he understands that and repays them. My concern is that they really did not outline what the metrics are for evaluating how next season will be viewed. This idea they talked about winning 20 games is not the same as it was but they look at the trajectory of it - not sure what trajectory they are looking at but that was a nonsense statement. They also talked about how well Ford has recruited high level talent - the problem is if this is true then something is missing if you can not make the Dance, Either you have the talent and you coach it correctly or you don't have either or only one part. I think all fans want to know is what is the program's expectations and that an honest evaluation will be completed. If the two think this article did any of this they are sorely wrong all it did was make them out to be a bit over their heads at least in my opinion.
  8. Very entertaining game FAU and KState. It is possible to have 3 of the 4 final 4 to be mid major. Wow
  9. If you are spoiling for a fight look some place else. I am not taking the bait.
  10. When you hear something like "a player has heard from 5 teams" does not mean that we are really in on them what it means is we have contacted him and that is all. Players do this to increase hype much like in the NFL an agent saying we have heard from several teams which is done to make the other teams think there is a lot of interest in the player. I will be more excited when the player has us down to his top 2 until then it is all about the hype.
  11. Look this started between myself and a couple of other posters regarding the use of the weave in general and how it is implemented at SLU. Nobody ever talked about offensive efficiency. You butted in with the offense is fine it was the defense that was the problem. We were not talking about that at all just about the use of the weave in general. If you want to participate in a discussion you are certainly welcome but at least make it germane to the actual discussion. I can not explain it to you any clearer so if you are still confused I am sorry but I am done.
  12. You said defense was our problem but the discussion was about offense - of course the weave is germane but your point about the defense being our problem and not the offense is what is not germane. Reread your post.
  13. The discussion was about the offense using the weave. The article that was shared gave us a common definition of the weave and how it works. Did SLU implement properly - up for discussion. Saying offense was not our problem is not germane to this specific topic.
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