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  1. Agreed. He should have been playing up with 16u
  2. I'm going with Bell, French, Perkins, Thatch, Goodwin. Defense and rebounding. Javontae gives them another finisher on fast breaks and a scorer in the half court. Bell doesn't have to play a lot of minutes because French will float between the 4-5.
  3. Only saw him a couple times but I agree with both @3star_recruit and @Cowboy. He has potential. I could see him filling a role. I see Fletcher and Russell have been added to the Ramey fall league. Lot of talent overall.
  4. Kobe is a 6'6-6'7 combo guard. He's definitely a D1 prospect. He had interest from Michigan as well as K State (with Luke signing I think that avenue might be closed...they need a big now). He's the glue guy for Vashon...rebounds, defends, makes plays. This year I think we'll see him score more. Unfortunately, his issue is he has left both AAU teams he has played on the past two summers limiting his exposure. Michigan saw him this summer at a team camp and couldn't believe he didn't have more offers. As for what schools are coming....I haven't heard anything definitively yet. I just know coaches are able to visit next week. They have open gyms for players not playing other sports. Sometimes they have as many as 3-4 colleges in per day. I use to go and watch a few years ago. My schedule doesn't allow it now. I hear Vashon will be loaded this coming year. Great Freshman class.
  5. Good call. With Phillip Russell and Fletcher both committed, Kobe's up next. College coaches will be visiting next week
  6. Stockard didn't have any academic concerns. His top 2 were K State and Xavier. K State recruited him the hardest.
  7. Where do you have Tay Weaver slotted
  8. No worries. I found it funny as well. Appreciate the comment
  9. Not shocking that you would interpret it that way. Just sharing information.
  10. Yeah...but Luke would be coming in after Sneed. Diarra and Gordon will be starting and that wing spot would need to be filled. Luke is taller and shoots better than any of the returning guards. Plus, there's a good chance one of those three you mentioned might not be there. (If he continues to get into trouble)
  11. Yeah. Jordan has better guard skills than Javon did at this age. The family is pretty loyal to the Jets. Javon played there...Jordan use to sit on the bench as a young kid with a jersey they made for him lol. Anything is possible tho..
  12. Saw Jordan Pickett over the summer. More skilled than his brother was in 8th grade imo.
  13. Can you share your individual experience with Vashon's coaching staff under Coach Tony Irons that has given you inside knowledge into the program to make the comments you made in your first paragraph? Thanks in advance.
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