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  1. Nothing linking him to SLU. Just hearing that he might be considering a transfer. Maybe he wants to be closer to home
  2. Getting good looks. Just gotta knock em down. Or attack the basket. My picture is fine
  3. Any interest in Dajuan Gordon from Kansas State. Sophomore from Chicago...
  4. Missed the 1st game but I am glad to see Javonte getting the praise he deserves. Great kid. I'm proud of him. He's always been this good...
  5. Yeah. Drake is solid. My post wasn't meant to disparage them.. I watched K State a lot because of Stockard. Their offense is very predictable. Bruce LOVES his offense shooting 3s....even if they don't have the personnel for it lol. Very little ball movement.
  6. Should be a long season for K State. I don't see Kasubke getting much time unless there's an injury.
  7. Yeah..there were a few unhappy players on that team last year
  8. Yeah. It was between SLU and VCU. Playing time played a factor. Time will tell if the wings that are already here are better than Kern.
  9. His brother (Koray Gilbert) graduated from Vashon in 2017.
  10. We shall see...hearing Nick will be committing in the next day or so.
  11. There was a coaching change at Portland. Most of the the young men playing under Tony Irons going Juco out of high school have been players at the end of the bench. The rest are going D1/D2.
  12. Lol there's no ill will towards Mizzou. As for Nick, he's very good. I think if he had played for MoKan or BBE his first two years his ranking would be much higher. I can understand tho if SLU isn't showing maximum interest with all the players coming back at the wing positions. But it definitely isn't a talent issue with Nick. VCU is on him pretty hard. I would imagine his mom wants him closer. She is usually at all his games. I wish he could have gotten a full summer of AAU ball plus fall workouts for coaches to see him.
  13. Hearing he will commit before the season. They had to change up their schedule this year. They won't be going out of town. So he won't get that extra exposure. But I guess there's always that threat of someone entering the mix late lol.
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