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  1. Speaking of teams we play this year, Auburn comes in at #24, however, they lose 54-55 points/game from last years' team and when you read the write-up on them, it's hard to see them as a top 25 team.
  2. SLU Dogs, thanks for posting the A-10 list. I agree that we won't have anyone at the top of the league scoring list-too much balance on the team which is a good thing. I also like having two of the top newcomers (along with UMASS) which hopefully leads us to continued upgrading of the team.
  3. Looking at your last paragraph confirms that this is NOT a good year for TF and staff in keeping the local recruiting plan in place. We were shut out in the year following our NCAA trip, so obviously that had zero positive affect on local kids. Hopefully, next years' class will provide a rebound in STL area recruiting. I think it's imperative that we keep getting one or two of the local top five most years to keep building positive vibes for SLU MBB. I understand that we are not yet in the position of being able to truly compete with the Dukes and Kentuckys for players like Love and Fletcher, but even in a year when we only had two scholarships available, it would have been nice to get any of the other 3 players you listed, into a Billiken uniform. With at least 3 (JG, HF, JP) open scholarships available for the following class I hope TF and staff can nail down at least one of the top five locals.
  4. You are correct. See my edited original post and my intent should have been clear from my last main paragraph.
  5. I am not associated with The Athletic but I do subscribe to it. I just finished an article on the growth of the Zags program which I hope C May and T Ford would read. While Spokane is much smaller than the STL area, there are a number of similarities between SLU and Gonzaga sports/basketball, that make the article great reading for Billiken fans. -Gonzaga is the little engine (mid-level conference) in a state with a big engine (U of Washington-PAC 12) much the same as SLU relative to Mizzou and/or Illinois -Both GU and SLU endured such hard times that they considered downsizing or eliminating their MBB programs, but instead took steps to upgrade the MBB program -Both schools relied heavily on a major donor to build their upgraded BB arenas. In addition, there are a few items that I hope will prove to be similar: -A highly successful MBB program can have a significant impact on University finances, especially if the team/program is funded properly -if SLU can approach the Zags success I would hope that our HC would do as the Zags HC did, that is, turning down a much bigger and well known University's HC offer, especially if the HC offer is from the offeree's alma mater. (Few turned down Oregon) It seems Few is content to be associated with an outstanding MBB program at a smallish-Jesuit University in an area in which he enjoys living. -GU has been successful primarily recruiting 3* players in the USA, who come in with the right attitude-few, if any 4-5 * signees -Due to the size of Spokane, Gonzaga found it needed a recruiting niche and that became recruiting internationals. I would hope at some point in the next few years that we can establish our niche as top players in the STL Metro area. I know we have some of those but we are still missing on many of the top local recruits. I want to get to where they are asking to come to SLU. I do understand that we will never get all of the top locals we pursue, but I think we need to consistently get one or two of the top three locals who qualify. "If you can't dream it you will never do it" All in all, a very interesting read on how to turn a top 100-150 level program into a perennial top 20 team.
  6. Especially with 3 stars' comment about Martin's 3 pt shooting as a Soph in HS.
  7. Would work out well with YC a Sr. when Martin would be a Fr. Also, as SOPHs, both Martin and Hughes have a few years to grow a few inches
  8. I know we are dealing with a very small sample size (Billiken Madness when little to no defense was played) but Jimerson's shooting, and TF's comments about him, make me think of the Spoon/Scott H. story when Spoon told Scott he would play as long as he outscored the guy he was playing against. I know there have been some stats cited in this thread and without repeating them, it seems like every 40%+, 3 pt shooter who has ever worn a Billiken uniform has also played 30+ minutes a game, with the possible exception of M Barkley. 45% by GJ puts him in the Roland Gray territory, in which only RG resides. (Edit) I guess we have moved pretty far from the title of this thread, but Jacobs' role is certainly impacted by the level of Jimmmmerson's shooting!
  9. ...especially in light of the 3 pt. arc being moved this year. I'm pretty pumped about the entire recruiting class TF and staff have put together for this year, but I'm most excited about Jimmmerson. I would be thrilled with 45%+ from him, and even more so if KCH, Jacobs and Perkins can be in the 40% area. (See Billikenswin's practice report, above)
  10. 3 point bomber ??? Hopefully, the stats are incorrrect.
  11. One question, how tall is he? I have seen 6'5", hoping he is still growing, up to 6'7" on Pistol's 2020 list of offerees.
  12. Minutes heading into A-10 play: (based on MBM discussions and Billikens Madness only) 5---HF-25; JB-10; MD-5 4---JP-20; TH Jr. -10; KCH- 10 3---GJ-15; FT Jr - 15; JP- 5; TH Jr - 5 2---JG-15; DJ - 10; TW - 10; FT Jr - 5 1---JG - 15; YC - 15; TW - 5; DJ - 5; JG 30; HF 25; JP 25; FT Jr 20; GJ 15; TH Jr 15; DJ 15; TW 15; YC 15; KCH 10; JB 10; MD -5 I have French at only 25 due to his need for breathers/foul trouble/ and need to be off the floor late in games due to his foul shooting. This assumes a fast pace game on both ends of the court with 11 getting meaningful minutes and MD filling in at the post as needed.
  13. 3star, I'm not doubting you, but I am curious where you found any info on him being a solid 3 pt shooter? Are there stats that we on this Board have not seen? I would love to have another hi-quality outside gunner to go with GJ, KCH, Perkins and (hopefully) YC next year. You can never have enough good shooters to help open up the inside. Just think if we would have had a solid big 4/5 when we had Highmark, Waldman and Clags!
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