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  1. Are you sure we didn't miss a Billiken game last night?
  2. As much as I think Chris May should be canned for incompetence, this isn't really in his hands. Hope SLU has other plans if it goes sideways.
  3. Troubling news…can SLU outspend Louisville?
  4. Giving credit when due…. Good effort today. Medley with a double/double.
  5. So other teams can foul 3 point shooters?
  6. I worry more about bus transportation from Olean.
  7. Poetic justice would be for May to fire Ford and Pestello to fire May on the same day in separate statements.
  8. Other than that, everything is awesome.
  9. Now they see things from our perspective. Defense is so much about effort and communication. Let's just say those two elements are lacking a bit.
  10. Agree with this all the way. I'm really not sure how many D1 guys we have.
  11. Second verse, same as the first.
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