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  1. I hope Bradford and Kasubke bring their boxing equipment with them to college. They gotta be wondering what they have signed up for! If the game winds up in a forfeit then the K-St loss will be eliminated so as not to hurt our NET.
  2. I think there will be a much larger difference at the end of the year. JG is a 53% FT shooter. I think YC is much better and will continue to improve as the season goes along. Just a hunch. I think Yuri was decent from the line in HS.
  3. I think you are way off base in this comment. W/O actually doing a count I would guess that there are about 70 P5 plus the Beast jobs . How many of those turn over each year? Is 10 a good estimate. Of those 10 how many would be interested in TF and just as important, how many would he be at all interested in? I think you could eliminate all the PAC 12 schools along with all the ACC schools. In general, I think he would only have any interest at all in schools in the B 10, Big 12, SEC and Beast and even then only a very few of those schools. Realistically, I think only two schools would even hold any interest for TF---Mizzoz and Illinois. While either of them could offer him a sizable raise, they both have significant drawbacks. Both are in smallish towns with little in the way of culture/lifestyle and recruiting at both of them requires much more time away from home than recruiting at SLU. Plus, as I have written before, he and his family love St. Louis. Yes I know that I have not mentioned UK. While that looks like a dream job does he really want the pressure that comes with the UK job? I don't think so.
  4. Speaking of Hankton, he had been in uniform in recent games but was not in the Dayton game. What in the world is wrong with him? Looking like another Welmer and time to move on.
  5. Agree as long as those going to the FT line are named Perkins, Hargrove, Jacobs or Collins.
  6. After much careful thought and consideration, I have struggled to reach the following conclusion. I want Nesbitt who upon his commitment to SLU will immediately be renamed Nessbitt by a few members of this Board!
  7. I see very few local high school games, but the posts on Kern made me look at Pistol's 2021 list of recruits. It seems based on their size that Kern, Nesbitt and Lee might be vying for one spot in the 2021 class. All of them are in the 6'5" range. Is that a fair assumption or do any of the three have skills which are different from the other two? e.g. is one of them a pure 2 guard while the others are more like a Perkins type #3 wing? I know things can change (transfers/injuries) but as of today we will have 3 scholarships available for that class. Spots currently filled by HF, JG and JP. Depending on how TF fills the one remaining scholarship for next year, it seems like the ideal 2021 class would consist of a PF, wing/SG and a Point Guard
  8. I have not seen Reed play, but I have heard really good things about him from people who have.
  9. Weber has gotten his last STL recruit. He can move on unless it's someone we have no interest in.
  10. A couple of you have mentioned that Davidson has no one to match up with HF. I see that as both a good and a bad thing. Yes he played a great game against UD on the boards. 17 rebounds were outstanding, he was like a man against boys, including Toppin, but in games like that he can also hurt us in two ways. He, and JG for that matter, tend to be so focused on scoring that he (they) don't see, or look for, teammates open for shots. While their aggressiveness translates into many points and boards, it also costs us in missed opportunities for wide open shots by Billikens not named French or Goodwin. These missed opportunities are compounded when he and JG are fouled and we all know what that means. One point, at best ! Let's face it guys and gals, HF and JG have proven what they are from the free throw line so there is no sense complaining about it. It is what it is, a combined less than 50%, and it's not going to improve at this point in the season. What TF needs to do is find a way to minimize the impact of that weakness. If Davidson doubles or employs a "hack a HF" strategy, I hope we see the ball passed out to other open Bills. At some point HF needs to consider an assist as just, if not more, important to the teams' success as fighting off a double team and going to the line for a possible one point. Yes, as I said above, HF played a GREAT game against UD and many other teams this year, and yes we would not have been leading UD through most of the game without him leading the charge, but when he goes into his "I'm going to shoot no matter what" mode, as in the last part of the Dayton game, it can produce the same outcome as we just witnessed. Davidson probably has the best coach in the A 10 and my fear is that we wind up shooting less than 50% from the line based on his gameplan. While that might work for us, depending on other facets of the game, it could be a killer if they light it up from beyond the arc. Kind of a repeat of the final 6 minutes of Friday's game. All that being said, I see a road win as the team fights off the discouragement from a tough loss. GO BILLS ! UNRELATED FOOTNOTE: Watching the replay of the UD game, Weaver was taken out of the game in the final minute of the first half and was talked to by our assistant coach. TW was obviously mad as HF was sitting next to him on the bench and put his arm around him both on the bench and while walking off the court. Whatever was said to Weaver, we was not happy. It seems clear that he was not injured. I hope he recovers and becomes a big part of the team the rest of the year. We need his 3 pt shooting.
  11. Is he a possible redshirt candidate or has he played too much to be redshirted? If we are saying that FT Jr. could wind up as part of that class then to be consistent we have to eliminate Jimerson who hopefully gets a medical redshirt and would then become part of next years' recruiting class. In any case , I just hope that our signed recruit for next years' class (Strickland) is a well-above average 3 pt shooter.
  12. I don't see this posted in any other threads and even though I hate SPUMAC MBB, it is of interest that they set a number or records last night (in their loss to Bama) by hitting all 31 of their FT's. My dream is the Bills hitting just 24 of 31, but that would require HF and JG not going to the line more than a couple times each.
  13. Seemed like there were lots of recruits at the game in the seats behind the Bills' bench. It looked like AB was sitting with them. I wish I knew who the recruits were but I don't know what they look like since I have not seen any of them play. A great atmosphere for them to see SLU and Chaifetz at our best (except for FT shooting). Speaking of Chaifetz, if any of you looked at the series of pictures from the game, which appeared in the online PD articles, Dr. C is referred to as "a fan" in one of the pics. Great job of editing, P-D !
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