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  1. Wiz, I don't believe it's correct that Richmond is "on pause." They came off of pause to lose to La Salle yesterday. They'd postponed one game (St. Bonaventure 1/20), but their prior game was as far back as 1/9.
  2. This is kind of like when college football teams have around a month off between the end of their regular season and their bowl game. The difference is that usually both teams going into the bowl game have a similar layoff, but the Bills have been off and Dayton hasn't.
  3. Yeah. The kid did pull the whole thing down from the ceiling! (There must have been some faulty installation or structural damage to the ceiling/building.) But the most important thing is, that kid (the dunker) will get some fantastic attention for decades to come. "Son, this essays deserves an F, but after that dunk, you get an A." Girls will be fighting each other to be his prom date.
  4. Well, we'll see about that last part. I predict Jimmy Bell will be a key part of the team this season.
  5. The athletics department probably really needs this, after the year-long (-plus) disruption. (Bumpity?)
  6. Says who? What makes you entitled to feel such a thing is a requirement for citizenship? It's not that the country is terrible, but some people feel some subsets of people have been oppressing other subsets, and they should change, more than people should want to leave. Some oppressed people's ancestors were brought to this country against their will, and the establishment of this country was coerced upon the indigenous people, who hadn't invited them. Or those who continue to oppress other people born in this country could live up to the words of the Declaration of Independe
  7. So, without playing a game during the time in question, the Bills entered the AP Top 25 at 23 and then dropped one spot each subsequent week. Out of sight, out of mind? Will they drop out to "Others receiving votes" without playing a game before next week's poll?
  8. I'm shocked that you apparently don't realize how arrogant you sound. I don't have a problem with someone making a comment about the action, if they're telling me how they feel about it, as opposed to trying to tell me how I should feel about it. If you had said, "I'm disappointed they chose to do that," it would be something I could read without offense. Instead, you essentially attempted to impose your beliefs on the reader by saying, "they chose to embarrass themselves." Really? Who *chooses* to embarrass themselves? No. They didn't embarrass themselves, but they expresse
  9. I haven't read what Durando wrote, but there's a difference between reporting on actions and pronouncing a judgment that people "chose to embarrass themselves."
  10. My aunt, in her 70s, suffered from pneumonia and had tested positive for COVID-19 a few months ago. Most people fight to beat this thing, just like any other illness, but some succumb. When it's your time, it's your time. I pray for the eradication of this contagion. And it WILL happen; it's just a matter of time. In the meantime, we have to keep our spirits up, because mental illness and depression can be just as devastating, if not more so.
  11. Not to extend talk of politics, but I really wish it weren't just Democrats and Republicans. There are other parties; they should be included in debates — people should have more choices about which they can become informed without gargantuan effort (and not feel like they're "wasting" a vote by not voting for a Democrat or Republican).
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