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  1. Well, you can....but then there's the issue of sanctions when that coach does something else against the rules.
  2. The good news for us is this: Travis Ford is still our head coach, and he who shall not be named that replaced Rick Majerus is not. Travis will get another guy who wants to be a Billiken.
  3. I’m good at being wrong, so it would make sense.
  4. Interesting tweet...not sure where to put it.
  5. You are not wrong, but I don’t have to like it
  6. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/memphis-hardaway-lock-down-commitment-of-four-star-jordan-nesbitt This story paints the recruitment as a 2 horse race. That is the reason I hate these "Top X" scenarios. Kern would be a strong add here to what is a very nice talent base.
  7. The whole Top 3 thing...I have a bad feeling about this one too. There is no such thing as "coming in second" in recruiting. *Yes, I realize all the cool kids do that now.
  8. I apologize to anyone if I come across skeptical...this is starting to look like the Tatum thing all over again. Hoping Coach Ford has one more ace up his sleeve and is able to get a chance to play it.
  9. That's the reading I am going with. We will lose a lot of these "high major" battles because we flat out cannot offer that.
  10. I can't totally agree with you here. If the program wants (like many of us) to raise itself beyond the nonhigh-major world it's currently in, these are the type of players that do it. I know there's an ethics line, and we don't want to play on the dark side of that line. Travis may lose this one, but he's always looking for the next big recruit. If he signs here, great. If he doesn't sign here, it becomes next man up. This also could be a case of the A-10 strikes again.
  11. It's funny how CBS and ESPN do...not sure how that works
  12. He better bring the PAYSTUBS! I'm taking our guys in that one.
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