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  1. That battle for the SF will be very interesting. As the roster stands now for next year...don't sleep on Hargrove winning that spot.
  2. I agree. I think more are coming as well. After the success of the local recruits in the playoffs....it will make things very interesting next year.
  3. Cook has NBA dreams. He has been told he could be a 2nd round pick. I see him putting his name back in the draft this summer.
  4. Great kid. Congrats to Yuri for an exceptional season. He gave all he had. I wish he could have won the Championship today.
  5. "...needs massive work" This is Goodwins 2nd year playing point guard...ever. He's learning on the job in a offensive system that doesn't showcase the skills that made him a top recruit. Defensively he's also being asked to do more than he ever did in high school or AAU. What role does coaching play in his development?
  6. Great post. I like the breakdown on Childs. Saw him over the years in AAU ball and against WG at State against Courtney Ramey. He has definitely improved over the years. As for your comment about power players...it seems that was what Ford was going for. Gordon, Santos, French, Goodwin and Thatch. Seems like he wanted to be the more physical team vs the more offensively skilled. Dominate the boards...play strong defense....slow pace, half court offense. My question: do you think with the increase in offensive talent next year he will adjust his gameplan for a faster tempo and what would your starting five be next year with the players we know are coming so far? Appreciate your thoughts
  7. I know how badly Yuri wants to win State. I wish St Mary's good luck down at Springfield
  8. Excels in the open court. JGood is better on the wing on the break. Run. Run. Run next year
  9. Imo Yuri, JGood, Thatch wouldn't give you enough perimeter shooting. But if they decided to switch it up....more full court pressing and an uptempo offense...THAT would be exciting with next year's group.
  10. It would fit his recruiting style so far. He's trying to accumulate all the talent he can. He's going to build the program the best way he knows how. I was just looking at the youth on the roster for next year (incoming Freshmen and Sophomores) and what adding Grad Transfers into the mix would do.
  11. I think we're getting off topic slightly. Obviously we want kids that are going to want to come in and compete but it's not going to be a starting 5 and bench full of 5* players either. We're talking about roster construction and building a program for long term success. Let's say Ford plays a 8-10 man rotation next year. Do Hargrove, Perkins, Jimerson, Collins become a part of that rotation or does Ford bring in Grad transfers and risk losing out (by transfer) on a player or two because they weren't given the opportunity for playing time they were told would be available. Recruiting for exiting players by graduating and transfer can be hard on any program especially without achieving a level of success while doing so.
  12. Hypothetically, let's say Ford recruited Jimerson, Perkins, Hargrove and Collins with the promise of playing time being available. They sign and Coach then brings in Grad Transfers that take those available minutes. What are your thoughts on that? Just curious
  13. He's more of a wing than a PF as I see others in here suggesting. Not big enough or physical enough on defense to play PF.
  14. Bruce Webber was out last night. Checking on Fletcher, Clark and Kasubke.
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