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  1. You would think so, but the results aren't bearing that out.
  2. Well, while I wouldn't use any disparaging terms (to "prove" adulthood!), I think the guys Coach Ford is referring to are the experienced newcomers. (So, yeah, I'm not going to use their names, either.)
  3. I seem to remember a freshman named Hughes pop for 40.
  4. I say the blame rests at your feet because of the play-not-to-lose thread title you put up. — Kidding. Mostly.
  5. The Billikens' defense this season and tonight have been less than we expect. Coach Ford even said as much in the postgame interview.
  6. Coach Ford is complaining about his team's toughness. He has a couple of players in mind that he's not naming. I think we know who he's referring to.
  7. Jimmmmmerson: 5-10 from 3 Rest of team: 2-12 from 3. Ick!
  8. That's fair. Let's see if Coach Ford simplifies things for Saturday. And he probably better.
  9. On the other hand, it's not like we didn't know that this squad would be a work-in-progress. To me, though, the most disturbing things are Goodwin's apparent mental lapses and French's not finishing well.
  10. Bills win 67-55, but they haven't clicked.
  11. He missed all 3 of his shot attempts today.
  12. I'm sorry, but I'm rather dreading Saturday's matchup.
  13. You guys responded before I edited the post to avoid looking like I was praising Jordan. However, I will praise God for Gibson Jimmmmmerson!
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