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  1. Perhaps more so for Lorentssen than Linssen, considering that Linssen has already been in the country for four years and has earned a degree. He's already resided in the U.S. for some time. I wonder if he even took all of his belonging out of the country.
  2. Even Johnnie Parker was (listed at) 6-6 or 6-7. He also was taller than Dobbs (6-3).
  3. Kelly Thames was 6-7 coming out of Jennings, and by the time he finished his college days, he was a legitimate 6-8. (He's taller than French, Conklin, etc. He definitely was nowhere near Dobbs in height.)
  4. 30 points per game as a sophomore!
  5. This year's team should set a school record for walk-on playing time.* *If you discount minutes played by walk-ons out of necessity — like Hightower last year, Hines a few years ago, or Hunt at times during the Soderberg era — or preferred walk-ons (Eckerle, Redden).
  6. I'm sure cheeseman was just messing with you hmart. Still, thinking further about it, even with the proliferation of phone necessitating the need for additional area codes, it doesn't tend to change the area's "identity." The St. Louis area will always been known as "The 3-1-4," even with some phone numbers having 636 area codes (including Chesterfield and other places besides St. Charles County [which still has some 314 numbers, right?]).
  7. Look up the page to Pakapablo's post; I suppose slu72 is commenting on that.
  8. Another parallel is how that team opened the season at the tournament (in Vegas, I think) and dominated Oklahoma and Villanova (and I can't recollect the third team — BC?) to announce their arrival to a largely unsuspecting national college basketball fandom vis-a-vis what we're expecting this team to do against an even stronger field in Orlando this coming season. Moreover, that was Year 5 of Majerus era; this will be Year 5 of the Ford era.
  9. This doesn't ring entirely true, Roy. Justin Love committed to SLU and played his first season under Spoon: 1998-99, the year after Hughes. Maybe Romar had tried recruiting Love to Pepperdine, but when Love chose SLU, there was no way of knowing that another year later Romar would become SLU's coach. It was definitely Josh Fisher who had signed with Romar at Pepperdine and followed Romar to SLU (and had to sit out a year, which he nearly lost in eligibility, until Pepperdine finally agreed to grant him a waiver).
  10. That brings the Jim Crews era to a close. While I guess Zeke Moore should still have a year of eligibility left (I'm not sure what he's doing — @thetorch?), he never played for Crews.
  11. I'm almost completely certain that was when Soderberg was coach — probably during his freshman season.
  12. Sad news. I read the title and thought it had to be referring to someone else!
  13. Well, while C-USA was a very good situation (until the ACC raided the Big East and the Big East followed suit by raiding C-USA), the Great Midwest was an even better conference situation.
  14. We won't hold that against him (or against Whitesell). (When Majerus hired Crews, it was a move more along the lines of Ford's hiring of Giacoletti.)
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