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  1. Reinert said, "Two years ago." I think we all had high expectations last year.
  2. Justin Gage was at Mizzou on a football scholarship, and he moonlighted in basketball.
  3. Majerus signed both Carter and Drew in his last class; Crews wasn't even recruiting at the time. Carter played a few games in 2012 but suffered a non-season-ending ankle injury and opted to transfer at the semester break when Crews refused to try to redshirt him. Drew was redshirting that same season and then left before the next season began because of off-court problems. Crews's first recruit was Crawford, followed by Agbeko.
  4. Two, maybe, but not three. His antepenultimate (3rd from last) class was McCall/Evans/Jett/Loe. Manning/Glaze followed them. Lastly it was Carter/Drew. Am I remembering incorrectly?
  5. Or three or five (or 7, 9 or 11) free throws. (Or if he hit a three pointer, he could have hit an even number of free throws.)
  6. That's interesting. Didn't Jacobs commit to the Billikens right around the same time as Pearson was reneging? Also, Thatch is the only one left from that recruiting class (and he's in a different class now, essentially). Pearson left before he arrived, Gordon lasted almost a semester, and Jacobs gave the Bills three years. At the time, it appeared Coach Ford was doing a pretty good job of stacking classes, with that cohort being behind French/Goodwin (and with Bell/Diarra/Collins/Hargrove/Jimerson to follow), but now we see there's a bit of a hole — though filling in with Okoro and
  7. Did he sit out a year between Cleveland State and Oakland? If so, then the NCAA should grant his waiver. Period.
  8. If the work ethic of Javon Bess and the motor of Jordan Goodwin had rubbed off on Jacobs, he would be an NBA prospect.
  9. I think it's more that Coach Ford is reluctant to change his "stripes." Jacobs would thrive in a "system" featuring constant pressure defense and an attacking, early-strike offense. A bully-ball, half-court grinding style doesn't fit Jacobs's game (nor Strickland's — or Hargrove's, to a lesser extent). Ford always talks about playing uptempo, in the offseason — and he probably also hints at that when recruiting — but then he can't maintain that for a full season (or even a third of a season) and reverts back to a 7- to 8-man rotation that leaves some guys frustrated. I'm not saying thi
  10. Now the KMOX radio stream is broken. They're streaming some FM 97.1, or something.
  11. Actually, it's because they're afraid of the hit their reputations take when they lose to SLU and other "mid-major" programs.
  12. It means the thread's OP hasn't been paying attention to the board.
  13. To Dayton or Davidson? Because losing to Dayton appears unlikely.
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