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  1. I liked Harmon, but the more I saw (and was provided) about him, I can't complain too much that he is looking elsewhere. I wonder if Will Wade made a strong-(expletive) offer for him.
  2. Ja Morant's star rating agrees with you completely.
  3. Evans is one of the counter-examples to the recruiting stars argument.
  4. I’m agreeing with that. It was just fun to watch Tilmon against him.
  5. French would destroy Tilmon. AJ Epenesa took him apart in HS, and he doesn’t play basketball any more. As for the other matchups, it would be nice to settle it on the floor...but I think we have a better chance of playing the Chicago Bulls.
  6. I kinda get what you're saying, but I think a lot of HS kids think they are better than the players already there and they can beat out existing players for PT.
  7. Saint Louis University deserves absolutely no benefit of any doubt whatsoever, especially when the athletic department is involved. The clown show of Situation 1 and the almost as ham-handed handling of S2 lead me to the conclusion that if there's a way to screw up, this school will do it. Being a Billiken fan is quite a bit different than being a fan of Saint Louis University.
  8. Football is the elephant in the room.
  9. Dana O’Neil is saying it’s accurate. A10 it is....for whatever it’s worth.
  10. Congrats Steve! A well-deserved honor.
  11. And those numbers were a tournament team...Travis and his staff did quite the job this year.
  12. Second half was a gutsy effort, but too big a hole.
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