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  1. After Bell's Freshman season he was excited about returning and looking to improve. The coaching staff spent that summer recruiting other big men and telling them that the minutes Bell received were out of necessity. That there would be minutes available backing up and potentially playing alongside French. Linssen signed. This year, there are a lot of wing players who would have been higher on the depth chart than Bell that you have to find minutes for. The writing was on the wall. The only surprise was how long Bell waited to transfer.
  2. It was my 1st time seeing both besides highlights. The play in the Fall league can be sloppy as well but I like both players. I agree with what some of the other posts about these two. Thames has the potential to play multiple positions. I would have liked for him to be more aggressive yesterday. Not sure if he normally plays laid back like that. Kramer doesn't have a problem being aggressive lol. Sometimes he was trying to do to much. But I like both of them and think they will come in ready to compete when they step on campus.
  3. Bout to watch Kramer @ the Ramey league. Watched Thames earlier.
  4. Coach Tatum has been having a lot of coaches in lately to watch open gym. Maybe something will come from that.
  5. Who do you see Duarte replacing in the starting lineup?
  6. Happy Birthday to Javonte ...looking forward to this season
  7. At the end of the interview he said he's going to continue to workout ....and get ready for our training camp.
  8. A lot of the interviews and articles are saying that they are high on Caleb Homesely. Probably him...
  9. Alex Caruso...Duncan Robinson...Robert Covington...Chris Boucher...Fred VanFleet..Justin Holiday...PJ Dozier...Christian Wood...Garrett Temple...Seth Curry....David Nwaba...Juan Toscano-Anderson...Gabe Vincent...Kendrick Nunn...all were undrafted and played in the G League and are all on NBA teams currently. 45% of players who were on rosters at the start of last season had NBA G league experience.
  10. Wizards guaranteed Gill's contract for next year and just gave a contract to Isaiah Todd...that's 15 players Deni Avdija Beal Dinwiddie Bertans T Bryant KCP Gafford Gill Hachimura Montrez Harrell A Holiday Kispert Kuzma Neto I Todd
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