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  1. This is probably covered in some thread, but we always seem to have some confusion about available scholarships, so here is the way I see it with the assumption that Lewis is only going to be on the squad next year (for either a 1/2 year or a full year). This is as of 4/17/19 Seniors next year: Lewis Juniors: Perkins, Goodwin, French Soph: Jacobs, Thatch, Hankton Fresh; Jimerson, Collins, Hargrove, Bell Eleven scholarships used a/o today----- 2 available for 2019 signees* Ten scholarships used a/o today(two above* and the Lewis scholarship)-----3 available for 2020 signees. Fill any additional signees into the appropriate year, e.g. a grad transfer would go into the year with Lewis. What is important to me is that we have 3, 2020 scholarships for the outstanding group of players, that year; i.e. Love, Kasubke, K Clark, the Mehlville 3, and others. This would balance the scholarships as follows in the 2020-21 year: Seniors---3; Juniors ---3; Soph-----4; Fresh-----3.
  2. Jimerson (one "m" please) next year and I'd like Kasubke next!
  3. Someone compared him to S Highmark a few posts back. GJ is way beyond Scott's shooting ability if his video is representative of his game. Scott was a really good spot-up shooter but was not very good shooting on the move. Claggs was the guy that excelled at that, not Scott. Jimerson looks like way more that just a spot up shooter and a guy who could add a lot to the team next year.
  4. In your 2nd paragraph you might be able to delete Porter/Loyola and substitute Ford/SLU. Hopefully!
  5. signing period starts today, right. Come on down, Jimmy Bell!
  6. I guess his Grandma moved to Fort Worth!
  7. 4 stars are NOT going straight to the NBA. Many 5 stars will but not even all of them. See Tillmon, Gordon, French, Goodwin just to name a few we know about.
  8. After listening to the interview, I am pretty sure that he wants the waiver so he can start playing at SLU in Nov, this year but either way my impression is that he will only be at SLU for the next school year. Therefore he is in effect like a GT, not tying up a 2020 scholarship. Also, since he is finishing this school year at Neveda, he will have completed 3 full academic years and if he has taken normal loads, he will be on track to graduate at the end on the 2019-2020 school year. I hope this does not impact on Jacobs staying. I still think he has lots of potential.
  9. I wish I had heard the interview. Can you clarify what Lewis meant by "happy having one year left and playing this upcoming season." Was he saying that he would just be playing the 2019-20 season so in effect he would be like a grad transfer and not be taking up a 2020 scholarship?
  10. I don't think there is any way to know the answer to the two items you mention until the waiver is granted/not granted by the NCAA wjich can be further complicated by the Duq issue. This could drag out longer than Sit 2
  11. Thanks for the summary. It took me 45 minutes last night to get to where you are. I sure hope TF doesn't want the NKU job (Blue Font). Cronin-Cincy to UCLA Alford- UCLA to Nevada Musselman-Nevada to Arkansas Brannen - NKU to Cincy Mullins out at SJ (Big East job open)
  12. I assume you meant he did NOT count against the scholarship limit.
  13. How about this lineup to close out close games where we have a 10 pt or less lead and the other team has no way to go except to foul us? Lewis, Collins, Jimerson, Perkins and Thatch. Go ahead and foul that group!
  14. I like the Lewis move for 2 reasons; the STL angle and he makes us a better team next year when we have been worried about our lack of experienced players. I could see Lewis getting lots of minutes , even starting along Goodwin. The only problem, and it's a good one to have, is too much talent/players at the 1/2 positions. Pretty crowded with Goodwin, Thatch, Jacobs, Collins and Lewis. Maybe Goodwin and Thatch could fill some #3 position minutes, in effect playing 3 or 4 guards at a time, based on possible matchups. We still need 1 or 2 GT bigs to help at the 4/5 spots. Just to review, we have the following positions/players considering some to be flexible with regard to position. (If you can't handle initials pls stop reading at this point, but if you are a true Billiken fan you will know who each of these players are!) 1 and 2: JG, FT Jr.; Jacobs, YC; M Lewis, Jimerson 3 : Perkins; TH; KCH; Jimerson; JG; FT Jr. 4 and 5 : HF; J Bell; Perkins; TH ; and 1 or 2 GTs Come on TF-get us a couple of bigs that don't tie up more than one scholarship year
  15. What you last 3 posters are missing is that the two DeSmet bigs are a year behind Bradford, when we should have enough open scholarships to be able to land both of them, if they merit offers. I would be very happy to have Bell, Bradford and the two DeSmet bigs on a roster with Terrence H., Collins, Jimerson and other Ford recruits, hopefully including Luke K. from Chaminade and Love from CBC! Lets also remember that Ford should have an inside track to DeSmet since his son Brooks played for their HC a year ago.
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