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  1. Isn't there also something about their scholarship being pulled? I don't believe that the lack of advanced degree option is the only criterion.
  2. Perhaps WV responded before reading replies explaining everything. Perhaps we should establish another "unwritten rule" that posters read through all posts in the thread before responding. :)
  3. Last year the Bills were awful when they tried to run.
  4. Expect Jordan Goodwin to join the list... soon.
  5. The young man is not a lost cause, but the light bulb does need to switch on for him.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. This year he'll hit more of his shots on the first attempt and so won't have nearly as many Moses Malone-style offensive rebound opportunities. Also, with better table-setting guards to run a more efficient offense, the shooting percentage in general (not just Jordan's) should improve, reducing the chances for offensive rebounds.
  7. Well, they do have "The Dome at America's Center," which is a stadium in a center. But, you're right; it would make more sense to have "First Community Court at Vadalabene Center."
  8. Old Guy, I was all set to react to your tome with "Good post" until the last line.
  9. Weaver was supposedly a defensive dynamo at his last school, so don't know if his height will be an impediment in the A-10.
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