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  1. SLU played a guarantee game at Duke in 2010, but, even before Sit. 1 decimated the team, they weren't projected to be quite as good as Richmond should be in 2020-21.
  2. Obviously a VERY long time ago, but how did the NCAA handle the kind of thing when World War II disrupted sports seasons? How did sports, in general, handle it. Everything will trickle down, and the effects may last for years.
  3. Yuri Collins with modest progress (and healthy wrists and hands) makes multiple players "unguardable" (or at least an offensive threat) at any given time. When I say the Bills could dominate the conference in 2020-21, I'm not necessarily meaning that they will go 18-0 as Dayton just did. Would you settle for a performance like the 2013-14 Bills squad without the late-season swoon?
  4. If Thatch! can recover 75% of the performance he had that Coach Ford raved about in the preseason, then start planning your trip to Indianapolis for April, 2021, now. Also, I know some here think SLU in 2020-21 can't replicate Dayton's 2019-20 dominance in the A-10, but I think it's possible — especially if Thatch! can contribute. And it would also really help if the Bills can take the offseason international trip they're eligible for in August.
  5. After you do them for a while, they start getting easier.
  6. Only the Sunday crosswords are really worthwhile.
  7. Obviously he'll be a freshman, but Andre Lorentsson might be able to defend in the post, in a pinch.
  8. If Jamal Johnson had transferred to SLU out of juco instead of the Florida school he went to for a year, then Spoon's 1993-94 and '94-95 squads would have been killers! We might not be lamenting the program's lack of a Sweet 16 or deeper run.
  9. By "we," I mean the consensus. I would never suggest any opinion here is unanimous! Therefore, I don't feel I need to "correct" anything. Also, I thought the team could be better in 2019-20, considering all of the unknowns, but I didn't think it was probable, because of the same factor.
  10. Sheesh! What I'm saying is that, from his own point of view, doing a radio show would be stretching himself thin. I don't see how this was a bad post!
  11. I suspect that having a regular radio show would detract from EAJ's responsibilities as the sports editor for The St. Louis American.
  12. Roy, I'm probably older than most of the posters here, but I'm not old enough to have watched Robertson!
  13. Couldn't Jordan Goodwin have played D-1 football if he had wanted?
  14. The official scorer isn't one of the statisticians. I don't know exactly how it's handled at the college or pro levels, but I have been both for high school basketball. The official scorer records field goals made, fouls, and free throws (made and attempted) for both teams and is technically a game official. Each team can have a statistician who records the remaining stats for their own team's players: assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, turnovers, and field-goal attempts. Sometimes it's a coach or team manager who fills that role.
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