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  1. This would be called the detooling process.
  2. Going to have a little fun with the earlier discussion of the NIT... The day after Jim Crews is fired, you rub the Billiken’s belly and a genie appears that tells you in the 5 years following everything that happens with the program. He even gives 2 alternatives for the 2020 season: 1–Beat UD in Brooklyn and make the NCAA or 2–Lose to UD and play in the NIT So we would have 1 A10 tournament win and either 2 NCAA and 1 NIT or 2 NIT and 1 NCAA. How happy are you with that? Thinking about that has started to change my mind a bit.
  3. I was disappointed with all of it. As many of you know, I'm not the best at following or wanting to follow rules.
  4. I just don't put any value on the NIT at all.
  5. I think that we are putting too fine a point on this issue. Travis Ford has really recruited well and raised the talent level from that of *he who shall not be named*. That said, going to the NIT is a huge disappointment in any season (especially when Louisville and the Big East turned it down like SLU should have). let alone one where many thought this was the elusive second weekend team. So that colors my opinion a bit about Ford's game coaching....fairly or unfairly.
  6. Well, they did have a 40 man roster.
  7. Your batting average is still better than mine.
  8. Adam Miller in the portal. Frosh starter at IL last year.
  9. I bet a lot of the recruiting time Travis has used has been on his own roster. That said, we all figured someone would move on...best of luck to DJ and let’s see what Coach does with that spot.
  10. I really followed Edwardsville (coached baseball there as an assistant for 4 years)...he blew up quick, but how much of that was coaching a system around him?
  11. Good points about Smart. Would you trade him for Travis Ford as a head coach?
  12. If every kid had his attitude college basketball would be a much better place.
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