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  1. Of course they are not, and I never said they are. Both can have an impact but the Center will not be a deciding factor to 17 year old athletes looking at where to accept a scholarship from.
  2. Roy, just to be clear, I am not critical of May's comments about the Center. He is saying what needs to be said, I just think he is overstating the recruiting impact of the facility. While I agree with you that NIL is going to have a negative impact on college sports, I think there will be many recruits who will not be of the quality to get that type of incentive. What bugs me the most in watching games is the constant need of announcers to have to explain where player X transferred from. Elimination of the one year sit out rule is destroying the team concept. What we have now is just a bunch of free agents shopping themselves and thereby leaving their former school to have to rebuild
  3. I know Women's BB doesn't drive the bus, but for all of us wanting an invite to the Beast, Baylor is like a mid-level Big East team this year so if that invite would ever occur then we would have a lot of work to do in WBB. Reading May's statement on this hiring make me think about a recruiting item. As he has to do at this point to satisfy donors to the family Champions Center, May mentions what a tool the Center will be to upgrade our recruiting. Sorry but I just don't see it. To me it is a nice facility to have but will not cause recruits to pick SLU over competitors. Prior year rankings, coaching staffs and yes NIL will be what recruits are attracted to not a nice Center to hang out in.
  4. Can you please stop with the "Vegas line" multiple times every game that is discussed!
  5. OG. you can look that up yourself not bothering Wiz with things like that . With all your interest in various ranking and Vegas lines, surely you are familiar with the Top 144 website that will answer your question.
  6. hopefully we don't need to feed them pizza to get them there and more importantly to stay till the end of the game.
  7. I tried to delete it a minute after I posted but somehow it made it onto the board. Sorry
  8. Bad post. If you don't like what he writes, do what other posters have done and Ignore .
  9. Gordon has burned his SLU bridge.
  10. With what we are losing after this year, TF better hit the portal big time. We are losing both of our bigs plus Perkins and Pickett and maybe a couple more key pieces who still have eligibility left.
  11. Is it like basketball where there are 4 regions? If so and we are the #2 seed in our Region, then would that mean that Memphis is a 15 seed in the Region?
  12. For those of you who get Bally Sports MW, tonight it is on BSMW plus or extra since the Blues are on the usual BSMW. On U Verse BSMW plus/extra is 1747 with the main BSMW Ch 1748
  13. Actually, his record at OKSt was 155-111, which is what I was referring to.
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