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Best Billikens Point Guard


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23 hours ago, slufanskip said:

That discussion re best Billiken point guards is irrelevant. 

I can’t make a case for or against anyone Torch mentioned as I’ve never seen them play but adding who!s hands do you want the ball in for the final seconds isn’t really a valid point for the discussion 

How much time left? Down 2 or 3, home or away. Down 2 or 3 with GJim and/or Perk on the floor 10* seconds left I love Yuri having the ball. Plus are we really deciding the best pg over the who’s the best scorer in the last 15 seconds? 

The point is there are multiple aspects to being a great point guard.  Yuri is great at 3 of them and people are highlighting that to say he's the greatest PG ever.  There are other factors involved that other past PGs beat Yuri at handily in playing that position.

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Just now, Fraz said:

Kendric Davis > Yuri is hilarious.  Yuri sonned him no more than 2 weeks ago

Most frustrating part of that game is the gap should've been way wider. Kendric Davis should've fouled out about 5 times in that game, hung around way longer than good officiating would've allowed IMO. Maybe they were scared to eject him because they heard he's a "bad motherf*cker"?  

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