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  1. With so many moving parts, how can anyone expect them to gel into an NIT squad? The CSM people must have more faith in Coach Martin than most Mizzou fans do.
  2. I'm sorry to see this. Not to make light of anything tragic, but with the fall occurring in January, the last that he saw, the Billikens were ranked and a good bet for an at-large bid.
  3. If Memphis counts as "Power 6," then isn't it really 7? Pac-12, Big 12, SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big East, American?
  4. When you consider that Jim Crews was one of the Bills' coaches during that span, you must be impressed by this distinction. Also, consider Brad Soderberg's sometime involvement with three of the top 13: he obviously knows defense.
  5. The REAL reason for the reactions and the omission of an allusion to "PAYSTUBS" is that, in that instant, the hosts realized that Coach Forte IS "Basketball Country," but now that he's part of #TeamBlue, all is forgiven in billikens.com-land. Henceforth, Coach Forte will be "Coach PAYSTUBS, supreme ruler of Basketball Country."
  6. For all Olympians, or just for Team USA?
  7. Good game. Defense wins championships and gold medals. That, and giving France's Gobert the French treatment (see what I did there?).
  8. It was a trade: Nesbitt for Hornett and two ________ to be named later.
  9. In the 2.5 years+ that I've lived in Cleveland, I haven't been swarmed by anything — though the mosquitos can be pretty bad. Maybe it's kind of like the predicted swarm of 13-year cicadas (or something like that) that was supposed to descend upon St. Louis in 2010 or '11. (I did see some.)
  10. Update: So, I guess the powers that be, who've been throwing around changing the name of Cleveland's MLB team for a while, are considering "Guardians." To respond to Rich, I haven't really followed any MLB team for several years; to the extent that I would, I'm still a Cardinals fan. I haven't adopted any Cleveland team other than the Cavaliers, which has been the team I've liked the most for decades (because of my ties to Cleveland), because St. Louis never had an NBA team during the years I lived there. @Pistol and @billiken_roy: Thanks!
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