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  1. If what is in the article you posted is true it will be hard to let him off easy but after the NC debacle I guess anything is possible.
  2. Actually, I do not recall that French had a big foul trouble issue last year. I could be wrong but I think he stayed on the floor pretty well.
  3. Was that from when he was at SWIC or from High School?
  4. You know the old saying - "I don't care what you call me as long as you call me for dinner"
  5. One of the big reasons that Lisch set the record was because he got to play. Coach Brad was about to get fired if he did not improve from the bad year of 9 wins or something like that so he was forced to play both Lisch and Tommie L. Tommie started right away but Kevin had to wait a few games. So the question is will Jimmerson get the time on the court that Lisch got?
  6. According to Citizen's United no. Now does it pass the ethics test of course not. At this point regardless of your political view having it set up so the very wealthy and wealthy companies have undue influence over our political process is not right and should be causing marching in the streets.
  7. Kroenke will never pay $1B because the damage to the City is not close to that - at least what you can actually show. The purpose of a lawsuit is to make you "whole" again not better off. Not sure what the Lawsuit is asking for but I doubt it is 1B. I do agree that people like Kroenke feel insulated but I also know they hate to turned over a knee and spanked. It is below them to take any punishment until they realize they are screwed.
  8. After my first two sentences the rest of the post was just in general and not meant to be specific to Kasubke.
  9. There is always a black sheep in the family. Honestly, I am not sure not going to a Catholic school is such a terrible thing.
  10. When I was reading about all the unofficial visits he was making to K-State I seriously doubted his real interest in us or Loyola. He may have just kept us and them in the mix to satisfy his parents - who knows. Kids are going to go where they want to go regardless of all the supposed factors that would pull them a different direction. We have heard this tune about wanting to be close to home and a place that their parents could see them play before. Kids say this but until they actually sign to attend a school that really is close to home you can take the words and quarter and buy a cup of coffee as the old saying goes - I guess now it is $3. All of a sudden being close to home is 6 hours away - go figure.
  11. I am not sure how his eligibility works now - can anybody explain?
  12. I have no inside info but how do you know anybody is advising him or even if they have any sway with him. I am sorry he is having trouble finding his place but clearly his life is untethered and he he needs help. I hope he finds what he needs to get on the right track.
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