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  1. Can a Kentucky fan approach a SLU player, who has not entered the portal, and offer them an NIL deal to transfer to Kentucky? Hasn’t this given boosters free reign to actively recruit players? Shouldn’t all players have business agents or attorneys to properly market themselves, make sure they have binding agreements and are not being taken advantage of?
  2. Is there a replay of this game anywhere?
  3. Hypothetically, can a donor set up NIL corporation, fund it and pay each player $100,000 for a license to use their photo?
  4. Does this guarantee him 10 days on the team? If not, does it guarantee him the 10 days of pay at the minimum NBA scale?
  5. Who sits 8th row caddy corner from the Billikens bench?
  6. It was a very competitive game. I thought both teams played well. At the speed the game is played there are always turnovers, missed assignments and mistakes. I thought the better team won. If we play them 10 games, they will beat us 6 or 7 times.
  7. Is that like Julian Winfield being a point guard when he came to the Billikens?
  8. I would bet all the sports agencies are setting up NIL departments to both seek out deals for players and solicit players for exclusive rights to market their endorsements if it isn’t prohibited. Are there any sports agents on here that would care to enlighten us?
  9. It will be just like a job. Coaches will be able to tell players the average player at Alabama make $65,000 from NIL, with top players making $200,000+. If LSU players only average $45,000, with top players getting $150,000. It will be a no brainer. Go for the money especially if the player is from a low socioeconomic background.
  10. Does anyone know what Oklahoma is paying Porter?
  11. GJ hasn’t taken a shot in the last two games. You can’t play him over Hargrove if he can’t get a shot off.
  12. Why not try the opposite hand? It couldn’t get worse. The other approach would be throwing it up there with enough force to ensure a long rebound to give us a better chance to get the rebound.
  13. Bell could defend him. So could Linsen. Although they would give up some height, so could Thatch, Goodwin and Hargrove. Tilmon doesn’t tend to dominate anyone. When he was a senior and teammate of sophomore Hargrove on East St Louis, Hargrove was the better player.
  14. She hasn’t showed it yet, last year or this year.
  15. She only played 4 minutes in the game. After watching the way she closed out her freshman year, I thought she was going to end up one of the women’s all time greats. She hasn’t improved, and possibly regressed since then.
  16. Has he completed a semester anywhere besides his semester here?
  17. I thought it was interesting that in one of the interviews the coach seemed to indicate SLU was doing ok given they had only first offered around summer 2019, but nothing was said about Memphis first offering just before he narrowed his choices to his top 10 thereby requiring him to change it to top 11. That indicated to me the coach didn’t think much of SLU, given he did not have a problem with the very late Memphis offer.
  18. I’ll take a 5 seed any day of the week. That means we will be considered a top 20 team by the tournament selection committee. It will be tough for us to get higher than that unless we only lose 4 or fewer games.
  19. What is Carrawell under sanctions for?
  20. All I really got out of the article was Penny’s call from The golf cart really impressed him. Doesn’t he know SLU has all kinds of golf carts?
  21. Travis will roll with the punches and come up with someone else. It’s been a long time since we could have that kind of confidence in our coaches recruiting ability.
  22. I understand the appeal of Memphis with Penny telling him you remind me of me and I can show you how I got to the NBA. The NBA is foremost on all these player's minds.
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