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  1. That's it. I have to go this afternoon, so just taped it. Thanks
  2. Went on the SLU Billikens site to see what station is carrying the Fordham game so I can tape it, they said it's on USANetwork which I believe is Channel 254 for DirecTV. Check the DirecTV Guide for 254, cannot find it. Infact I found no sports on that station. Then went back the the old NBCSN station, Channel 218, and they noted all sports programming been moved to USA (which I just checked) or CNBC. Checked CNBC, did not see it. They did schedule some European soccer. Can anyone tell me where to find the game on DirecTV? Thanks
  3. The 2019 game was in Birmingham, although it was not, the game was considered semi-away.
  4. I recall back in the old CUSA days I would travel to Greenville NC to watch the Bills play East Carolina with my bright blue Billiken hoodie. It had a picture of the old-old Billiken (the grinchy Billiken twerlling a basketball). I be the only Bills fan in the arena. Everyone was amused by the mascot asking what is it. Highlight, Greenville barbecue scene is outstanding.
  5. Soon after Coleman was let go, Stewart stole Ricky Frazier. If Frazier stayed with Ekker, Frazier's Jr & Sr year he would been teamed-up with Burns. Things might not have been so depressing back then. RIP
  6. Just asking: how did Penny do in the NIT last year? How did we do? Just asking.
  7. I also thought he had outstanding game. Remember he was matched up with some P5 level 7ft centers. Seemed more comfortable around the rim offensively. Hopefully he can perform like he did yesterday every night.
  8. The team that runs the table in Washington in March will be the only one dancing this year. I don't think you will see much movement on the above through conference time. Awful year for the A10 with 3 plus 250s with no top 25 team.
  9. Never really recovered since the Crews dead years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaifetz_Arena
  10. Raising Cane is all over. It's is no KFC, Bojangles or Popeyes but they are in most major markets. Also, I think better chicken. Now is corporate Raising Cane providing the NIL or is a individual or a group Raising Cane franchises providing the NIL? It could be franchises that his dad has invested in.
  11. SLU Soccer did make it into the Final 4 in 91 & 97. For some reason I thought they advanced further in 2003 when they had DiRaimondo & Ibisevic. They made it to the 2nd round and beat Washington in the 1st round. Did get to see them that year when they played in a tourney at Furman. Beat Furman and Clemson in that. Furman had a good team that year with Clint Dempsey.
  12. I didn't know they had one Chesterfield. Your right, must be popular if St Louis can support 2 of them. I did notice they are international with several in the UK. Also in Dubai, Australia & Mexico.
  13. Amherst is a suburb of Buffalo where most of the non-health related academic programs are located. Most students go here. The Downtown campus has the Med School & So Campus has like Nursing, Dental, Pharmacy schools with Architecture and Urban Planning.
  14. All the Top Golf's I played at (Greenville, SC, Myrtle Beach and the 2 in Atlanta area were suburban except the one in Vegas which part of the MGM). I been by the one in Nashville and Birmingham, AL and both of those seem to be in a urban area. It's a lot fun and a nice night out if you go with a large group that has at least minimal golf skill. You do try to hit the targets. Any night I went, we always reserved a bay in advance because they can get crowded. They all have several bars that are sports bars that have a full dinner and/or lunch menu. Will it sell in Mid-town St Louis? I don't know. I always felt it was kind of a sunbelt activity even with the bays having heat or AC.
  15. Funny, saw the the Bills play LIU in Brooklyn back in October, 1979. The one and only time we played them. Specifically scheduled a meeting in Manhattan that day with enough time to make it over to the LIU campus to catch the late afternoon game. They played in the heart of downtown Brooklyn The field was boxed in by surrounding large buildings with little or no out-of-bounds area. Field appeared small. Little or no place to sit with no stands. Bills won that game 1-0.
  16. You are correct, Nashville and surrounding area is wide open.
  17. Go Bills and I will be trekking over to Fedex next Tuesday evening. The whole lower bowl of the arena is sold out unless you go on Stubhub with astronomical priced seats, so we are in the 200 level. If you planning on going remember to bring your vax card. Seems like it has been ages since I seen the Bills in person (Auburn & Davidson 19/20 season), so looking forward to this. Anxious seeing Jordan Nesbitt take it to them.
  18. I recall Romer had to re-recruit Maurice Jeffers. Back in the day Romer had weekly radio show on KMOX during conference season. One of his guests was Mo and he described how he was playing hard to get. It was done in a humorous give and take.
  19. Probably had 2 years left on his contract, rumors had it it was more. So we payed this turkey close to a mil a year. Probably the worst coach in SLUs history. Ekker had an excuse (low budget, the West Pine Gym, uninterested administration with O'Connell, etc..) and Buddy Brehmer was a little before my time.
  20. Looks like this one is in the bag. Four zip over GW with about 3 minutes left.
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