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  1. Yuri and Hargrove have great chemistry. Love, Fletcher, Philip Russell, Jordan Nesbitt in the video as well. (2020 class)
  2. I feel Perkins is worthy of being a starter. I just think Ford will favor Hargrove because of style of play.
  3. Goodwin, Lewis (if eligible), Hargrove, French, Bell Ford sticks with a physical lineup. Lewis as the shooter.
  4. Interesting move indeed regarding Miller. Especially considering 16U has an opportunity to make Peach Jam
  5. I was at that game. Demarius was the best player on the court that day.
  6. English recruited in St Louis while he was at Tulsa. But, I agree with your point that there are other schools to be more concerned about.
  7. If both parties want it to happen then it will.
  8. This has been happening for a while with BBE/Eagles. Kids will play 15u/16u then find out there isn't a spot for them or their role will be reduced 17u. MOKAN provides them an opportunity to play and still be in the EYBL.
  9. Looks like Cam is blowing up. Coach K was in the building to watch a workout
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