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  1. Pelicans had 3 rookies who hadn't played in the first two games. They made their debut last night. They are pretty loaded with wing players this coming season.
  2. They have a very nice class coming in but I agree that is very chaotic over there
  3. http://tucson.com/sports/arizonawildcats/basketball/sean-miller-arizona-wildcats-remain-active-in-busiest-offseason-yet/article_c0348ed6-c368-5e32-9cf2-1406858534b7.html
  4. He's taking an online course but he has been on campus
  5. So you have talked to Kobe and the coaching staff about SLU recruitment to help form your opinion on this subject?
  6. Not sure how I said anything negative about SLU. Who they decide to actively recruit out of the players they offer is their decision. The discussion was about Love and Fletcher. The narrative that was being pushed was that Fletcher expressed early in the process that he wasn't interested. Having talked to a coach from Vashon last week about SLU and Mizzou recruiting Vashon players I spoke on what I knew. Apparently other readers have other information regarding the matter. How do you sell it to kids to stay local when they receive more interest/communication from other schools? Kobe Clark has an offer from SLU and has expressed interest in wanting to attend SLU. Now...if they have chosen to focus on other players in his class and don't see him as a fit, fine. But if he has a good season and starts to garner more offers let's not go with the "he was never interested" narrative.
  7. Cam barely hears from the local schools. I hope they aren't banking on him coming. He has heard more from K State than any other local school
  8. He has an unofficial visit set up with Kentucky in the coming weeks. Michigan called him today.
  9. Great points. I think next year's team is very talented. I will defer to others about the strength of Conference but I think this team has the potential to surprise some folks. And that guess was spot-on
  10. Did Duke and Kentucky officially offer? I thought they were just showing interest.
  11. I would imagine Bradford was wanted by BBE. He played for them along with Branson in the 8th Grade. I'm thinking Branson and Bradford might have been a package deal.
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