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  1. Yeah, I said the same thing about losing some guys to K-State....just a gut reaction.
  2. Is this a guy we had a high priority on? We should be hammering Clemson in recruiting if it's a high-value target to us.
  3. I was wondering who was going to jump on that.
  4. It's a necessary evil, but it's the best fit for SLU right now. Yeah, the bottom is brutal and the geography sucks...but there are a lot of like-minded institutions here and teams that will be a threat to get NCAA berths. Not a perfect situation, but it's as good as we're going to get at this time. This is the link of the MAC discussion of SIUE leaving for soccer and talking about SLU. https://csnbbs.com/thread-901186.html
  5. I wish I could like the bolded part of this quote more than once...
  6. I agree with this. We also have to go on quite the streak of not missing NCAAs for any reason. That is what builds a program. Yes, there is also the issue of advancement, but a team needs to get there first. It will take a long run of tournaments and a couple 2nd weekend runs or greater before SLU gets mentioned among the elite of non-football schools.
  7. That worked out really well for Travis Ford...and all of us.
  8. I think we're better than Richmond head to head...but there are other teams Richmond matches up with better than we do. I was not impressed with Richmond when they played SLU, but SLU just beat the hell out of them in the second half. A healthy and more experienced Yuri Collins is going to be the key against Gilyard (we defended him really well last year, and Gilyard's strength is the defensive end. They ran UMass out of the gym late in the year, which is scary.
  9. I seem to remember during the last strong Billiken era, the guy who closed out games wasn't a great FT shooter either. Jordair Jett did some big things at the end of games.
  10. I could definitely see the A-10 ending the Wednesday Night Pillow Fights.
  11. San Diego State is part of a system that is staying online. I know we were matched up with them in conference challenge.
  12. I probably went too far in what I said and I’ll own it. I know the A10 is where we are and where we have to get great. That said, Coach Ford can lead this team to a place that transcends what league we play in.
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