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  1. Quality Is Job 1

    Recruiting - 2019

    "Nosebleed" in a high school gym?
  2. Quality Is Job 1

    OT: Boeheim Hits, Kills Man w/Car

    I don't take issue with it; I said it's "unfortunate" and explained why I feel that way. I don't know if there's any other way to word the headline, but I think the initial impression it provides is unfortunate.
  3. Quality Is Job 1

    OT: Boeheim Hits, Kills Man w/Car

    Well, by "presume" I'm talking about those who have yet to read the story.
  4. Quality Is Job 1

    OT: Boeheim Hits, Kills Man w/Car

    A very unfortunate situation, and an unfortunate headline that might lead readers to presume guilt.
  5. Yeah, I understand; I was just pointing out a trivial technicality. Grammarians might have considered it mildly humorous.
  6. Isn't the term, casual fan, actually an oxymoron? "Fan" is short for fanatic, which is basically an antonym for casual.
  7. Quality Is Job 1

    Why Do Players Just Vanish From This Team?

    Perhaps you missed it, but Hankton had come back from his first (or second?) injury — his leg? — to play, but then he hurt his shoulder early in a game a couple of weeks ago. Gudmundsson arrived on campus late after his time in international play last summer, and he wasn't ready to contribute from the standpoint of running plays and playing defense. Then he had an appendectomy and missed more time recovering from that. Your agenda against Coach Ford is thinly veiled.
  8. Quality Is Job 1

    OT: Buzzer bearers.

    I'll take "MBM goofs for $1000," Alex.
  9. Quality Is Job 1

    Geedubya from da'Couch .....

    Did Ford say Jacobs has shin splints, or was that just my unsubstantiated "information" (in an earlier post)?
  10. Quality Is Job 1

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Great! Oh, that Reggie Jackson!
  11. Quality Is Job 1

    Recruiting - 2019

    Correct. When transferring down, players don't have to sit out (not sure if that's the case for mid-year transfers).
  12. Quality Is Job 1

    Radford? Rutgers? Bowling Green?

    1. Just stop. The coaches shoulder the burden of criticism, and they've gotten plenty of it on this board. Have you even been reading? 2. It's posts like this that suggest you're more of a troll than a fan, in my opinion. Rick Majerus recruited Jon Smith, Jordan Johnson, Kwamain Mitchell, and Willie Reed, who were central in the first "situation" nine years ago, and RickMa lost several players to transferring, himself: Cotto, Smith, Johnson, Salecich, Tselentikis, and others I'm not remembering. Your claim doesn't hold water.
  13. Quality Is Job 1

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    It seems to me like a Billikens.com urban legend. I doubt anyone has determined that Jacobs is able to go and play effectively — as effectively as he can be as a wiry freshman. Coach Ford said on his show a couple of weeks ago that the swelling had gone down and it seemed to him that Jacobs should be able to get back to action on that basis, but the results when Jacobs tried to go showed otherwise (paraphrasing). I believe the kid has shin splints, which don't heal as quickly as one would like. The initial "diagnosis" was an ankle sprain, but I've seen Wiz's injury report saying "shin." Leave it to the Billikens.community to see a conspiracy when they don't know the whole story. And stuff gets repeated so many times that it becomes "fact" in people's minds, even though it isn't.
  14. Quality Is Job 1

    Recruiting - 2019

    Wouldn't Ford need to extend an offer to be able to have such leverage? Otherwise the programs are on equal footing.
  15. Quality Is Job 1

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    I believe I heard during the postgame interview that Bess would probably go only in games for the rest of the season. That means he won't participate in practice anymore?