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  1. Had a great plan executed tonight. Props to him.
  2. UD dominating. Time to flip the script.
  3. I’ve been critical of Coach Ford for some things he has done, but he and what staff he had did a good job preparing for a defense you don’t see very often coached by a master of the game and his team won. Beating Rick Pitino anywhere is really hard.
  4. Well, we are kinda far from them…
  5. The student gets one over the teacher! That has to be extra special for Coach Ford.
  6. I heard Gola will be available...but most CCs and high schools would be better facilities.
  7. Mason announced they had Covid...so URI would be on the table.
  8. John Calipari keeps saying they will play anyone, anywhere....I'd like to see SLU take him up on that.
  9. Okoro was a hustling machine. All over the floor, literally.
  10. Yuri Collins….kills bugs dead.
  11. Big D on that possession by Nesbitt on Burton.
  12. This should be a nice opportunity for Fred to get good minutes. We bullied Gilyard for a couple years with JGood and Yuri switching off him…so FT will get the Goodwin role here. Definitely a team you can play bully ball against.
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