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  1. Any word on if anyone will be allowed in Chafefz, or a complete shutdown? I would think since family and friends were allowed at the last game and we had the COVID outbreak after that, that no one would be allowed in, even if STL city guidelines would allow some to attend. With as slow as the rollout of vaccine shots being given on both sides of the river has happened, I'm not thinking any of us will be allowed into an arena for months. I know that you can sit socially distanced from other attendees but you won't be while waiting in lines to get in or while walking around in the concour
  2. Why have the 4 not been identified? It seems to me that if they are proud of the statement they are making, they would want to do it publicly.
  3. Illinois loses today to The OSU They now have 5 losses. How long will they stay in the Top 25?
  4. Duq v S B on ESPN2 right now. They say they are going to interview TF soon. As I was writing the previous, TF came on the telecast. Nothing new. Lots of players have the virus and are coming out of "Q" at various times. Multiple references to leadership of JG and HF. Discussed Yuri and JP and talked about the team being one of the top teams in the country. Greenberg talked about how good the Bills are. A couple of pet peeves: TF constantly referring to the team as "my team." I think it should be "our team." "My team" ignores the impact of the ACs who I'm sure are a big
  5. We improve from 15 to 13 in NET today, passing Wisconsin and Kansas. I'm sure that won't last long but nice for a day or until they both play their next games.
  6. A lot of words, but very little information. Going back to the basic question 72 asked, how difficult would it be for May or TF? Why not address why the Women can practice w/o a full team, but the Men are waiting until everyone can participate to mention if the players are allowed in the gym by themselves. If you and Littlebill are satisfied with the info you are getting, that's fine. Many others are not. I guess neither side is wrong, ust different.
  7. To me your questions, along with all the others in recent posts, is a big part of what is so frustrating to many of us. May and Ford (to the extent TF is allowed to comment) have done a terrible job of providing even a minimal amount of information to the fan base. Yet I'm sure we will all be asked to consider converting our season ticket payments into a contribution to the SLU Ath Dept or Billiken Club. I can't imagine a reason that would keep the Ath Dept from answering questions such as yours about practice. I have listened to CM and TF on the air and provide nothing more than coach-spe
  8. ....and still 15 in NET. Illinois with 4 losses , including the bad one (at home against a weak MD team) only dropped from 5 to 8 in Net. As the Missouri State College of Central Missouri drops throughout the year, it will only hurt Illinois' NET.
  9. Dropped down from 13 to 15 in today's NET. We need to start playing some games, although I guess some A 10 wins might actually hurt us. Kansas and Creighton jumped ahead of us.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, we already have 6 games that need dates, not currently on the schedule - I think 5 postponed and the Bonnies which has never had a date. And this doesn't take into account future games that will be lost, either due to SLU problems or our opponents. I don't think Travis wants to adopt the E Banks philosophy of "let's play two."
  11. The Athletic just came out with their second bracket. We are a 6 seed playing UNC an 11 seed. The Columbia Correctional Facility is in the same bracket as a 5 seed. I know these seed and brackets, at this point in the season are just for fun and discussion but who would have ever thought we would be a favorite over UNC? (see Caleb, you should have come to a big time program ) FWIW, they have only 2 A 10 schools in the Dance, us and the Bonnies. Our biggest problem right now is that we need to get back on the court and play some games. What a sad way for HF and J Good to be end
  12. Sorry to repeat an earlier thought, but why would the Conference even \have a tournament? I can only think of one reason-$$$ from TV. How will the team who wins the tournament feel when they have to bow out of the NCAA due to COVID picked up when all A 10 teams are together at one site? What if that team was the Bills? Conference standings will allow the Selection Committee enough info to pick whatever A 10 teams will be invited to INDY. Why risk it?
  13. What will help us regarding our LSU win is when they kill the team from middle Missouri this weekend.
  14. Taj regarding your Sunday post that talked about guards throwing their heads back as if shot by a gun or arrow, the first guy I remember doing that, and getting fouls called just about everytime, was a Houston guard. ( I think his name was Gray and it was about 4 years ago. ) Since then, it has become a part of many players' games and many officials still seem to be fooled by it. Honestly, it is the one part of Yuri's game that I dislike as he does it just about every game, when there is contact as he drives to the basket. I would like to see refs either be consistent in not calling fouls w
  15. And it's not like LaSalle or St Joe are going to be in the hunt for the regular season title. Unless it come down to $$$, I don't see a reason to bring all the teams that are non-Covid affected, at the time, to NYC for an A 10 tournament where having so many teams in the same facility only enhances the possibility of a tournament winner being impacted by the virus. Just declare the regular season winner (by %) the automatic Dance rep for the league. But that decision needs to be made soon, before a lot of Conf games are played. How would you like for our team to win the Reg Season
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