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  1. It's been really good for me... Haven't had m(any) buffering issues and the picture has been really clear. It's definitely worth it to me.
  2. Lol they are saying his name correctly...
  3. Hankton might be the second best shooter on the team.
  4. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/saint-louis-university-billikens-basketball-2019-2020-roster-primer/ Great breakdown by Carter
  5. If his conditioning was that big of an issue he wouldn't be starting haha
  6. Hargrove is ultra athletic for the schedule we have. But whether someone is"ultra athletic" or not doesn't make a difference. I'd be willing to bet that if he really is still trying to learn the half court defensive concepts here, most of the minutes Hargrove gets at the beginning of the year, the team will be pressing. Same with Perkins. It will allow them to think less and focus more on using their talents.
  7. Lol!! I was bringing it back to the topic with Hargrove, but it's common knowledge basketball 101 that the easiest way to get talented guys that might not have the higher IQs on the floor is to press and play full court.
  8. You guys can keep arguing but this isn't true lol. Especially for ultra athletic players. Carry on!!
  9. Not saying it's not being used for motivation, but Bell did start the scrimmage and has spent a bunch of time working with the first team. He looks to be the starting center. He's the only option right now.
  10. Didn't make it but it sounds like the Jacobs playing 5 or 10 minutes a game can finally be put to rest. It also sounds like French can still be really effective at the 4. If our guards can knock down shots from the perimeter, it'll really help with spacing and our half court defense could be really good. Although inexperienced, we have the pieces to play and match up to any style of basketball this year.
  11. This lol. After these last few years IDK how we could ever talk about redshirting anyone. It seems we never have a full roster the entire season.
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