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  1. You were right to say keep an eye on STL Christian....i heard yesterday that Omarion Henry transferred there and reclassified. And another Hazelwood Central player has transferred there...perhaps it's Cole Farrell.
  2. Saw a picture of Kellen Thames today...looks like he's 6'5 now
  3. I have been just as confused over the years. I don't know all the rules... but I have heard they recently simplified the process making it easier to transfer. Not sure if it's temporary because of the pandemic or if it's a long-term change.
  4. Yeah...Russell and potentially Nesbitt would help. VCU has offered Mckinney and already have Stockard too. But I agree with @Pistol. I believe Nick waits until the season starts. If things return to normal for the schools and they have their open gyms in September...Kern will see an uptick in offers.
  5. No update as of yet. I was pretty much told that they were working towards adding Phil to the roster.
  6. I'm hearing he's back in the mix. I don't know what that means for any other player's status.
  7. Sorry for the late response. Yeah, Phil is a great kid. I haven't heard anything lately. I believe the new coach at SEMO offered again. Couple JUCOs are trying to get him. Ford really liked him too. They had discussions but nothing came of it.
  8. They visited pretty regularly during the year. Not sure about phone contact. His recruitment will be very interesting. If things return to normal his offers will start piling up in the fall during open gym.
  9. Hearing Nick Kern is 6'8 now
  10. Yeah. His brother was Koray Gilbert who graduated in 2017 from Vashon.
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