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  1. When is the last time anyone ranked us 3 spots higher in a national poll than Kentucky?
  2. Ace, which team from last year are you referring to? The Bills or Ind. St?. No issue if the Bills, of course this upcoming SLU team will be better. If you are referring to ISU, that's to be seen, but I think Gibby and Casey will more than make up for the ISU players who are going elsewhere.
  3. And it was just a few years ago that we were worried about losing TF to UK.
  4. Picking up Howard is BIG, especially now with Kelly leaving. Howard has tremendous ball skills and a powerful shot. I think she will step in as a starter quickly, if not at the start of the year. I have to believe that she was one of our top 2 or 3 recruiting targets coming out of high school and a big disappointment when she chose Wis.
  5. She has the total package, skills, size, aggressiveness and instincts.
  6. Agree about the embarrassment effort by going into a 21st birthday celebration for his son. Really a punch below the waist. A- Bomb, an interesting point is that it was not a team party event as many others were in attendance. Your effort in this mission seems to be well thought out but using that item in your email as a reason for Ford's ouster is not up to the standard of the rest of your goal
  7. He was out on the wing behind the arc but wasn't getting any passes. I know Parker is getting lots of praise but at some point he has to actually pass the ball. Once he gets the ball no matter where he is, he is going to get a shot. The refs were bad, yes, but the announcing team was worse-just pitiful-a disgrace to ESPN.
  8. Since the official SLU website doesn't include incoming recruits until school starts, where does a fan go to see all of the new recruits? It seems like Pistol used to list them at the top of the recruiting year, but it's no longer there. Instead there is loads of info on players we had some interest in but who went elsewhere. It would be nice to see all of our new signees in one place instead of having to search through multiple pages to find "welcome" threads for each individual
  9. Hoping this recruiting class is enough to produce Guy P.'s resignation.
  10. They also have Wash St and Ore St to deal with
  11. Why would it be strange? Is that a serious comment? When you are the key player on the local D1 team and hold them hostage for a ransom payment, you should expect some blowback. The situation gets even worse when you underperform in that ransomed year. And why do you refer to Sloan and Meyer, but not Larry Hughes, or Roland G or M. Douglass or Erwin C, all of whom are locals and held in "high regard" by Billiken fans?
  12. I can't follow his journey of schools. Where all has he played and how many years does he have left to play?
  13. He's not going to get much in the way of NIL $$$ if they are looking at him as a back-up.
  14. Yuri's main problem isn't going to go away. He needs to grow 3-4 inches unless he becomes much quicker and a much, much better shooter. If none of these happen he is never going to play in the NBA. I hope he gets a nice NIL gig at a P5 school which needs a one year fix at PG.
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