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  1. Watching on TV....I saw Phillip Russell and Nick Kern Jr behind the Billikens bench. Russell has committed to SEMO.
  2. Yeah. The Freshman John-Michael Wright had 19. He had a little interest from Coach Ford but no offer. Plus he had friends and family at the game. Little extra motivation.
  3. I know Coach Ford wants to play a physical style of ball on the defensive side but when they get in the half court on offense who is the top perimeter threat? Who is going to break the defense down and create for others? Out of the starters...Yuri does a good job of playmaking off the bench.
  4. They weren't trapping hard enough up top. Guards were able to pass out of the double team to easy
  5. Good analysis. Javonte has had that panicked look since 4th grade. It will appear like he's not engaged in the game offensively...then he gets the ball in his hands and then goes to work lol.
  6. Lol that is definitely true.
  7. Never fear....Ace is here to save the forum
  8. Sinister? Nah, it was just surprising to me after watching Hargrove play a similar style of defense with his high school as well as AAU team have issues adjusting to playing that style. That's all. I am sure he will figure it out.
  9. So the prevailing view is that Hargrove hasn't been coached well enough to be in the rotation of the defense and offense they were running last night?
  10. Jacobs is indeed a surprise. But talk of Bell starting happened in May
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