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  1. Back to 24 in the Coaches Poll. Time to hammer some folks on the way back.
  2. This is where I think you may see the return of bully ball. If the shots aren't falling, Travis is going to send everybody and their brother to the glass. Physically, Dayton should be a team the Bullikens can push around if needed.
  3. Our schedule taking it on the chin today. NC State handled by North Carolina.
  4. So a 9-7 Maryland team went into Minnesota and blasted the Gophers. The only thing consistent this year is inconsistency. MD just behind Richmond in KP.
  5. Twitterverse saying SLU offered Kellen Thames.
  6. I am a major cynic, but I still think as we get closer to the Tournament, these protocols are going out the window. Teams will avoid testing as much as they can.
  7. I'm taking the low hanging fruit here, but do fans ever go to Rose Hill?
  8. Did anyone catch the meltdown from Boone County Correctional Center? Up 12 at half, get outscored by 27 in the second half? Glad it's not us.
  9. Double that for NC State coming on short notice with a short bench.
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