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  1. I’m probably certifiably insane, but I will put up the guy Rick Majerus chose to lead his team…Kwamain, come on down!
  2. Dude looks like he’s a hoss. We could use one of those. Nice get for Coach Ford and his staff.
  3. New DOBO position. Director of Bail Operations
  4. https://www.espn.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/42525/what-is-phil-martelli-doing Old article, but seems similar to this situation (minus the free transfer rule changes).
  5. The threat of negative recruiting is still there too. I first wondered why schools released anyone from NLI...but I imagine it's a big turn-off for recruits to learn they can't get out of it if their circumstances change.
  6. Your first four points are spot on. I disagree with #5 (96 KenPom, #97 NET) reeks of mediocrity. The whole department is doing some awesome stuff…but when the largest revenue program is struggling it paints anything in a negative light.
  7. Unfortunately, Chris May couldn't.
  8. Well this isn’t great. I guess not releasing him is off the table. A long time ago it was possible to block transfers…but that’s probably dead too.
  9. Welcome CJ to Saint Louis! Can't wait to see him play in blue.
  10. Twitter says we are in Robert Jennings’s final 5 with Utah, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas Tech.
  11. Pretty simple...Gibson Jimerson makes his team better.
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