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  1. Wrong H-man. I suppose you mean Hankton.
  2. Um, no. My BlackBerry Torch 9800 is even more outdated!
  3. I can try Safari, but I'm not optimistic it will work: 2007 Mac mini limited to Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion (from 2012).
  4. The stream doesn't work for those with dinosaur computers without an HTML5-compliant browser, like me.
  5. I pray that it's not a career-ending condition.
  6. In Major's defense, looking at your location under your avatar, it says, "STL."
  7. I agree that the games are on different levels, and it would hurt the Bills more to lose this game; I just don't think it's fair to consider it a "bad loss." All that said, I believe the Bills better and should win this game, to solidify their position at the top of the league.
  8. I think it's rather petty of posters to continually pin "bad post" reactions on posters' board reputations simply because they disagree, if the post was stated civilly.
  9. In my opinion a (hypothetical) loss at Davidson would not be a "bad loss" — by definition — just like the game at Duquesne was not a bad loss, by definition. However, it would, like at Duquesne, represent a massive missed opportunity. I think the way some of you are using the term, "bad loss," would better be stated, "missed opportunity."
  10. I don't know about that, but I do think the coach or assistant who should be helping him with his form should be left-handed. It's difficult for a right-handed person to replicate what a left-handed person should be doing. I've tried shooting free throws with my left hand, and it's not quite the same, mechanically, as shooting with my right hand.
  11. He does need to spend time shooting free throws to develop his muscle memory, but he also needs to simulate game conditions, as well. I'm not any kind of coach or player-development expert, but what I think he should do (this summer) is: warm up; shoot a bunch of free throws (20, 50, 100) with the focus of "perfecting" and memorizing his technique and routine; simulate game free-throw shooting conditions by interspersing two (and only two) free throws among other drills and activities that involve exertion (one-on-one, "suicides," etc.) about 10-15 times. He'll need a workout partner, and there should be an incentive — some kind of competition. He should "win" or "lose" something, depending on how many of the 20-30 game-simulated free throws he hits (the prelude stretch when all he does he shoot FTs don't count).
  12. Except that McKinney couldn't get on the floor for Mizzou, but Isabell could and left for reasons other than playing time. (Thus, it's not that TI "wasn't good enough" for Mizzou.)
  13. I'm aware of that, but you're ruining the joke.
  14. Dorothy, click your mouse button three times while repeating, "There's no place like SLU," and your hometown stars won't be in Kansas (or Kansas State) anymore.
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