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  1. VCU has some nice young players. But anytime anyone gets going offensively Hyland will come down and start chucking up shots.
  2. I have been out of the mix the last week or so....is there a rumor of Cam or Kobe transferring to SLU?
  3. Out of respect to the family I won't go into details. There's a lot to the story. In the end...Brandon heard from a lot of schools once he entered the portal. SLU, Arkansas and some schools from the WAC conference. He will graduate in the spring and explore his options then.
  4. I think there's a role for Bell on this team this year and going forward. I hear he's healthy. So we will definitely have to wait and see how this situation develops.
  5. not always. Just blessed to know quite a few athletes from that 2017 class. I either coached or coached against them at some point. Once they graduate my powers will fade away
  6. Both parties have interest in that. He's going to explore all options.
  7. When I said the same viewpoint I was referring to @White Pelicansaying it seems as if he's a big part of the team. Not sure where you gathered your take from. But it's not factual.
  8. I understand. From the outside looking in I would have the same viewpoint.
  9. Fun fact: McKissic played that well despite the fact his new Coach wants to play his recruits over Brandon. Brandon was playing on the scout team in practice leading up to yesterday's game .
  10. Friendly rivalry...Javonte and McKissic have played on teams together as well as against each other for many years.
  11. Don't worry. McKissic's teammates usually stop giving him the ball in the 2nd half
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