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  1. Hochman: Ford smooths SLU’s rocky ride I think that's a lot to expect from the 2019-20 squad which will return no seniors. Way too much to expect! Otherwise, it was a good article about the Bills.
  2. Well, you have to consider all the SLU-hating Mizzou fans coming on to gloat, but they weren't coming yesterday because their team's season is over and they weren't interested in being here yesterday trying to concoct some specious reasoning to explain their undying delusion of being the self-entitled "only 'major' program in the state."
  3. Is that big spike in the middle when Gordon announced his departure? There were more page views for that than for yesterday!
  4. You're mixing up the terms automatic bid and at-large bid. You appear to mean to say, "a lock for an at-large."
  5. 101 ESPN may record everything they broadcast, but the rights of the broadcast are property of Learfield IMG College and the university. Permission must go through them.
  6. I bet images of a golf ball or baseball at the instant of impact show similar depressions.
  7. I believe in recent years it has been rotating among TNT, TBS, and CBS (or something like that).
  8. Hargrove was coming even if Gordon had stayed. It is best to have guys who are fully invested.
  9. I like that notion. However, Loyola had a pretty good path set up for them. The NCAA will likely give SLU the toughest path possible. Might not matter though; these guys have HEART.
  10. 12-seed play-in games go to at-large teams; not automatic qualifiers.
  11. So? Are you saying you still had complete confidence when the Bills were down 15? Nevertheless, my statement on March 1 was a prediction, not cancelled out by my emotional reaction to what was going on in the game.
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