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  1. Bradford and Kalbrenner (Trinity) both looked bad against Vashon
  2. Lol you were right. BBE snatched him up
  3. Lol no apologies needed. LONG LIVE JAVONTE PERKINS
  4. Appreciate the kind words. Honestly I have been just blessed to coach and coach against a lot of the local kids in the 2016-18 classes. Javonte was always a special talent. Fourth grade AAU Nationals we were put in a bracket with two teams that finished top 5 the previous year. It was our 1st year there . Played a team out of DC they were blowing everybody out by 20-30 pts. Javonte had an easy 17. We were down 5 with 3mins left and ran out of gas. Lost by 11. Javonte has been getting buckets ever since. Throwback pic with Levi Stockard, Javon Pickett, Destan Williams and Javonte. (5th grade)
  5. No. He had a good summer of AAU ball heading into his Senior year. He played alongside Levi Stockard. Couple D1s were interested but his grades prevented anything from going further. He wanted to stay close to home anyway. So it all worked out perfectly.
  6. I was down at Vashon watching them play but someone texted me about Javonte. He's been a scorer since 4th grade lol. He just needed to get comfortable with the squad. Figure out his role. Proud of him.
  7. Man. This was a tough one for me. My favorite player. Retired. Won an Oscar. Coached his daughter while exploring creative ventures (books, investments). I myself have a 13 yr old who's starting to love the sport I use to coach. We won't get to see Kobe age gracefully....see his daughter continue to grow and develop. Won't get to see Kobe give his Hall of Fame speech...smh. Props to Coach Ford for his words on Kobe
  8. 2017 (class): The focus was on securing Goodwin and French. They talked to Stockard about a visit but it was late in his recruiting process. They weren't interested in Faris. 2018 (class): No Seniors for Vashon. It would have been Joseph Reece but he transferred to East Side. There was some interest by SLU early on. 2019 (class): Ford and Tate had set their eyes on McKinney his Freshmen year. They would talk to the coaches and briefly to Mario. Mario had a nice Freshman season as the 6th man. Helping Vashon win State. Ford came around again Mario's sophomore year. The Dad was waiting for them to pull the trigger. SLU wanted to see more from him. They kept saying that every open gym they came to in the Fall. Season started and in Vashon's second game of the season Mario had a big game against Nationally ranked Wheeler out of GA. Got 5 offers that night....SLU was one of them. Other schools showed more interest in the recruiting process....then Mizzou came into the picture and established a good relationship with Mario and they moved to the top of the list. 2020 (Class): Fletcher wasn't coming. Russell...small guard. He can really shoot it tho. Don't think they offered but Yuri has locked up PG anyway. Clark...there was interest but teams were leery because he bounced around AAU teams and for Vashon he played a complimentary role. 2021 (Class): Kerns. I am not around the team as much as I use to be besides attending a few games but I hear what others have posted about Nick being interested. Nick is getting better each game as he figures out his role with the Seniors for Vashon. I think Nick is poised to have a big summer with MoKan as well. Vashon has a great Freshman class. A couple of them will have big roles next year.
  9. Oh, I agree. He doesn't fit the way the roster is constructed now. I was just speaking in terms to Clark having interest. Ford has filled that spot and is most likely looking for a big now. I heard members of the staff were at the game Saturday looking at Kerns tho.
  10. There was interest from Clark. The feeling wasn't mutual. Georgetown is on him now pretty heavy.
  11. Hearing McKinney might be going the Juco route...John A Logan.
  12. Bout to get even uglier with Tilmon out with an injury
  13. That's the most action he's seen since he's been at K State
  14. Not necessarily. MoKan's style better suits the way Kern plays. There will be a chance for more exposure with MoKan but I don't think it hurts SLU.
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