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  1. That's an interesting assemblage of basketball players! What, is that footage of a practice for a pro-am league team? If so, then that team could be tough to handle. (If I were a betting man, though, I'd still put my money on a team with Jordan Goodwin on it.)
  2. He looked like a member of the Harlem Globetrotters toying with the Washington Generals! What I liked about the video is that, besides the pro players, Yuri Collins stood out the most, and he also showed a credible perimeter shot. (Granted, the video was edited and we don't see how many shots he may have missed.) Did anyone else notice how little Jeremiah Tilmon stood out, despite playing against players mostly still in high school? He's got to add a lot to his game (mostly between the ears?) to become an NBA prospect (for anything besides being so tall).
  3. Isn't this only the end of his third year of year of college?
  4. Any chance you may have taken Alma's post too seriously?
  5. Has anyone heard Gibson's last name pronounced? If it's ji(m)-mer-son, which is the only was I can really conceive of, then the spelling "Jimerson" basically violates the English convention of doubling the letter M in a word when it bridges two syllables or parts of a word (e.g., prefix, root, suffix). So our brains have been trained to think: "..immer..." People have probably been misspelling Gibson's last name all his life, and he probably just rolls with it.
  6. Oh. Thanks. Anything about Tommie Liddell III? Is he still playing? Are any of SLU's (more) recent grads getting into coaching?
  7. How is Roby in his second season? He just finished up a year ago. Do they have short seasons, or something?
  8. According to 24/7 Sports, SLU's coach is Jim Crews. That suggests you must take their product (rankings) with enough salt to be in danger of contracting hypertension.
  9. That's because the t-shirt photo Pistol posted is his logo, not Duquesne's new logo.
  10. I'm sure you meant "grad," because I've always been led to believe that you can't take it with you, regardless of what Egyptian pharaohs believed.
  11. Regarding the issue I've highlighted in bold, couldn't that partially be explained by improvement in the level of talent of the teams advancing?
  12. You don't speak for Me, but I forgive you, My child. (Kidding!)
  13. There are some posters here who you would suppose are internet-savvy yet apparently don't know how (or when, perhaps) to post links and/or pics.
  14. If he'd stuck around, he wouldn't have any eligibility to be a grad transfer.
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