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  1. I think it's more that Coach Ford is reluctant to change his "stripes." Jacobs would thrive in a "system" featuring constant pressure defense and an attacking, early-strike offense. A bully-ball, half-court grinding style doesn't fit Jacobs's game (nor Strickland's — or Hargrove's, to a lesser extent). Ford always talks about playing uptempo, in the offseason — and he probably also hints at that when recruiting — but then he can't maintain that for a full season (or even a third of a season) and reverts back to a 7- to 8-man rotation that leaves some guys frustrated. I'm not saying thi
  2. Now the KMOX radio stream is broken. They're streaming some FM 97.1, or something.
  3. Actually, it's because they're afraid of the hit their reputations take when they lose to SLU and other "mid-major" programs.
  4. It means the thread's OP hasn't been paying attention to the board.
  5. To Dayton or Davidson? Because losing to Dayton appears unlikely.
  6. And I'd love for other A-10 teams to talk like that in reference to Perkins.
  7. You mean for Loyola to win the automatic bid, right?
  8. Man, if JP3 isn't an NBA player! That block was spectacular.
  9. Either these refs don't know basketball, or I don't. I don't understand what they're calling and not calling.
  10. Could have been a travel or illegal screen, but the refs call a foul on the Bills.
  11. Bills had some prevent offense going there!
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