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  1. Really Steve? Giving family priority over the Board?
  2. While all of this discussion has been about football having bigger stronger super conferences, they would also have stronger basketball conferences. This could help the Bills by forcing the Big East to grow its numbers and strength. Clearly that league could be better with the addition of SLU and UD, which would also add some better geographic balance which could help reduce travel expense for the non-revenue sports.
  3. First, thanks to Steve for updating the front page with the 21-22 schedule with as much info as we now have. It seems to me that we will still need 4 home games (one could be an exhibition). Does that seem correct to you guys (and gals)?
  4. How do you build a program with 13 incoming players?
  5. Congrats RUBills, on the first use of cromulent on Billikens.com. Using it in a sentence, "Jimmerson is not a cromulent spelling of GJ's last name."
  6. The settlement you are all discussing is , almost by definition, a compromise. I have been involved in quite a few "settlements" and in all of them, we gave (or accepted) something short of what we thought was possible in a trial. So if we can get a settlement with the NFL/Kroenke and the amount is reasonable-TAKE IT AND RUN! First going to trial does NOT guarantee a win and even if we prevail we don't know what amount we would be awarded. Even more reason to settle is the time factor. A win would clearly be appealed and tied up in that process for many, many years. Deep pockets can tie this case up for a long time. In the meantime we would see nothing, and even if the "W" is upheld in a final decision,, the amount is, more than often, reduced.
  7. MY question is what is the plan and who is the planner? When the location was sold a few years back it was bought by a guy who owned a medical limo service and a used car lot on S Kingshighway with no previous interest in anything like Humphrey's. Since that time, he has done nothing with the property. He had no connection to Jan Mangelsdorf, who was a great supporter of Billiken sports!
  8. Not only to the SLU Ath Dept. The Bidwells, without any fanfare or publicity made contributions to the STL Chapter of the National Football Foundation, a charity group providing scholarship to local high school athletes at colleges. When the Rams said AMF (see above) the AZ Cardinals, who had been gone from STL for many years provided $$$ to help make up the loss from the Kroenke criminals!
  9. Old guy, you just have a very difficult time with sarcasm don't you?
  10. That horse is dead. Stop beating it.
  11. However, our local rag, which is filled with SPUMAC grads, continues, two or three days later, highlighting an "electric" recruit from ESTL, while making no (zero) comment on the SLU verbal from K Thames.. I also looked for quite a while for where Katz had SPUMAC listed and I'll be darned. Even tho he listed about 70 schools, the boys from Columbia didn't even get a mention. Only SLU and MO State are mentioned. I think we won't have long to be concerned with CM's local recruiting challenge. This could be his one and out year!
  12. Skip, don't be so humble. We all know you have loads of NIL $$$ in your pocket waiting for the next J Tatum to consider (sell out to) the Bills.
  13. Pistol, closing the loop on one other player in the 21 offers section, Nesbitt needs to be updated.
  14. Good post, except it should have been in blue. Hey, I can see the female (ya, right) MLS ownership group using our Women's soccer players for NIL purposes and I think that would be great. Some of the current Senior and rising Senior class of stars going to Wis, Clemson etc. might want to reconsider since they will be getting zero NIL $$$ at their intended choice of schools. I'm sure that Mrs, Kindle would be willing to divert a few sponsorship $$$ to well-known local female soccer recruits, especially given the increasing high level of interest in STL female youth soccer.
  15. Courtside, again thanks for all the info and logic you bring to this Board. I find your insight into the who's, why's and wherefore's of local and national recruiting to be truly outstanding---you gotta be Chris Allen or Mr. Soccer (Bill McDermott) to have the knowledge contained in your posts and if you aren't, then they could both learn from you!
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