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  1. Thanks for posting and for all the info you have been providing
  2. Sorry to say, but I am less than excited by this addition. I hope TF can come up with at least one, if not two, that exceed Williams' contributions next year. I know a lot of Billikens.com members trust the recruiting of TF and staff, but I am starting to wonder if TF has lost his recruiting fastball. Look at the top players from the Metro and we are missing out on most of them. As much as we like to love our local recruits, and TJ and Yuri are nice A 10 players who I'm glad chose SLU, we need to start winning some battles for at least a few of the top players coming out of high schoo
  3. The next time I learn something from Chapley Media will be the first time I learn something from Chapley Media, but he continues to dazzle us with all the Billiken "information" he has on page one of Billikens.com.
  4. Brock, while I have never worked in a newsroom, I have spent my entire career drafting and reviewing written materials. As a SLU alum it concerns me that a very recent Masters in Communications grad cannot even write a decent short, one-paragraph bio on his "media" website. Chapley describes himself thus; He most recently was "a the lead" (what is a the lead?) Beat writer (small w) at ScoopswithDannyMac.com. Prior to that he was a Staff Writer (Cap W) for the University News.... I'm not certain if "writer" should have a capital "W" or not, but I am certain that it needs to be the same bas
  5. Gardner and Chapley are to journalism as Military music is to music. How Chapley has somehow convinced Billikens.com management to include all his tweets, including many having nothing to do with Billiken basketball, on the first page of this website continues to amaze me. I understand this treatment for actual journalist's such as Stu, and for Members of the SLU sports community, e.g. Chris May, but not for someone whose only connection to actual journalism is that he might know how to spell it. Spreading pictures of a 21st birthday party with the clear intent of harming the SLU ba
  6. Kind of like Nesbitt at Memphis?
  7. ....and ML on either one! I love having 15 fouls to give among our bigs, especially with the way these east coast refs are calling the games.
  8. Gobills and Kat, Gibson ain't going to find his shot if the seniors don't pass him the ball when he is standing wide open. Watching the past 4-5 games they have gone out of their way to not include him in the offense.. That being the case, then I agree with TF's current sub pattern of giving GJ minimal, if any, minutes. I know his %s are down but at least some of that is due to his rushing shots when he would get the ball. What we are doing is working since FT and JG are shooting better from outside so in the short term we might be playing better.
  9. I'm hoping only 2 (JG and HF) open up. I want JP back! How good would that be?
  10. At least twice now, the camera has shown Francis O. while the announcers are talking about Yuri. Good prep guys, NOT!
  11. Sorry, but I must have missed and announcement on Jacobs being limited. ???
  12. You fogot GJ whjo stepped up to the line in the closing minutes and nailed 2 FTs.
  13. This game is making the bubble a challenge. We might need to win the A 10 tournament to get into the NCAA. What a shame.
  14. Cowboy, it's quite a bit different for a few MBM's on a Billikens' message board posting a personal belief as opposed to the Richmond AD doing it publicly to the news media.
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