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  1. bauman

    2018-19 season

    Lets see Hoosier, Venice and Thicks. Were any of the three of you, or any other Board regulars, unable to know that HF meant French, CAG meant Gordon, JB meant Bess JG meant Goodwin, TI meant Isabell, DW meant Wiley, DJF meant Foreman, EW meant Welmer, FT meant Thatch, DJ meant Jacobs, IG meant Thor and KCH meant Hankton. Really? ? ? Gosh VM, just yesterday Willie used CAG in a post that you gave him a "Good Post" on. Really, this is such a childish issue caused by BR, that is Billiken Roy, that it has no place as a Board issue. I suggest if some of you can't translate HF and CAG, for example then do as BR does and ignore any post that uses an initial or if it is easier for you then just block me. No problem.
  2. bauman

    2018-19 season

    It still early to play the "how many minutes each player will play" game but I think a key issue caused by the loss of LS is the fact that we are left with two wide body Bigs and I think most on here think that both HF and CAG will start the game. With LS we had another wide body to fill in for HF and/or CAG so that we always had at least one of the three in the game, giving us the physical presence down low that is so valuable. If we sub both French and Gordon out around the same time that means DJF and EW would pair up for a fair number of minutes together each game. I can see Ford adjusting his substitutions at the 4/5 spots so that he has either HF or CAG on the floor most of the game. Not counting blowouts, if our 4 Bigs normally take up all the 4/5 spot minutes (80/game) then that leaves only 120 . to be split among JG, TI, JB, FT, DW , DJ and IG You know JG and JB will get more than a fair share of minutes so, Isabell, Wiley, Thatch, Jacobs and Thor will be in a battle for a limited amount of playing time. I think KCH will primarily be getting only mop up minutes Oct 27 can't get here soon enough! 19 evenings and counting!
  3. bauman

    Coach on the Radio

    So T Isabell has shrunk from 6'1" to 5'11"? 😠
  4. bauman

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    So the answer to my question is that we should not expect Hargrove to step into one of our "Big" spots. That means that that is a priority in this year's recruiting class , or certainly in the 2020 class. I think we will get accustomed to two strong powerful 4/5s on the court at the same time, dominating the inside. Because we have 5 known scholarships available for the combined 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes (and we have already filled 3 of those 5) I think we need to fill one of the 2 on a need basis-a 4/5 type. With the other I want C. Love. If Welmer does not apply for and receive a medical redshirt year then we have one more to give.
  5. bauman

    2018-19 season

    Bess at number 20 in A 10 top 25 player list after CAG at 21. I have to believe that French, Goodwin and Isabell also make the list so that would be 5 Billikens in the top 25. No wonder we are picked to win the league! I think JG and HF are no-doubters with Isabell maybe a "possible" since he hasn't played in the league yet, but his reputation should get him in. Sidepoint: I doubt that any team in the country would have 5 of the top 25 players in their conference's list.
  6. bauman

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    If all of our current 3 * recruits are as good as recent 3 * recruits (HF and KM) I'll be very happy. I still think we need a 4/5 to take the spot of Santos, next year, but that leads me to a question for those of you who have seen Hargrove play. Is it possible that he could bulk up enough to fill that need for a inside force, like what we expected Santos to be?
  7. bauman

    2018-19 season

    As a sign of respect would you STOP misspelling Isabell's name? i guess PM's to you are about this item are meaningless. How many times do you need to see his name on this Board before it hits you that you are constantly misspelling it?
  8. bauman

    Recruiting - 2019

    For any of you worried about rankings, see the 8 min video linked in the A10 Talk article and you will stop worrying about GJ's. I know it's a highlight video, BUT we don't have a player on the roster that could produce enough shooting highlights to fill that video. He looks to be an even better shooter than one of my all-time favorite Bills----Claggs.
  9. bauman

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    Back to Gibson, I watched the video, linked on page 1 of this thread and was impressed, but after watching the 8 min video linked in the A10 Talk article on this commitment, I am blown away! This guy has range out to 30 feet and shows the ability to shoot while moving to either his right or left along with the ability to step back to get open. That video even shows some defense on his part. If you haven't watched that video, it's worth a look for any Billiken fan.
  10. bauman

    Recruiting - 2019

    D^MM!T, TF loses another one! He just can't recruit!
  11. bauman

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    06, thanks for showing me where those number came from. I would offer the thought that we have never signed a recruit that had a better combo number (179) than GJ. If we have, there would be very few.
  12. bauman

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    I've been watching for someone to post Gibson's FT%/FG5/3-PT FG% numbers but haven't seen them. Wasn't the Rick M. rule of thumb that a combo of those %s equaling 180 translated into an outstanding shooter that you would want on your team? If Gibson's FT and 3-PT Fg %s are 86 and 45, totaling 131, I assume his overall FG % would be at least 49% getting his "shooting % total" to 180(+). I don't recall any discussion of a new standard of 90/50 (FT and 3-PT %s). That totals 140, meaning that even an overall shooting % just equaling a players' 3-Pt % (50) would give you a total of 190! I don't know if there are any of those out there. I think the 180 combination translates into an outstanding shooter. That brings me back to my original point-does anyone have recent shooting percents for GJ?
  13. bauman

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    Come on 05, don't we all like to do that? That's what this Board is all about, at least we have moved from the days of VTIME telling us we need every D2 level player in the STL area! Speaking of what we need, I fall into that category as can be seen in my post a few minutes ago in the 2020 recruiting thread. Feel free to disagree.
  14. bauman

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    When looking at available scholarships (sch) for the next two years, I think it makes sense to group them considering our needs going forward, especially since we now have 3 verbals for the 2019 class. I am going with the assumption that given his age EW will leave after this year or next w/o making use of a medical redshirt,-remember he spent one year at a prep school after high school and before coming to SLU. I am also going with the assumption of no one leaving the team earlier than after their projected 4th year of eligibility, although I realize that that might not be the case. 2019 and 2020 available sch's: 6 JB, DJF, TI, DW, EW and vacant (LS's spot) 2021 sch's: 2 HF and JG 2022 sch's: 5 CAG, FT, KCH, DJ and IG Total of above----------------13 2019 and 2020 SCH's "filled":-------- 3 TH, YC and GJ which leaves 3 yet to be filled. With LS gone next year along with DJF and possibly EW, I think it is almost imperative that we fill a spot in the 2019 sch class with a Grad Tr. who can serve as the 3rd Big, along with HF and CAG. Even if EW comes back for next year, I think a GT Big is an important need due to Welmer's injury history. That would still leave 3 openings for the 2020 class. My 'most wanted gets' with those 3 sch's would be Bradford to fill the need for a 4/5 type player every year or two. Next would be Love and finally, the last sch would go to fill our greatest need at the point when 2020 sch's are being offered. Maybe a 3/4 type like Kasubke. My only problem with that threesome is that they are all local and as I wrote previously I think it is important to keep recruiting lines open to Chicago and the Northeast. In any case, I think Ford and staff have earned our complete trust in continuing to infuse the program with outstanding talent
  15. bauman

    Billiken Madness

    This is like the NHL all-star game. Players on defense??????? are posts. I guess that is exactly what you would expect. Nothing learned about anybody.